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  1. UPDATE: The first round of invites for the Beta test have gone live; for more details, Read it here! STREAM: Didn't make the first round of invites? Join us for the first official stream on Reworked CV Game play, Make sure you hit the reminder for the stream here!
  2. Femennenly

    Premium CV Refund

    Heyo Captains, I've already mentioned before but at this point it's all speculation. If we had the information to share with you we would. Each regions Community Teams have collected feedback from places, such as discussion threads like this, and submitted possible solutions to the decision makers. The decision makers will consider these, what is reasonably do-able, and feasibly possible; and make a decision. We will then let you know ASAP. Since this thread continues to degrade unfortunately I will be ending it here. Fem,
  3. Yes, The Iowa tour (while you can take yourself at any time) will potentially have special access to areas of the ship not usually publicly available, as well as WG and CC company. Without the Admiral's ticket you will not be able to join these groups. The Esports Arena will be a closed event, no ticket - no entry. While anyone can buy a ticket, you do need a ticket to attend. She would need a ticket too. Only one person is admitted per ticket.
  4. Femennenly

    This Game Very Badly Needs an Actual MM system

    Heyo Captains, While the OP of this post and majority of respondents have been constructive and on topic with the discussion over Match Making (in which we're pleased to read and see), after RadarX's warning yesterday: This topic has continued to derail, so unfortunately I will be closing it up at this point. The moderation team does not enjoy closing up posts that contain constructive discussion between members of our community. I would suggest everyone refreshing themselves on the forum rules to ensure future intended constructive posts do not have to be locked. Fem,
  5. Femennenly

    Premium CV Refund

    We've made mistakes in the past but every day are striving to do better and learn from them so we can serve our community the best that we can. Please give us the chance to regain your trust :)
  6. Femennenly

    Premium CV Refund

    Heyo Captains, While I can completely understand the interest and concern regarding this topic, ultimately it is all speculation until an official decision and statement regarding the issue has been made. As soon as we have this information for you it will of course be shared. In the meantime I encourage you to sign up for the Beta rest of the CV rework, you never know, you may be pleasantly surprised. (Remember this is coming from a 2.5 year CV main) Fem,
  7. Femennenly

    The Soverigndawg Blog.

    Heyo Captains, I’d like to pop in and clarify some points in here that have been brought up regarding the Community Contributor Program. Firstly, we accept content creators of almost any medium (Videos - Zoup , Streams - Notser/Mejash, Podcasts - Kelorn/Vanessaira, Written - LittleWhiteMouse etc) who embody the desire to help and shape the community. We look for those who can use the early access to content to help inform wider audiences - whether their opinion / findings be negative or positive. We are looking for those who have a positive impact on the community and whos’ primary goal is related around helping, not entitlement. Uniqueness is also a factor of consideration. Every three months there is an opportunity for you to apply to be a CC here on the forums. Keep an eye on the News and Annoucement section for the next listing. I personally review each application and supporting content before the community team makes a decision on an applicant. Those who don’t make it are given ample feedback on areas of improvement for the next round. I will mention, anyone can give an opinion on a topic, answer a question, or continue a conversation. However if we judged on that alone we would have hundreds of “Forum CCs”, Make your own content, based on in game elements, be different - if you do it right you will catch our attention. If you’re still unsure reach out to me or other CCs for advise, they are happy to help out the community. Given the direction of this topic, I’m going to close it up here. Remember, we want to see your best work and your best attitudes. Fem,
  8. Femennenly

    Premium Shop Rip Off Thievery!

    Captain, Just making sure I understand you correctly, which of these was it: - You made two separate purchases on two separate accounts; or - You made two purchases on one account, gifting your secondary account If its the first option, we have no way to know which accounts are owned by the same person. Since we do not hold CC Info or compare which CC is used between accounts (for your security) we cannot link accs simply by which CC was used. Given that you have to log in for each purchase they are tracked differently. If it was the second option, you should be able to submit a ticket to support and we can resolve this. Fem
  9. Femennenly

    Change USN Capt. John Doe name

    My Pun failed I guess.
  10. Femennenly

    Change USN Capt. John Doe name

    What’s wrong with the name... doe?
  11. Whoops, this was on me! Getting @TheURLGuy to fix it :D
  12. Pretty excited to get my hands on these myself :) We all know how I feel about CVs :D Looking forward to seeing all of your reactions too!
  13. Femennenly

    The Ring Contest

    Heyo Captains, In case you haven't seen: Fem,
  14. Femennenly

    The Ring Contest

    Heyo Captains, The ring will be... ringing in your ears soon ;) Keep an eye out. Fem