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  1. Puka Puka Fleet

    Heyo Captains, We at World of Warships are respectful of our varying community likes and dislikes, some are fans of the anime related content, others not so much - that's okay. We strive to provide everyone the gaming experience that each player may desire by having the content toggle-able in port or via settings. We encourage you to consider that we all have different preferences and be respectful of differing views as you would expect people to be of your view. In saying that, this thread has derailed and become nonconstructive so I will be closing it up to prevent further unrest. Fem,
  2. Commanders, we want your feedback! We recently announced and began "Pirate Bounties" the successor to the Corgi Fleet. If you have any feedback about any of the following areas of the event, or in general, please comment below. Forum/portal communication Playing as a pirate Playing against pirates General details about the event Prizes Pirate Discord Organisation Twitch Event Stream This feedback is critical as it will allow us to adjust the event if necessary for possible future versions and will only be visible to Wargaming Staff. Details of the Event can be found: The Pirate Bounty - Event Details The Pirate Bounty - Captain and Crew List The Pirate Bounty - Twitch Event Stream Will you fight to defend our shores or succumb to the allure of Pirate gold? Join us when we raise the sails live on Twitch on the 17th - http://wrg.am/PirateBountyTwitch Hit "Remind me"
  3. We appreciate your concern, however please have faith that "i"s have been dotted and "t"s crossed. We are already in active contact with over 100 of these Community Crew members. For those who missed out, we do apologize, with over 2000 applicants and only so many accounts available for selection there was no way we could include every applicant. You can provide feedback here.
  4. The official pirate list has now been posted!
  5. Commanders, A second bottle has washed ashore numbering the pirates ascending on our shores, we will need each and everyone one of you to help fend off these dastardly Captains and their Crews. The listed Captains and Crew are as followed: WARGAMING STAFF CAPTAINS: COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTORS CAPTAINS: COMMUNITY CREW: Read all about the Pirate Bounty Event here. Which Pirate do you have your guns trained on? Join us when we raise the sails live on Twitch on the 17th - http://wrg.am/PirateBountyTwitch Hit "Remind me"
  6. Yep! All pirates will be contacted by tomorrow EOD at latest ahead of the public announcement on the 15th. From the applicants we randomly drew the required numbers then had to go through an preform some checks, now that all the vetting has been done I'm actively messaging people through tonight and tomorrow that we have been selected. Hang tight everyone, I'm going as quick as I can :) Fem,
  7. Will come via Forum PMs this time to avoid this happening ;)
  8. Thank you everyone for applying to be a pirate. Selected Pirates will be contacted over the next two days and publicly listed on the 15th.
  9. World of Warships and PAX West 2018

    Keep a weathered eye on the horizon my friend, you never know what you’ll see...
  10.    LockDown chat ban

    Heyo Captains, We're going to close this up due to various rule violations and the fact this is in the wrong section. In future please ensure your posts are in the right place and adhere to forum rules. Fem,
  11. @Greybeards_ghost@iamplaya (Tagging so you see) *Jumping in for the Clarification* Captain Accounts: Special Names. Capt_Anti_Air for example. Higher reward for players sinking them. Can division with Crew accounts. WG Staff and CCs only (Regular players cannot apply to be a captain). Currently about 30 Captains (Separate from the pool of Crew accounts). Crew Accounts: Generic Names: Pirate_Crew_001 for example. Lower reward for players sinking them. Can only division with a Captain account. 150-200 positions for ANYONE in the community who signed up for consideration and fits within our criteria (availability, strike record, agrees to the rules), will be randomly drawn. Both types will be given special accounts to play during the event. We are limiting crews from divisioning with other crews without a Captain because (you can't have a crew without a captain? eh eh eh???) we want to have an even distribution of crews through games and not being protected by division mates. If we have groups of 3 Crews together consistently that means only 1 game will have a Pirate instead of potentially 3. If you are selected as a Crew member you have to be agreeable to our rules such as only divisioning with a captain, if you are not selected and are simply hunting down the pirates you are welcome to division with your friends. This is a content event for everyone and every community member has a chance of being selected if they want to sign up. If not selected you also have the option of trying to sink a Pirate Captain or Crew
  12. Crew will be comprised entirely of community members who meet our requirements and selected randomly. Plenty of slots for the community to claim :) The "Captains" will be limited to WG staff and CCs - currently looking at around 30ish Captain participants. Pirate Participants will officially be announced by the 15th.
  13. Spend Doubloons, Get a T-61

    Heyo I just checked, unfortunately, no changes or updates on this matter at this stage, Sorry Captains. Fem,
  14. Heyo Captains, We’ve all accidentally slung a few torps that have found an ally before. I’d have to count myself out if that was what we were concerned about. Black marks was a poor PoTC2 reference, essentially if you don’t have any forum or in game strikes you’re good to go. Fem.
  15. Spend Doubloons, Get a T-61

    Participation button is live again. Apologies for the inconvenience Captains. Mistakes happen :) like all those torpedoes I've sailed into of late...