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  1. M_113

    For those who asked for a Tiger clip

    Thanks for the video Soshi You demonstrated the value of the ship too me. I believe this ship will teach me to be more patient, a trait I do not exhibit to often in the game as I like to mix it up. (Brawl) Quick question, How do you make the annotations in the video? I as an intuitive have always found it difficult to communicate in written language without it coming out as a train wreck. Because my mind is about twelve frames ahead. So I have waited and thought reflectively about the Tiger 59. I will be adding the ship to my collection. Last questions. How many skill points do you have on your caption? And when you finally settle into your best fit for the ship would you show your fitting for the Tiger 59 if you please.
  2. M_113

    ST 0.10.6, "Dutch cruisers. Part 1"

    I like the select rewards option for missions allows us to better utilize rewards as needs arise. A new unique commander to strive for. I see a lot of interesting things as I flit around the blog. :)
  3. To answer your question. I have bought special bundles in the past. I have all of these ships so I won’t be buying in this case. My main motivation is the bonus combat mission +200% XP. If the timing is correct and you hit on a Holiday weekend with added XP bonuses which stack, you can with a intensive grind have a 19/21 point commanded ship in very short order. So it would depend on each player’s situation. I also have purchased at the cheapest price no frills 3 point captain no slot and then worked through the grind at a leisurely pace. And lastly if you have a longterm goal you can so to say stack the deck as far as super containers and loot boxes drops go. IE: when I finish my KOTS mission and get my tier VII ship as of today it can only drop VII Hyuga because I have set it up that way and it gives me options.
  4. M_113

    Today, I bring unto you a lesson...

    You were ill prepared at the lectern. the name, it's the one where the cap is almost totallyy two islands to the north and southces at the east and west ends)  Could the nautical chart you are referring to have been Sleeping Giant? If it was were you on the East/Center of the chart or the Western side when this engagement took place? All these thing are very important to the reader to visualize as you describe your encounter so that they can form the vision in their minds. Sleeping Giant is my second favorite map in the game. Many, many memorable battles have been fought there. Notice how I used nautical chart at the beginning and then map at the end? It’s fun to introduce new and uncommon terms to writing. It takes work and practice to spin really good tales. But it adds to the breadth of the lessons. Thanks for the tip. Following seas and fair winds
  5. M_113

    Age of this game (for real)

    There is no way to fix the position of the true game. My mind just looked. Anyways you are here now, enjoy the experience. Sorry it took two hours to unravel. “(for real)” because of the whole pi r squared thing and making the circuit and then jumping across the radius on the return path. Have you tried the new pi camouflage? Exhilarating!
  6. M_113

    Screen grab ending

    The Art, Video and Cinema Graphics Departments just “rock it” here. Makes the game so immersive. I view it on Samsung Odyssey curved screens which for me just adds to the enjoyment of the game. Thanks for posting aerial pictures for even more added dimensions to the game. When if Submarines are fully implemented, that too will add under seascapes to the game. Which really is a massive under taking. Anyways have a great week of Tiger engagements and good luck.
  7. I formed a great visual of that in my minds eye. And laughed right along with you: At least one torp hit. All thou that torp is better utilized as a last resort. Fun stuff. :) SAP the third choice of ammo on select ships. I am waiting to see SAP ammo used in secondaries on Napoli.
  8. M_113

    Almost broke a 100K

    That’s awesome! Seven defends is a huge boost. Doing just what the ship was in my opinion created for. I have been following the status here. https://na.wows-numbers.com/ship/3751720912,Tiger-59/
  9. M_113

    What are your WoWS goals for 2021?

    🚧 WIP 🚧 (12-13-2020) Rolling on the crest of 2020’s completion of the “Resolute and Rapid” collection and acquiring my first Unique Commander Luigi Sansonetti (16 skill points applied 1 in reserve in 48 battles). I dropped into the Italian cruiser tech tree line. ✅ I Eritrea 1 battle 🔵 🟩 🔺 ✅ II Nino Bixio 2 battles 🔵 🟩 ✅ III Taranto 1 battle 🔵 ✅ IV Alberto di Giussano 2 battles 🔵 x2 ✅ V Raimondo Montecuccoli 5 battles 🔵 x5 ✅ VI Trento 11 battles 🔵 ✅ VII Zara 17 battles 🔵 x6 ✅ VIII Amalfi 9 battles 🔵 x3 🚧 IX Brindisi 🚧 X Venezia 🚧 X Napoli Unique Commander skills activated: 🔵 The Far Reach talent activates on the destruction of an enemy ship and extends the main gun range +8%. (Once per battle.) 🟩 The Rapid Fire talent activates upon earning the "Confederate" achievement and reduces the reload time of his main battery guns -15% 🔺 The Concealed Reserves talent activates upon achieving 100 main gun hits and extends the action time of all consumables +10%. (Once per battle.) Italian Battleships tech tree WIP ✅ IV Dante Alighieri Earned, 5 battles 🚧 V Conte di Cavour 🚧 VI Andrea Doris 🚧 VII Francesco Caraccilo 🚧 VIII Vittorio Veneto 🚧 IX Lepanto 🚧 X Cristoforo Colombo Premium ✅ V Giulio Cesare Return gift, 9 battles ✅ VIII Roma 5 battles ✅ VIII AL Littorio 7 battles ✅ IX Marco Polo 38 battles ranked ✅ V Genova 1 battle ✅ VI Duca D’Aosta ✅ VII Duca degil Abruzzi ✅ VII Gorizia 6 battles ✅ VI Leone 🚧 IX Paolo Emilio This is my main focus for this year. Secondary goal: Fill in my 🔱 of sniper ships: ✅ VIII Champagne ✅ IX Azuma 🚧 X Yoshino Tertiary objective: Bank as many Research Bureau points for over the horizon target ships. Commanders: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Commander Unique Commanders: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Unique_Commanders Battle Achievements: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:List_of_Random_Battle_Achievements#Confederate Current informative discussion about how to apply Unique Commanders by DolphinPrincess 🐬:
  10. That was the most relevant posted information I could find to support the claim of four concurrent auctions for each of the four servers. I also can say now that with a high degree of certainty that I heard Mr. Conway from WOWS answer a like minded question on a earlier Twitch stream. I just could not place mark that information in the amount of time before the Auctions close. All of this is mote now. But there is much to be said of refining the finer details for posterity’s sake. 😀
  11. Congratulations to the winning bidders. I am glad lert was able to save some silver in the process. A couple of threads are going to try and pinpoint the price point. ~ 75mil - 82,000,011 silver credits being the threshold.
  12. “The number of winners and starting bid amounts are the same for the CIS, EU, NA and ASIA World of Warships servers.” Source: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/update-0104-german-destroyers-part-2/#auction
  13. M_113

    Tiger 59...yes, I air spec'd it.

    Thank you Duckman, I have been doing my due diligence at the wiki, LWM’s review plus multiple you tube sites. Soshi was the first general player posting in the forums that I have seen so far. Still deciding there is no rush at all. Hope everyone in the U.S. is having a great Memorial Weekend.
  14. tyinnow: it is my understanding that each server has a auction going. 8 hours left for NA server. I bid 60 million for a way over valued item in my opinion. Not really what a auction is about in my opinion. Auctions that I attend are fire sales so too speak. Pennies on the dollar and no buyers premiums. 🤠 good luck bidders
  15. M_113

    Detonation should still give flags.

    I’ll second that!