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  1. mpwardawg

    Is Brawl a Joke?

    I did and I played with all different classes and there were some absolute stomps. However it did feel good to win against a clan divison that had a FDR, Petro, Marceau, Venezia (forget the last one). You can definitely win as an underdog, but you can also feel like a whipping boy when your teammates all die or hide. Still, a nice way to mix things up. 50% of the time you may be blessed with a more powerful team on paper. @Snargfargle may be right on his conclusion.
  2. mpwardawg

    Weekend Spree - FREE!

    Good choice! Best 1 million FXP I ever spent even though they forgot the torpedoes.
  3. mpwardawg

    I rage quit a match today

    What it all comes down to is that you should not rage quit on your team, especially at the beginning of the battle based upon your MM tool/own assessment. Note this is quite different than experiencing an ISP outage or what have you. So you may lose, big deal. It happens to everyone and can appear as streaks. So can wins though. Even in a loss though you can still gain XP and credits especially if you still play well. Why not try still and extract what benefit you can?
  4. mpwardawg

    I rage quit a match today

    No doubt there are the stompings and the 3 matches in a row where you seem to be the bottom feeder. But it seems you just made the choice to go COOP which is admirable....compared to just leaving a PvP match because you were angry about MM. In terms of getting a pass for "leaving" a match....i could see that for "real life" reasons such as an ISP outage or a family emergency. But not because you were angry about the tier range of your ship YOU chose to play. I had some ISP issues a year or so ago and while frustrating, I took my pink and warnings and just played through it once the network was stable again. I also did not hear any complaints from the OP on being the top tier, as it HAD to happen a time or two.
  5. mpwardawg

    i am doing better!

    Hear hear. Nice work @Mika_The_Vampire! As a side, good on you for playing the campaigns. When they first started I ignored them but soon realized you may as well grab some additional goodies while playing.
  6. mpwardawg

    I rage quit a match today

    I would just like to point out that others deal with the same MM. Some even consider it a challenge.....an opportunity to do your best and obtain additional rewards. You must have been top tier in some of the games you played. Did you rage quit to virtue signal your outrage for those that were uptiered by you? I mean.....not even trying? "C'mon man!"
  7. Which I'm in the process with the x2 bonus on the American DD line. I am amazed how much free XP you can get with a Missouri or Enterprise loaded up with those flags/camo.
  8. 100 of the free XP flags.....Ourboros I believe? Not the papa papa.
  9. Yep. It is beyond simple. If you can possibly hit friendlies with your torps, make the cost/benefit analysis quickly and launch (or wait for a more opportune time). Chat helps, but can't be counted on 100%. Since DDs are the main torpedo delivery systems, it is a good thing they SHOULD be on the front line. I always hate seeing that friendly DD hanging behind cruisers and BBs launching long distance skill and then yelling at a Vermont to move out of the way. I think a lot of players play as a single unit and believe that every ally should know what that single unit is doing and support them without question. Put 8-11 more players on that team with that mindset and watch some quality salt erupt in chat.
  10. mpwardawg


    Agree on all counts. I started to sour on high tier DDs but really enjoy the Halland. Those fast torpedoes may not hit the hardest but they reload quickly. The AA absolutely rocks and I have earned the AA ribbon a few times defending myself or screening for my team. Get it!
  11. Are your planes upgraded? Commander? Once I got the Midway I thought it was impossible to do well against those AA cruisers. I was terrible with it but started to get a bit better as time went on. Then I learned to use island approaches and attack lone wolves parked by those islands. Upgrading the planes and commander helps a lot. The only thing I find annoying is hitting a flak burst that you cannot see. I am not sure if it is due to lag, delayed rendering etc, but it sucks for plane losses and I swear I see and mostly avoid the visible flak clouds.
  12. mpwardawg

    Ranked TK'er

    I have not run into this player yet....luckily. Seems like a pretty clear cut case. And with the FDR no less? This seems like a dedicated griefer. I have noticed a pretty fair amount of AFKers too in ranked.
  13. mpwardawg

    So How is Ranked going for you?

    I'd say overall pretty good. I am sticking with Bronze for now and have been really enjoying the Benham. Don't bring a Benham to a gunfight tho....especially with a Kitakaze. But the torpedo soup is marvelous.
  14. I am not sure why they don't retain achievement awards in PvP AND put these mission chains in for COOP only? Please tell me I am missing something in this equation. Yes, you could technically do both and net both rewards - but then that would also inspire players to play more.
  15. mpwardawg

    Almost gave them money today

    I was about to ask the same but saw the response already. @Bandi73 I really agree that they should introduce more operations and even adopt some of the Aslain's mods as options in the game settings. Give the dockyard a rest and have a patch that focuses on tweaking the gameplay and settings. Agreed it is still a great game. Hard to be perfect or even close to perfect in the eyes of every player. But man.....those little tweaks for settings and adding some historical operations would go a long way.