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  1. Airglide2

    Mouse and the CV Rework

    But your already going pretty fast as is, how do you mean you don’t have much to do in between flights?
  2. Airglide2

    DevBlog: New Soviet T7 premium cruiser

    I mean I not gonna hate Wargaming here for introducing this here ship. They’re giving us what the majority votes for, a ship with no “gimmicks” and as normal as can be. We definitely needed a T7 Russian Cruiser and a replacement for Kutuzov. Looks great! I was kinda hoping for Zhdanov to show up at T7, but hell, I’ll take a T8 version
  3. Airglide2

    Excited for Wichita

    Well I’m happy for ya It’s not everyday you see post just loving the fact the ship is in game. I’m.......still holding out for my USS Pennsylvania.
  4. With Jutland and Daring I can just scrape the outer edges of T8 Radar. British DDs are up close and personal Destroyers, so most of the time you gotta do what you gotta do, even getting in Radar range to take out or spot DDs. I’m just saying at least those DDs have the little Radar range to work out of compaired to those two. In Jutland vs a T9 Radar ship, I may have to sail out 0.5km out of Radar range to escape. Lightning? Try 1.5 km...... What I told dad003, this is high tier battles. Range here counts a lot. If Lighting had 9km torp range, at least I have a chance against 1-2 thirds of USN/RN Cruisers than none of the cruisers.
  5. Dude, I don’t know how ANYONE can have fun in a ship with 8km torpedo range when base Radar range at T8 is 9.0. That’s a whole kilometer of butt kicking (your butt) you’ll receive before you get out of Radar range.
  6. I thought the same thing too and vouched that they receive 1/5 HE pen ONLY BECAUSE there was no “RN CL AP” addition in sight. But now after tweaking the AP stats with further familiar additions like we see on the RN cruisers, I think there’s renewed hope that RN DDs might receive something similar or the same shell characteristics. Which, as LWM has said, could free up Captain skills and give us options for these skill heavy ships.
  7. Looooooong time ago The Mighty Jingles showed a replay where the player was using a Shimakaze as his ship of choice. In that replay, he did exactly as you said; he dropped smoke to distract the incoming ships from far away, made a huge U turn, and when they were in range of the smokescreen, fire a round of torpedoes into the smoke, killing them. It was a BRILLIANT move by him and this was exactly around the time when word was getting around about just firing torpedoes into smoke instead of approach and hydro it.
  8. I'm for a secondary focused Cruiser Premium, just not Alaska. Or any ship with Battleship sized guns.
  9. Watch this for his opinion on Kronshtadt and judge for yourself:
  10. Alright, I see it. Finally, thank you!
  11. Logged into game account or website account?
  12. Are the Lima’s for sale? I’ve been checking Premium Shop for a few days now and don’t see them.
  13. To me a smaller group kinda breaks the emersion of “large scale battles”.
  14. Airglide2

    RN CVs closer than we think?

  15. Airglide2

    RN CVs closer than we think?

    If I can just add to your future CV bit: WG needs to STOP forcing CV's into the wrong tier! A tier that CV has no business in, period! -Saipan has no business in T8. -Kaga's air power has no business at T7. -Enterprise should have been left in development longer. -Graf Zeppelin has no business at T8. WG, this has got to stop!