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  1. RN DDs Confirmed for 0.7.9

    Your overthinking it. This game is a young, Spring chicken (we got the physical models to back that claim, lol). Italian ships will show up fresh and fun. WOT on the other hand is that ailing late middle-age man that decided to have a mid-life crisis (Italian tank release) when it seemed less relevant.
  2. Dev Blog - Balance Changes

    Oh for crying out loud, 2 secs wasn’t a big deal, I feel like they pussed out on this one
  3. I’m at work so I can’t find the links to potential player made Dutch line ships, but I promise you I do remember seeing them. The Russian tech tree I hate to is a terrible example of fake ships. For nearly a decade WG made it clear they will not stop introducing paper tanks, that's way to long to change their mind. Instead look at the French Battleships. They only have 4 real world ships available in that tech tree. Meanwhile they have 6 fake ships to make up the rest in line and premiums. ”But but, then why include the French BBs at all!? They’re mostly fake!!!” Hell of a good question good sir, hell of a good question.
  4. They will bring in a Pan-European tech tree, but I prefer the Dutch Navy be left out of it. Again, they have I believe enough ships to make their own national tech tree.
  5. Don’t worry Lert, they’ll get their own silver lines. It makes enough sense NOT to do so.
  6. What's scarier for a Fujin?

    The Russian DD death squad is due to buffing the turret traverse speed that's even faster than German traverse speed.
  7. Because it isn’t. German BBs were nered their fire chance I believe and was replaced with 1/4. If WG gives the 1/4 I can garuntee you they’ll do the same with the 105mm. Because German BBs are recommended to new players. Think about that. You can pretty much put them on auto pilot and watch them go. The only German 105mm I’d like to see buffed is the T-22. Even with 360 degree turning, it still sucks.
  8. It should have been Ranked 5 Season. Made that comment on Reddit and enough people agreed to it.
  9. Thank you, thank you.
  10. Are you driving an Italian ship? Message should pop up soon after.
  11. Refund Błyskawica

    Because theirs is a stupid asss “Pay half it’s worth” rather than, “Pay the difference”. First time I heard that I thought, “Well shitt! That’s as bad as a Russian refund!”
  12. Poland

    That’s a very poor excuse. That’s like saying Aurora should be in a different tech tree because it originally wasn’t USSR and “because you can see it!” When I said “history” I meant they didn’t have many Cruisers/Battleships/Carriers that would fill entire tech trees. I sure as shitt don’t want to see WG pull a “Czech/Poland” move like they did in WOT.
  13. Poland

    And yet I can seem to get enough votes on Reddit to introduce ORP Dragon/Conrad. On a side note, I am also undecided if she should be under Commonwealth or Pan-European Tech tree.
  14. Poland

    A good question that’s never been answered since it’s inception. All I remember is them just putting it in there but no word if they plan to introduce a Polish Tech tree. Which really makes no sense at all given their history.
  15. Refund Błyskawica

    I’m not going to upset with you, because you have a point in Blys’s usefulness. I don’t agree with you on a refund, but offer a solution. I had written on Reddit about introducing a new Polish Premium and one of the commenters made a similar point you made. His name is Vanzig the one who wrote it. There was one other person I’m having trouble finding but both their points were driving home the fact that Blys being her own nation isn’t doing her any favors. There’s no point in sacrificing Captain skills to her because you can’t transfer your captain to any other ship (a la Commonwealth). In short if WG were to move her over to the Pan European side, people would get a lot more mileage out of her.