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  1. The only Italian ship in the game that's actually good needs to be nerfed because well you know, Italy has to suck. Honest to God, is there a way to get off this f'cking planet!
  2. Sorry but I have to correct your abbreviations. The correct abbreviation for cruisers is CA not CC. Or CL for light cruisers. Checked wikipedia and CC refers to battlecruisers according to the USN. If that's what you meant then forget the reply. Thanks.
  3. Dalea

    Premium Ship Review: Roma

    Bought the ship as I said I would. Highly disappointed. Weak armour. So so guns. Bad dispersion. played ten times and got instakilled twice. Only has a plane, no hydro or anything else. secondaries are useless. AA is a joke even after I upgraded to AA mod 1. Burns easily. Every game I'm on fire all the time. The only thing it has the guns turn quick and the boat turns quick. This is what we waited for? Four months to release this? As I stated before, meh everything doesn't make a gudbote. The boat has been nerfed from what it was originally supposed to be. no accuracy to fight far away and move closer, your weak armour and high citadel will get you deleted fast. I think this payback for the GC. Hell the ultimate version even had a beer can on the mast to tell you what a joke this is.
  4. Dalea

    Premium Ship Review: Roma

    Reading this review, looks like Roma has been nerfed hard. Obviously Mouse was told to say it was a "Gud" bote so as not to screw up sales. But I suspect that after everyone except the Italian fandom complaining about GC being overpowered, it was nerfed. They didn't want another Italian boat to be top of the tier. I suspect that Italian ships will have one thing only, speed; fast guns; fast speed, fast whatever. Anyway I will still buy her but I am highly disappointed. Long live the Republic!