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  1. At least you got something, i got screwed out of the exp and credits when i did the exact same thing you did
  2. e6600

    In game Free EXP issue

    How exactly did i "skip" the t9 when i had every ship researched? that makes absolutely zero sense. I researched the entire line and purchased the t10 months ago lol. I just wanted either the ship back or give me the exp/credits i would have received had i sold the ship. instead they took the EXP AND CREDITS, and i don't have the ship
  3. e6600

    In game Free EXP issue

    "You only get free xp back from selling your carrier once; if you sold hak after 0.8.0 dropped and you bought it back, then sold it again, you're not getting your free xp back; you will instead get elite xp on your T1 Japanese ship, Hashidate. " also no exp on the hash either so thats not true
  4. e6600

    In game Free EXP issue

    refund through the inventory
  5. e6600

    In game Free EXP issue

    Which is fine, but i don't have any credits for selling the ship, hence the give me the credits/exp or give me the ship back not none of the above.
  6. So this is going to be long so bear with me. that being said, Before 8.0 came out i had researched and purchased the hakuryu i played a few PVE games but never any pvp until I got better at playing CV's ( not one to hamper my team by my lack of skill with CV's against players) so after determining I was horrible I decided I would just let it sit in my dock until the CV rework happens then give it another go. Fast forward to the day before the patch I had 200k free exp and roughly 17M credits. After 8.0 hits i gained 300k free exp from the researched ships wargaming removed and ended up selling the Hakuryu, after hearing a friend tell me to get it again I repurchased the ship ( at this point i did not even realize how many credits it gave me) played in PVE again and I was still garbage so sold it again, but when I sold it I realized it did not give me the free exp back I had used to purchase the ship again. So what did I do I submitted a ticket saying that I sold the ship but never received the FREE EXP I should have gotten for selling the ship, and received a response that said " We’ve noticed that you used aircraft carrier exchange system combined with Clan Base discount to gain a certain amount of credits in a clearly unintended way. As a result, we’ve removed the credits earned this way and reverted all transactions connected with them on your account. We do not support exploiting game mechanics hope for your understanding and cooperation. World of Warships team." I honestly did not even realize that I had more credits then I should have, and if I was actually exploiting the game mechanics don't you think I would have actually used those credits? I honestly don't even care about the credits if I want credits ill hop in my Missouri, JB, Musashi or flint, but I do however think its wrong that you took my FREE EXP and credits from legit selling the carrier, and you won't refund me the carrier I actually researched. Proof of owning the Carrier before patch
  7. You sacrifice some of the "historical " aspects of the game to make it somewhat fair for all players involved. It's a team game learn to move and play as a team if you don't you typically don't last long. Reason i always make random turns when I'm playing, never really sail straight if i can prevent it. Also use the dd's effectively as well.
  8. e6600

    Flint vs Belfast?

    If you can play flint to its strength then it can do some damage, typically follow a dd to a island then use the island to loop shells while the dd spots. Also the camo that you can get for it is pretty nice as well. Also have a winfast as well i personally enjoy both ships tbh just gotta play the belfast a little passive
  9. I had the pleasure of being part of a team that supported her. Been on those masts more times then i can count lol