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  1. Yeah well you lost the bet because I was saying it right the first time around AND thanks to Konigsberg too. I just don’t know if it’s “so” or “sao”.
  2. I don’t like that name Seydlitz. It’s to hard to pronounce I think, like Koln. Lutzow is much easier to say. That said, I’d like to see this ship brought to the game someday.
  3. Airglide2

    New Game mode based on Yamato leaked!

    Yamato: The Japanese Goblin-type Pokémon.
  4. Airglide2

    Exeter mission--really?

    If by “CAs” your mean British, than those don’t count because they are premiums, built normally outside conventional thinking within the current context of national flavor. HOWEVER!! You do bring up a good idea of a CA line with conventional weaponry (having HE and AP rounds). But to what end? You can’t just throw in Smokescreen at T6 with 15s Reload time and expect balanced results, I think? That smokescreen, for instance, would need to be long standing because you’d throw out less rounds than RN CLs with 7-8s Reload, just to make it fair (Something Flamu clearly didn’t think hard about when he did his initial impression). I hope your right about Aoba’s weight, but shoot, even that thing has 10s of Reload for 203s.
  5. Airglide2

    HMS Exeter - First Impression

    Sorry I meant specifically torpedo Reload but this is good information!
  6. Airglide2

    HMS Exeter - First Impression

    Well I was asking So_it_goes, but yeah, sure, lol. So no difference in Reload feels?
  7. Airglide2

    HMS Exeter - First Impression

    How do you feel about the slow velocity of the shells or the fast reloading the of the torpedoes?
  8. Airglide2

    Exeter mission--really?

    Say they uptiered her to T6. Then what? What about the County class Cruisers? There’s a whole bunch of them that were famous and are we or WG supposed to shove them all into T6? Is that it? That’s insane! Just trying to shoe-horn them into T7 is also insane with their armor scheme. Nobody is gonna wanna play multiple “lightly armored” heavy cruisers at T7 or probably even T6. “Oh well just give it Smokescreen”. Then what’s gonna stop me from choosing between cruiser lines where the only difference is gun calibur? The smart ones are gonna choose the Cruiser line with faster firing guns and super high penetrating shells so they can tally up those damage points. While the other line just ends up ridiculed with sever a-historical reloads to buffer the hate train. Another guess from me as to why it’s T5 is that the Exeter is actually lighter than the County class ships. Transferring that to T6 HP, and the numbers may not add up to justify the act. Hence T5 status.
  9. Airglide2

    Massachussetts in my port?

    Loooooord, if this another one of those “welcome back” ships, I will quit right now for the next 6 months.
  10. Keeping it professional all the time. Atta girl :) Ohohohoho, your bad!
  11. I agree. Some sort of penalty for ships in smoke.
  12. First and foremost, I want another T5 Cruiser, preferably Heavy Cruiser. Do yourself a favor and find out when was the last time they released a T5 Premium Cruiser and then take that ship and find out when was the last time they released a T5 Premium ship before that. All over the course of 3 years. Finally do the same thing for T6 Premium Cruiser all over again and YOU WILL FIND the results staggering! We also haven’t had a T5 Heavy Cruiser with 203mm guns since the introduction of Furutaka in 2015, YEARS AGO! I think it is high time we get another Heavy Cruiser at T5, it’s in my opinion long overdue. Hell I will go even further and say we need more T5 Cruiser Premium ships!! I can clearly see why WG decided to keep Exeter and that other IJN Cruiser (name?) at tier 5 because of what I wrote above, again, not enough T5 Premium Cruisers. To the people who use that S***y excuse of not releasing T5 Premium Cruisers or T5 anything because “seal clubbing” ought to stick dirty underwear and socks down their throats!!! It was you, Lert, and I think LWM that did the experimentation of how many times you were uptiered to T7 and found out it was more than 70% of the time. Far from seal clubbing ANYTHING. Lastly that other Bull**** excuse of getting uptiered, “why should I buy” is COMPLETLEY canceled out with T8 uptiered to T10! Ugh. That needed to be said. Look Lert, I would gladly have Exeter at T6 if it wasn’t for A. Needing another T5 Premium Cruiser because we’re overswamped with T6 Premium Cruisers as it is and B. Having no affirmative clue as to where WG is going to start the British Heavy Cruiser line (Hawkins, County, and York starting at T4? T5?). Not only that, but as I wrote on Reddit, WG needs to have a serious sit down and figure out where the future split lines of British Cruisers and Battleships is headed. Do we continue with Looney Tunes style physics of gameplay (even within the context of this game world?) or do the ships start acting more in line with the other ship’s physics within this game?
  13. Airglide2

    Uss New Jersey

    Either Big J will be the replacement for Missouri at T9 Free Exp. or become a T10 steel ship.
  14. Thank you for the explanation! Boy did you hit the nail on the head with Hak DBs because I am playing them this very night, except no, my whole squadron is 95% obliterated before the drop. You can forget about making it out alive. Plus this is with all the HP upgrades and mods. What I thought they did was just make AA more random by 30%. When I TB, somehow the dip is enough to miss most of the flak, if need to readjust it's enough for dodge again flak, somewhat. When I DB, I'm hardly moving where the flak would have a hard time readjusting, worse, DBs NEED to be flying straight towards the target to get the optimal hit. Now how am I suppose to not hit the flak if I need to keep straight? LOL.
  15. Well like I said, I somehow keep more TBs alive after a pass than I do DBs. I can't explain it except perhaps I'm only dealing with 50% of the AA while DBs handle literally 100% from the top. I have been trying to duck behind the islands however I don't want to end up copying Atlanta, just attacking when the enemy is near islands. Yeah that stupid animation is what maybe killing it for both planes and players. It's just so...pointless.