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  1. Femennenly

    Getting good Wiki

    The wiki editors do have early access to ships to work on the pages ahead of ship release. Typically speaking pages go live the day that the ships go into full release. I will chat with the wiki team and see how they are on the RN CA pages. Fem,
  2. At this point, the situation doesn't have much more to add to it. Since this is starting to digress now, I will be closing it off. Fem,
  3. Femennenly

    The BatFish emblem, where is it?

    I'll definitely give you all an update when the sale ends in 9 days :) Fem,
  4. Femennenly

    Update 0.9.0. British Cruisers

    No limit on the token bundles, but there is a limit on how many tokens you can earn. Doubloons bundles are limited to 65. Receiving a ship in one bundle will not remove it from the other bundle. Fem,
  5. Femennenly

    Win Exeter – Twitch Drops in 0.9.0

    All regions :)
  6. Tech tree ships: Researchable via EXP/FXP on the techtree. Premium: If they're not in the other two categories, then they are probably premium. Premium have increased economic bonuses.
  7. Femennenly

    Update 0.9.0. British Cruisers

    Tokens from daily missions will start in a few days Tokens are available in directives for finishing the set of directives: 80 per for No. 1 and No. 2, 100 per for No. 3 and No.4 HMS Cheshire is a premium ship that will be released sometime in the future - details on this have not been announced yet (as typical with premium ships). All of this information has been available for awhile. How to get this camo has not been announced yet, more details will come later regarding it and the ARP ships.
  8. Heyo. This condition was set out in our original article concerning CV trade ins: Source - Right at the bottom. While you may or may not have had the Shokaku at the time of reset, by resetting the T6 CV, you effective also sell all items relating to the T8 and T10 CVs. Good news is however, typically speaking the permanent halloween camos become available around the halloween time. Since the Great Gorgon camo is an older one, it is likely it will be available for straight doubloons at that time. Its unfortunately, but all of this information was documented. Fem,
  9. This is incorrect! This was updated with this patch, if you disable camo types, those camos while looking like the Type 5, will still maintain the benefits of the permaflague. :)
  10. Femennenly

    PSA: Current Server Issues

    UPDATE: Service has been restored to the majority of Wargaming services, and all players should now be able to access the game. There is the odd thing the tech teams are working on but they should not prevent gameplay. Sorry for that downtime everyone. See you on the seas!
  11. Femennenly

    Error Contacting Server

  12. Femennenly

    I cant connect!?

    I have updated the original PSA with an update. We're currently waiting for the Tech department to give us an ETA. Can't comment information we don't have unfortunately. As soon as we know more, we'll update you. Fem,
  13. Femennenly

    I cant connect!?

    Oh you know, every now and again we're like lets upset Legio_X_.... The server going down is negative for us too lol. We're working to get it back up.
  14. Femennenly

    I cant connect!?

  15. Femennenly

    Update 0.9.0. British Cruisers

    Please see: