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  1. I know man I have lived for this day!!!!!! I will break his calm demeanour in about 5 mins I bet no probs
  2. lool how is this mission hard play a Russian or IJN cruiser and double left click fire started repeat as necesarry
  3. Play Russian or IJN cruiser aim guns double click left mouse button fire started pretty much. Try to aim at different ships after you have 1 going sometimes I can get 3 or 4 ships burning at once and after fire is lit on one ship it is harder to light another on it cause of fire limits. I used my Atago so it was pretty easy to finish
  4. Yes I am the problem isn't it a great feeling when you sink me??Untill you do I wont stop lool
  5. I think my fav is when I 1 shot someone and tell them it was skill people go off the rails with that and usually give you a good ten minutes of trolling
  6. without gloating the internet serves no purpose
  7. LOOL who cares about reports or Karma or your reputation lool
  8. Karma means nothing so give yer reports plz
  9. Normally I report all I sink as plays poorly and laugh as hard as I can when pummeling BB that cant shoot back gloating is wut makes the internet great
  10. Same here been trying to gen on for 20 mins lol
  11. How about who cares and grow some thicker skin to me the best is when others get Salty and trash talking them one of the only reasons I play at all I cant count how many times Ive been called a crapand then lo and behold score top of team best is when you get a Solo warrior while in the middle of an Argument with your teammates about who is more stooped you or the 11 other dead ships on your team
  12. Huh the Gnevy has torpedoes I wasn't even aware of that all I ever did was drive fast and shoot with it I will have to try these fancy new torps out
  13. It is this trust me many smoke babies cry when this happens
  14. 3 games WOW it only took me 2 games bro and yeah there is some bads that deserve every word I write can also say I have been the baddie in a couple for sure