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  1. Monty9185

    IFHE All Night Long

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but what do you thinking about IFHE on Warspite? Her secondaries are rather unique for her tier, was just wondering it would be any benefit to have it on this ship?
  2. Monty9185

    Armada: Cheshire

    Really getting disheartened with some of these incarnations, some of them aren't even serious designs rejected by the admiralty. It's quite clear the RN were never really keen on the 'Heavy Cruiser' concept like other navies were. I'd would of rather WG did a limited branch of the small number of 8" cruisers the RN had and then focus on a Battlecruiser branch which would of been far more unique and interesting to play. That said it doesn't come close to lulzy nonsense being done to the Russian tech tree...
  3. Monty9185

    Naval and Defense News 2020

    This is just the RN playing politics, the Navy did this a few years ago regarding the Harpoon's impending retirement, made a song and dance about it in the national press and within a week the weapon's out of service date was extended and an official programme for it's replacement announced. This is no different, the Type 23s have had some serious money spent on then over the last couple of years and I expect they will extend their service that little bit longer. This is all about shaming the treasury into coughing more funding until the Type 26/31s arrive.
  4. Monty9185

    Naval and Defense News 2019 (con't)

    Going to hazard a guess that at least some of the the ships shown near the Reagan are likely to be her escorting battle group. No way the PLAN would be able to get that close without the ensuing s***storm filtering through the mainstream media. Given the quality of the images I'd love to know how a layman would be able to tell the difference between a Type 052/55 or Burke destroyers.
  5. Monty9185

    Naval and Defense News 2019 (con't)

    It was just announced this morning. Link Here. Arrowhead was always the favourite being that the design had the best scope for future development being larger and faster than the other proposals. BAEs offering was just a stretched River and there was no way they were gonna pick the Germans MEKO either.
  6. Monty9185

    Naval and Defense News 2019 (con't)

    I think for the Falklands conflict they managed to just about squeeze 21 Sea Harrier and Harrier GR3s on Hermes but I think Invincible only deployed with 8 plus 12 helicopters. But it's worth mentioning to do this they had to park aircraft on the ship's decks which is normally a big no no for the RN and to my knowledge it only happened in the Pacific theatre of WW2 and the Falklands. The 36 aircraft capacity given for the QE class once again is to do with the RN's long standing policy that aircraft should be stowed in the hangers, there was a discussion about this on a UK defence forum and someone worked out you could probably at a push get over 50 aircraft if not 60 on board if s*** really hit the fan in a wartime scenario.
  7. Monty9185

    Naval and Defense News 2019 (con't)

    I'd like us to reuse some historical names that were used on frigates in the past such as the Indefatigable or Galatea.
  8. Monty9185

    Naval and Defense News 2019 (con't)

    Another factor is that China has a decent number of well armed Corvettes and Frigates which they can use as general purpose workhorses. It is something that the USN for the moment at least, lack. So even if the Chinese don't match the USN in destroyer numbers they can churn out enough frigates and corvettes to cause the US Navy some serious headaches.
  9. Monty9185

    Shipyard that built HMS Belfast is in trouble

    H&W haven't built a ship in years and were/are mainly involved in offshore wind turbines and oil rig maintenance. It will probably close, the UK government has shown it's more than willing to allow strategically important industrial assets to close and I doubt this will be any different.
  10. Monty9185

    Naval and Defense News 2019 (con't)

    Doesn't look like a Type 45, comments in the article suggest it wasn't even an RN vessel.
  11. Monty9185

    Naval and Defense News 2019 (con't)

    Turns out it was a burst seawater pipe that was the problem, minor damage to a set of stairs and a bulkhead. Should be repaired in time for her WESTLANT '19 deployment to the US later this year.
  12. Monty9185

    Naval and Defense News 2019 (con't)

    Not sure how any rational person could come to that kind of conclusion? Gotta love em for trying though.. I think if a USN sub had been lost, accident or not you would probably know by now. Stuff like that rarely stays secret for long.
  13. Monty9185

    Naval and Defense News 2019 (con't)

    That article is over 2 months old... And it's the Sun.
  14. Monty9185

    Naval and Defense News 2019 (con't)

    That's an assessment I can agree with. Also I think that like the Iraq/Iran conflict the Pakistanis and Indians have some serious history and often emotions flare, which is partly the reason you see a lot of misinformation in the news and social media. A recent example being when there were claims that two Indian pilots had been captured rather than one.
  15. Monty9185

    Naval and Defense News 2019 (con't)

    I know you didn't, however the post you quoted did. I'm just skeptical of that claim and in any normal circumstances a JF-17, a fighter that barely qualifies as gen 4 could beat a SU-30MKI in a dogfight or in a beyond visual range combat. Of course their are exceptional circumstances in which an aircraft could defeat a superior opponent but it's not something that should be taken seriously everytime somebody makes a claim and there is no corroborating evidence.