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  1. ReddNekk

    WG...go back to co-op

    That and Operations is ALL that I've been playing since I came back last fall and I'm having fun!
  2. As of this posting, 10,001 Co-Op battles. Almost twice as many as Randoms. (5,821)
  3. ReddNekk

    #stayhome #playwows

    You can now refer to yourself as a Chemical Engineer; Converting alcohol into urine.
  4. ReddNekk

    Do Cruisers need a range nerf?

    I'm in agreement as long as BB range matches Cruiser range.
  5. ReddNekk

    Hey WG may we get all the Operations back, please?

    Of course people aint playing Operations if they're not available to play WG! On a similar note; WG, how about bringing back the older and better versions of Islands of Ice and Shards? BTW, has Solomon Islands been removed? I was playing tiers 2-3-4 a lot last weekend and it never came up.
  6. ReddNekk

    My coal! My credits! All are gone!

    Getting Georgia has been on my mind but I already have Missouri and Musashi for tier 9 BBs. I've been wanting to save my coal for Agir since I dont know how long it would take me to save up about 250k coal.
  7. I figure that it's because WG management has this delusion that players like having friggin CVs in every match.
  8. Kutuzov. I got it from a Christmas container. She may be OP with other folks driving her but she's "meh" with me at the controls. The only botes that I have that are considered to be OP that actually are with me driving them is Kamikaze and Giulio Cesare.
  9. ReddNekk

    World of Warships Ship Opinions 08: Roma ( THE REPOST )

    IMHO, Roma like Dunkerque, is a good BB that could be a excellent BB if it wasn't for the horrid shell dispersion.
  10. ReddNekk

    CV Deletion

    Posted already or not, Yuro's videos are always entertaining.
  11. I hear ya! It seems like for the last year it's been how WG's going to screw up this and screw up that. The CV rebork. IFHE nerf, economy nerf, scenarios being messed up/removed, AP rockets for CV planes, mandatory WGC. Where's the encouragement to continue playing and paying?
  12. I may give WGC a try, when it's forced on me. BUT! If I have even the smallest iota of a problem caused by it, I'll un-install. There's plenty of other games out there who's programming doesn't cause problems for their players.
  13. The scenarios are probably too confusing for the RU players. I'm sure that is why several of the maps were simplified changed too.
  14. ReddNekk

    a legitimate MM complaint

    Look at the bright side of having Bot teammates; They're never AFK, they never trash talk, and they never DC.