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  1. Premium Ship Review #108: T-61

    Thank you Little White Mouse
  2. Lone Wolves recruting solo players

    Just sent an application in would like to join if possible.
  3. what do duplicates actually do

    Just click into one of the blank place holders in the collection area and it will give you the option to buy that item with duplicates.
  4. How many battles?

    Thank you this is what I am looking for. I guess I should of phrased my question better to elicit this kind of response.
  5. How many battles?

    I haven't been the best in some of these ships due to I truly didn't understand how to play them. This I have worked on to improve and feel I have gotten better but it appears that I have some improving to be done thank you for pointing this out to me.
  6. How many battles?

    So after having about 2k in battles I believe I have gotten to where I can hold my own in tier 7 or below. But any time I get into a tier 8 I seem to get waxed how many more battles should I look to before tier 8 gets better?
  7. WG wiki down

    Not able to get to the Wiki
  8. I seemed to get the most out of the mid tier presents when I bought them in the five pack.
  9. Dasha & Santa Box Animation

    I was able to see Dasha and figure out what I was doing wrong. I would purchase Gift Packages and still be on the either the port page or still in my outside browser so the first package would already be delivered once I got to the crate ship. I was able to see Dasha once I go back to the crate ship after purchase.
  10. Stats on New Year Camo

    Thank you.
  11. Dasha & Santa Box Animation

    I have bought them from External Premium Shop, Internal Premium Shop and also clicking on the add on the crate ship no Dasha.
  12. Dasha & Santa Box Animation

    I was just thinking of this myself. What happened to Dasha giving out crates?
  13. Musings on Santa Crates

    One my first set of Crates set of 5 mid size, I got the Gallant which I didn't have so good for me. On my second set of 5 large, no ship. Went back to mid size got the KII and the Hung He. 3rd mid size I got the Gallant again. I believe if you run out of ships to be given you get the Gallant, which is cool since I get a ten point captain with it.
  14. Stats on New Year Camo

    Anyone know the stats on the New Year Camo on sale today?