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  1. But then British act like the ship is fine and when the Italians arn't looking they are salvaged and repaired. So the British win.
  2. We are probably not getting the full picture here, it's highly unlikely she'll go on sale without a heal, nobody will buy a BB without a heal that offers virtually nothing in return.
  3. Looks like DoY is in her post 1944 condition with aircraft handling facilities removed and increased AA. She should be what Texas is for Tier VII. Or put more bluntly she should be the KGV B hull. Once again WG out to make a quick buck.
  4. Not necessarily true, though the armoured flight decks/hangers often restricted the types of aircraft that could be operated (for example some of our carriers could not operate the Corsair for that very reason). Our carriers were generally smaller than their USN counterparts, Ark Royal herself was designed to embark up to 70 aircraft which was a respectable number for a ship designed to the Washington Naval treaty and laid down in 1935. The RN also insisted on all of it's aircraft on being stowed in the ship's hangers due to the poorer weather often experienced in the Atlantic. For me Ark Royal is a good fit for Tier VI, a possible upgrade could feature a fictional load out of Sea Hurricanes or Martlets which she would of undoubtedly been equipped with had she made it past 1941. Trying to shoe horn her into Tier VIII would cause far too many issues like the Graf Zeppelin, which quite frankly has no business being at Tier VIII and was purely a financial decision.
  5. The 1956 film was (for it's time) a relatively accurate portrayal of the Battle of the River Plate. It had most of the key features of the engagement and the aftermath.
  6. Says the man constantly bashing the contributions of the Royal Navy, do yourself a favour and stop digging. The Navy fought a hard and bloody war of attrition with the Germans and Italians in the Atlantic, Arctic and Med and deserve a bit more credit than you're willing to give.
  7. RN carrier doctrine was focused on operations in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, things like Deck parking in the Atlantic are were in the Royal Navy's view completely unsuitable, even to this day the official line is that all aircraft must be able to be stowed below the flight deck. The design of carriers differed greatly also, American carriers tended to have larger air groups and a higher sortie rate, this was in part to the open hangers and unarmoured flight decks, but this made the ships more vulnerable to attack while British carriers tended to have closed hangers and armoured decks at the expense of air group size and sortie rate. The RN did need to learn about operating carriers in the Pacific, but it's doctrine in the Atlantic/Med was perfectly adequate. Future planed carriers did take on board many of these lessons learned and the planned Malta class were definitely designed with Pacific operations in mind (open hangers etc). As for Mackintosh, I wouldn't read much into him being transferred off the ship after a long stint in theatre, this happened often even in the USN. In any case he was given command of HMS Implacable (86) six months later.
  8. Speaking of HMS Victorious, I'll leave this link here, as it's a very interesting subject and well worth a read, it also shows that while the USN thought she was rather small for a fleet carrier they were very impressed with the innovations found on board such as her Fighter Direction Room.
  9. What facts? Most of what you have written is personal opinion or conjecture, your posts are poorly presented and you just come across as someone who is ranting. The rise and fall of the British Empire is a highly complex subject that has been covered in a whole library of books, not something that can simply be picked apart in a few paragraphs. You ask why people would want to govern themselves and split from the Empire yet you live in a county that broke away long before the cracks began to show so go figure. The development of carrier aviation is also a highly complex subject and you do the RN and the people who worked at the DNC a huge disservice when you dismiss their contributions out of hand like that. More respect is due.
  10. Are you on drugs?
  11. You've got to be joking? The Crusaders and Matilda were very reliable vehicles and while they were clearly outmatched by the latest German designs they gave sterling service in Africa and punched well above their weight, the Cromwells were also a good reliable design and were more or less equal to the basic Sherman, also towards the end of the war tanks like the Comet and the Centurion were truely outstanding AFVs.
  12. It's still a rather bizarre request.
  13. One question, why are you asking in another thread for the premium carrier Kaga as compensation if you think the ship is more or less fine as she is? Whisky Tango Foxtrot??
  14. Conqueror is loosely based on the L2 design study drawn up in the early 20s, she had a conventional 4x2 turret arrangement.
  15. I would prefer Renown after her reconstruction, with an improved secondary battery and AA suite she would be far more suited to Tier 6 than Repluse.