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  1. mpwardawg

    A message to all CV-haters

    I would fall into your same category. CVs being my least played class and DDs being the most. I can get players wanting to change/limit CVs and even delete them from the game (which won't happen). Heck I think some changes should be made specifically for DD survivability. But what I don't get is how personal some folks get about people that do play CVs. The class warfare [edited] is pretty rediculous and only results in the same folks whipping out the old e-peen on the forums.
  2. Don't listen to them as they are usually the ones who will not support you. I only take the cap when I know I stand a reasonable chance of survival. Sometimes I am wrong and forget about a radar ship hiding behind a rock. I'm not sure what my karma is now but I know it is positive last I checked.
  3. mpwardawg

    What is going on

    Well that's depressing, until your last line lol. I really only division with two other clan members of our small clan. One of which is self-described horribad and always plays destroyers. You are absolutely right about MM putting us up against another division and someone does have to lose. However, we still have fun, and laugh (sometimes) when he sends friendly torpedoes at me. I only tend to get peeved at losing when I am trying to grind up a line i've neglected. That elusive win bonus....
  4. mpwardawg

    That's it for me, screw this game

    Great song. OP you should take a break and a breath. Come back to it when you feel like it. A game should not drive people to rage post/quit/close wallet.
  5. Nail on the head. Especially about the DD portion. Watch your DDs sail into a no escape zone, get radared, leave their AA on, sit in smoke and take torps etc. DDs do have a rough job, but when you watch your friendly DDs do this you know the enemy smells more blood in the water.
  6. Ok we will agree to disagree. I have had way more effective games in my Asashio vs my Lexington. While I know its anecdotal as with your Nagato story - my last Asashio game ended by wearing down a carrier. I spotted him and a couple BBs took him out. I got a few gunshots on the carrier while hiding in smoke, he left my BBs alone to try and Torp and rocket my smoke. He came close with the torps. Most of my damage came from an Iowa and Alsace that were hanging out by some rocks about 14k away. And yes, comparing a deep water Torp to an aerial dropped torpedo is vastly different. The aerial torps have the accuracy advantage. However they can be shot down and do a fraction of the damage, and have way less of a flood chance. I don't see the counterplay with Asashio torps beyond knowing the threat exists out there, and paying attention to when they use reload boosters. WASD indeed. The other bonus? You can see planes coming a long ways out. With this argument I think you solely focus on the point blank drop of aerial torpedoes ( which actually isn't point blank) while overlooking the sheer damage, flooding, and stealth of the deep water Torp. No worries on not wanting to upload a replay. I was just offering a surfire way where you could prove how OP the carriers are. Good players don't like CVs? Ok. I am sure there are good players that do not like other aspects or ships too. Pardon my ignorance, but if so many elites hate CVs, why not put a petition together citing stats, reasons, etc? Keep in mind, many may not like CVs currently, but would stop short of deleting them. Just saying that the best players have made posts or comments on them before is anecdotal. Either way, and I think you have (or should) accept that CVs are here to stay. Only scrubs complain about getting blapped in a cruiser or eating torpedoes? I do not have any hard data to back this up or refute it. But, I am sure there is at least one good player out there who has complained of such things as eating torpedo soup, or being citadeled by a BB when they "were angling." I also did not put a number on the amount of CV matches. I agree and already stated that at tier 4 there should be limits on CVs and buffs to tier 3 AA. There are a lot of tier 4 CVs while there are MUCH fewer at tier 8, and especially 10. I am sure someone has a graph, but I would be willing to take a guess and say that well over half of tier 10 random games do not have a CV in them. Another chunk, probably 20%, have only 1 per side. I can't say I have ever seen a 4 carrier match recently. Anyways good luck to you.
  7. I am just another player who just recently stumbled across the forums. I claim no elite status, nor final say. You sir tend to make broad generalizations and then assign those generalizations gospel status. Case in point, when I mention the Asashio and its deep water torps you go right to the fact that its AA sucks. While your assertion is right about the poor AA it has, you gloss over original point - the fact that it can send 20 highly powerful and stealthy torpedoes and use its great stealth. You cannot see these torpedoes until they are VERY close, and they do tremendously more damage/flooding than aerial torpedoes. Again, I have no problem with this as you learn to adapt. I ask you to show us how easy it is because you say just about anyone but a potato can dominate in a carrier. Hours cutting video? Sorry, nice try, check your