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  1. Femennenly

    What happened to HMS Indomitable?

    Heyo She was originally in testing how we were not happy with her concept and gameplay. Instead of releasing a pretty ordinary ship, we decided to return her to the drawing board to reconsider her future and what that looks like. At this time she will likely be seen again in testing soon with her release in the future if all goes well. Fem,
  2. Femennenly

    Possible botting on the hall of fame?

    As with previous events, we will check accounts in the HoF for botting suspicion before handing out prizes. Fem,
  3. Femennenly

    Something is wrong with the queue.

    This... and the fact that depending on the "history" of games that a player has played in terms of whether they were up or down tiered will mean that not everyone despite being in the right ships will be eligible for a game with you. Fem,
  4. Femennenly

    Tier X Test Ships

    Halloween ships will be removed with update 8.11, which is right around the corner. The "test" ships are not test ships and infact are rentals for the Clan Battles season, they can only be used in this mode. Fem,
  5. If you are making content and meet the minimum requirements, you can apply.
  6. But it is mine. Heyo Everyone. So, yes, there are 3rd party programs out there that can provide you unfair advantage in terms of gameplay in ships. HOWEVER, these programs do not have the ability to impact server side aspects including where your shells go, how much damage they do, etc. It should be noted, we do have systems and checks in place that will detect and punish anyone found using these programs, including permanent bans. Beyond that, this is digressing so I will be locking it. OP if you'd like to DM me any replays you are concerned about I am happy to look at them for you and explain what is happening. Fem,
  7. Glad to hear you like the overall concept and vision of the new Shipyard feature. When it comes to ships in game and what we're deciding to release several factors do go into consideration. It is not uncommon for us to introduce ships that were never finished or even laid down - aka: paperships. PR is one of those. On this point, its also not uncommon for us to offer "alternatives" of ship classes, for example we have both the Iowa and Missouri, Alabama and Massachusetts, with slight characteristic differences - for example the Massachusetts is more 2ndary driven than the Alabama. Either way, this is the starting point for this new feature and we'll see how we go upon release. Fem,
  8. Femennenly

    WINNER ANNOUNCED - Win a Black Ship Bundle

    Random draw, it does interesting things at time.
  9. Femennenly

    Winter ShipStorm Tournament – Signups

    You would need to find two other players interested in signing up with you. There is a section in the official Shipstorm discord when you can find people to play with. Fem,
  10. Femennenly

    Winter ShipStorm Tournament – Signups

    Saturday December 14th: Expected 4 Hours 30 Miniutes Start time 1400 Eastern / 1400 CET Sunday December 15th: Expected 6 hours 1100 Eastern / 1700 CET
  11. Femennenly

    WINNER ANNOUNCED - Win a Black Ship Bundle

    This was an NA Community led contest that wasn't ran on other servers. If the other servers had done something similar they could've had winners too. Fem,
  12. Femennenly

    Black Armada

    If the camo was available alone then it would be of no value to players without the ship. This not much of a deal for a large portion of the players who do not own ships. As I explained above, there is merit in purchasing the "B" ships if you already have the standard versions. However, if they aren't worth it to you, then obviously there is no force being placed to purchase them. Fem,
  13. We have not determined this at this stage. I'm sure closer to the release of these changes if they pass testing we will announce if we plan to have the option. Fem,
  14. Femennenly

