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  1. You obviously have not played kagero or yugumo kagero is a BEAST in the right hands. I never play her with smoke instead TRB
  2. I have always felt this was the case I guess it’s not just me
  3. The New Division Tab is AWFUL

    Yes please revert it back
  4. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    I was gifted the Roma ultimate #1 by a friend I NEVER would have spent that kinda dough myself. First random match was tier 10. Immediately encountered a Mushashi after making a safe turn I switched to HE and started kiting lost a turret in the process and was able to get 2 cititdales on a Hindy and 1 on the Mushashi before dying from AP bombs from their CV. I wound up with 118 k damage 570 K credits in a win. Sorry for the long post but YES I’m happy with the ROMA !
  5. What's your nasty division ?

    An Atlanta, Gotcha Mamma, and the Shiney horse has worked very well. I can keep the Lanta in perma smoke he keeps the dd’s off me and the Sharn keeps the CA’s off me. It has worked extremely well even when we get up tier to 9
  6. Yes! Finally! A Solo Warrior!

    Almost 6k games and I don’t have solo or clear skies
  7. Finally got my 1st tier 10

    Fletcher > Gearing buy it back ASAP! grats on the Gearing she is a good ship I just prefer Fletcher more
  8. Update: got another super container this morning from flag and camo selection “ 20 wyvern flags “