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  1. In the shop tomorrow ? Inquiring minds want to know =)
  2. No the captain was not in training I was going slow at the time though and had 0 propulsion when I tried to accelerate though
  3. I just got my engines knocked out in my Gadjah Mada with LS captain sill and I was a dead stick with 0 propulsion is there a known bug?
  4. Maybe it’s just me but the Kidd seems to take citadel damage lol I’m no newbie to DD’s and this ship just seems to take more than normal damage don’t get me wrong I like the ship but something “seems” off. Anyone else notice the same ?
  5. Supercontainers...

    I have received 2 ships from containers 1st was Perth 2nd was a Mutsu
  6. Haha! You would be very surprised how many I’ve seen do just that
  7. I’m wondering if others have had the same experience between the Lion and the Conq I’ve lost around 8 Karma. Games in which I’ve more than carried my weight... Not that karma is worth anything it just ticks me off a tad
  8. Karma from the red team...at least that’s been my experience so far. I guess they don’t like being set on fire
  9. Karma

    This pretty much sums it up
  10. Mane Batteries - Lion Review

    The Monarch was awesome for me I loved her !
  11. My fondest memory was when 2 of my friends introduced me to this game in October 2015 and they started me in co-op ( I did not know what co-op was) and I was wondering why I kept seeing those same names over and over again on the red team =)
  12. Best T10 BB?

    Haha best quote of the year!
  13. Was the G.K. The one you did not get reimbursed for?. I think I saw somewhere on the forums it was bugged
  14. GG Supercontainers

    I'm on my longest streak without one around 40 TYL