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  1. I've ground through the "Nawlins" and now have the Des Moines. During my grind I admit it was a pain for quite a while. But then I learned how to utilize the Nawlins to the maximum. The tricks I've learned is that it is an even harder ship to use then the Pepsi-Cola but you can get massive rewards if played right. A couple tips I have are these: -Stick close to islands, LIKE REALLY CLOSE -Utilize behind a island invis-fire like you're an addict. -AP rounds are great on broadside cruisers, 6k Cits are a nice way to remind others you're not the -Bow on to any and all enemies! -Battleships will always tear you a new one, stay away from them and light fires -Use radar when you know a DD is around. -Premium consumables cost more but can work miracles!
  2. Premium Ship Review: HSF Harekaze

    Still laughing my [edited]off over how easy it is to delete these with Ranger torpedoes. The 4 Harekaze kills I have to date were received while using my Ranger. A bunch of anime loving wallet warriors seemed to have bought these boats without even having a mid-high tier boat before. So many straight lines... not enough American torpedos...
  3. HSF Graf Spee, I'm at an impasse

    The HSF Graf Spee is a great boat though I feel like it's at its peak of glory when it's sinking under the waves after my Ranger has blasted it with bombs and torpedoes.
  4. Thoughts on Harekaze

    Harekaze is a very beautiful ship... Especially when it is slipping under the waves after I blast it with torpedos from my Ranger!
  5. Don't have a pic but got a 14 citadel broadside on a poor Cleveland for a beautiful 29,400 alpha strike a while back in my Atlanta
  6. How to shoot your Mk.5 JUST Right...

    As an Atlanta captain... that is a thing of Beauty! :')
  7. Verdict on Atlanta IFHE?

    Love IFHE, destroyer deletion is even faster for me now! I also have managed to get HE citadels on Tier 5 cruisers from max range with those glorious rainbows
  8. I think he said nerf because he is going to be sad about not being able to detect and delete Pensacolas as easily...
  9. OMG Belfast

    I own an Atlanta and now I have a fellow tier 7 ship that is better in every way except maybe DPS... welp... I guess I am going to go and have to sit next to the CV every game now :'(
  10. After getting this ship on the 13th of August, I can honestly say this is my most favorite ship. I know plenty of players hate this "glass cannon" but I have grown to love its 14 round broadside, 5 second reload, and 8.5k radar. A tactic I have learned from sailing with my brother in his Lo Yang is to have a good DD player smoke you up while they go and spot for you. When an enemy DD gets close, use your radar and pound that captain's hull down to the waterline. I have learned that when I get placed in tier 10 games (has happened) I have so little armor that most high level BBs tend to overpen me! (praise be to RNGesus). This ship may be lightly armored but it is quite the potent lead spewer if you play strategically.