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  1. I never found RPF to be very helpful. I know many swear by it, I've used it many times, and found it to be a waste of 4pts. Most of the time, I already have a pretty good, general idea what direction my opponent is. Good situational awareness is all one needs most of the time.
  2. Renuz

    Best game

    Troll thread.....
  3. Though their are many influences to game play, I think a majority of the time it's just players don't want to die. Once they get balled up and pushed into a corner, any bb that turns and attacks will get focus fired upon and die quickly. Getting sunk sucks....so they try to stay alive as long as possible. Even if it doesn't really matter. It DOES matter for you stats though. That extra 10k damage you might get kiting foes...maybe sink one helps minimize the damage to one's stats.
  4. Agreed....that too. Players may be trying to finish a mission or campaign.
  5. The only reason I can think of is people are trying their best to pad their stats in face of certain defeat. Staying alive and maybe sink a ship...do a bit more damage helps ones PR stat particularly.
  6. I would like to see real team play game mode. Not clan vs clan , but team vs team . Example Me and few buds could start a div of 3...and go to a pool of players looking for a team to play on and have game randomly fill in the other 4 spots. Or....one just invite friends from other clans to fill in the 4 open spots...ect. I'm not talking about a seasonal event either, 24/7 real team play. Why?...because random teams are just so frustrating most of the time. Plus...many players in random teams have various objectives that may or may not include actually winning the match. Missions and whatnots.... Team play such as this would have great social aspects too since they would / could be cross clan teams.
  7. Keep in mind... It's tier 7. One can reach tier 7 in a week or two. ( maybe less if one plays a lot !) It's summer time, some of these players may be young. It's the same problem for both sides sooooo....it works out in the end .
  8. Renuz

    Thanks WG for Ranked Sprint v2.0

    Everyone starts at rank 10. Their is no head start for " ranking out" . That's only in regular rank play.
  9. Somebody has to pay for the game. This game isn't charity. WG has to find ways to make money or none of us has a game to play at all !I Nobody is forcing you to play ...or pay...or anything. I've found the pay parts of the game to be very reasonable.....you get 80% of the game for free...wth do you want ? I spend $20 a month..on average.....for 100+ hrs of entertainment.........freakin great deal
  10. Renuz

    Too many gimmicks & fake ships

    WoWs is not a navy simulation game....they do a damn good job staying close to it, but it's not. It's a navy action.....pvp based game. You get a hella good game for free..and for a few bucks...you get an even better game.
  11. Renuz

    I no longer enjoy the game.

    Go play a different game for awhile. If WoWs aint fun....1000's of other options out there.
  12. This is NOT an exact navy simulation game.....it's half arcade and a casual simulation game. Thankfully....cause a 100% simulation navy game would not be fun to play
  13. Even a broken clock is correct twice a day ......
  14. Renuz

    1 and done.

    Use a detonation flag, 100% protection. It's kinda....duh
  15. Rank battles is just random battles...done smaller What we need is real TEAM battles......where we can say....get a few clan members together, ...3 or 4...and then select from a pool of people looking to join a team....and make a team of 7. They will play another team of 7 . That would be great fun...plus, you get to know the players you pick up from the " pool " ....greatly enhancing the social aspect of game. As ...you would get to know and play with players from other clans. =) WoWs does a bad job on promoting and enabling and encouraging the social aspect of the game.