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  1. It's worth pointing out that it was and still is RN doctrine that the role of the guided missile destroyer is that of an air defence picket. They were never meant to engage other ships, that said the RN had plenty of frigates equipped with Exocets including the Type 21s and the batch 2 Leanders.
  2. Monty9185

    Premium Ship Review #113 - Vanguard

    Quoted for the truth, she is an excellent ship. If she had better angles she would be OP. You can't have everything, and tbh I've not noticed the citadel as much as I thought as I would either.
  3. Conqueror seems at least in part, inspired by the 'L2' design study. The hull form and turret design are virtually identical, the only real difference is they given the superstructure a late 1940s update with tons of AA.
  4. Monty9185

    Naval and Defense News (cont.)

    I think you are getting confused, the British Type 26s are being built on the River Clyde in Scotland across 2 yards which are virtually next door to each other, Govan and Scotstoun. The Canadian and Australian versions are being entirely built in their respective countries.
  5. Monty9185


    I broadly agree with this statement, she is by no means a P2W ship, but I do find her to be fun. She plays more like a cruiser than a traditional BB, a cruiser with real armour and large guns...
  6. Monty9185


    Don't know what ship you are playing but I think she's fairly balanced. The guns do decent damage and are consistently accurate, though you won't be winning any awards for alpha strikes but she holds her own.
  7. Monty9185

    HMS Vanguard and HMS Dreadnought Problems

    Neither South Carolina nor Satsuma for that matter had steam turbines which is just as important innovation as the uniform main battery. Dreadnought was not only the first ship of her type to be completed, she was the first ship to be designed with both of these features.
  8. Monty9185

    Skip Vanguard?

    Played a few games with her so far, some good and some bad. Overall I like the ship, she has cruiser like handling and the guns are accurate and consistent. Sure her DPM isn't amazing and her turrert arcs arn't either, but you can't have everything. Otherwise you'll end up with broken OP ships that are constant headache to balance. Haven't noticed much about the citadel as of yet, if you keep angled you are pretty safe. She isn't a typical BB but can be loads of fun dodging shells and sniping ships from a distance.
  9. Monty9185

    MM at Tier 8

    Lots of people grinding legendary modules too, which doesn't help. While being in a Tier 8 has always come with the risk of pulling tier 10s, it was never this bad a year ago and that's after the whole 4s can't see 6s in battle thing. I normally don't mind being bottom tier but what i do mind is where 75% of the team are 10s and you are often the only tier 8 with a few 9s for company.
  10. Monty9185

    Pre-Dread Battleship vs WWII Cruiser

    Exeter has an almost 14 knot advantage in terms of speed, she has the ability to dictate the pace of the battle and when and where to engage. There is no doubt that Schleswig-Holstein's main battery pose a significant threat to a ship such a Exeter if it manages to land some hits, and I have to emphasise if part. Even with modernised fire control the Schleswig-Holstein is seriously going to struggle to hit a far more agile cruiser, i doubt her turrets hold many records for turret traverse either which just compounds the issue further. The secondary battery are largely irrelevant and the idea of using those guns to hit a cruiser at even moderate engagement distances is doubtful. While an engagement like this is unlikely to be one sided it will depend on conditions of the battle, and with her speed this is something Exeter can dictate, if the conditions are optimal the cruiser can use either SAPC or HE shells to inflict damage to Schleswig-Holstein and her crew to render the ship combat ineffective, a lucky torpedo hit is also likely prove to be fatal. The idea of the coal store being designed as some form of torpedo protection is laughable as coal dust is highly volatile and explosive. If Schleswig-Holstein was to gain the upperhand Exeter need only use her speed to disengage.
  11. Monty9185

    Premium Ship Review #111: Jean Bart

    -edit- Dreams shattered, oh well.
  12. Ran into Lert playing this ship a week or so ago on Tears of the Desert map, I found it to be very lulzy with it's insane speed. Even at moderate distances in my Fiji i was having to give so much lead he wasn't even visible on my monitor, and still i would sometimes miss! That said for all it's speed it doesn't seem to be a comfortable ship to play and Lert really seemed to struggle to influence the match in it.
  13. Monty9185

    Navygaming America [NGA]

    NGA is currently recruiting both, Competitive & Social Players for our various Teams. Check us out with a visit to NGA's Website at: https://navygamingamerica.enjin.com An application can be found using the RECRUITMENT tab in the header. [TeamSpeak is NGA's Communication Link]