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  1. A Pirate's Life for me!

    What's not to like? Katori's a good bote. Her speed is the Tugboat's only downside.
  2. What is the conclusion on T-61?

    I broke down and bought T-61 and don't regret it, she's a good bote. my first battle driving her;
  3. It's not infrequent for BB AP citadel hits on Cruisers to do the same thing. So if BBs are getting as severely hammered by AP bombs as they do to Cruisers with their AP, I'm far from sympathetic. War's hell!
  4. Same here and always because I did something stupid like most folks who've turned pink. Hell, if everybody who did something stupid was to get punished for it, we'd ALL get punished... Often.
  5. Thanks! My sooper sekrit spy team failed to report in. I wonder why.
  6. I don't intend to go out of my way to nail any. If I get lucky enough to be within range of one, then I'll go for it. However, there is one Senior Community Manager, if seen, who's scalp I'm gonna be going all out to get if I have to YOLO to do so.
  7. T 61 now on sale.

    Now that's a distinct possibility!
  8. State law here in Wyoming sez that we must wear orange when hunting so I don't mind orange cammy on my botes. Here's some other orange bote cammy. And let's not fo-git tha yaller!
  9. T 61 now on sale.

    I might do that myself. Should be fun. Find out if the "T" in T-61 stands for "tasty" or "toasted".
  10. The Use of "Meat Shields"

    I often think that this is the case. That this is probably why BBs hang back during a battle, they're waiting for the Cruisers and DDs to draw fire so that their BBs don't get shot at. Some BB drivers seem to think of Cruisers as sacrificial lambs. I was in a domination battle of the Shards map with my team starting on the north side with only one DD per team. My team goes for B-C. This New Mexico driver says that the Boise (me) needs to go to A to "distract" the Reds (2 BBs and 2 CAs) over there. I would've distracted them all right, they would've melted me down most ricky tik. I asked why he didn't do that since he had much better survivability. he replied that that's what Cruisers are supposed to do. BTW, I did not do as suggested and put the clown on ignore for the rest of the match.
  11. The Anti-Pirate Coalition

    I'm ready to greet them warmly... And push them over the edge!
  12. Hell, that sounds like Cruisers with their keel to deck, stem to stern citadels. While I'd love to see the devs do something about Cruiser survivability, I don't expect it and wouldn't expect it to be top priority even if they actually did decide to do something about it. (WG's gotta keep their favored BB playerbase fat dumb and happy with those easy kills ya'know) So why should the CV rework be top priority over any other class or other projects that Wee-Gee is working on? 'Sides, be careful what you wish for. Considering WG's past "fixes", CV drivers might not like what they get.