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  1. Good question..... You can log in and sail in circles and get a 40% win rate.
  2. Renuz

    Cruiser help

    No need to be harsh. I didn't know what the concealment to the Hindy was/ is / could be...to be fair. I just made an assumption. I knew it was substantially greater than the Des Moines. Wasn't an intentional lie. Yes..Des Moines does have slow or " floaty" shells...that's why I said. " good luck hitting anything over 15k consistantly " Good against BB though at range.
  3. Renuz

    Cruiser help

    You will get spotted at 16k in a german cruiser though. Des Moines can have 10.6k concealment and 18k guns that shoot every 5.5 sec with good HE and good AP plus radar. I don't have much trouble in open water either....since low concealment allows me to go dark and disengage easily. But...to be fair, good luck hitting anything over 15k consistently. I guess it's the reward for grinding through all the lower tier US CA's.
  4. Renuz

    Side Effect of +2/-2 MM

    I can respect that. If WoWs could make the bots....just a little bit more intelligent, I would probably play co-op too.
  5. More to OP's point..... I have often agreed. Just because someone doesn't have super unicum stats, doesn't mean he can't give out good advice. My stats are meh, but I think I know the game and it's mechanics well. I've watched lots of videos and listened to lots of advice. I think I can offer up some good advice on ship play, tactics, game mechanics despite my lowish stats. ( they are trending up and up tho ) One can be a good coach without having been a good player. Not all good players make good coaches. ie....knowing what to do, actually being able to do it in game are two different things. LOTS of successful NFL, NBA, MLB coaches never played ball at major league levels.
  6. Renuz

    Side Effect of +2/-2 MM

    Ok...I did not know that. Thanks =) I would question the " fun" factor tho.....lack of challenge is boring.
  7. Renuz

    Cruiser help

    Offensively.... HE ships at an angle and dd AP ships broadside...cept dd Shoot and scoot Defensively.... Move a lot Do try to never.... ever broadside other CA and BB Get caught in a pickle?....stop shooting and try to back out of it if you are near your concealment edge...otherwise, just stay bow on turning around will present broadside..... Situational awareness is even more important than in a BB ...because CA not as forgiving. A bb can tank his way out of trouble. A dd can run away from trouble. A ca can't do either....generally speaking
  8. Renuz

    Side Effect of +2/-2 MM

    Why are you " grinding " in co-op? You would get much better xp playing random pvp matches. The matches last a lot longer too...generally speaking.
  9. I think it's important to consider what tier and ships a person is playing too. Playing lots of DD and CA at t10 can lead to lower win rates. Those aren't very forgiving ships and depend more on your team playing their roles well. One can also pad their stats if they play lots of mid tier games....especially with premium ships " seal clubbing " I could get my win rate up 55% if I played a thousand t6 matches. My win rate was +60% in our recent rank sprint matches...for example. I have a 48% win rate...but I play all my ships, not just the one I'm good at. In fact, I often play ships I don't play as well,.....just so I can learn to get better with them. I enjoy the challenge. I wouldn't sweat win rate unless it dips below 45%.
  10. Renuz

    Worchester or Des Moines?

    I voted DM..... I play it a lot...in random, rank and clan Radar + good HE and good AP + good concealment = sunk ships just don't broadside...of course
  11. Renuz

    ranked battles

    We was both over rank 5 ...auto switch to random. I'll try again...thx
  12. Renuz

    ranked battles

    soooo...why did you post at all ????....lol
  13. Renuz

    ranked battles

    I tried to div up after rank 5....the game would not let me. As soon as i start a div...game put me into randoms. I've had no problems winning tho....maybe just luck. I'm just an average player. I've been playing the Normandie ....maxed out specs..great little bb
  14. Renuz

    Best ships for ranked t6

    dumb question.... It's more about the player than the ship..... Play the ship you play best !
  15. Renuz

    Make random...PURE random pls

    That's actually a good point. I had not thought about high end clans playing team battles and dominating the whole scene. well......ok....I think that's fine. Let them....how often do you get to play against OPG, or ZR, or o7??....( and others..not going to name them all =P You will probably lose...but think about what you can learn!! and if ya win..extra pride bonus =) git gud