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  1. Monty9185

    Pre-Dread Battleship vs WWII Cruiser

    Exeter has an almost 14 knot advantage in terms of speed, she has the ability to dictate the pace of the battle and when and where to engage. There is no doubt that Schleswig-Holstein's main battery pose a significant threat to a ship such a Exeter if it manages to land some hits, and I have to emphasise if part. Even with modernised fire control the Schleswig-Holstein is seriously going to struggle to hit a far more agile cruiser, i doubt her turrets hold many records for turret traverse either which just compounds the issue further. The secondary battery are largely irrelevant and the idea of using those guns to hit a cruiser at even moderate engagement distances is doubtful. While an engagement like this is unlikely to be one sided it will depend on conditions of the battle, and with her speed this is something Exeter can dictate, if the conditions are optimal the cruiser can use either SAPC or HE shells to inflict damage to Schleswig-Holstein and her crew to render the ship combat ineffective, a lucky torpedo hit is also likely prove to be fatal. The idea of the coal store being designed as some form of torpedo protection is laughable as coal dust is highly volatile and explosive. If Schleswig-Holstein was to gain the upperhand Exeter need only use her speed to disengage.
  2. Monty9185

    Premium Ship Review #111: Jean Bart

    -edit- Dreams shattered, oh well.
  3. Ran into Lert playing this ship a week or so ago on Tears of the Desert map, I found it to be very lulzy with it's insane speed. Even at moderate distances in my Fiji i was having to give so much lead he wasn't even visible on my monitor, and still i would sometimes miss! That said for all it's speed it doesn't seem to be a comfortable ship to play and Lert really seemed to struggle to influence the match in it.
  4. Monty9185

    Navygaming America [NGA]

    NGA is currently recruiting both, Competitive & Social Players for our various Teams. Check us out with a visit to NGA's Website at: https://navygamingamerica.enjin.com An application can be found using the RECRUITMENT tab in the header. [TeamSpeak is NGA's Communication Link]
  5. Monty9185

    Mouse's Premium Ship Proposal #1 - Prince of Wales

    A very detailed proposal and very well thought out, however.... The lack of a heal is just going to encourage players who are afraid to scratch their ships to hug the walls of the map and mindlessly fling HE even more. What I would change is swap out the DFAA, nerf the AA to oblivion and replace it with a standard heal. DFAA doesn't really suit this ship, the only reason it was proposed for the DoY was because that ship was portrayed in it's post 43 condition with it's aircraft handling facilities removed and a huge number of AA guns put in it's place. PoW never lasted long enough to be refitted and her AA suite was very poor in comparison hence her loss to unescorted bomber aircraft. I'd also consider reducing her torpedo defence further with a slight buff to rudder shift.
  6. Monty9185

    Guesses for what T5 ranked will feel like?

    I think the Kirov will do quite well, slow RoF and dodgy armour but man those AP shells will eat other cruisers for breakfast.
  7. Monty9185


    I guess it's best to probably start with a ship that is 'meh' and balance it accordingly rather than the other way around. Personally I think with a turret traverse buff and a lowered citadel she will be a credible ship at tier VIII.
  8. Monty9185

    Navygaming America [NGA]

    https://navygamingamerica.enjin.com [TeamSpeak is NGA's Communication Link] (18 yrs. old preferred / Maturity a must)
  9. Monty9185

    Using karma in clan recruitment

    The karma system is so open to abuse it really is worthless and utilising it for recruitment will just make matters worse. Time it was removed for good.
  10. Monty9185

    Navygaming America [NGA]

    https://navygamingamerica.enjin.com TeamSpeak is NGA's Communication Link] (18 yrs. old preferred / Maturity a must)
  11. Monty9185

    Navygaming America [NGA]

    We are still here! (mostly!) Looking for mature players to join our ranks.
  12. Monty9185

    Looking For Royal Navy Themed Clan

    My clan NGA, is a USN themed clan rather than an RN one, but you are more than welcome to join. I myself am from the UK so would be nice to have another like minded person in the group. https://navygamingamerica.enjin.com/
  13. Monty9185

    British Containers, are they worth it?

    I bought 15 and got sweet FA, nice to see that all the streamers and CCs are getting their missions though..
  14. Monty9185

    Lazy underwhelming Gallant camo

    That's outrageous It is pretty outrageous, the fact there was no preview so you couldn't actually see it is very misleading.
  15. Spent near enough 40 bucks on containers, not a single mission. A little bit miffed to be honest, but such is life. I won't be buying anymore for this event.