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  1. ReddNekk

    Cant log out!

    Problem solved. Thanks for the replies folks.
  2. ReddNekk

    premium ships

  3. ReddNekk

    Cant log out!

    I AM logged on. When I click the "play" button it immediately starts the game, no account name and password required.
  4. ReddNekk

    Cant log out!

    Thanks folks! I tried that stuff and none of it worked so I submitted a ticket. There shouldn't be a problem with logging out of a game.
  5. ReddNekk

    Cant log out!

    When I exit the game, game center does not log me out of the game. I dont like being continuously logged in. I've looked in settings and have found nothing to log me out upon game exit like it used to be. Any suggestions?
  6. ReddNekk

    This is deleted

    Cruisers already are majorly nerfed. Most are floating citadels with paper thin armor. The class overall has the worse survival of any class.
  7. ReddNekk

    PSA: Shards is a special Map.

    IMHO, Shards sux now. The original map was much better and more fun. Same with Islands of Ice.
  8. I know what I'd like to NOT see in the future of WoWS; CVs!
  9. ReddNekk

    Premium Ship Review - Oklahoma

    I just got this bote, and I'm thankful that I didn't shell out real $$$$ for her. After five battles I transferred Bill Halsey from Jokelahoma to Texas so I could be reminded of how it is to drive a tier 5 BB that actually has armor and effective main guns. A question devs; Did you folks have a contest to see if you could develop a Premium BB that sucketh most heinously? What was the prize? Because with Jokelahoma, you achieved your goal.
  10. ReddNekk

    Premium Ship Review - Belfast & Belfast '43

    I have T-7 Belfast and while she's a good bote, I'll saddle up Fiji if I want to drive a T-7 CL. Fiji is, IMHO, the better of the 2. As for Belfast '43, why would I want that when I have Mainz and Bayard?
  11. ReddNekk

    British ships

    The best CL in the RN line! A excellent bote. I like Fiji more than Belfast.
  12. ReddNekk

    Premium Ship Review - Oklahoma

    Vampire comes to mind. That's without a doubt the funnest freebie bote that I've ever gotten.
  13. ReddNekk

    Premium Ship Review - Oklahoma

    Great review as always Mouse! On what will be a addition to my collection of port queens.