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  1. ReddNekk

    German Navy collection

    Thanks folks!
  2. How does one get started on this? I've looked in "collections" and it's not there.
  3. ReddNekk

    Pommern - How is it?

    I haven't seen a review on Pommern by LWM. I'll wait and see what she thinks. Not that I'm much interested since I already have Musashi and Missouri for tier 9 BBs. (plus I'm a Cruiser main)
  4. ReddNekk

    Does Anyone Like Playing the Roma Regularly?

    Wut accuracy? The only thing I've ever been able to reliably hit with Roma's main guns is water. I think her secondaries are more accurate.
  5. ReddNekk

    Indy love?

    So WG, when is Indianapolis going to get the same armor upgrade that New Orleans and Pensacola got in patch 0.9.3? It's been almost 4 months so....?
  6. ReddNekk

    Premium battleship indications

    So true. My first Premium was Atlanta, back in late 2015, when I was at tier 5 on the USN Cruiser line. Not only did I not know how to play Atlanta well, (she has a very high skill level to play well) but I was also outclassed by the more experienced players at tier 7. I felt like a puppy in a yard full of starving wolves. I kept 'Lanta in port for a long while after I learned my lesson.
  7. Instead of a new line, how about helping out the large number of ships that have been affected by power creep? Make them competitive again.
  8. My outlook is; If you didn't kill it, it's not your kill and never was. Period.
  9. ReddNekk

    Multiple Games No DD's

    I rarely play DDs even in Co-Op. The bot CV planes make a beeline right for you at the start and you're endlessly spotted and under attack by every bot within range the whole battle. DD play is no longer fun because of CVs.
  10. ReddNekk

    Most Beautiful Ships in the Game. Your opinions?

    I'm hard pressed to decide which one ship is the best looking but I consider the Italian and German ships to be, overall, the best looking ships in game.
  11. ReddNekk

    The Ugliest Ship in the Navy

    Nelson. Most RN BBs are ugly but Nelson and her sister Rodney, have got to be the ugliest BBs in history.
  12. ReddNekk

    Bayard vs Mainz

    I have both and have fun with both of them. Mainz is tougher with a faster rate of fire and starts fires like a pyromaniac but can be spotted from orbit. (like all German Cruisers) Bayard has much better mobility and turret rotation with longer ranged torpedoes and lower detectability. However, if I had to choose only one to keep, it would be Mainz. (And I like French Cruisers)
  13. I couldn't care less about it. If I happen to accomplish the missions while playing, so be it. I have no interest in Odin anyway.
  14. ReddNekk

    Premium Ship Review #148 - Odin

    Great review! However, I'll stick with tried and true Tirpitz for my tier 8 German BB.