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  1. M_113

    Birthday coupon

    Happy Birthday 🎁 !!!
  2. M_113

    Black Event Cost Breakdown

    I haven’t decide on buying Black with doubloons or coal yet. We all have time to decide which way to acquire Black if we choose to do so. The mega ARP Yamato bundle, which I was a purchaser of was an easy buy for me. I had already earned all of the free ARP ships with commanders from the good old days. And I said to myself “hey you got all of those free ships, so pony up and support the game you really enjoy playing.” In the case of the Black it was a reward/steel unobtainium thingie for me. So enough time has passed and the Black isn’t as relevant as it used to be. I am very happy as a collector to be able to get it at last. And we will get the opportunity to acquire the Puerto Rico in the very near future as well. 😀
  3. M_113

    Weekend Spree, 13 to 15 May 2022

    Yard work, obtained 50 doubloons today, watched spring competition finals Grats KSC, read the forums, read the WOWS news and now watching the Lunar eclipse, star hopping around while the moon is eclipsed with my home built 8” Newtonian telescope on a Dobsonian mount. All in all a good day.
  4. M_113

    Armada: Cheshire

    I recommend this ship for its AA defensive fire capability in Tier 8 ranked battles. My caveat is I only play to Bronze league so I do not know if it will pan out at Silver and Gold leagues. If you want a Tier VIII ship that counters CV’s in random’s this is it. No CV’s in the match then you are the HE fire starter unless a good broadside is offered for AP and guess what you get a heal! So HE, AP, awesome AA, Torps and a Heal. I bought mine a few years ago. Then they pulled it from the premium shop until now.
  5. #1: being able to play one of the best ships from the WWII era. This is a picture KMS Scharnhorst posted by another WOWS player. I love the ship and have that camo on mine as well. It was truly a fearsome warship in real life. Shared record holder of main battery long range hit ship to ship on target ~15.9 miles (24 KM for those Imperially challenged :) ) The other holder being HMS Warspite. There is nothing like dating twins! ————> So I Have the Black version as well! Waiting patiently for the light to go on at WOWS to come up with the idea of the Shark camo in gold on black Lacqeur for the Scharnhorst Black. Captained by my twitchette commander Ashley Violet, ——> Wink-wink, Nudge-nudge :) #2, Yeah, see above Black Scharnhorst with a purple haze commander, pin striped in gold would be the crowning experience! Thanks for asking Ahskance, liked your video game play of USS Hornet with the Mitchell bombers! Must have!!!
  6. All of the above. Yoshino for coal last time coupons came up. The Napoli and Salem dropped in Mega Santa crates and Forrest Sherman came from overage of coal from said Santa Crates. I played Yoshino just a little and knocked the Snow ❄️ flakes off Napoli and Salem. I have not played FS as of yet. I will play all four just not at this time. I have wanted Salem for a very longtime. I think all four ships are of good value.
  7. I have independently and stealthily super tested the Karma system to a hull crush test depth of -48 with no adverse negative impact to my standing in the game. That’s pretty deep in the pink! I worked that all off in my Scharnhorst in a couple of weeks to a neutral or positive state by being a stellar member in game. No bans, No discussions only a great time playing with my cohorts in COOP for a couple of weeks. COOP has really good players as well. Give them a plug! 😎
  8. M_113

    Ship for ranked battles

    Have you played long enough to have the ARP ships? I would play the cruiser’s ARP Nachi, Southern and Eastern Dragons. I just got the Eastern Dragon so I would try to work that up from zero. I have never ranked out under the old format and only go to the Bronze Star under the new system. But I have fun. And I like to take in new ships to build them up. A good DD might be Mahan. There so many ships lines to choose from now I use the carousel filter tools to bring up all ships available and play a match or two with each and see what is working. I review my after action reports and whittle down to the short list of which ships I will run to Bronze Star in. Oh yeah don’t forget Fiji. Anyways, hope this helps and I’m sure other players will chime in to help. Good luck and have fun.
  9. M_113

    Built a new gaming PC

    Grats on the build. Always fun to experiment with things that make you happy. The trick is to keep the magic blue smoke inside the box. :)
  10. M_113

    Supership tokens....

    You might think 200 coal is not a lot! But 200 units of coal should put me over the top for this! 😎 ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ Just have to wait a couple of weeks for it.
  11. M_113

    Supership tokens....

    You can exchange Superships tokens for a little coal (100) for 4 tokens in the Superships tab in the Armory. That is until you hit a Supership bundle. Traded 8 tokens for 200 coal so far. :)
  12. Scratches head: To me this a nonsensical, nonevent that is over before it starts. :)
  13. M_113

    Why spend money on containers?

    “Why spend money on containers?” With a sound long term plan in place to play World of Warships. I can honestly say that the game is still very enjoyable to play and there in lies the value to me. The game offers many intrigues as far as daily missions, drops, dockyards, special competitions, art contests, and when the pandemic abates real live meet and greets will return. So yes I do spend money on containers to support World of Warships. I also spend money on Weekend Passes when I have the urge to splurge. And over five years plus of frugally saving those 500 doubloons from said mentioned Weekend Passes, plus all the little 50 doubloons here and there drops. I was able to acquire all on the “short listed ships” so that now all that is left is the choicest of ships. I effected a long term strategy 5-6 years ago and now as you can see below the dividends are being paid out now. And there is no reason that anyone cannot come up with a long term plan to better their outcomes on container purchases. Also my recruiter has posted in this thread and said person is receiving a 10% kickback from my purchases. There are many many ways to game this system after all it is a strategy game. Best of luck in the future. 40 Mega gave me what I expected 2x 2500 Doubloons 3x 30 Basilisk 3x 12500 Coal 2x 1250 Steel 8x 30 Wyvern 2x 30 Hydra 1x 30 Leviathan 1x Tier 10 Marceau 1x 25 Type 3 New Year camo 1x 30 Dragon 3x 30 Ouroboros 1x Tier 10 Salem 1x Tier 10 Napoli 1x Tier 5 Agincourt 2x 25 New Year camo 2x 20 New Year Sky camo 1x Tier 10 M. Immelmann 1x 30 Red Dragon 1x 30 Scylla 1x 20 Frosty Fir Tree camo 1x 20 Winter Strands camo 1x 180 Days Premium
  14. M_113

    Email Bonus Codes

    So, I was AWOL for six months and had 45 + containers to open. I want to think that the share code I got from IbfretiasBR by sharing with me gave me one of these goodies. See pictures. Really nice goodies. Can anyone identify the containers? I have not bought any Santa gifts yet this year but I did get the free ones so maybe it is them. Anyways Thanks for the feedback.
  15. M_113

    New of new code

    Code worked just fine thanks, Obi