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  1. OR the current “British” voiceover for the RN.
  2. Airglide2

    Premium Ship Review #137 - Indomitable

    Good stuff! (Little bit of constructive criticism, the images for the plane values were quite large, having me shift the scroll bar up and down rapidly to memorize the comparisons. Maybe in the future if you plan to re-use said images, just shrink them down to fit them all on one page? Thank!)
  3. Airglide2

    Premium Ship Review #137 - Indomitable

    Thanks buddy, I appreciate the quick response back to me. Thought I insulted you from the first two sentences but it explained itself after reading everything, lol. That is a shame really about the non-existent rough draft. I thought it was all complete considering the timeframe you were releasing your reviews and just held back because of an "honor code" rule (giving correct, up-to-date information). With WG again mentioning it wasn't a bug, I just waited with baited breath.....and waited....and waited...….and waited......but nothing. But great you see you reviewing CV's again and I enjoy the new format, really. Thanks again!
  4. Airglide2

    Premium Ship Review #137 - Indomitable

    First off, I'm not gonna lie, that took me a while to read the entire thing, hahaha. HOWEVER, don't take that as, "I need to make this shorter", otherwise you'd be cursing yourself why you didn't just add it to the review (plus I'm a sucker for detail). Second, since WG has stated that "sling-shotting" is a thing, not a bug, any chance of you releasing your rough draft of the bomber review from last year? The Part 3? Or if it's done, the complete review? If your worried about giving wrong information to me, don't be. I just wanted to see what you thought (and wrote) back then. Thanks for the review, can't wait for Ark Royal's turn, and it was fun seeing Lert play the crash test dummy XD
  5. Airglide2

    Is anyone else happy?

    If I'm lying, yes. If I'm telling the truth, no. I don't like these Russian Bias jokes anymore, here on this forum and especially on Reddit. I think it's inviting in to much prejudices under the guise of, "comedy". Sub_Octavian explained this with distaste after NoZoupForYou's Russian Bias video. Jingles comes out with a video hinting others to look at the Russian Bias from both sides, not just blind acceptance. Lert's description of Smolensk's power level from the fans had more to do with, "the flag she’s wearing than anything she’s capable of." Finally as an individual who's largely into comedy, I can tell the difference between constructive criticism, a joke, and down right hatred for someone because nationality, association of it, or business. This has got to stop right now. It doesn't help that Lesta is caught in the middle of this trouble with PR. Wargaming I understand, they have the history to back it up. But Lesta I believe has enough honest people that they don't need to tolerate this prejudice-in-disguise about Russian Bias. Because I know full well the current/former WOT players has the best practice at finding ways to insult them. I don't hang out here as much anymore, but Reddit's Moderators for sure need to finish up hiring the help they need or get off their asses and do their job. "OH yeah! Well what about PR! Your just being a little [edited]!" No, in fact, I hope whomever screwed up is reprimanded big time for this. But I don't think we need to flood the forums and Reddit with these Kaka topics that have nothing to do with Puerto Rico AT ALL but have everything to do with belittling! Thank you. (You can take this as feedback, Mr. Kalvothe)
  6. Airglide2

    A Warning About Viribus Unitis

    The Dutch have enough for a full Cruiser tech tree, full stop. Coupled with Destroyers (and the upcoming Dutch submarines, hohoho!) they maybe the last single nation tech tree in WOWS. Hell even Wikipedia acknowledges their power and contributions among the largest naval powers:https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naval_history_of_World_War_II
  7. Airglide2

    What ships do you think need some love?

    Omaha-class, Konigsberg, Atlanta (torpedo range specifically), Gearing (Far overdue for a remodel), Molotov (not sure, but), Roma, Gascogne (for sure needs help). The only line I’m on the fence with in terms of buffs is the German DDs. Most say buff the HE to German BB secondary standards. However I believe that would give them the best of both worlds. Super powerful alpha AP with super powerful HE Krupp.
  8. Airglide2

    Molotov does not live up to its name

    Dang it, beat me to it.
  9. Hooooly crap, I forgot about the T-55! Man that was a piece of Toe Jam! 1. Omaha 2. Emerald. 3. T-55 Runner up: Mutsuki
  10. Airglide2

    Is this game actually fun?

    I'll tell you this, if this game didn't exist, I have no idea where I'd get my Assassin's Creed: Black Flag kicks. Egypt? Nah. Greece? Nope. Skulls and Bones? Probably (But no idea what the **** is taking so long for release).
  11. Typically WOWS focuses on two nations at a time. French are done. Italians are up next, so it's a toss up to either the Pan nations. Since Cruisers were announced, up next is the Destroyers, so it's either gonna be Pan-EU or Pan-America. They could surprise us all with a Commonwealth DD line, so.
  12. Airglide2

    Jaguar? More like...

    OH! Thank you.
  13. Airglide2

    Jaguar? More like...

    That punchline makes no sense.