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  1. Femennenly

    Important message for the community

    Thank you for reading and using some of the communication methods I suggested. This actually reads quite genuine. I’ll be cautiously optimistic to see these commitments pan out over the next 12-18 months.
  2. I’d be happy to help where I can. I still care deeply for the game and the community. S_O would never agree though, he played a big part in why I had no choice but to leave WG and has never offered an apology.
  3. Sorry to see you go Fem, you are awesome.

  4. Femennenly

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Cancel culture would be forcing/driving him to stop making videos, this is holding him accountable to actions that are against the CC guidelines. Major differences
  5. Femennenly

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    You obviously don't know my history with WG, I worked for WG for almost 2 years. There isn't a player facing PR department, communications to the players come from GPI (Global Player Interaction) which is the department that sits between Community teams and the Development teams. Shonai is part of the GPI team, as the Player Interaction Manager, thus the head of that department. So no, this statement did come from upper management, of which it is fair to aim criticism at. I'm not aiming anything at Shonai personally, but stating how poorly this communication was written by the team as a whole.
  6. Femennenly

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    <3 I wish they'd created an environment where I could've stayed, I still love the community to death.
  7. Femennenly

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    WG wouldn't need to clear this through a legal department.
  8. Femennenly

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    18 minutes.
  9. Femennenly

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    You had 3 days, and you still couldn't comprehend the issue at hand? Knowing how many of you are involved in something like this; absolutely blows my mind. Since you're seeming to struggle, let me help you: Members of staff interacting with CCs are: disrespectful, dismissive, and arrogant See situation with ASHLEYakaASHLEY See situation with LWM See situation(s) regarding CC feedback There's really too many to list Aggressive, extensive, monetization methods Missouri loot-boxes (at least you're "fixing" this) Summer Sale Santa crates situation Broken promises Benham being released PR being released WV 44' being released Again, LWM situation Ignoring player feedback and failure to communicate Continual reduction of CC privileges Almost everything Failure to offer a proper apology and overreliance on "miscommunication" How many times can you not learn from this?! Let me do you a solid and show you how you should've responded to this: Hello Everyone, This weekend was a first for WoWS, where many of our CC decided in unison to leave the CC Program. Firstly, we want to let you know, we see you and are sad felt like this was the action you had to take to get our attention, we have failed in our communication and actions with you all to it to have come to this point. We respect this decision, and want to thank each and every one of you for contributions, whether you were in the program 3 months, or 5 years , the service you did the community is appreciated. Its clear from this situation that we have work we need to do in restoring the faith in the community and our remaining contributors, and its critical that we are transparent in our efforts to reach this goal. We will be reaching out to each and every CC over the next few weeks to gather their key pain points and concerns, and determine the most common concerns and devise plans on how to resolve these. Currently, the biggest being the concerns about Missouri and her distribution via loot boxes. We have already decided to make this ship via alternative means of purchase, that way players will have the option to test their luck with boxes or pay an amount outright. While many are disappointed that the re-released Missouri will not come with the credit benefits of the original ship, this is necessary to maintain the health of the economy within the game. While the credit factor is reduced, this allows us to return a popular and historically significant ship to the hands of the players who have been interested in having her in their ports. On the note of the Missouri for original earners, we are aware that our initial credit multiplier may not be working as intended. We are currently investigating this and will work to ensure that original players receive a close comparable amount of credits as they would've before. We will let you know the results of this and any changes we make to the mission. While there are many more issues present in the CCs, Ex-CCs, and wider communities mind, we will need more time to individually address these. Once we have collected feedback from our CCs, we will devise a plan on how we can resolve broken promises and improve our communications to both them, and the wider community. We will hope to provide a general overview of how we intend to fix these concerns by [DATE]. To the CC's that decided to leave the program over the weekend, while we are the past where we can ask you to blindly trust us. We would like to offer each and every one of you the opportunity for you to rejoin the CC program when you believe in the actions we take are improving. Once again, we are sorry that we have let you all down. We will do what we can to rebuild your trust in us and improve our communications. [WRITE OUT EVERYONE WHO WAS INVOLVED IN THE COMMUNICATION]
  10. No, this is more or less accurate. As someone that was there, no. Belief isn't fact. Did you talk to any of the CCs who were there to get an understanding of what actually happened? Yes, the discussions regarding the then-NTC were... vivid, and while there was extensive discussion regarding the "outcomes" of the CV rework, this was a pretty tame discourse. While not everyone was happy with all the answers, it was great dialogue between the CCs and the staff. From the CCs I talked to on the trip, most were happy with the openness that was shared with them across all the presentations and walked away feeling good about things going forward. Did you see even watch the video of the presentation? https://youtu.be/r0PPtIIPIso There was no one event that eroded the (majority of) CC confidence in WG, it was a gradual build-up across many poorly executed events, bad communications, and increasing disrespect and disregard certain members of the RU CC staff showed towards CCs. Again, how do I know? Because I was there in the middle of it! The sheer number of hours I'd put in weekly to put out fires and attempt to improve relationships between the (NA) CCs and RU staff - something you wouldn't know (but could've asked me about) since you are extremely green to the program. Ever wonder why NA has the only functioning recruiting/application system? Because I made it. I understood the benefit and value these users could bring us. The "aftermath" is the lead-up to what has transpired. The continued broken promises (WV 44', Beham, PR), continuing increasingly grindy events (Benham, PR, EA events), and the increasingly predatory and extensive monetization practices. Add that to the general disgusting attitudes of the RU team towards anyone who disagreed with them, to the continued restrictions and limitations placed on CC - a perfect storm was formed. A storm that was set up by two more community shitstorms: bringing back what is a highly sought ship for (partly) its historical values, locked behind extreme monetization (I'm sure this would've been avoided if they made Missouri available for a token dollar amount in addition to lootboxes), and the disrespect towards the NICEST person in WoWS, LWM. You want to have your rose-tinted glasses on towards WG, I get it, you don't want to bite the hands that feeds you, but do not disrespect all your fellow CCs/Ex-CCs by simplifying down the situation with "belief" that is not founded on fact and actually talking to those involved.
  11. I really don't think you should be making comments on things you don't know, a significant amount of your information is just straight out incorrect.
  12. Femennenly

    Some clarity on how twitch drops now work

    This, it was a change on Twitch's end in terms of how they're distributing drops, WG is just adapting to the new system. Given that it is a little confusing and WG isn't known for the best explainations/graphics, I figured I'd drop in and drop a simple explanation to help :)
  13. Just a reminder to everyone out there confused about how Twitch Drops now work: Marked in red: these drops can ONLY be earned by watching the official World of Warships stream found at twitch.tv/worldofwarships . It is also worth noting that WoWS is also giving out codes which contain these missions, if you redeem the mission from a code, you cannot complete it again from the drop. Marked in blue: these drops can be earned watching any streamer playing in the World of Warships category (https://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/World%20of%20Warships) on Twitch. You will see a popup at the top of their chat box when you arrive in their channel. To CLAIM your drops, you must do this from your inventory page, found: https://www.twitch.tv/drops/inventory *For once, please don't blame WG for making this more difficult, this was a systematic change on Twitch's end.
  14. Ahaha! The torpillow is actually behind my pillows, prevents them from slipping down the crack between the wall and the bed, but yea, for picture purposes I should've put it infront.
  15. Super soft fleece backing, I'm very happy with it.