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  1. Selfish DDs

    I've seen what the OP is talking about but it's a rare occurrence. Certainly nothing to justify any kind of "fix". Now that I've seen more times than you can shake a stick at.
  2. WG's actions show the opposite. As examples they're constantly introducing BBs with lower detectability than many Cruisers have and increased survivability over previous BBs while Cruisers have been ignored except for German Cruiser HE getting a pen buff and reducing Cruiser fire duration, which was never a big problem. IMHO, WG's actions discourage Cruiser play and encourage BB play.
  3. Badges Are Frustrating

    Personally, I think that the devs could've put the time and effort expended in creating this badge horsepuckey into something more useful. Like CV balance and the long promised USN Cruiser split for examples.
  4. When BB AP ceases citadeling Cruisers on 75% or more of the hits, then I might support reducing the HE fire starting of CA/CLs. In the meantime... BBurn!
  5. The 100 Club

    Phoenix; 279 Fiji; 240 De Grasse; 140 Scharnhorst; 116 Omaha; 107 Kuma; 101
  6. Premium Elitism

    Mercy sakes! I don't even have that many ships in port total. I have 38 ships in port, (excluding the eye bleeding ARP ships) 29 premium and 9 standard. I sell off ships that I don't like. I reckon that having all those premiums makes me a e-leet red neck wallet warrior!
  7. Patch 7.0 = Fail

    In past patches, I've liked most of the things that the devs have done and they've always gotten a "attaboy!" from me. In this patch, the only things I like about it is the "ho-ho-ho" going bye-bye-bye. and the port camera. Overall, this patch gets a "ah-sh*t" from me.
  8. What I've seen just in the 10 battles (2 wins 8 losses) that I've fought so far today, has been the majority of my team rushing to one side of the map and staying there, not attempting to cap or defend/capture anything. In the 2 wins I've had, the Red team did that. I've seen this a lot in the last few weeks, but it's really been bad today. And of course, one on the combat missions is "win 3 battles". Everytime there's a requirement like that it jinxes me! I KNOW when I see something like that I'm gonna have a major losing streak.
  9. Can I shut off badges?

    With the in your face badges and FUBARed excuse of a "new" Training Room, I'm wondering if WGs goal with this patch is to greatly annoy the playerbase.
  10. And it worked great. It was easy to use and set up. I wonder what drunk Cossack came up with this sad joke of a replacement. If I want to fight other players, I'll use Random. Training room is to all intents and purposes, useless now.
  11. Good looking camo! Definitely better than the green.
  12. New Training Room

    This new and "improved" training room is garbage and, IMHO, totally useless for it's purpose. Devs, how about giving us back the original and useful training room?