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  1. Monarch

    I have a love hate relationship with the Monarch as I have previously mentioned in another thread, I hate what she represents. Which is a poor attempt at a RN T8 BB and nothing like the 15" design studies during the KGVs development. From a gameplay perspective I actually quite like her, the concealment is trolly at 10.9 if you go for the full stealth build. Which is perfect for ambushing cruisers or pouncing on half dead BBs late in the game. Her guns do suffer from wonky dispersion, this is offset slightly with her 25 second reload. Her HE, a bit of of a downer after KGV but her AP is quite good, in fact most games in the Monarch I solely use AP. AA is adequate, though no where near the NC, but I have been able to use it for self defence to good effect. At first glance she isn't particularly exciting, but she can throw up a few surprises. Especially if players dismiss her out of hand, it's quite amusing to do 15-20k salvos on KurryWursts when you hit their super structure.
  2. Navygaming America [NGA]

    A friendly bump for a friendly clan, a great time to sign up now that Clan Battles are back again!
  3. I'm quite torn about this ship, I hate what she is and how she was added to the tree. She is, in effect a lazy attempt at a 15" armed KGV, if you look at the actual design studies the proposed ship was a very different beast indeed. That said I actually enjoy the game play, she is the only RN BB tech tree ship where I primarily use AP over HE. It's deceptively powerful and if you aim in the right spots you can consistently farm 10-15k hits off enemies. Her AA isn't amazing but it's hardly garbage either and you can use it to defend yourself, he stealth is trolly and is great for surprising cruisers and Destroyers. The only thing I don't like about it is that it's dispersion seems very iffy.
  4. KGV - Burning Down the Enemy Team

    I'd argue this is some historical precedent to this feature, British shells tended to have a larger bursting charge than their counterparts. This is certainly the case with the 14" guns found on the KGV class.
  5. Italian BB Roma info

    If I remember correctly, Roma was the last of a class of 3 ships, so she was the most modern battleship ever completed by the Italians. Also pretty sure she had a modified bow when compared to her sisters?
  6. Not a fan of the camo, so i've got it turned off. Not sure what the beer can is all about though. I wouldn't even call it artistic, just bizarre.
  7. British Aircraft Carrier lines

    I made an error in where the strike length VLS would be located, provision was made between the existing 48 Sylver A50 cells, rather than replacing the existing ones. LM have gone on record to say MK.41s could probably be shoehorned in but would make better sense to replace the entire unit with MK.41 cells. Article in a UK defence blog that sheds more light on the matter.
  8. British Aircraft Carrier lines

    It's a bit more than 'appearance' of deck space. The provision of additional strike length VLS cells is an integral part of the ship's design. I'm not saying it will happen, it probably won't. What I am trying to explain is why the LRASM is a stronge candidate.
  9. British Aircraft Carrier lines

    While there is some fudging of the numbers, the main reason these squadrons can be formed is because the RAF are now retaining the Tranche 1 Typhoons when the original plan was to bin them and stick with the Tranche 2 & 3 aircraft. I fully understand that the Type 23s need replacing in the next decade, just afraid of what the Type 31 might evolve into.
  10. British Aircraft Carrier lines

    I think we are getting our wires crossed here, at no point did I say that Harpoons were launched from Mk.41s, what I did say was that the Type 26s will have Mk.41 VLS cells and the Type 45 does have the capability to have a number of Mk.41 cells to be installed between the superstructure and the existing Aster cells. The point i was making is that in the near future when the Type 23s are gone the vast majority of the RN escort fleet will either have or have the provision for the Mk.41 VLS system which makes the LRASM one of the strongest candidates for the Harpoon's eventual replacement, which only makes sense when the infrastructure is already in place. You're still using a weapon that is basically a guided shotgun shell designed to destroy aircraft to hit far larger and potentially armoured targets, it's a marketing gimmick to fool people into think they are buying dual role system when in reality it isn't. Subjective, they are getting older but they are still a potent ship for the role they were designed which is ASW, Yeah they don't have 'stealth' features' seen on brand new modern ships but there are lots of countries who continue to choose to refit and extend the lives of older warships rather than outright replacement including the PLAN and Russian navies. Type 31 has potential if it's done properly, but if it ends up being a 4000t warship with nothing more than a 76mm gun and a CIWS we are better off sticking with the newest of the Type 23s for use a general purpose vessel until the government gets serious about investment. The Type 26s are far far far too big, at 7000+ tons and only a few meters shorter than the Darings they shouldn't really be called frigates at all, the reduced order is more about the ship becoming overweight and overly complex (ie expensive) rather than the money being spent elsewhere. All because the MOD insists the ship be this 'all singing all dancing wonder frigate' instead of saying what we need is a fleet of 'good' ships that can do a bit everything. In the end what we'll end up with is 8 very expensive and advanced large frigates and 5 smaller under armed ones.
  11. British Aircraft Carrier lines

