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  1. Airglide2

    Kitakami what resource will it be?

    Damn, beat me too it.
  2. It’s cool, it’s cool. Based on all her avatars, she has severe Pigeon Toe so we have a healthy, head start running away!
  3. Nuuuunununu, your mistaken, my bad. I meant Russian Tier 8 premium. Not comparing the two, I know the difference.
  4. I highly doubt they’ll release two T9’s of the same class and nation, back to back. We are missing a T8 Russian DD though, so. There’s that.
  5. Airglide2

    ST 0.9.7, KITAKAMI

    I’m not focusing on WG in general, just WOWS specifically.
  6. Airglide2

    ST 0.9.7, KITAKAMI

    Well it can’t be coal, otherwise why remove Smolensk? If they removed that ship because it was too popular, it would be like shooting yourself in the foot twice. Also (and this is IMHO important) if they move Smolensk to loot boxing in Christmas, then they’re just openly admitting to 1. Create a very popular ship 2. Sell a very popular ship 3. Promote gambling by throwing it in with the rest of the Banned ships - when Kitakami is released. I wouldn’t vote for that. EDIT: A solution could be treat it like Missouri and have it for free exp but only for a year. I have no doubt (ok maybe some) that this ship will be a very popular ship, so might as well save themselves the trouble and allegations.
  7. Airglide2

    USN Battleship Split and Friends (please support)

    Ok yeah, the credit potential was an issue too, I forgot about that.
  8. Airglide2

    Happy 4th of July!

    Happy Independence Day to you too Lert! 07. Here’s hoping your that crazy uncle bringing over the “are those legal?” fireworks to the show.
  9. Airglide2

    USN Battleship Split and Friends (please support)

    Noooobody is gonna by the New Jersey with 457mm guns not blow a gasket about her changes. Those ship classes are “holy” so to speak. Maybe under a different name. But your suggestions to gun alterations are problematic because there is nothing wrong with their 16 inch guns. Increasing their armor goes against physics because their front half is thin and slim.
  10. Airglide2

    USN Battleship Split and Friends (please support)

    Dude come on, what the hell was Washington/New Jersey gonna do at Tier 9 and 10? Missouri tried Radar and was banished to the fifth dimension. Alabama tried thicker belt but Mass and Alabama gate effed everything over and now she's an alternate money making North Carolina. There really is no sense in creating an alternate line made of the "same" ships (Massachusetts was spared the community's ax because of secondary's). But I do agree with you in that a split with no mid tier BBs was a poor choice.
  11. Airglide2

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    Wow, I missed that link "Detailed Characteristics" for some reason. Thanks for the clarification.
  12. Airglide2

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    That IS a fun fact, thank you for sharing! It's good on Wargaming because I knew those ships were never going to make it into the game (Except Connecticut for a multitude of reasons) and they save the "state-naming" face, so to speak, with possible names like Constellation/Tillman. Minneapolis and all the New Orleans class sisters are great contenders for premiums. St. Paul's life I believe was lackluster, (bombardments and taking one hit from shore battery). Duluth worse. Topeka did some screening and shore bombardment, but nothing exciting. Kansas City never existed. Wichita's already here. Montpelier is here but locked behind "contracts" (That's cool, USS Little Rock is still with us and can make for good World of Warship footage should she become a premium. Again. Fargo-class cruisers.) Orlando was lackluster. Tampa maybe with some grisly action against a German U-Boat and some interesting near misses. Miami was screening and took out one ship with combined effort. Pensacola is already here. But in the end, they probably weren't gonna name a BB after a city so. So yeah, good on them. Oh thank gosh, it's a maybe. They better be 14"s. It's bad enough (personally) they went paper with a T8 USN Cruiser Premium when Oregon City is sitting right there. Not to mention it's based on a questionable design. We don't need some 15" that never existed, no matter how coffee stained that paper napkin is. And KGV ain't that bad really.
  13. Airglide2

    Premium Ship Review: California

    Which makes me nervous about that rumored T8 USN cruiser Anchorage. Wargaming wanted a USN cruiser with SHS. They tried it with Wichita, but the community backlashed and resulted with standard shells in it’s place. Results were alright, but sales were probably decent, not worth the hype. Now they’re trying again with a “paper napkin” ship (the nerve, really) of all things when there’s already a class of cruisers that EXISTED (with SHS) in real life called the Oregon-City class cruiser. The community loves the Baltimore. It’s memorable in a lot of ways past and present. Tell me, why are they creating a ship reminiscent of Buffalo, a ship known as a candidate to FXP past, when they could have just gone with the Oregon-City design??? I and probably the community would get a kick if their answer was just like yours. “It’s just not in the plans.”
  14. Or, you know, just remove rocket planes...