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  1. Angeliccypher

    Karma system

    The current reporting system is in a word, broken. When there are rewards for not getting reported every 30 days, yet just because a player LOADS in with a specific ship they can get reported, this is inherently flawed. There are several times where I was reported just because I loaded in with a CV or did well in a CV. This system lends itself to more toxicity and people complaining than increasing their enjoyment. In the age of internet anonymity people can and do feel obliged to be jerks just because they can and do not think about the situation. Rather they go off half cocked and whine. Looking back to when RADAR was first added to more ships, people spent a large amount of time complaining then. They always whined about CVs. When subs get introduced this is likely going to be even higher. Realistically, this is a game based around PVP and there will be toxicity. But the more toxic the environment the less player retention and/or player base growth. That said, Wargaming can head it off by fundamentally changing the system to foster more active and positive engagement. If you look at systems like "Overwatch" uses, there is more of a carrot rather than stick approach. You can compliment and up vote people for doing good. There is a reporting mechanism for serious infractions that is more difficult to do an requires more time. Most people that are burnt just because they got owned are not likely to get through the trouble. And that is arguably one of the most successful PVP games ever made.
  2. Angeliccypher

    CV Rework Feedback

    Odd. I had no issues with this so far in the second round.
  3. Angeliccypher

    CV Rework Feedback

    It was working fine. You have to play CV then something else. The economy worked fine. You would get the credits needed to run the CV again after playing ONE round with anything else. They need data on both sides so it makes sense to do it that way.
  4. Angeliccypher

    CV Rework Feedback

    Okay after playing more than 1K matches in CVs in the current system and playing in both versions of the beta here is what I have to say: Good: -No longer have to spend a ridiculous amount of time guessing where to move you fighters to and jockeying to either avoid or line up a good strafe. I like that you can simply call fighters to a location and be done with it, similar to how the fighters work for BB/CA/CL now. (I do not like the method of deployment. See below). -Bottomless planes! So for some reason you get your planes eaten, you are no longer dead weight for the team with the other CV can simply have it's way. This is not only good for newbies to the class but also means that a mismatch between CVs is not going to doom one team. -Honestly, the over all feel is different but not in a bad way per say. You still have to think strategically like you did before, but with only one unit at a time. For players complaining about it being dropped to one squad, what I would tell you is this: You have to constantly watch the mini map, and decide what planes to send out when. Sometimes recalling the current ones early as well. This requires knowledge of what each squad does well and which ships need to be smacked next. So you are frequently planning 1-2 moves ahead while targeting with what you have out now. Bad (re: WG please look into addressing these parts): -Balancing I know has not really been done, but I feel that 40k with most attack runs hitting in a T8-10 match is REALLY LOW damage. If you hit most salvos with a BB and only do 40k in a match there is something wrong there. -Every other T10 is generally fully upgraded once purchased. The CVs are not.......really.....how is that fair? Variations like Shima torps and the Tiny Tims on the Midway, okay that is fine. But having to get a second hull and upgrade all the planes again? This is something that I despise in the current meta that is showing up in the beta. -CV control. If you get on fire/flooding or need to turn on AA or anything else your ONLY option is to return your squadron to the ship and control it at that point. Personally I would reorganize the buttons which are currently: 1-Attack Aircraft 2-Torpedo Aircraft 3-Bomber Aircraft To something like: 1-Carrier 2-Attack Aircraft 3-Torpedo Aircraft 4-Bomber Aircraft That way you can simply hit 1 then have access to your Defensive Fire, Damage Control, Repair Party (okay I know it is not there but a guy can hope for this in T8 and higher right? Even some DD have it) and steering controls. Then hit which ever number for the squadron you have out and switch back. As it stands now you have very little hope of defending yourself because you have to land your planes in order to handle the ship. Or use minim map to steer which is not an effective way to move under duress. This really sucks with the lack of concealment of most CVs. -Fighter umbrella. I like the dropping fighters to a location and being done with it. I would rather move the Fighter consumables from the controllable squadrons and putting them on the CV itself (see above control suggestions). Then click on the map where you want to deploy them. This does a couple of things. It forces you to pay attention to the mini map. It also makes it so you do not have to stop an attack run to move to a location and drop of fighters, then head to the attack point (which are not always in the same line). Effectively right now having to move to a location to counter enemy planes is similar to what we have to deal with just in moving fighters around. If you want to make it more action based, this is a better way to go I think. You can adjust the cooldown and active times of the fighter squadrons accordingly. -A direction indication line of where the squadron is facing on the mini map and UI would be nice and assist in over turning due to mouse facing a different direction. -Aiming using the WASD keys sucks. The rest of the aiming is done using the mouse for EVERY OTHER SHIP IN THE GAME. Use the target indicator that is currently there as a guideline. Press the mouse button to start the attack run then allow the MOUSE to control the aiming based off that. -Limit the amount of CVs in a match. When you have 6 CVs (3 per team) there is too much happening and becomes really chaotic even in a cruiser. Positioning and moving together as a team are too erratic. -Better indications of when the CV itself is under attack/on fire/flooding. Voice over commands would be nice. This could be due to the chaotic sound effects of the beta though. Generally I think this new setup is good. But could be better. The learning curve is no where near as steep. It does put you more in the game.