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  1. Sharia law? What and where? Good lord some people always have to inject some form of non-related political debate. As far as the xmas ship, I am leaning Italian. A higher tier Guilio.
  2. mpwardawg

    Smalland any good?

    Oh man, it is one of my favorite botes to date. The AA is just awesome, and you can bully other DDs in a straight up gun fight. Get in a good smoke or island position and watch things burn!
  3. You set the bar high at "perfectly" balanced. I would have to say no. Do they ruin the game for me when playing other classes? No, with the exception of when I play a particularly low AA ship like Asashio. However, I can see the need to counter such ships with their low concealment and high alpha.
  4. Didn't they do away with 3 CVs per side? If not, they should.
  5. Now that is strange. A buddy and I played a few rounds in the Clemson and Guilio in randoms and there were no bots at all. A few days ago I did have a few bots sprinkled in but never as bad as that screenshot. At least the payout is better than COOP.
  6. mpwardawg

    Ships you Adore.

    My number one that got me started on this game is the Phoenix. While having a glass jaw, she is quick, has excellent range, and has a great rate of fire. Every once in a while you get to abuse the short range torpedoes. The T-61 is a close 2nd with its decent torpedoes and guns. Hydro has saved my bacon a few times in hotly contested caps. Guilio is just an awesome BB and can dominate even when uptiered. Minotaur is also quite a boat, and I am really beginning to like the Montana. For CVs, the Enterprise hands down. Honorable mention to the old style Minekaze!
  7. Agreed. While a screenshot tells a quick picture, I would like to see the number of online players on one of those handy graphs, or better yet a monthly chart showing loss/gain of players to include # of new players. I tried lazily to google it and came up with other hits that included one from 2018 that said "THIS GAME IS DYING!". Then a few videos from No Zoup.
  8. Ah, you mean new players have less seal clubbers to worry about as more bots are being injected into the teams? Or do you mean there are not enough low tier players and bots are being tossed in as fillers?
  9. mpwardawg

    Making Tier V Japanese DDs suffer

    Here I thought Japanese DDs at all tiers were not able to operate due to CVs. Actually, now that I finally got the Kamikaze, I know the definition of non-existant AA. Especially when there are two red CVs. But it does feel great to catch the CVs off guard and wreck them. And I also agree.....post the battle results! You may want to agree on more parameters to avoid any "reasoning" after the battle.
  10. I look at it differently, potato CV or not. If you shoot down 70 planes you kept the most *powerful* enemy ship busy and rather ineffective. I also like the medal, as it allows me to be a slightly better AA platform with the provided signals for the next 10 battles. Granted in my case, our BBs were atrocious and hid behind rocks and just ate HE and AP. I almost got their carrier but a couple BBs and cruisers came back to help him. Next time.
  11. I saw the title of the OP and was glad to see all the usual suspects posting. I play more DDs than I do anything else, and find radar more annoying than CVs. You can see planes coming from kilometers out and by now, should know if you are making yourself a target and which way you should manuever if all else fails. Radar could be mounted on numerous ships and can reach out to 12k with cruiser guns ready to make quick work of you. At this point CV haters have the option to: 1. Acceptance 2. Acceptance and maybe even give it a shot as a CV themselves 3. Acceptance but still lobby for changes that most would consider reasonable (fire/flood damage on CVs should be increased for instance, or limited team spotting by aircraft) 4. Don't accept reality and continue diagnosing everyone who plays a CV as having mental problems @Taichunger, I know you think "crap is crap" but you should try it before you knock it. You could then prove as a CV noob just how OP the class is. You could also take a Friesland!
  12. mpwardawg

    One Million Credit Squad

    I enjoy getting the 1 million credits on a loss. Now this was a heartbreaker. Had two friendly, nearly full health BBs sitting behind islands on my flank the entire game. They eventually got burned to death by cruisers. "You're our last hope!" At least it helped me reach that campaign to shoot down 300 aircraft lol. The poor Shokaku only got one strike through for minimal damage.
  13. mpwardawg

    Random vs Coop Earnings

    I dusted off the Schors to get the Tallin. The Schors is an excellent at range fire starter, and can punish with AP when given the opportunity. It's torps are 4k and thus tools usually of last resort. But she is quite fragile, and with no heal, is a prime target.
  14. mpwardawg

    Invisible Ships

    Huh, I have never saw that (or never noticed) that. I do know that a lot of bot DDs with their stock configurations have terrible gun range and may not fire until pretty dang close. Still, a replay would remove all conjecture, but I am not going to hold my breath.
  15. mpwardawg

    Multiple Games No DD's

    Best post so far. CVs are not usually in those tier 10 games, and if they are, it is almost always just 1 enemy CV to worry about. Radar on the other hand is getting to be too common imho, especially the 12k radar on new ships that people will be grinding. I would be totally cool with radar if it didn't go through mountains. At least the CV will lose some planes while spotting you. That damn Moskava however just sits there and lets everyone on his team have a shot at you. I did appreciate the move to delay the spotting of the hapless DD by allies of the radar ship.