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  1. Meh wasn't to bad did it in my kagero first few games where hard cause of lack of targets ( so many DD like over 5 or 6 per game) then it all came together with a match that was all Missouri lool somehow I got 6 km from them and sent torps out to 2 of em and they both ate 6 a piece lool
  2. u have wisdom don't let others try and convince you to change many cannot stand Alpha's because it reminds them what they look at in the mirror everyday.
  3. do you even know what was said? you completely jump to your own conclusions even with me I got in a huge argument with you because I said something about idiots with no hope of survival trying to ram and instead don't see the torps I have on enemy BB but try ram into them instead with their 2000 HP vs a almost full HP BB when all they had too do was slow down but instead they or their carcass eats my torps you just assumed I am reckless with my torps and a teamkiller .... you don't know what these guys said and from the Yamato players post he sounds fairly level headed too me
  4. yep happens a lot in ranked tonight I got 13 losses in a row fell back to 7 got a chat ban so many reports but when you get stuck with players that don't move from spawn don't focus fire don't shoot at DD ( cause he was to far away so they said yet enemy team smashed me from same distance) you just have to bend over and accept your loss , sometimes you can keep a star but lots of other times I am getting killed to early to do so from focus fire while my team is hiding behind rocks and it gets agitating cause you can only do so much
  5. yes I agree some people get offended very easily in todays world and then just sit on thier hands and say I don't want to play your not nice
  6. ROFL the self entitlement of so many posters here they made it to Rank 1 did any of you? I would glady take their salt cause in most cases its well deserved and they kinda do know what they are doing and playing with people that have good tactics and skills gives you guidance , grow a thicker skin and listen is all I can say I would take angry gud players anyday over people that don't say anything but GG after they are sunk
  8. yeah this happens a lot cant do anything but farm man sorry I find one trick is to leave even for 15 mins and I mean leave even before battle ends after about 3 losses and you will get some pity wins for coming back. Eventually it will go the other way and you will have a day or 2 you cant lose no matter how bad you derp.
  9. Yeah hate that one happened to me many times probably more than half of my pinks are cause of a few clans I cant name that do exactly that
  10. Duke of York: inperspective

    yep its a free ship and people still complain got so much camos and flags playing it too was honestly fun 4 me
  11. Duke of York: inperspective

    agreed I didn't have any probs with it I own a Nelson too both are fine
  12. Just wanted to thank you all for the free Camo's , free flags and free ships WG had fun with it all this Holidays keep er up
  13. Duke of York Disappointment

    Hell its a free premium whats the prob??? If anything thanks WG I enjoyed both playing to get it and playing it thank you