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  1. Pull A.I CV's out of Co-Op

    Hell, that happens a lot with player driven CVs too.
  2. Tier 8 arrrgggh

    That's what I mostly do, drive tier 6-7 botes. I have more fun at those tiers than playing high tiers. Yesterday, while driving Belfast in several battles I was mid-tiered with tier 8s top tiered. Now how can those folks be so lucky? I cant recall the last time I was top tiered while driving a tier 8 Cruiser, I'm always up against a crapload of 10s when I'm driving a tier 8. Tier 7 seems to be the sweet tier. I don't see tier 9s very often while driving tier 7 ships.
  3. After 5 bad defeats in a row I either log off for a long while or play mid or low tier Co-Op and take my frustrations out on bots. That's probably why I have twice as many Co-Op battles as I do Randoms.
  4. My continuing mission... to seek out and burn BBs. To explore strange new maps. To seek out new ships and new playstyles. To boldly go where no Cruiser has gone before!
  5. Worchester PSA

    Yeah, them Yankees somehow git "Wooster" outa Worcester and then have th' gumption to trash tawk how we'uns Red Necks tawk!
  6. Is this going to be a permanent campaign, like the Yamamoto campaign?
  7. Since like brawling

    I think that something like this is what the OP has in mind.
  8. Who knows? It's obvious that a large portion of the playerbase hate it and it has very likely driven off a lot of players but WG management appear to be willfully blind to it.
  9. I totally believe this. That the BBs will hang back waiting for the Cruisers to draw aggro so that their own precious butts don't get shot at. A helluva lot of BB drivers are. It seems like the only times that they're bold and brassy is when their opponent is a lone Cruiser.
  10. I know how the OP feels. I rarely play tier 8s because I'm endlessly bottom tiered against greatly superior tier 10s. I've often been the only tier 8 in a lineup with most of the other ships being 10s. Hell, I cant remember the last time I was actually top-tiered in a match while driving a tier 8 ship, even in Co-Op. Some of you people like the +2 -2 MM but I personally think that's it hurts the game by driving off new players who get frustrated when they find themselves up against greatly superior fully specced tier 7 ships while driving stock tier 5 ships. I'm sure that it's frustrating as hell for new players. Frustrated players don't have fun. And when folks don't have fun, they don't play the game. And this game needs a constant influx of new players. WG mismanagement doesn't seem to realize this.
  11. After Playing for a few days

    Bare feet seems to work too! And OP; Welcome to organized chaos!
  12. With friends like that, who needs enemies?
  13. Another T7 Premium

    You might have a point there.
  14. I drive mostly tier 6-7 Cruisers, (De Grasse, Perth, Belfast, Fiji) and I rake in creds like a Casino full of drunk Sailors.