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  1. Tier V CL blues

    I'm here to tell you that at ANY tier, angle doesn't matter when Cruisers are targeted by BB AP.
  2. KGV Question

    KGV is a damn good bote. She prints Arsonist Achievements. IMHO, she rivals Scharnhorst as the best tier 7 BB. And at long range she'll do a serious damn - damn on Scharnie, or anything else for that matter.
  3. PT 658

    Bakelight drinking glasses and a bowl. You don't see much of those anymore. I have a Bakelight drinking glass, a coffee cup and 3 bowls that I got when I was working at Castle AFB CA in the mid 80s. They were going to get thrown out. I use them.
  4. Even if WG does eventually introduce Alaska, I'm sure that she will be sub-par to Krumstuff and Stalingrub.
  5. Getting Frustrated

    I, for one, am waiting for the evening out. Ever since I started the Halsey Campaign it's been defeat, defeat, defeat, ad infinitum with a occasional win. It seems like this happens everytime I have high tier tasks going.
  6. Broken back achievement

    In games or in real life, only winners and the best deserve rewards. If losers get rewards, where's the motivation to improve?
  7. Radar has ruined dd play

    What was the excuse pre-radar? DDs have been spamming long range torp salvos as long as I've been playing the game. I'm guilty of it too.
  8. Negative Ghost Rider! That's MY alternate forum name!
  9. But... But... Without tier 8s to seal club, how would the hardcore tier 10 players pad their stats?
  10. Already in game. Roo-Shun ships have 'em.
  11. IMHO, any ship that you do well with will earn you a lot of creds. I generally play mid-tier Cruisers, (De Grasse, Perth, Belfast, and Fiji mostly) and I've racked up a lot of credits with them. Plus I have fun and do well driving those botes. I presently have over 600 million credits. She's a better bote than most folks give her credit for. I've done pretty good with HuangHe myself. I may have to dust her off and drive her some more after I finish the Halsey Campaign.
  12. Missions Ruining the Game

    The GAME is killing the game!
  13. I've scrolled through all of them and aint seen any that truly wow me. Besides, it doesn't matter anyway since as soon as I complete the Halsey Campaign (which aint going to happen soon enough) I'm going to drydock my tier 10s and let them rust up.

    USS Wasp, (CV-7). Also, USS Princeton, (CVL-23) USS Quincy (CA-39) USS Astoria, (CA-34) and USS Vincennes. (CA-44) All lost due to out of control fires that prevented effective damage control.
  15. US new Light Cruisers

    The only one that I'm interested in is Helena, though I'll take a look at Dallas and Seattle.