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  1. 3 games WOW it only took me 2 games bro and yeah there is some bads that deserve every word I write can also say I have been the baddie in a couple for sure
  2. Umm no you cant what game are you playing???
  3. Gotta fake em out and hope he screws up cause really a perfect drop depends on what you do I know cause I do it to a lot of DD and they all think you can do it all of the time and very easy when really its not really like that lol when I drive DD if Im in a fast DD the speed boost right after I slowed and honestly minimal turning finds a little sweetspot you can drive through but gotta be pumped up and focused and I still [edited]it up even in a Sims, and that's if he pulls the cross drop infront of you if he chases you then no matter what you will take 1 it seems that's how I get most of my DD drop 1 from behind and other at one side gotta be fast with those clicks but can still lace them good with a drop from front
  4. LoL this post is funny I only get reported for telling my team how much they sucked lol did you do that too? I do it so sue me lool keep reporting folks maybe one day I will care
  5. Man I feel that like that tonight only 3 games top of team in all 3 absolute steamrolls then in my 2nd game get a chat ban as well all I said to the guy was yer dead man what are u doing and when the hood decided to ignore me not use my smoke for cover at all and fight six ships with only me and a cruiser that got detonated I told him that was just plain stupid exactly those words next thing I know 'you have been banned from chat'????? If I am going to lose hard because of poor play from teammates at least let me tell them they suck why do you even have a in game player controlled chat ban. I have bought so many premium ships from you WG and this is the game I get not even able to talk to my division mate cause sum scrub got salty after I laughed at his stupid mistake and most of the time those players don't even stick with your game man wthare u doing
  6. That's what I need some popcorn thanks bro!!!
  7. Laughing at losses is better than being angry about them isn't it? If you angry your mind does not grow and learn not even mad about my chat ban was more agitated by how MM seems to just screw me and a few others that try on my teams today but only ever get these bad days when I have a chat ban it seems otherwise games seem even at least
  8. I should take your advice friend lol just allways hated copying others tactics used to do that years ago in RTS games with replays but you never learn how to counter just to copy have to use your brains to counter but this isn't RTS game so I prob should break down and learn from pros and copy and paste
  9. yeah been there buddy I got saved 1 time from wargaming because I saved screenshots and showed them and the took ban off after like 4 hours so it is true there are people that abuse it I remember getting one just for playing strike Essex no other reason right at start of match somebody said if I am playing strike to report me for chat abuse and all it took was a couple others to join in and bammo would have should have saved screenshot for that one too but didn't think anything of it when he said it so was tool late
  10. well to tell you the truth I prob only play about 3000 games lol got three kids that play my account and they pretty young two 9 year olds and the funniest was walking into house after work to see my 5 year old had been playing my Sims all day was pretty funny lol he didn't even know how to steer felt bad for the teams that he was on man the account prob deserved every report it got that day can only imagine what was being said to me that whole day ROFL
  11. Well allways fun playing with you on my team lert you prob don't even know how many games weve played on same team most times I think I am playing CV when I see you so I like to make sure you are free from planes so you can go to work and you don't seem to overextend yourself much so you are easy to provide air support for I wish I could have more players like that more often keep it up thanks
  12. You allways come on these posts and say the same thing lol you are right it shouldn't be that hard to not get banned but I find ways trust me think I have had about a dozen bans in about 3000 + games so I think I am doing fine just wish when they do happen it wasn't so obvious that the team I get put on is filled with players that make me look like a pro 3rd game I played today I got top of team with 3000 damage and 1 cap to me it seems like they were pretty brutal and If I wasn't already banned that game woulda done it probably
  13. I should just take your advice lool
  14. Why would I lie??? dont make sense to lie about chat bans I got banned cause I said other players sucked hard and guess what they did I said a lot of other stuff just as they did BUT apparently I don't have to use a report button because someone says something to me sorry I am not a snowflake
  15. Yeah seems to be that way I have never actually reported anyone only give comps to players that help team