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  1. Monty9185

    Naval and Defense News 2019 (con't)

    Turns out it was a burst seawater pipe that was the problem, minor damage to a set of stairs and a bulkhead. Should be repaired in time for her WESTLANT '19 deployment to the US later this year.
  2. Monty9185

    Naval and Defense News 2019 (con't)

    Not sure how any rational person could come to that kind of conclusion? Gotta love em for trying though.. I think if a USN sub had been lost, accident or not you would probably know by now. Stuff like that rarely stays secret for long.
  3. Monty9185

    Naval and Defense News 2019 (con't)

    That article is over 2 months old... And it's the Sun.
  4. Monty9185

    Naval and Defense News 2019 (con't)

    That's an assessment I can agree with. Also I think that like the Iraq/Iran conflict the Pakistanis and Indians have some serious history and often emotions flare, which is partly the reason you see a lot of misinformation in the news and social media. A recent example being when there were claims that two Indian pilots had been captured rather than one.
  5. Monty9185

    Naval and Defense News 2019 (con't)

    I know you didn't, however the post you quoted did. I'm just skeptical of that claim and in any normal circumstances a JF-17, a fighter that barely qualifies as gen 4 could beat a SU-30MKI in a dogfight or in a beyond visual range combat. Of course their are exceptional circumstances in which an aircraft could defeat a superior opponent but it's not something that should be taken seriously everytime somebody makes a claim and there is no corroborating evidence.
  6. Monty9185

    Naval and Defense News 2019 (con't)

    Still not convinced, the JF17 pilot would of had to have the luck of the gods to have the upper hand against an SU-30. But look at the video, the distance between the aircraft and the altitude. It all seems very wrong for an interception. Looking at the shape of the rear aircraft I'm more inclined to believe its probably a pair of Indian MIG-29s. The fact the Pakistanis haven't released any images of a downed flanker like they did with the MIG-21 only raises further doubts to the credibility to their claim.
  7. Monty9185

    Naval and Defense News 2019 (con't)

    Can't make out the first plane. but the second looks more like a MIG-29 not a JF17, but I find it doubtful that aircraft type could down an SU-30MKI anyway.
  8. Totally understand why the Conqkek is getting a nerf, but the Monarch? In a tier that is already pretty unpleasant to play why are you nerfing a ship that is pretty average?
  9. Monty9185

    Naval and Defense News 2019 (con't)

    It would make sense for Italy to contribute to the UK's Tempest project, both countries have a long history of cooperation on aerospace matters despite any differences in politics. I'd be surprised if the Franco-German project will result in a common aircraft for both countries, the French will split hairs on taking the lead on design (like it always does) and the Germans will pull out halfway through saving the project won't suit their requirements and they will use any technology for their own individual projects.
  10. Monty9185

    Naval and Defense News 2019 (con't)

    Yes but I guess you have 001A which can take over from Liaoning for training for the short/medium term. If EMALS indeed the the goal both 001A and Liaoning are going to be of limited use anyway, that said if they can get it to work it means that the two ships could potentially be of greater use to the PLAN in the longer term.
  11. Monty9185

    USN large surface combatant

    What about an enlarged Burke Hull? May also be worth looking at what the Korean and Japanese Navy are doing, their Aegis destroyers seem to be getting larger and larger with each ship.
  12. Monty9185

    Naval and Defense News 2019 (con't)

    Given the state of the Kuznetsov right now and her most recent adventures during her modernisation one could be forgiven to think that the Russians and not the Pakistanis would be more interested in the Liaoning if the Chinese were serious about selling her. That said, from a geopolitical point of view however it does make some sense, it'll drive the Indians crazy for starters and will mean the Indian Navy will have to keep it's only active aircraft carrier close to home to act as a counter. Not great when India's indigenous carrier program seems to be stalling and they need these ships to counter the PLAN in the east. If (and that's a pretty big if) the Liaoning were to see service in the Pakistani Navy it will probably be some kind of loan/lease with heavy financial and logistical/training support from China because I have serious doubts Pakistan have the cash to fund the purchase of the ship including a decent number of J-15s. This is before we even touch the subject of training and port facilities.
  13. Monty9185

    British CVs WIP

    It's worth noting that in the Pacific theatre the BPF practically abandoned the policy of insisting all aircraft being stowed within the carrier's hangers. Deck parking of aircraft became routine in the Far East, this allowed the RN aircraft carriers to carry larger number of aircraft and not that much difference from their USN counterparts.
  14. It's worth pointing out that it was and still is RN doctrine that the role of the guided missile destroyer is that of an air defence picket. They were never meant to engage other ships, that said the RN had plenty of frigates equipped with Exocets including the Type 21s and the batch 2 Leanders.
  15. Monty9185

    Premium Ship Review #113 - Vanguard

    Quoted for the truth, she is an excellent ship. If she had better angles she would be OP. You can't have everything, and tbh I've not noticed the citadel as much as I thought as I would either.