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  1. Navy Gaming America, is always on the look out for new members, we have sub clans for both social and competitive play with fully upgraded clan facilities available. Check out our website (link can be found in my signature) and we hope t hear form you. :)
  2. Navygaming America [NGA]

    Another day, another shameless bump. Great opportunity for new players wishing to try out clan wars or just want a friendly atmosphere for casual play.
  3. Come get EREKT with us

    Can't speak for the clan as a whole, but if Amgen is involved I'm sure he is providing good times for all. ;) A bump for a missed friend. :)
  4. Casual player looking for clan

    NavyGaming America has a sub clan for casual players, if you decide you want to progress further we have a training sub clan you can join before moving on to our competitive branches. Check us out on our website.
  5. Returning player looking to improve

    NavyGaming America have both casual and competitive sub clans for all levels of play, feel free to check out our website and maybe fill in an application? Link to our website.
  6. NavyGaming America is always on the lookout for casual and competitive players alike, visit our website and fill in an application and we can talk about doing CB. Link to our website.
  7. Hello all, semi noob looking for a clan

    NavyGaming America also have a social and training sub clans for players who either wish to improve their skills before trying their hand at competitive play or just kick back for the social aspect. Link to our website.
  8. Complete noob looking for clan

    NavyGaming America has an active social clan you can join if you are still finding your feet in the game, and when you're ready we have a competitive branch for Clan Wars and KOTS. Link to our website.
  9. Orion Nerf...

    Played her yesterday and to be honest I didn't notice any difference, she still a strong borderline OP ship.
  10. IFHE and DE skills on Monarch?

    This, stealth her up to the max and pounce on sleepy BB/CA drivers from behind islands with AP. I have a love/hate relationship with my Monarch. Hate what she is (a lazy/poor attempt at a 15" KGV when the actual design study was quite a bit different), but love how she plays. I don't even use her HE anymore, still manage to average 61k. The AA isn't that bad either if you spec her for it. She isn't NC level, but you can thoroughly deplane a Tier VIII CV if they are foolish enough to think you are easy pickings.
  11. Navygaming America [NGA]

    Recruitment is always open, for players of all skill levels.
  12. Kuznetsov down for repairs, again

    I wouldn't be all that shocked if the Chinese would offer Liaoning and her half sister the Russians once they get up too speed with CATOBAR operations, they would of served their purpose when this happens.
  13. Kuznetsov down for repairs, again

    Well considering they cut the budget for her planned refit in half, it suggests that the Russian Navy either don't have the money or rather spend it elsewhere. They are in the process of renewing their surface and submarine forces, so i think a brand new carrier just isn't an option for them.
  14. NavyGaming America's doors are always open to new recruits, we have active competitive and social sub clans and often do Operations. Link to NGA's website.
  15. 51% WR Player, Looking for Clan

    Be sure to give Navy Gaming America a look, a friendly laid back group with both social and competitive sub clans. Link to our website. o7