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  1. I aint interested in any more Brit Cruisers. I have Exeter, Belfast, and Fiji. What other Brit Cruisers does one need?
  2. ReddNekk

    Viribus Unitis - DO NOT BUY

    Could VU be the Premium BB counterpart of Krasny Krim?
  3. ReddNekk

    Ships you love playing ATM

    For the fun factor? Scharmhorst, Exeter, Vampire, Belfast, Perth, Huong-He, and T-61.
  4. ReddNekk

    Holidays really show WoWs at its absolutely worst.

    My dear, as a retired Fireman with over 30 years on the job I can tell you without fear of successful contradiction that stupidity is the Human race's most prominent and enduring trait. Whether in RL or online games. 'Sides, if you think that players here in WoWS are major boneheads, the players in Armored Warfare make them look like Einsteins. And that's when the opposition are bots.
  5. WG, you missed a opportunity to make $$$$ on your Black Ships sale. Some of us have most or all of the standard ships listed. I have all of them except Graf Zeppelin and I got Massachusetts Black last year. Anyway, I'm sure that I'm not alone when I say that I would've opened my wallet and bought the Black skins for my trusty old warriors had the skins only been available. But I'm not going to buy exact copies of ships that I already have just for a skin. My wallet remains closed. 'Nuff said.
  6. SPGs and CVs HAVE ruined WoT and WoWS. Folks play games to have fun and it's not fun being pummeled on by a so-called opponent (griefer) that you're helpless to fight back against. I'm solidly convinced that if CVs were removed from WoWS and SPGs from WoT, bot games would have a much larger playerbase than they now do.
  7. ReddNekk

    What is the attraction to Co-op?

    Yup. I got sick and tired of being endlessly swarmed by CV griefer's (but I repeat myself) flying monkeys. I play games to have fun, and I have fun in Co-Op which I haven't had in Random since the CV rework.
  8. ReddNekk

    Hi, first post, I hate cvs

    CV play is griefing, plain and simple. A griefing tool created by and approved of by WG mis-management for the entertainment of culls who like to torment other players with impunity. Anyone who says that they like being pummeled on by a so-called opponent who they cant directly fight back against is a liar. Bring on the CV mafia trolls!
  9. ReddNekk

    Once Again bitten by Mercy

    I think it's better than WoT. No Arty, Premium ammo, or toxicity. However it's only on one server for NA, EU, and RU so communication can be a problem.
  10. ReddNekk

    Once Again bitten by Mercy

    Armored Warfare.
  11. ReddNekk

    Tired of being tired

    Oh man! I remember those dark brown bag MREs with horror! The first time I was handed one I was told to keep the main bag. When I asked why the reply was that I could use it as a barf bag after I had managed to choke down the bag's contents. Those MREs made C-rats taste like gourmet food.
  12. ReddNekk

    Once Again bitten by Mercy

    It took me a helluva long time to finish the mission to get 5 captured ribbons in the Pride of the Polish Navy missions because of these badly abbreviated battles. Several times the battle ended before I could finish capping, and there were still 3-4 bot ships afloat. All too often the battle ends just as it's getting fun. Yup. There's another game that I play that is mostly Co-Op and the battles in that game don't end until either the objectives are met, the battle times out, or one side or the other is wiped out. It's a lot more fun than these short suddenly ending for no good reason Co-Op battles in WoWS. This is the game that gets my $$$$.
  13. Or sink... Catch on fire... Experience a reactor meltdown...
  14. ReddNekk

    Poltava and Blys bundle

    Non-existent naval triumphs is more like it.
  15. Multiple Chicken Coops in a match is why I only play Co-Op since I returned to WoWS.