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  1. ReddNekk

    Not a rage quit...

    Just a disappointed and disgusted quit. I miss World of Warships, it was a great and fun game unlike this thing that stole it's name and is not fun to play so it's time to move on. Due to many things, most of them recent, I've also lost all trust in and respect for WG management. I've been playing online games for 20 years, ever since the original Ultima Online, the one run by Origin (which is still to me the best MMO of all time) and have played many MMOs since then. And you folks here on WoWs are one of the best game communities I've known. I know that I've gotten toxic more than a few times but hey I'm 63 and I might be turning into a crotchety old redneck geezer so please forgive me. Anyway, y'all take care, have fun, and keep the beer cold!
  2. ReddNekk

    World of Warship - NOT Fun Anymore.

    I'm like the OP. To me WoWs just aint fun anymore and I'm going to take a long and maybe a permanent break. And no, y'all cant have mah stuff! It's;
  3. If you mean that sound that we hear when we enter queue and enter battle, I disagree. I find it annoying.
  4. ReddNekk

    All about USS Alaska!

    I hope that WG mis-management aint expecting warm hugs and wet sloppy kisses for finally releasing this bote. Alaska was ready a long time ago and there is no excuse for having delayed her and refusing to talk to us about her as long as WG did.
  5. I don't need a graph either. I've been checking the NA server population at peak hours daily for the last 2 weeks and the highest figure that I've seen was just over 12k. Pre-8.0 it was 15-16k.
  6. ReddNekk

    Alaska opinions

    They sure are! But going by WG's track record with this bote they had a great chance of being right.
  7. ReddNekk

    Alaska opinions

    All this excitement about Alaska being released, at loooooong last, on the 27th. Ha! Mah Bucks sez that WG will withhold her... As usual. Because Wednesday is NOT "soon" or "the near future".
  8. ReddNekk

    Alaska opinions

    I've lost interest for that reason. I'm disgusted with WG mis-management's endless [edited] delays on top of the 8.0 farce. If "soon" and "the near future" ever arrive I might buy her. That wouldn't surprise me. Hell, cant have a Capitalist bote be better than Stalinium can we?
  9. I'm starting to believe that Alaska will never be released. I think that WG mis-management is dangling her just out of our reach to keep folks playing WoWs in the hope of getting her.
  10. That plus the bote being tier 8 fodder for tier 10s would turn me off from buying it too.
  11. Hell, I aint played since before the mini-patch. I miss World of Warships, it was a fun game. Whatever this game is since 8.0, it is not World of Warships. I went back to War Thunder Ground Combat, dusted off mah tanks, and I've been having a LOT more fun.
  12. That's what I've done and I'm having more fun to boot!
  13. ReddNekk

    the game sucks now

    Same here. I downloaded WT Ground Combat today and I've been having a blast! More fun than I've had in WoWs lately.
  14. ReddNekk

    Carriers are now completely USELESS

    After you CV driver's weeklong frenzy of totally ruining gameplay for the other 3 classes I hope that you're not looking for any sympathy from us BB CA/CL and DD drivers.