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  1. Airglide2

    What ships do you think need some love?

    Omaha-class, Konigsberg, Atlanta (torpedo range specifically), Gearing (Far overdue for a remodel), Molotov (not sure, but), Roma, Gascogne (for sure needs help). The only line I’m on the fence with in terms of buffs is the German DDs. Most say buff the HE to German BB secondary standards. However I believe that would give them the best of both worlds. Super powerful alpha AP with super powerful HE Krupp.
  2. Airglide2

    Molotov does not live up to its name

    Dang it, beat me to it.
  3. Hooooly crap, I forgot about the T-55! Man that was a piece of Toe Jam! 1. Omaha 2. Emerald. 3. T-55 Runner up: Mutsuki
  4. Airglide2

    Is this game actually fun?

    I'll tell you this, if this game didn't exist, I have no idea where I'd get my Assassin's Creed: Black Flag kicks. Egypt? Nah. Greece? Nope. Skulls and Bones? Probably (But no idea what the **** is taking so long for release).
  5. Typically WOWS focuses on two nations at a time. French are done. Italians are up next, so it's a toss up to either the Pan nations. Since Cruisers were announced, up next is the Destroyers, so it's either gonna be Pan-EU or Pan-America. They could surprise us all with a Commonwealth DD line, so.
  6. Airglide2

    Jaguar? More like...

    OH! Thank you.
  7. Airglide2

    Jaguar? More like...

    That punchline makes no sense.
  8. Airglide2

    WoWS Replay System Rework?

    Hey pal, I hear you loud and clear and have my vote. I’m so sick and tired of watching Jingles, Panzerknacker, Business6, LittleWhiteMouse Replays, etc, and continuously hearing “Oh the turret firing in the opposite direction? Yeah that’s just a replay bug.” FOUR YEARS LATER! This stupid idea of having to go into my computer and change settings when 70-80 percent of the public at that point says, “Eff that, I’m touching something that might mess up my computer and/or game.” It’s just soooooo stupid I tell ya. My only guess as to why they are holding off is, in their minds, it’s better to wait for some WOT-like graphics update that’s coming down the road, to update the replay system. I do remember them mentioning the difficulty they have with creating a redesigned replay system. But for crying out.
  9. Airglide2

    Consider these guys reported!!

    You [edited] xp
  10. Airglide2

    WOWS could use more historical battles as Ops

    The problem with PVE/Historical Battles is: It takes away from the pool of PVP players. Wait times would increase and...well... The content could be bad and now you lost both PVP players and PVE. The content could be good, to good maybe, and lose PVP players. The PVE may not come out fast enough and you'd lose PVE players and again PVP players because of pool-loss. It's a delicate balance.
  11. Airglide2

    Emerald is being buffed?!!??

    So they'll buff the armor, AGAIN, on the Emerald...…... But once again ignore the 10mm bow and stern of the Omaha and Konigsberg?
  12. Airglide2

    Yahoo! New Ranked Season is T9

    Those results are two weeks apart. Not very good odds for a good game especially when Ranked is a “timed” event.
  13. Airglide2

    Yahoo! New Ranked Season is T9

    For everyone here saying Kronstadt is a pick, your nuts. That thing still can’t hit the broadside of a barn, nor can it tank well either.
  14. Airglide2

    Italians are coming!

    I'm telling ya, I looking at http://navweaps.com/Weapons/WNIT_Main.php and I don't see how a ship design that looks like it's straight out of the 1900-/1910's have 203mm guns when all of them and similar guns were used on ships sold to other countries and used as coastal batteries. However the 190mm makes more sense because Italy used them on ships they were keeping themselves. Plus the turrets of the Genova look like the secondary turrets on San Giorgio. Coincidence? Now there's a shortcut if I ever saw one.