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  1. As per the post I linked: 3rd Party Mods (non-illegal) can often cause disruption with key game files, particularly if they are outdated or meant for a prior version of the client. Open up the file in which you have the game stored on your PC, often it will be located C:\Games\World_of_Warships_NA Navigate to "Res_mods" Delete all files within this folder.
  2. Femennenly

    Make me a: Map - 11th to 18th

    Thank you for everyone for your entries into the Make me a: Map forum contest. As a small reminder this contest was for fun, to generate creativity, and discussion amongst our players. While map development staff have viewed your ideas, there is no promise that the winners, or any other maps will be made. Alas! We have read through your descriptions, weighed up your ideas, considered their uniqueness, and three community staff have chosen their favorites: @BTed72 chose: @Rushbin730 @KARMAT1KA chose: @dbs1701 and lastly, I chose: @Schnitchelkid01_ As a thank you to all players who participated and submitted a map, you will be rewarded with 5x Ocean Soul Camos. Winners, please reply to your DM to claim your prize! Make sure you check out the next weekly contest:
  3. Femennenly

    712 mins in Q!

    Captain, Would you be able to provide some more details on this issue? A screenshot showing your game client and queue time would be useful for beginning diagnositics. Fem,
  4. Heyo Captains, The port UI and it’s issues have long been a thorn in our side, the good news is we have begun optimization development to help towards the goal of eliminating the issues that come including: freezing, lagging and unresponsiveness. As part of 8.1 we released the first stage of many to start addressing these issues. Unfortunately given the scale of the game and the degree of the issues this is not something that is an easy fix and will take many patches to achieve. We’d rather breadcrumb out smaller confirmed fixes, than attempt to make it better in one go and in turn make it worse. If you are experiencing significant and continual issues I would suggest running a Check and Repair on your client, then if issues persist submit a ticket with diagnostic files. The instructions for these processes can be found: While we’re aware it’s an inconvenience, we appreciate you sticking with us. Your information will be helpful in developing a resolution for these inefficiencies! Fem,
  5. Heyo! So it is definitely my intention to get back to my roots of CV play however my other responsibilities and general life have really gotten in the way of me putting the same hours into the game as what I previously managed prior to joining WG. As soon as events and travel settle down I’ll be back on it again :) Fem,
  6. Femennenly

    Do early access CVs retain XP?

    Heyo Captains! I can confirm any exp earned on the EA RN CVs will remain on that ship after the release of 8.2 and can be then used to upgrade the ship or research further up the line. I hope you’re enjoying the RN CVs! Fem
  7. Femennenly

    Amazon Payments

    Good news everybody! Amazon payments have been restored! We are pleased to bring back this payment option for you all. Thanks for being patient while we sorted through this issue! Fem,
  8. Femennenly

    World of Warships @ PAX East 2019

    We will definitely have some on us! Make sure you keep an eye on the WoWS twitter on the days to find out where the staff will be with the ships.
  9. It hasn’t been forgotten :) since the Community Team is in RU for a summit at the moment it may take me a few days to decide our favorite ones. I’ll update that post once we’ve done as much!
  10. Captains and Commanders! Do I have a challenge for you! Following on from our recent Maskarados event celebrating Carnaval, and the recent celebrations in South America I would like to put forth a challenge to the community to bring me your best damage game in Tier 7 Cruisers! Between the 18th 07:00 UTC and 25th 07:00 UTC of March, play a Tier 7 Cruiser of your choice in a Random or Co-Op battle, capture the post battle screen and reply to this thread like so: PRIZES: Since this is a celebration of Two nations coming together to celebrate, the top two damage dealers will receive their choice of either the T7 USN Boise, or the T7 PanAm Nueve de Julio BONUS ROUND: Anyone who can post a damage higher than what @Femennenly achieved, will receive 5 Lá Fhéile Pádraig camos!
  11. In all these provided example, there are no other flags flying on the ship. The issue isn't its location, rather that if the flag is mounted on the bow/stern, then were will the cosmetic flags/signals be located as they are required to be beneath the national flag.
  12. Typically speaking in majority of navies, the nations flags are mounted above all other flags in a show of acknowledgement of the Nation. For this reason, we have stayed true to tradition in keeping the Nation's flag mounted above all other mountable flags. Fem,
  13. Locked. Lol Jks, in all seriousness. I'm not 100% certain what the figures to do with the S11 Ranked season are in relation to. OP if you would like to clarify your point I'd be happy to address it.
  14. Heyo Captains, Once again, thank you to everyone who participated as a Maskarado and participated in sinking them! At this stage, prizes have been delivered to all player (yes, Maskarados, yours have been delivered out this morning) Please remember, this does not include the Event flag which will be granted after the release of 8.2. If you killed a Maskarado but do not believe you were rewarded, please forum PM a screen shot of your kill and we can investigate. Rewards were automatic this bounty season so we are expecting very few/no instances of this. Thank you all again, We'll see you next Bounty Season. Fem,
  15. Thank you for pointing this out, I may not have been clear with what I communicated. Wide scale changes MAY (not saying they are) occur to CVs as a whole in terms of mechanics IF (again, not saying it will) it is deemed required. After the change to the GZ torpedoes, we feel that premium CVs will be in a solid state where we have no additional planned changes. The main point I was trying to communicate was that the GZ (or premium CVs in general) were liable to change with the CV rework, and we had stated that from before 8.0 was released. Fem,