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  1. Scharnhorst is my primary Co-Op ship. At tier 7 she's high enough tiered to make some decent credits and low tiered enough to have low service costs.
  2. 9 flies swatted in a battle with Yubari. Not bad for a tier 4 CL. My first "Die Hard" in Farragut. (That was also one of the VERY few battles that I did great driving a DD) My most recent "Double Strike" with Fiji.
  3. Nice and grats Soshi! I may have to build up my GC's Captain (he only has 8 points) and take her out for a spin.
  4. I'm unlikely to buy any premium ships at all anymore, certainly not at tier 8.
  5. I'm one of them. I mostly play tier 6-7 anymore. IMHO, ships at those tiers can handle being bottom tiered a lot better than tier 5s and tier 8s can. AAAnnnnddd... I'm having FUN at those tiers because I can survive long enough to make a good contribution to my team's effort. Unlike when driving tier 8s where I get quickly deleted by tier 10 Cruisers that are vastly superior to my 8s in every way. And anyone who says that's wrong is full of smelly brown stuff.
  6. EVERYONE experiences bad losing streaks, even though some wont admit it. It's like any game; Both teams are trying to win but only one can. When I get bad losing streaks, I just log off and take a break. There's other things to do for entertainment out there. And what's wrong with window licking? It's keeps the windows clean don't it?
  7. Aint that the truth! A common lineup for my battles; 5 BBs, 2-3 Cruisers, 4-5 DDs.
  8. I do see many matches where there's only one or 2 DDs per team. But just as often as not, I see teams with 4-5.
  9. If you mean fewer players are driving DDs you're wrong. Ever since the stealth fire removal, (Thank you, thank you ,thank you, WG!) I haven't seen a decline in DD play. In the higher levels, just as often as not, there's more DDs per team than Cruisers. I've seen a lot of Blyskies in game since she came out again. I think that the new users will discover, or already have, that she doesn't need a stealth fire crutch to be a effective ship.
  10. Agreed! My hat's off to skilled DDrivers. I wish I could master DD play, but I sucketh big time in them. There's bonehead players driving every class. BBs are more noticeable in this regard because they're more prominent than the other classes.
  11. Then why did you respond? And your response certainly wasn't a intelligent one.
  12. Most of the players who get deleted in the first few minutes of a battle, are often those who're bottom tiered against ships that are greatly superior to their ships. I aint a bad player, but there's no way in hell that I can survive for long in a Texas vs a Nagato. Or a Prinz Eugen vs a Moskva. It's the serious mismatching, not the players. Hmm... on second thought, sure do that stat based MM. Then the folks who squeal for it can squeal more when they have looooooong queue times and small teams. A added bonus will be that folks like me, who play the game for FUN, can team up with like minded folks. Sounds dandy!
  13. How about making it even simpler? Do away with +2 -2 MM and replace it with +1 -1.
  14. Atago unimpressive? Hell, she can hold her own against tier 10s better than the other tier 8s. Against same tier, she rocks! And Prinz may not be a awesome ship, but she's solid and dependable . Though she does struggle when pitted against tier 10s. (Which happens too damned often)