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  1. mpwardawg


    This has already been suggested but it is great advice. Use a separate account! From there they can then mess around in lower tiers where usually people tend to be less.....abrasive.
  2. mpwardawg

    Double Uptier Games

    The grind can seem long but I would to use the uptiering to your advantage. Play a bit more cautiously by positioning and picking your shots. A tier 8 smacking a tier 10 can net you some nice XP. Then just imagine when you finally get to your tier 10 you can show everyone how you can destroy anything below you! GL. Remember we all went through this (well the vast majority).
  3. mpwardawg

    Thanksgiving Combat Mission chain - FAIL

    Ehh if the free stuff sucks I wouldn't let it bother you. I just hope they keep up with the anniversary and snowflake events. This particular mission chain isn't one to write home about - but the price is right.
  4. mpwardawg


    Impressive! Got that kill tho. Did you get a chance to launch torps?
  5. mpwardawg

    I am so tired of CV's

    I don't care for double CV games but know they can happen. I see you have also played a limited amount of CV games. Maybe its time you fully embraced the dark side. Playing as a CV also allows you to gain insight against CVs. Granted, your example here was as someone put it a "perfect storm": 1. Bad/lone spawn 2. You riled up their CVs with chat no matter if that's the way it is in Texas 3. Your priority sector timing was off 4. NC does not really need a spotter 5. Turn into torps. For bombers take your chances or go broadside if the enemy surface fleet seems to be ignoring you For me I hate getting focused by CVs, but hate it even more when our DDs die early or are AFK/running to another flank to be useless. Nothing causes red DDs to salivate more than an 8k detection difference and long range torps. Now the Graf and Kaga can be dangerous, but they have nothing on the Big E.
  6. mpwardawg

    Anniversary Drops - 72 Supercontainers

    Same. First time I got a boat out of the Anniversary event so I am not going to complain!
  7. I swore there was another post with a collection of these but it either doesn't exist anymore or I am just too lazy or blind to see it. So here goes - I put them all down in the order they were received. I was REALLY surprised with a tier 9 ship and a 5,000 doubloon single drop! ` Drop 1 50,000 Free XP 2 30 Days Premium 3 50 Ship XP 200% 4 1000 Doubloons 5 50 Ship FXP 600% 6 50 Commander XP 200% 7 50 Commander XP 200% 8 50 Ship FXP 600% 9 50 Ship FXP 600% 10 100 India Yankee 11 50 Credits 40% 12 7 Days Premium 13 15000 Coal 14 50 Ship XP 200% 15 15000 Coal 16 1000 Doubloons 17 50 Commander XP 200% 18 1000 Doubloons 19 100 Juliet Charlies 20 15000 Coal 21 7 Days Premium 22 15000 Coal 23 100 November Foxtrots 24 100 India X-Ray 25 1000 Doubloons 26 5000 Doubloons 27 50 Commander XP 200% 28 50 Ship XP 200% 29 50 Ship XP 200% 30 50,000 Free XP 31 1000 Doubloons 32 50 Credits 40% 33 7 Days Premium 34 7 Days Premium 35 50,000 Free XP 36 50 Commander XP 200% 37 25 Ship FXP 2400% 38 1000 Doubloons 39 1500 Steel 40 1000 Doubloons 41 100 Sierra Mikes 42 1500 Steel 43 7 Days Premium 44 1000 Doubloons 45 50 Ship FXP 600% 46 100 Victor Limas 47 100 Sierra Mikes 48 50 Ship FXP 600% 49 15000 Coal 50 7 Days Premium 51 100 Sierra Mikes 52 50 Ship FXP 600% 53 15000 Coal 54 15000 Coal 55 Giuseppe Verdi IX Ship 56 50 Ship FXP 600% 57 50 Ship FXP 600% 58 100 India Deltas 59 50 Ship XP 200% 60 25 Credits 160% 61 100 X-Ray Papa Unaone 62 25 Ship XP 800% 63 50 Credits 40% 64 50 Commander XP 200% 65 50 Ship XP 200% 66 100 India Deltas 67 7 Days Premium 68 100 Juliet Charlies 69 15000 Coal 70 25 Credits 160% 71 7 Days Premium 72 50 Credits 40% 73 1000 Doubloons
  8. mpwardawg

    Submarine Suvey

    I think his point was more on timing. Myself - I don't really play subs but they are fun to kill when you can find the little.....
  9. mpwardawg

    How to refund a Armory ship?

    Hate to say it, but it seems to be the way of customer service anymore. Every company will tout excellent customer service but rarely deliver. In this instance providing a ticket should be easy and not require several steps. Provide a simple link and have live people monitor it. Keep required fields so you don't get a ticket that basically says "I am mad as hell and i'm not going to take it anymore!" This link should be easy to find and use. The worst are the phone companies. After you spend too much time on hold and verifying your data - you'll get a murky answer at best and then be asked to take lovely survey.
  10. mpwardawg

    July Super Container Drop Results

    1000 doubloons. Happy with that!
  11. mpwardawg

    Karma finally figured out...

    Not a stat geek here, but I have 480 karma last I checked. Xmas containers seemed like they dropped ships pretty often. I always get ships to drop after I play my Enterprise....
  12. mpwardawg

    to Wargaming

    Think about this. If you play your next five games and have someone leave on your team every game....for whatever reason..... It normally doesn't end well for you and the remaining teammates. A probable five losses in a row as a teammate sits idle. Life does happen so I would leave your house and the game if it happens to be on fire, and just accept the pink. Play 2 or 3 COOPs and you are back at it if you are worried about the shade of pink in a random match. As far as paying for premium, your argument won't stick. Premium or not you'll be pink for leaving a match.
  13. mpwardawg

    people reporting because you play a cv

    I have been. Some COOPs are over in a matter of minutes. Take rockets or bombs that will ensure a hit right off the bat. If your planes are getting shot down before they can attack you do need to evade flak better. Another thing to remember for spotting missions - use those fighters where you know the bots will be. They are pretty predictable. Lastly, you may want to tone down the negativity towards those trying to help you.
  14. mpwardawg

    people reporting because you play a cv

    Sorry you are just wrong. You should be able to do some damage in a COOP game using a CV. I can see biffing a few shots but zero damage through the whole game? Just take a look at some good players and their videos and try to put it into practice.
  15. mpwardawg

    Strike Force Energy

    Well I just about choked on my cream of wheat. And now my coffee is too cold. Get off my lawn! Well played +1