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  1. The Puerto Rico grind Need I say more? We are being trolled. Yet this is not a victimless prank. Think of all the poor soles that are spending real money for this shagginess.
  2. Admiral_Gloval

    Question about Commander XP

    I have been wondering how commander XP is calculated and if it is affected by ship XP per game achieved? In other words if you use a multiplier of ship XP, such as cammo or flags does that automatically increase your commander XP also earned?
  3. Admiral_Gloval

    Not sure to do at this point but . . .

    Might want to read what I actually said
  4. Admiral_Gloval

    Not sure to do at this point but . . .

    I was playing ships that I am unicim/super uni in and can usually carry pretty well in, such as the Wooster, DM and Yami. Oh well. It is what it is.
  5. Admiral_Gloval

    Not sure to do at this point but . . .

    Appreciate the mostly constructive responses. Yeah I think a break is in order. I was having success in ranked with an 80% WR my last run of 30 or so battles, so I might just try to rank out and go from there. GL HF.
  6. I was a pretty good casual player for my first couple thousand games with around a 55-56% WR. I decided to get good and watched skilled CC's such as Flamu. I wanted to impact my WR more and be more of a presence and carry better. It worked. I play consistently at unicum and super uni. My WR and all other stats started increasing steadily. This last week has been an absolute debacle. I played my usual strong gameplay that I have developed. Yet game after game I found myself in hopeless matches. Understanding how to play more now I could see things going badly from the start of each match. And sure enough my team would start rapidly dying off and giving up caps, map control, flanks etc. I admit that there were times where I did not respond well. But I also tried to make suggestions to teammates to help the situation. It was clear that match after match I was facing strong players with decidedly weaker players on my team. I played almost 15k games of WoT and have not played in almost five years for the same issues that I am seeing in WoWS. When you play at a high level and can't impact a win and the matchmaking is clearly unbalanced for me the gaming experience is ruined. I have had success in Ranked, so after I take a break for a couple days I might try to finish that. I have no idea why for a few months my improved skill set had a direct impact and the game was fun - I could impact most matches with a WR between 60-70%. Suddenly matches are hopeless. I could understand maybe a couple days, but this happened four out of five days and may have just ruined this game for me. Funny thing is I was about to spend some actual money on the game. Maybe buy some gold for a premium cammo for a T10 ship or two. I am just posting this so that I have a voice. War Gaming seems to want to retain players and retain new players. I won't support this game by playing it if I develop a skillset and based on some hidden mechanic out of my control I cannot impact results. The game experience is ruined for me. There are a lot of issues that make this otherwise really cool game frustrating. Bottom line for me is that if this is something that continues it is a deal-breaker for me. I will quit playing WoWS like I did WoT. And I WILL NOT spend REAL MONEY on a game that has such flaws that cannot be countered by individual effort. Positive feedback is appreciated. Toxic responses, ridicule, or mocking will be ignored. GL HF
  7. Admiral_Gloval

    Cleveland — American Tier VIII cruiser.

    Great ship with IFHE, Survivability, fire chance, concealment, adrenaline rush
  8. Admiral_Gloval

    Seattle — American Tier IX cruiser.

    Basically a downgrade from the Cleveland - it is sluggish with poor firing angles and seemingly more air drag than even Cleve shells. I'm determined to get good in it before I probably/maybe sell it. Almost done with the grind and this is a challenging ship to master for sure.
  9. Admiral_Gloval

    Is Cleveland just a big tyrd now?

    I actually love the Cleveland at tier eight. I've been playing it a lot lately and it takes some adjustment, but if you use it's strengths it is quite strong. It has great ROF and very good firing angles. It has the many consumables and it is quite nimble. I decided to get good with it and I went from a PR of around 1800 to 2600 plus in just under 300 games in it. The Seattle is IMHO a downgrade. It is sluggish and the shells seem to have even more air drag than the Cleve. The Cleve is all about position and having back-up. I always find a place where I can keep hidden and angles away - I use propulsion mod for the extra escape boost and just keep firing unless you need to get undetected. It is quite a strong ship, but make sure you run IFHE or you get way too many shatters. Good luck - it really is a solid ship - just remember to play to her strengths.
  10. Admiral_Gloval

    What to do with 2,340 florins and 49 crowns.

    I bought flags and cammo
  11. Admiral_Gloval

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    Bottom line: I HATE THE CV REWORK!!! It looks really cool from a pure graphical stand point, ut I would rather you got rid of CVs altogether than what we have ended up with. it SUCKS!
  12. Admiral_Gloval

    Unbalanced Matchmaking <- this CAN be fixed

    No it is quite consistent. The predictability. Regardless, I just gave it another shot. Most games (not all) I played well only to find myself in absolutely hopeless situations more often than not resulting in my being the last player alive. Not to mention ridiculous 'RNG' scenarios that are kinda hard to chock up to bad luck. That is I believe seven times in a now I have logged in to play in matches where there has been no chance of having a competitive outcome. Maybe that works for you all. Not me. I've wasted enough time with WG nonsense. Best of luck with this really well packaged mess. Something is clearly off here. . .
  13. Admiral_Gloval

    Unbalanced Matchmaking <- this CAN be fixed

    OooooK . . ? Referring to what exactly?
  14. Admiral_Gloval

    Unbalanced Matchmaking <- this CAN be fixed

    Yeaaaaa . . . no. Your comment - Pure speculation. I just seems weird to hide your stats to me. Whatever. Good points, but I do not agree that skill balancing teams could not and should not be implemented. As I said playing in divisions and clan battles would be fine, but I have a busy life. I play WOWS to relax and exercise my competitive side from in a game that has very interesting elements. Simply put I do not think random matchmaking (if it really is) is the best that WG can do to make the game as good as possible, I'm not just speaking about my frustration alone at being on the short end of a hopeless team that manages to die off within minutes of engaging the battle. This sucks to be on the other team that slaughters the opposing team as well. It just is not competitive and not fun and happens way too often and can be predicted using a third party software. WG certainly has the ability to repair this. I am stating strongly that they should. Ave experience reflects those who play with premium, which I and many others don't. It is actually the least relevant metric to consider. Also that first image shows the other team is solidly stacked with decent (blue color) players. Very little is given of the other team, but can be assumed probably safely that they do not match up well with a solidly stacked team. Interesting. I have often wondered about this since I rarely pay premium. Just as I do not have time to invest in learning every mechanic of every ship and no time to join a clan or make time to schedule when I can play and division with others, I don't spend a lot of money on WOWS, especially with this issue that i my view hampers the quality of the game. I think it could be better, much better.
  15. Admiral_Gloval

    Unbalanced Matchmaking <- this CAN be fixed

    Lol. Typical responses from two You may have reading comprehension issues. Cute. Good luck with the maturity issues . . . I don't follow WOWS news so I am not aware that they are apparently dead set against this. Very unfortunate. Especially considering 'balance' is a priority, yet the most obvious element of balance in a multi-player game is to balance skills based on measurable performance categories. I am always looking to improve my skills, but don't have time to make 'friends' to division with who are skilled. Funny you hide your stats. Interested to know if you can back up your comment about improving my skills . . . I do not think it is remotely beyond the capability of the developers to create a matchmaking system that is balanced. Appreciate an actual somewhat thoughtful response, though your suggestions were addressed in my initial comments.