replay folder. I also promise no critiquing since you would be totally decimating the enemy in your OP carrier. Even if you didn' t I would still respect the fact that you tried versus just showing up in every CV thread. The only effort you would have to make is playing the game and posting a replay file. Now don't get me wrong, some really good players can dominate in a CV, just as they could by blapping a cruiser with a BB, or radaring an enemy DD that just gets pulverized. There are plenty of "CC videos" that have DDs, cruisers, and BBs running wild and putting up 350k damage. Just as BB mains hate ships like the Asashio, a lot of DDs will hate carriers. Cruisers hate getting blapped from 18k away and will often provide some chat "fun and engaging" or "I almost got to play for 3 minutes this time.... I just do not see big deal about carriers, especially in upper tiers. Think of it this way. If you are playing a tier 8-10 match we already know that a good number of matches won't even HAVE carriers in those games. Those that do, usually only have a single carrier per side. So that one enemy carrier will have to pick from 12 targets and often times won't even fly in a certain area of the map. Now instead of the personal insults, I would suggest we discuss things civilly, offering ideas to better the game rather than turn the echo chamber into personal attacks.
  8. Well another CV thread with all of the usual posts for and against it. 1. OP - those in favor of CVs have a point. If it is so easy to just attack and delete enemy DDs and cruisers - prove it. Please, do not take the usual tact of saying "I do not need to get cancer to know cancer" [edited]. Really, if it is easy as you say, you can post a video where you vaporize three DDs and then move onto the cruisers and BBs (with your infinite planes). And please don't try and say that you are too honorable to use the "cancer class" in a high tier random game. @eviltane is also welcome to show off his game in a Lexington doing the same - preferably in tier 10 MM. 2. Lower tiers do need a break from CVs. Hard cap them at 2, and increase tier 3 AA. This is a terrible point in the game for new players who load in and get smoked by 3 carrier captains. 3. The "opt-out" of CV battles will not happen. Just as a BB trying to opt out of facing DDs. 4. There is no counterplay to CV planes as the CV itself sits 18k away? Asashio wants a word, with those faster/deadlier/more prone to flood speed reloading hard to detect deep water killers. And I love my Asashio. 5. CVs are indestructible. Nope, but they are the most survivable class for obvious reasons. But, if you catch them as I have many times in my surface ships, their time is up. I would like to see the fire/floods go back to what they were. 6. Carriers are here to stay.
  9. Well Jesus, now you owe us all dinner if you're going to and sell us a timeshare! Seriously no worries. Just think about posting everything in your original post when you make it (screenshot, claims, stats, videos, etc.) See you in game.
  10. No worries. I played the Takao a few times and did not find it as fun as some other ships. But you had me at 220k, I was intrigued! Since you got your ship and damage wrong, you owe the next round of drinks and doubloons.
  11. If you are being melted in a BB by a destroyer's guns that is indeed an issue. I would suggest though it is not an issue with the game. Some folks have already mentioned this.....but let's say you get melted by a lone DDs guns. How long does that take? Using repair party, damage control, and all of the non-fire shatters I would bet a while. However if you are in a BB and get a great snapshot off on a cruiser - you can kill them instantly. If you do the same to a DD, you can at least cut their low HP pool in half. Best example - I absolutely have a blast playing the Guilio Cesare. At the opening of one game our carrier spotted a lone cruiser (Danae) and before the rocket planes could turn around and make another pass I let loose. Now mind you, the cruiser was bow on and took two citadels and a few pens and exploded. He wrote "fun and engaging". I actually apologized to him as he literally had been in game for 45 seconds, if that. 100% to 0% in a blink. I don't mind the fires when I play a BB. Unless im flooding too lol.
  12. Huh I checked your profile and your highest damage was well below that. Maybe the stats are not updated. I too find that playstyles very boring and rather be on the run and kiting in a cruiser.
  13. And your suggestions are? Not being a smart mule either. I would like to know.
  14. Did you do a lot of damage? A couple fires is not a big deal. I thought you were going the route of the Smolensk which can spew out the fire. And this will also require the enemy to get within your relatively crappy range with the takao and have someone to spot for you. Either way congrats on the kraken.
  15. OP, I would suggest you play more as a cruiser. You will begin to "think like your enemy" and see if it is truly easy to just burn down red BBs. I find, especially in high tier matches, your DDs and if applicable your CV will make or break your flank. You can't really hit what you can't see minus some guess work in smoke. Sometimes I seem to have a great game in my Hindenburg only to load into a Des Moines and take a salvo or two and die.