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  1. GuntherPrein

    Canadian Surface Combatant, which design is ideal?

    tell that too Russia in 25 years and the whole world likes Canada for what exactly????
  2. GuntherPrein

    Canadian Surface Combatant, which design is ideal?

    nothing toxic about the truth you got that right we wont even have 1 ship before next election
  3. I think where I honed RTS skills was Command and Conquer and StarCraft both are very challenging depending on who you are playing and made CV's pretty easy to play because of simplicity. To me that is where greatest skill disparity arrises in this game is that most players in this game are from fps games with little knowledge of rts games so when they play CV they think its hard to have to multi task even though there is truly not much in CV play so it seems like alota work and then you go up against a player that's Diamond level in in starcraft who could be half asleep and wipe the board because its so simple compared to a true rts game.
  4. some are different for sure but you still have control of single units and unless your just steamrolling your opponents ( in which case they have to be terrible) you will need to move single units about and use their abilitys far harder than CV play is in this game also most of those games have 25+ unit types per faction and all with different types of counters so you have to mix and micro to beat opponents with same eco and unit counts as yourself
  5. GuntherPrein

    Lamentations of the Destroyer

    sure but was the easiest thing in the world to stop all you needed was a spotter I never had a prob stopping OWSF only idiots did or those that let all of there vision die off and deserved to have it happen to them
  6. GuntherPrein

    A proper sendoff to the Alsace, farewell

    ROFL typical BB player..... your nerf is nothing man absolutely nothing and your ship deserves a nerf not what they did to it but a real one
  7. If you find CV 's challenging to micro manage plz don't play them really I mean it don't play them you are not helping your team and you are adding to CV hate.... Cv's are the least challenging RTS style gameplay I have ever tried try playing a game with 1000+ units in play and have to Micro manage while still having to protect and expand an economy this game has bareley even 9 units to micro and a ship you have to pay attention too not very much at all
  8. After reading all of that I felt like I wasted my time best way to FIX CV prob is to just refund Doubloons for premiums CV's owned and Free exp for all the others. And I am not someone that never played CV I played near 4500 games in them and own everone they are cancer to this game and all those who don't think so are stat padding CV players or just Oblivious
  9. GuntherPrein

    No more reserve slots?? NOOOOOOOO!!!

    That's it I have about 400+ reserve spots and never ever had a need for more than 1
  10. GuntherPrein

    Smoke vs. Torpedo reload boost...your opinions?

    man you don't ever use smoke you don't even use smoke on your Shima as to why the give it to you even baffles me.... TRB is only thing IJN DD should ALL have
  11. ywah its pretty bad Ieven see CC doing it which is funny considering you would think WG would want people to play game and not leave even if they get Salty in games... Seems unprofessional to me
  12. Honestly man they are just trolling you hard they have no advice to give is what it come down too... if you want advice look for me in game I will div with you I am no pro but am better than a lot of DD drivers and I play all nations and tiers 5 thru 10. It is very hard to tell people to be patient has to be shown in game and not typed out in forums I can teach you spots to wait where you are being effective for your team while you wait for chance to do damage and it will come from torps not from guns for most part., I play almost nightly at around 6 pm pacific
  13. no and truth be told most of those videos are games against major scrubs with players aiding the tuber so it helps them look way better they never show the vids of Notser eating my torps on an Island or flamu getting spotted by my Shima and getting deleted in seconds
  14. None they don't need too they stealth fire by breaking LOS with islands DD can too but most DD don't shoot 18+ km oh wait none do that's right.......
  15. But he is not wrong about OWSF removal it needed some nerfing sure but did my Sims guns do that much damage at 13+ km no they didn't A BB firing from stealth can do 40 000+ with one Salvo so how Is that cool but a DD pew pew pewing all day was bad????