    Dry docking the ship isn't that much of an issue, there are least 5 other dry docks in the UK that are large enough to accommodate the ship if Rosyth was not an option. There is even a mothballed one in Southampton which could be brought back into use if the need was great enough. It remains to be seen what the overall operating costs will be, i'm not convinced it be prohibitively so. I don't hold much stock in SAM systems with a surface mode, the missiles are normally too small to much use against larger surface ships or hardened targets. In the end it's just an expensive way of blowing a missile on a small patrol boat, there is Sea Spear (a navalised version of the brimestone) which was developed for that very purpose but it remains to be seen if it's adopted. The Type 23 is primarily a ASW escort, and despite their age it's something they are still very good at, personally I'm not keen on the Type 31 concept i'd rather build the 8 Type 26s and then keep the youngest Type 23s refitted as a GP surfact escort. The Harpoon debacle is more about political spin and mind games rather than budgetary issue, the story was 'conveniently' leaked to the press by someone in the navy. Personally I saw it as a ploy to get the MoD to cough up more money and be more proactive in searching for a replacement. Strangely enough, shortly after the story breaking the money had been 'found' to retain the missile system and the civil service have been far more open about finding a replacement ASM. That said the Type 26s will have a Mk41 VLS and the Type 45s have space for additional cells too so Lockheed Martin's LRASM is almost a certainty. Harpoon missile replacement considered Harpoon gains reprieve Personally I'm not opposed to diverting funds away from the RAF, they have had the lions share of the defence budget for many years now. While the army and navy have had to make massive cuts in their numbers the air force has got away virtually scott free and are in the process of standing up 2 additional Typhoon squadrons, they have a virtual monopoly of both helicopter and fixed wing aviation and have always kicked up a stink every time the army or navy have tried to get an similar capability.
  12. British Aircraft Carrier lines

    A lot of people probably think they are too large, but it does future proof them. My only real gripe is they didn't install an angled flight deck, it'll will need to be done eventually as will the fitting of at least one catapult. The ship is bound to operate some type of UCAV in it's service life and it would make much more sense to use ones built for the USN rather than going down the expensive route of developing a domestic STOVL UCAV.
  13. British Aircraft Carrier lines

    You do understand things such as 'leaks' are relatively common and are to be expected on brand new vessels during sea trials? If you look into the matter it's a minor teething issue that has been so overblown in the press (who in the UK are completely clueless in defence matters) for the sake of a story to sell papers. Yup, the Type 45 reliability hasn't been great but work is going to be carried out on them which will rectify the problem with it's intercoolers. As for Type 22s, we haven't used them since the last 4 were axed after the 2010 defence review but if you mean the Type 23s, yes they are no longer on the cutting edge of technology (though a number have had new radar and missile systems fitted) they are a useful GP surface escort and to say they are 'too old' is not correct at all. No real decision has been made on the marines and Albion/Bulwark, rumour is that the new defence secretary is dead set against further cuts to the navy and has instructed the MoD to find savings elsewhere *cough* airforce *cough*. I agree the RN needs more escort vessel, but that isn't the core problem. No what's affecting the Royal Navy is the same thing that's hit the USN in recent times and that is the shortage of manpower. Yup the RN has had a tough time, but the carriers are needed.
  14. British Aircraft Carrier lines

    It's not a STOBAR carrier, it's a short take-off and vertical landing (STOVL) ship with the ability to do Shipborne rolling vertical landing (SRVL) which allows aircraft to land back on the ship with heavier payloads and has less overall wear and tear on the airframe, It is more than sufficient for the RN's needs.
  15. Duke of York need fix!

    The 4.5 inch mounts found on QE/Valiant/Renown and most of the RN's carriers were considered to be superior as an AA weapon than the 5.25 inch mounts found on the KGV. The turrets were cramped and the heavy ammunition resulted in a reduced rate of fire. This was partially corrected when Vanguard was built as the secondary turrets were enlarged. Back to the DoY, I see no reason why she should have a worse reload and rudder shift. Yes her AA is better, but it's easily countered with HE and you rarely see CVs these days anyway. The increased AA means you lose your spotter plane and with it increased range, plus you have the nerfed heal. Personally I think WG should buff the RoF/rudder shift to KGV levels, bin the hydro, make her more resistant to fire and give her Okt Revolutsiya's heal/repair gimmick. That said though I don't believe she is 'garbage' as LWM says in her review, she just isn't as good as KGV.