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  1. Best use of Sovereigns?

    Are the Guineas only used for buying the Cossack?
  2. There is a software problem that prevents the date past 12/31/18 on 1/1/19 it will change to 12/31/19
  3. Tashkent - the new russian trollboat

    I honestly think the Tashkent is as good as the Kahab
  4. I very much like the sound of this boat!
  5. Free Container Code

    Tyvm I can confirm it works
  6. Thank You WOWS

    ^^^ this to many have become spoiled with the freebies in a ftp game
  7. What is your captain build CM?
  8. Kitakaze build ?

    I kept IFHE on my captain from the Akizuki as well as SI,SE,LS,CE, what would your 19 pointer have? I am debating if AFT is worth it tia
  9. It would be smart on their part...I remember last time I free xp’ed a couple of ships just to get containers
  10. Saw this ship in a random match yesterday first I’ve seen or heard of It anyone know what’s up with it ??? We already have the Henry alternative line maybe ?
  11. I got a Krispy Kreme from one this morning... my third ship from a regular super container Perth and Mutsu in the past
  12. Indianapolis bar none
  13. For those frustrated in Ranked .

    Citronelle which is just North of Mobile
  14. For those frustrated in Ranked .

    I live about 30 minuets north of you