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  1. I don't have any one line or nationality that I prefer over others. There's good ships in all of them. The ships that I have marked as Primary ships are from every class (except CV) and almost every nation. Now if I was going to start a new account. For BBs it'd be German. Cruisers, French. And DDs, German.
  2. Yes they are. DDs are small very maneuverable targets. I have a hard time hitting them with CLs or other DDs let alone with BB's guns, unless the DDriver is a dufus and takes no evasive action.
  3. What was WG mis-management smoking when they came up with this idea? This is just going to make BBs almost defenseless against DDs which are hard to hit in the first place. And when the BB can actually hit one there'll be next to no damage. FYI WG; HUGE Battleship shells are supposed to inflict HUGE damage! On anything they hit. Crap like this makes me wonder if Wee-Gee is trying to drive players away from the game.
  4. Cossack or Haida?

    Haida is overall, a good bote but that creeping smoke like Perth and HungHe have is horsepucky on a DD. And I agree about Cossack being tier 8. I don't care how good or bad a bote is, if it's tier 8 I wont have anything to do with it. I'm done buying tier 8 fodder to the tier 10's.
  5. Main Battery Monday - Top Shot

    Of the BBs that I have in port, these are the ones with the best accuracy rates; Koenig Albert; 31% Nelson; 29% Nikolai; 28% Giulio Cesare; 27% Dunkerque; 27% The BB of mine with the poorest accuracy is Musashi at 17%.
  6. The way that damage is done now is working fine, why [edited] it?
  7. Torpedo of Doom

    Naw, that torp came from a Summerine that was between the CA and the Island! It was a sneekee play tester!
  8. The Potatoes are REAL

    Only if BBs don't attempt to defend themselves from DDs. BBs are the mightiest ships in WoWs and it's laughable hearing any BB driver sniveling about how they need to be protected. I played 10 battles tonight in BBs, 5 in Alabama and 5 in Missouri. With each BB I killed a DD that was attacking me. BBs are very capable of protecting themselves from DDs. 'Sides, Cruisers DO support BBs, all the time. The BBs are too busy gunning for that sweet easy Cruiser kill to shoot at enemy BBs. One more thing; No class is a "counter" to any other class. ALL classes are capable of countering all of the other classes.
  9. Achievements aint that easy to get. If they were, they wouldn't be achievements.
  10. USS Alabama

    IMHO, Bammy is a helluva lot better than Missouri. I played 5 battles apiece in both tonight and did a lot better with Alabama than I did with Mo.
  11. Pard, getting steamrolled happens. Getting losing streaks happens. The only way to prevent that is to not play Random Battles. And on the flip side; Winning streaks happen. Steamrolling the Red team happens. (no one complains about those) Hell, if we won all the time, it'd get dull.
  12. Grats! I once got a Premium Bote from a SC myself. Imperator Nikolai I, about a year ago.
  13. Royal Navy crate SCAM

    Just wait until the Brit DD line is released and get them then. And it wont cost a cent to do so.
  14. Five is the most I've sank in one battle. Three times with Fiji, twice with Perth. The most recent 5 kill battle with Helena.