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  1. ROFL the only reason they bringing in these mods is because they are so rampant nowadays it would be way too much work to force there removal and also risk ticking off about 60% of the playerbase and some of those would leave for they don't like to be called cheaters when everybody else is doing it lool. I will apologize to all the RN cruisers your smoke is about to become utterly useless so you better learn how to play with radar
  2. Filter Out Stock Ships for Ranked

    Rofl he is a great player and credit to any team I have been on with him but feel free to insult others as is common in any thread nowadays
  3. Yep I get a laugh outa this is the only game in about 20 years of gaming I have ever had any kind of a ban rofl even when I don't type in chat at all just need to run into a trip division I don't like a couple times in one night ( don't matter what side they on) and chat banned rofl
  4. meh I find the opposite if I call out bad Play I am the monster and its fine to call me or my family whatever they want and then spam report me so I get a chat ban
  5. Send your prayers and best wishes to Toronto.

    ROFL nice( comeback) glad your friend is allright and safe then
  6. Send your prayers and best wishes to Toronto.

    sorry was responding from my account and honestly got sidetracked by someone saying we don't shoot suspects up here that's not very true have had several friends going on since the80's get shot at by RCMP cause they are afraid of first nations people and think they allways have guns at home ( pretty true but its not like they where using them against RCMP) sorry
  7. Send your prayers and best wishes to Toronto.

    got anymore brushes you sure are a great painter... anyways all our hopes and prayers as a nation go out for all familys affected in this tragedy
  8. Send your prayers and best wishes to Toronto.

    I allways try my hardest thanks do you know what the penalty was for murder for almost all first nations?? it wasn't life in prison
  9. damage

    where you intoxicated when you tried to turn sometimes I get way to wasted and mix up my buttons just luckily Im to wasted to come to forums at those times. And yes you can damage modules and receive no damage one reason why BB constantly shoot AP at DD is this
  10. Pro Tip: How to Shoot Torps

    That looks normal allies in the way of a perfect torp shot while they oblivious cause brawling and stuff ( cause using secondaries is such high skillset)
  11. Do you have a cursed ... tier?

    sorry cant say any tiers just ships Hindenburg god I love it but I have an atrocious record in it worst tier 10 for WR but one I love to play
  12. Send your prayers and best wishes to Toronto.

    oh wow you worked with them at a museum rofl Ive lived with them since I was a kid places you couldn't drive to need boat or waterplane without fresh water you hunted fished and trapped that is how you survived and yes RCMP shot at many of them without provecation pretty much since RCMP was made. The Kwakwaka'wakw people are very friendly to others in area they helped my family more times than I can count but mistrust many government bodies as they lie and steal and murder them most people have no idea of there real History over the last 150 years just what you read at the Museum. Anyway's glad you got to work with some hope they taught you much and your ears and mind where open
  13. Why can't I win in Yamato?

    mate no worries its probably a bad streak is all I know the feeling I went from a 65% win rate in my Kidd this weekend to 44% 60 or so games and it wasn't me came top of team every fricken game I played in it but if I played any IJN ship it was complete opposite my teams had reds carved out before I could really do much in my DD I mean spot and cap maybe get 50 000 damage rofl was pretty sad Tried so hard in my US DD and couldn't buy a win and I could have fallen asleep in any IJN DD I played and team would win it easy
  14. ROFL but nothing makes a team move to attack a cap enmass than sitting there pretending to be afk in your DD I cant count how many times Ive gone spotted for some players and they don't approach cap or they go sit behind island and have no gun angles to shoot into cap those same players in a different game I went and had a smoke outside because I knew how boring and passive they where spammed me in chat hated on me and reported me lo and behold they had taken positions to fight and hold the cap and when I came down there we wrecked the dd 's that where in cap still sometimes you have to force your teammates to help u
  15. Send your prayers and best wishes to Toronto.

    yep but at least I am grieving for the families of those lost ROFL and also you must not live in Canada at all suspects get shot a lot go to any first nation's community and talk to Elders but be forwarned many of them have very good reasons for not trusting outsiders