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  1. ReddNekk

    What ever WG did to the T8 MM it made it worse.

    With me it happens in Co-op as well as Random. I'm either the lone tier 8 or one of 2 tier 8s facing a crapload of XXXXXXXXXX. I'm at the point where I wont drive my tier 8s even in Co-Op. It's no fun and It's [edited]ridiculous. It'll probably remain this way for the next 2 years with WG telling us that this corruption of the MM is working just fine until they come up with another worthless brainfart that sucks the fun out of the game.
  2. ReddNekk

    [PSA] HMS Dreadnought Mission

    I have 20 done as of today. If I make it and get Dredd, fine. If not, oh well. She'll probably wind up as a Port Queen anyway.
  3. ReddNekk

    Prinz Eurgen ?

    No tier 8 Cruiser uptiers well against tier 10s. PE is a excellent CA but even with her heal she's stat fodder to the tier 10s that she's endlessly pitted against.
  4. ReddNekk

    Premium Ship Review: Kii

    I recently got this booger in a Christmas container. She's mostly a good ship... Except for her guns. Her shell dispersal is horrible! They couldn't hit the broadside of a barn if the bote was inside with the doors closed. Having good armor, AA, torpedoes, etc aint worth a pound of piss if the guns don't hit anything except water.
  5. ReddNekk

    Monday Funday!

    I generally don't have much fun driving BBs but I recently got Ashitaka in a Christmas container and she's a fun bote to play. Her armor is kinda weak but she's more robust than I thought she'd be and her AA is a joke. But her guns... Hella accurate! She's the most accurate shooting BB that I've driven. That excellent gun accuracy is why I enjoy driving Ashitaka.
  6. ReddNekk

    Monday Funday!

    With me there is no one ship that's fun to play. I find DDs to be the funnest class, especially mid and low tier DDs. The DDs that I have the most fun with are; Tachibana; Once you get used to the slow torpedo speed she rocks. I got my most recent "High Caliber" achievement with Tachibana. Vampire: My go-to bote for seal clubbing. A small very maneuverable bote that's a good combo of gunboat and torpedo boat. Kamikaze: I just got this bote in a Christmas container and she's fantastic! Fast hard hitting torpedoes with a fast reload and very low detectability. T-61: Low detectability for her tier, fast hard hitting torpedoes that have a 61.2 second reload with the TAE skill on the Captain, and reasonably accurate guns. All 4 of those are sneaky 'lil devils that are a blast to play.
  7. ReddNekk

    Repulse and Prince of Wales

    Yet the loss of those ships was very significant. PoW and Repulse were the most powerful Allied Warships in the SW Pacific at the time and their loss doomed the remaining Allied Naval Forces.
  8. ReddNekk

    DD driver ... best use of smoke?

    With my DDs, I mostly use smoke to break LoS with the crapload of Reds that are gunning for me after I get detected so that I can escape. And to conceal my bote until I can get moving again when I stupidly run aground. I never park in a smoke cloud when there's DDs or torp armed Cruisers in the vicinity since smoke is a torpedo magnet. I avoid smoke from other botes if possible for that same reason. And while it's great for covering friendlies, it often blocks the sight for friendlies. A smoke cloud can be just as much of a bane as a blessing. It can also be a great decoy/distraction. While out of detection range of the Reds pop smoke and keep on going. BBs will avoid that smoke like the Devil avoids a Church, and the DDs and CAs will spam torps into it. Meanwhile I'm wayyy over yonder spotting and/or plotting a torpedo attack.
  9. Be careful of what you wish for. You might be one of those who would get banned under your "silence all critics" demand.
  10. ReddNekk

    The civil war, rivers, and US territories

    The Confederates didn't have the resources to build a fleet powerful enough to conduct offensive operations on the Western rivers. What the CSN had in the way of a Mississippi River fleet was destroyed at the Naval Battle of Memphis on June 6 1862. After that what few ships remained, Like the Ironclad Arkansas and Rams William H. Webb, and the captured Queen of the West operated defensively. If anyone wants to read up on a Warship that truly deserves to be called a Naval Legend, look up CSS Arkansas. Her operational career lasted for only 3 weeks but it was amazing.
  11. ReddNekk

    The most entertaining thing in WOWS

    I did something like that while driving T-61 on the Hotspot map. Half the Red team went up the West side and the other half went up the East side. I just cruised down the middle, parked in the Red Base, and got comfy. It was easiest win that I've ever had. Shots fired by me, zero. Shots fired at me, zero.
  12. ReddNekk

    The most entertaining thing in WOWS

    Setting BBs on fire with my CLs. Feeding torpedoes to BBs with my DDs. Sinking CVs with whatever I can gun or torp 'em with.
  13. ReddNekk

    The Kii trap

    It sure does but that will never happen. WG has gotten all the $$$$ that they're going to get out of it and wont bother to do anything more with it.
  14. ReddNekk

    Kronshtadt game

    I got Kron in a Christmas crate and have been trying her out in Co-op. she seems like a pretty good bote and her dispersal, while far from being tight, aint anywhere near as bad as Roma and Kii since Kron's guns will reliably hit other things besides water. I noticed that with AP she overpens Cruisers a lot but her HE works very well on Cruisers. BTW, is it me or does Kron catch on fire super easily and often? As in everytime a HE shell hits her?