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  1. Got my Kronstadt!

    I enjoy mine but have the roma as well so I'm used to the horrible accuracy of the guns. Do think it's slightly overpriced i would say that 500k for a t9 cruiser/destroyer would be reasonable. Also understand that wg does not want everyone to get the ship, so i can understand the 750k free exp. Just think that what you get its not a 750k ship
  2. Ship if fun but accuracy leaves something to be desired. Think of the free exp ships the musashi is a better investment. i own all the free exp ships so that's my opinion based after playing them all. Kron is pretty easy to hit hard and at least with the musashi you have the ability to delete anyone on the map, don't have that ability with the kron :(
  3. They sold premium captains for a few days for like 11$ each. One for each nation
  4. Musashi or Nelson

    Really depends on a few things such as playstyle and which tech trees you have gone down. Currently own all free exp ships. Nelson +'s if your top tier you can tank and wreck. He fire chance is high and semi accurate guns. Insane heal. Ability to shoot all guns without showing to much broadside. -'s squishy as heck, gets overmatched pretty hard if you get a bunch of bb's as well as some cruisers. If someone gets behind you hard to fire without getting citadelled, secondaries are basically for show. Is extremely slow, you basically pick a side and stay there the entire match. Musashi +'s biggest guns in the game mean you can hurt anyone if you hit them. 97k health means you have 2nd most health in game t10 included. Gun range. Reasonably middle of the pack speed wise. -'s lack of secondaries/aa means you get focused by carriers and can get wrecked pretty easily, best stay with the cruisers and us bbs for aa support. Slow turret traverse. Not as accurate as the yamato. Slow rudder shift means harder to torp beat. Can be seen from space. Kron + biggest guns on any cruiser. Can punish you with ap even if your a bb.( Citadelled i think every t7-t10 bb). Has Russian radar (11.7 nm)and spotting plane enabling you to be slightly more aggressive. Has 71k hp more then any cruiser in the game. Best cruiser belt armor and decent torp belt as well. Reasonably fast b as well. -'s not the most accurate guns, they will troll you from time to time with bad vertical dispersion. Rudder shift is horrible/turning circle. Largest cruiser in the game, suprisingly not horrible concealment. I'm a fan of all 3 but would deff say the kron is not a beginner ship at all. If you are going up the Japanese bb line you can't really go wrong with the mush, same can be said for the Nelson.
  5. Have had the pleasure of being able to have conversations with Tuskegee airmen and one of the officers responsible for the US space program growing up. Take the time to visit some of the old military vfw's and listen to some stories if you guys ever get a chance. I have been blessed to have some great conversations with some awesome men and women while volunteering across the world, and it really brightens up their day when they get a chance to talk. Oct will be 14 years since i enlisted, did 2 years in iraq during enduring freedom and new dawn, have taken part in hurricane Katrina, Haiti disaster and of course the recent hurricane. Thanks to all those vets who have given so much
  6. Apparently I'm the exception to the norm because i do enjoy the republique. And it is just behind the yamato when it comes to accuracy. I love every ship from t7 to t10 even if my stats in the alcase are compete crap lol.
  7. Best part of the ship is you dont need anything but the hull it's serviceable without the extended range and is already a fast ship without the engine upgrade
  8. Hey there lego i do I messaged you a few days ago but ended up having some rl stuff come up i apologize for not getting back to you. Should be back on hopefully in the next few days though
  9. Repub is a worthwhile ship as well I've enjoyed both ships and plan on keeping from t7-t10.
  10. Potentially have a question for you guys but I'll shoot someone a pm when I'm able to login. Wish you guys well though on recruiting
  11. For me it's a great ship, and good credit earner as well ( i own basically every premium ), wargaming has said that the MO credit earning was not intended so they basically put this where the MO should have been credit earning wise. My issues with the ship and basically the entire ijn line was slow rudder response and acceleration and turret traverse speed. Dispersion is not as bad as one might expect either, i just find a us cruiser / bb if there is a carrier for aa protection.
  12. Think i spent over 220, ended up with 12000 doubloons, 180 prem days, more fur camo then I can count and 21 ships. Still trying to get the kidd and gremy though
  13. New Years Crate Contents

    Did it again and got 2000 doubloons, duca,D'aosta, and a gallant. Think im just gonna buy the 25000k gold and buy the ships i want with that instead of playing the game lol
  14. New Years Crate Contents

    5 mega boxes ended up with 180 days premium 30 frost fir tree 2000 doubloons 30 red dragons 30 wyvern's. Wanted a alabama,kidd, lo yang but can't complain about the premium time and doubloons
  15. Desmoines Needs Suriviability Buff

    dm can shoot over mountains dm doesnt need survivability, she needs islands and smoke in a div, shes the best t10 cruiser. when solo, she relies on personal skill more than other ships