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  1. I’d rather see the USS Connecticut make into the game. It’s more on par with Mikasa and I think the second to last Pre-Dreadnaught.
  2. To bad it wasn’t whistling Dixie :P
  3. Airglide2

    Wows for Nintendo Switch?

    No, seriously, why not? LoL
  4. Airglide2

    T11, T12 coming?

    Proof or never happened.
  5. Very curious how they'll buff the USN BBs. It's been a shame for a while now that they aren't following reload characteristics from the historical sides (Ex. Le Terrible 5s reload?), so I hope it's not to unrealistic. Buffing Myogi and Izumo, I really don't see how or why for that matter; unless if by "buff" for Izumo they mean releasing a brand new hull and Myogi…...same thing? I really don't know what else that ship can use that won't make it closer to OP territory. The 2.0 sigma was enough. But you know who could use a buff? Ishizuchi. That mid turret always being blocked by that Piece of Excrement lifeboat has to change. Heck, it's been a long time coming.
  6. You know you bring up a good point with coastal batteries being in game. After the debacle, WG just seemed to leave them only for PVE action. I’d like for them to take another crack at it in re-introducing them to PVP. The only big issue with them was the base damage. Instead of just reducing the HP points of each shell, they just flat out removed them. Using a sledgehammer instead of a ball ping hammer to iron out the kinks.
  7. Airglide2

    Vanguard Buffs as per Dev Blog

    Did you really have to mention the word “wet” in there? It’s so disgusting, lol.
  8. Airglide2

    Wichita Nerf as per Dev Blog

    Because it worked? If this is the Old NO, I barely remember anyone complaining about this ship. Just makes sense to re-create something that wasn’t broken.
  9. Airglide2

    Battle of the North Cape collection

    SHOOT! I meant Duke of York. NOT PoW, sorry.
  10. Airglide2

    Battle of the North Cape collection

    RIGHT HERE! I’d like some containers! (And maybe earn PoW, tee hee!)
  11. Airglide2

    Why add Le Terrible???

    The purpose of this ship was to test out what does a Destroyer look like with no Smokescreen but uses another method to substitute defence. I believe that is one of the primary reasons it exists, of which, I think I’m alright with because, you know, it’s out there. No more guessing what the Destroyer could look like, it’s right there. Now, another primary reason is what does a ship look like going so fast, pushing the speed boundaries even further than the Russian DDs!? The 139mm guns, pretty big guns, are just candy really. I’m not a big fan of the adjusting reload speed on this machine, but I’ll let it slide. Listen, the Molotov next to my Altlanta is my most used ship. Anyone will tell you that ship is garbage and not worth paying money for since, when an enemy is not broadsiding anymore, the ship is useless. It’s much to fragile, but that’s part of the overall charm of that ship. It “challenges” you. If there is any man here that abolishes challenge then send him to the moon, because we don’t need him. I enjoy a good/great challenge and Le Terrible sounds just like Molotov, terrific gimmick, but useless if exploited, so it makes you think of alternatives to win. P.S. If any developer forwards this to development, please consider LWM’s approach to a Battleship with no heal. I’d welcome that challenge. Thank you!
  12. Airglide2

    Jingles has lost his edge?

    I want to I really really do. But I think you get my point. See, I’m biting my tongue on that “mistake” portion because yes, he does make mistakes, but it is starting to add up for a while now. I really am starting to think he actually does that on purpose just to keep the community talking. Don’t misunderstand me, I love his character and he has restarted pumping out reviews of ships and I think ship lines. But his constant making mistakes, no, I am finding that annoying now. “What can I say? I’m old and crap!” Right but your not THAT crap Jingles, shape up some, will ya?
  13. Airglide2

    Jingles has lost his edge?

    I’ll give you that, “too much repeat” comment you made. Particularly his IJN Cruiser replays. Everything else is just your opinion. Let me tell ya, I get excited when he finally posts IJN Cruiser replays, but even I’m getting tired of his, “But it’s a Zao/Mogami replay” bulllshit. Jingles my friend, would it kill you to post an Ibuki replay? Or an Aoba? Or a Kuma? Or Tenryu? No, no it wouldn’t.
  14. Airglide2

    Mouse and the CV Rework

    But your already going pretty fast as is, how do you mean you don’t have much to do in between flights?
  15. Airglide2

    DevBlog: New Soviet T7 premium cruiser

    I mean I not gonna hate Wargaming here for introducing this here ship. They’re giving us what the majority votes for, a ship with no “gimmicks” and as normal as can be. We definitely needed a T7 Russian Cruiser and a replacement for Kutuzov. Looks great! I was kinda hoping for Zhdanov to show up at T7, but hell, I’ll take a T8 version