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  1. Y'know, I actually agree with AraAragami on something! No class of ships should have any such advantages over the other classes.
  2. Hell, 'Lanta gets punished even if you DONT make a mistake. Damn near anything/everything cits her. Don't get me wrong, I like my Atlanta, but surviving a Random fight with her is a major achievement. "Detected". "Ships targeting you; 8".
  3. I got 23 flies swatted in one battle with Scharnie. My best was in Alabama. Some spud in a Kaga kept sending bugs at me and I swatted 27. No bomb hits, and two torp hits. I was loving it!
  4. Agreed! My Charles Martel looks snazzy in that new camo. Thanks WG, for some good stuff!
  5. That's the reason why I never have, and never will, play WoT.
  6. Is this gonna be a long story?
  7. People playing Battleships in a game that features Battleships shouldn't surprise anyone since many people are fascinated by them. And making BB play a PITA is not going to force people to play classes that they are not interested in. In a game, one cannot force players to do something that they don't want to do. All it'll do is just drive people away. Interpretation; "Make DDs invisible and invincible against BBs." The endless whine. And as a Cruiser main myself, I strongly disagree that skillfully driven DDs are easy to kill. I guess that you'd like longer queue times too. I often see as many DDs in a match as BBs. Should there be a limit on them too?
  8. I don't understand why people endlessly gripe about AFKers. They've always been here and always will be. There's nothing that can be fairly done about them because no one knows WHY they're AFK. It could well be issues that the player has no control over.
  9. They're very sweet! I have 2 of them, the first one I mounted on my Des Moines. Got the second one this weekend in an anniversary container but cant use it on Atlanta or Indianapolis and I can use it on Neptune only if I replace Smoke Generator with Radar. I may have to experiment. Replace smoke with Radar and drive Neptune like I do Des Moines. (lobbing over islands as much as possible) It might work, and having Radar AND Hydro would be sweet!
  10. Because without it, GK can be seen by the unassisted eye from the moon.
  11. Just remove smoke. No need for radar then. Problem solved!
  12. As a long time Cruiser player my advice is... Don't go charging into the fray. No matter what Cruiser you're driving and how tough she may be, she will not last long under the tender caresses of BB fire. And just because you have torpedoes doesn't mean you have to use them. (I consider Cruiser torps to be a weapon of opportunity) So don't charge in on a torpedo run. Stay near cover and run from cover to cover. If there's no cover nearby, use the WASD hack to evade (hopefully) the BB shots that WILL be coming your way. Now y'all be REAL careful out thar!
  13. Thanks! I'm going to try that out.
  14. I got the Kurfurst today and I'm loving it! My only complaint is her poor maneuverability, but I'll get used to that. I'm running Magazine mod 1, ASM 1, AA mod 3, Damage Control Mod 1, Steering Gears Mod 2, and Concealment Mod 1. Any advice from experienced GK drivers would be most appreciated.
  15. Actually, I am! I'm aware that Roo-Shin CAs at tier 8-10 have radar, but I did'nt know how far it reached. I assumed that they were equal to US radar. 11.7 km range for Roo-Shin CAs? Hogwash! Roo-Shin radar was, and still is, crap compared to Western radar. I guess this is another of WG's "Russian Greatness" (LOL) ploys.