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  1. mpwardawg

    Karma finally figured out...

    Not a stat geek here, but I have 480 karma last I checked. Xmas containers seemed like they dropped ships pretty often. I always get ships to drop after I play my Enterprise....
  2. mpwardawg

    to Wargaming

    Think about this. If you play your next five games and have someone leave on your team every game....for whatever reason..... It normally doesn't end well for you and the remaining teammates. A probable five losses in a row as a teammate sits idle. Life does happen so I would leave your house and the game if it happens to be on fire, and just accept the pink. Play 2 or 3 COOPs and you are back at it if you are worried about the shade of pink in a random match. As far as paying for premium, your argument won't stick. Premium or not you'll be pink for leaving a match.
  3. mpwardawg

    people reporting because you play a cv

    I have been. Some COOPs are over in a matter of minutes. Take rockets or bombs that will ensure a hit right off the bat. If your planes are getting shot down before they can attack you do need to evade flak better. Another thing to remember for spotting missions - use those fighters where you know the bots will be. They are pretty predictable. Lastly, you may want to tone down the negativity towards those trying to help you.
  4. mpwardawg

    people reporting because you play a cv

    Sorry you are just wrong. You should be able to do some damage in a COOP game using a CV. I can see biffing a few shots but zero damage through the whole game? Just take a look at some good players and their videos and try to put it into practice.
  5. mpwardawg

    Strike Force Energy

    Well I just about choked on my cream of wheat. And now my coffee is too cold. Get off my lawn! Well played +1
  6. In a random last night, the red Russian CV used his first attack group to rocket our CV who took 18k damage. Our CV just said something about bull excrement and left the game. From there our DDs began getting picked off and you can guess the rest. Lol, red Russian. I can get the feeling of the game seeming like it screwed you, but it makes me want to do that much better. In some cases this means turning what looks like a total loss into a close call win. As others have stated, and especially in ranked, you get those guys that die early and then rant how we all lost because he wasn't supported as he drove his ship into radar and Torp walls. Unfortunately these types will always exist.
  7. mpwardawg

    Free Italian Container Codes

    The title of your post.......clickbait I tell ya!
  8. Dirigible Derby is the mode you're thinking of. I hope that one comes back as I like the idea of forced movement to win the objective. Of course there were still blow outs but overall I had fun with it - especially in the Shimakaze. With the current brawl I played only one round. It was one of those games where you just watched your own team melt (not to mention have an AFK). I may give it another try but if it becomes annoying I will just move on.
  9. mpwardawg

    Feedback on Ranked: Part 2!

    I am pretty happy with this new ranked system. I played a bit in all three and found silver to be the most fun and rewarding. It may have just been my luck, but the few games in gold I had teammates that raged at each other in chat while we got steamrolled. Bronze seemed to feature Sinops that hugged islands but was still overall fun. Since I am happy with silver, I like the fact that I can still collect the goodies by just winning. I don't feel the need to rank out. Team size.....7 on 7 works for me. I would agree with the other posters about having a low tier league. It could get more of the new players interested and I must admit tooling around with the Clemson is fun as hell.
  10. mpwardawg

    Something has to be done

    The ASW planes should have much better range. I was amazed to see how close you have to be to hopefully hit the sub as it is disappearing under water with the planes. I like the hydro idea, or at least pulse or mini-map the submerged sub's location.
  11. mpwardawg

    Buying Ships

    You can research them with the XP now and buy later. If you ever jump into the research bureau this is a great tactic to save on credits. In your case, just purchase these researched ships when you can. Or play the lower tier one and grind up the tree the old fashioned way (and bank more free xp).
  12. mpwardawg

    What about tier zero?

    Tier - 3. No HE or AP.....give em grape or round shot! Ok premiums can get chain shot too!
  13. mpwardawg

    How is Enterprise

    By far my favorite carrier for historical and in-game purposes. You can have absolute monster rounds in her. The rocket delay took some getting used to, and the AP bombs tend to land at the extreme ends of the reticle at times.
  14. mpwardawg


    See you in a month!
  15. mpwardawg

    200000 Coal Base Bid?!??!

    Well don't tell them I have 700 million lol.