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  1. Renuz

    A Major Problem With Clan Battles

    I've always thought we should have 24/7 team battle play. ( cross clan even ) Create a pool of players looking for a team. Example... Make it 7 vs 7...perhaps I have 4 clan members wanting to play team, but we need 3 more ? Dip into the pool of players looking for a team and 3 from the pool can join. It has great social aspects too. Perhaps you meet a new player who would be great for your clan ?? Make new friends...ect. You could do this for all tiers...or tiers 6 and up. Random is so ghetto...it's frustrating. Everyone has different agenda's ....accomplishing missions, goals...ect. Winning isn't everyone's highest priority...maybe just setting fires is...ect.
  2. Renuz


    I get so sick of this complaint. This not a " young persons " game. We don't get an influx of young, immature, inexperienced players during the weekend. My son is a hard core gamer, this game bores him to tears. With the thousands of other, well made, cheap and faster paced games....WoWs is NOT on the top of young peoples play list.
  3. Not often...less than 10% of the time. 90% of the time....if a ship is at 10% health, it will be dead within the next minute ( or running for the border, good as dead ). XP gained on it's sinkage should be based on who did what % of damage to said ship. Give the " cherry" to anyone who did 50% or more of the damage.
  4. No...I don't see any preceived " EXTRA" value, because if your shell didn't happen to get the last hit in, the next one will. At that point of low health, 99% of the time, they soon to be dead anyways. They guy who got them to such low health...ie , did 90% of the damage, should get any bonus rewards.
  5. To be fair.....sometimes one gets the " cherry " without earning it, and sometimes one loses the " cherry" they earned, over all tho...... it does tend to balance out.
  6. Naw, I disagree. Perhaps ship sailed behind an island. Their is dispersion to account for. Some guy getting the last shell in after someone else did 90% of the damage, shouldn't get the " cherry on top ". They should get the xp equal to the % of damage they did...imo
  7. Back to thread and to OP's point..... I don't think Smolensk is OP....just annoying. If you keep an eye on them and don't get caught in their HE spam......they sink easy and do little damage outside of some fires.
  8. I think the ship that did the most damage....should get any " bonus " xp to the ships sinkage, not the ship who happen to get the last shell in.
  9. I've been corrected, evidence presented seems to indicate one will get 15% of ships xp value , even if one only did 1% of damage and got the sinkage. That could be considered a " bonus" for just sinking the ship. I think that should be changed then. Too many times it's just the lucky last shot. anyways...back to the thread...lol, sorry
  10. No...I did not. I guess that would be considered a pretty reliable source.....lol apologies for hijacking the thread....
  11. I guess, third party website. If you trust him, I will too. but I still refer to this... Destroying Enemy Ships People often criticize so-called “kill stealers,” but they're not as profitable as one may think. Destroying an enemy ship earns you a reward equivalent to dealing a relatively small percentage of damage to the targeted ship. Thus, if you deal the majority of damage to an enemy ship and someone else ends up destroying it, you’ll still end up with more XP and Credits. It's rather vague.....soooo...maybe ?
  12. He does admit...it's a " rough " guide
  13. he says....but where did he get his info from ?? The Root of all Evil Here’s a rough guide on how experience and credits are earned in World of Warships. This was taken from “The Root of All Evil”, a document Wargaming circulated early on in the game’s release. The values here may not be exact as things were modified with the economy change in 0.5.12. For Damage, you’re awarded by the percentage of a ship’s hit points you remove, not the amount of raw damage done. Thus, 10,000 damage done to a destroyer is worth more than 10,000 damage done to a battleship. This scales depending on the tier disparity between ships. You earn more for damaging a higher tiered ship than you would a lower tiered ship. Frags award the equivalent of doing 15% of the ship’s hit points in damage. Sinking enemy ships is important and awarded accordingly. Shooting down Aircraft also provides rewards. Shooting down 40 aircraft rewards roughly the same amount as removing 100% of the hit points of a similar tiered ship. The more Base Capture and Base Defense points you earn, the better. Rewards do not scale linearly. As an example, if you destroy one cruiser you get one whole pie. Two destroyed cruisers bring about one whole pie and one more with a bite taken out of it. Should you destroy three cruisers, two whole pies will be the reward. Rewards scale with tiers. For XP, a two-fold difference is possible between Tiers I and X. For credits, the difference may be even bigger. We do not yet know how damage tanking affects experience and credit earnings.
  14. Ok...lol It doesn't say " dealing some damage " ...... "reward equivalent to dealing a relatively small percentage of damage to the targeted ship " it says " dealing a relatively small percentage of damage " ...big difference. I read this as.... the reward is equal to percentage of damage done. hence...no EXTRA XP ...just for the kill
  15. I edited since you copy quote...sorry The mouse knows the game, but I've never heard of this 15%. I quoted the WoWs website, but it does read a bit odd / vague.