    WINNER ANNOUNCED - Win a Black Ship Bundle

    And we have our winner, congratz go out to: @burningman50! Thank you all for participating in this contest, we hope you had a good Thanksgiving weekend! Fem,
  15. Proof of Concept Test - Cruiser plating and Inertia Fuse High Explosive (IFHE) for Tiers VIII-X. Second stage of the test. We continue to test the modified cruiser plating and the updated "Inertia Fuse for HE Shells" skill. Please note: these mechanics are built as a prototype and this is a concept check, so some parameters may change and/or may not apply to the game at all. This test will help us gather the required data to estimate extreme cases and determine steps for improvement. The main goals that we want to achieve with these changes are: Normalize the interaction between cruisers of the same tier: HE cruiser shells with a caliber of 152 - 155 mm should penetrate the armor of cruisers of the same tier without additional conditions. This will increase the comfort of playing on such cruisers and make the "Inertia Fuse for HE Shells" skill optional; Provide more cruisers with a similar protection as tier X ones: on the distance and at the right angle, cruiser plating will be able to cause ricochet of the battleship shells, while now they penetrate cruisers without a ricochet check; Use differences in armor to maintain the uniqueness of cruisers with a caliber of 190 mm or more compared to those with a caliber of 139 to 189 mm: the first group of ships will have a central "box" of increased armor plating and the second one will have only an improved deck; Balance the "Inertia Fuse for HE Shells" skill so that the combination of positive and negative features of this skill affects the choice of the player, making this skill not so obligatory and giving variability in the build of cruiser commanders. At the moment, testing is being conducted only for ships on Tiers VIII-X. The impact of the changes on other Tiers, classes, and specific ships will be assessed later and may require additional changes. The decision will be made based on the test results. The change in plating affects three different groups of cruisers: with a gun caliber of 190 mm or more; with a gun caliber from 139 to 189 mm; with a gun caliber of up to 139 mm and British cruisers with a caliber of 152 mm. Basic rules 1. Plating of the central part of the cruisers with a caliber of 190 mm and more: for Tier X: increased to 30 mm (AP shells up to 429 mm may ricochet). This change will only affect Des Moines and Salem, with the rest of the cruisers already having 30 mm of plating or more; for Tiers VIII-IX: increased to 27 mm (AP shells up to 386 mm may ricochet); the bow and stern plating parameters remain unchanged. 2. Plating of the central part of the deck of cruisers with a caliber from 139 to 189 mm: for Tier X: increased to 30 mm (AP shells up to 429 mm may ricochet). Worcester already has this plating, and this rule will apply to new cruisers that will be added to the game in the future; for Tiers VIII-IX: increased to 27 mm (AP shells up to 386 mm may ricochet); The bow and stern plating parameters, as well as the central part of the sides, remain unchanged. The armor of the superstructures has been modified from 16 mm to 13 mm, which will mean shells of 186 mm and above will no longer ricochet. Changes in the plating will increase the survivability of the cruisers: at the right angle they will become more resistant to battleship fire. Cruisers at tier X already have this reward for proper positioning: they can withstand fire from ships with a caliber up to 429 mm at acute angles (AP shells ricochet against the plating). If the cruiser's armor was thicker, this would not change. 3. Plating of the central part of Tier VIII-X cruisers with a caliber of up to 139 and British cruisers with a caliber of 152 mm is brought to 16 mm (shells with a caliber of up to 229 mm may ricochet. If the armor of the British cruiser was thicker, it would not change); The changes will affect the ships Smolensk and Colbert - the armor of this plating will be reduced to 16 mm, which will reduce the number of AP shell ricochets. If these changes have a significant impact on the efficiency of these cruisers, additional changes may be applied to them. This rule will apply to new cruisers that will be added to the game in the future. The rule for calculating the armor penetration of an HE shell has been changed for all HE shells: currently, an HE shell will only penetrate armor thicknesses which are lower than the shell's penetration value. With the change, an HE shell will not only be able to penetrate armor thicknesses that are lower than its penetration value, but also those that are equal to it. In this way, 152-155 mm shells will be able to penetrate 25 mm plating, whereas currently, the penetration is 24 mm and less. Due to this change, plating of Tier VI-VII battleships is changed to 26 mm. For Tier VIII-X ships with 152-155 mm guns, the 1/5-caliber rule is now applied. The change will allow penetration of tier VIII- IX cruiser plating and the 30 mm plating of tier X cruisers. These changes will make the skill of "Inertia fuse for HE shells" less obligatory. In the current system, penetration with 152-155 mm cruiser shells without this skill is impossible, which greatly limits the commander's skill choice and subsequent effectiveness in combat. The "Inertia fuse for HE shells" skill is planned to be changed as follows: armor penetration capacity of HE shells increased by 25% for Tier I-VII ships, armor penetration capacity of HE shells increased by 30% for Tier VIII-X ships chance of causing a fire reduced by 50%. At present, the skill gave a sizable boost without a correspondingly significant penalty, which made it almost mandatory. The new variant will bring the efficiency of the skill back to normal. Further on, and after additional testing, more balancing options and changes are possible for this skill. In the course of testing, some ships may be subjected to additional balance corrections to maintain their efficiency. The concept for other tiers will be tested separately and may require further changes. Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary and subject to change. Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.