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  1. Is this game full of haters?

    Yes there is a way to shut off chat friend you have to hold Ctrl button and there is a little x button on chat window if you click it with your mouse it will shut off chat.
  2. Chat banned for ROFL????

    you two are obviously the lives of any party's you attend ..... meh sounds to me like your lives are pretty miserable and wait at any chance in life to try to get back at somebody even on a computer game. I wont tell you to go swim in the piss filled kiddie pool how about you get out of your moms basement and get some sunshine troll's
  3. Chat banned for ROFL????

    Honestly I got no response all I got is chat so I will take it and be happy thanks WG
  4. Chat banned for ROFL????

    sorry man hope your work hours go easy from here on ... 07
  5. Chat banned for ROFL????

    will do just cant fathom how I see people attack others in this game and get away with it.... yesterday I had some idiot sending me messages for 20 mins after I sunk him and well I guess I should have reported it but the ingame chat was very abusive to his teammates and such he didn't get a chat ban but somehow what I said triggered some people I guess, Oh well hope to never see any of them in a battle again if that's all it takes for them to report others
  6. Chat banned for ROFL????

    ROFL its been dealt with and chat is open now maybe lose your preconceptions friend
  7. Chat banned for ROFL????

    why not people just let people talk??? Like maybe you should just shut off chat if that bothers you????
  8. Chat banned for ROFL????

    well somebody dealt with it so there is that you can keep thinking I am some kinda villain if you want and calling me dishonest but well I don't care what you think or say friend
  9. Chat banned for ROFL????

    yeah its kinda funny like I luahged a little then kinda was mad about the whole thiong but WG is a decent company that dosent want trolls abusing system so props to them
  10. Chat banned for ROFL????

    thank you only stuff I ever report is Hate speech or personal attacks on other players don't get how me trying to get my friends attention was worthy of a chat ban but WG solved the prob so I am happy and feel justified sending in a ticket don't get how it got dealt with so quick when it says they down till Monday but obviously somebody working overtime there and I thank them
  11. Chat banned for ROFL????

    well somehow prob has been solved so I will take it
  12. Chat banned for ROFL????

    Yeah I know I deserve that too lool some people need to grow up me thinks ( not you just people that report that kinda stuff)
  13. Chat banned for ROFL????