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  1. I stopped playing after CV rework, but this just makes it even worse than before and making not pick up the game again. Also they didn't give me a Warspite for returning after 3 month haitus.
  2. Wolvzer

    Matchmaking and CVs

    I would perfer the old RTS system back, but making the disparity between tier 8 and 10 CV planes would help the tier 8 CVs in an up tier.
  3. Wolvzer

    Changing my mind on up tier cv play.

    I picked up CVs when it was RTS and loved it, because you could control multiple squadrons at a time like a real CV. The new CV system doesn't even allow you to drop all your ordinance at once to force an BB away. The new system has its quirks like rocket planes, but there isn't any historical satisfaction of literally swarming a BB to death, like Yamato. The new system kind of bores me to death because i have to manually fly the planes to the target, instead of tactically controlling the air space with fighters and bombing an enemy boat at the same time. Or providing spots for my friendly ships while i bugger off to another part of the map with fighers to prevent a cv snipe on a friendly ship.
  4. Wolvzer

    New AA mechanics explained

    Can we have overlapping AA and increased AA ranges, because realistically there is ammunitions that increases the distance for AA weapons.
  5. Wolvzer = wolf or wolves + Howitzers (the indirect fire weapon for lobbing shells over terrain) (Coincidentally one of my favorite ships does this well) I started playing since 2015 back when stealth fire was a thing and you were rained upon with shells from a DD that you couldn't see. Also the ships were much more maneuverable back then. What got me to play the game was actually because of seeing a P-61 black widow in a hobby shop and the cool WW2 shows on history channel. I thought carriers were the cool boats back then because they could spam planes at the enemy (esp. American navy) and who doesn't love a big gun that gives of a satisfying thunder when you shoot it. Atlanta is my go to ship for casual RB, when i just want to play a game or two for the day. She was also my first premium ship that i ever purchased because of Enclosed Turrets. She had those yolo torps that were useful back then when she rudder shifted in like 4 seconds helped with dealing with BBs and what not. Her RoF and shell arcs made her satisfying to play. Apparently Atlanta also had a 15km no flyzone at one point, so who doesn't enjoy a "Clear Sky" void of planes, especially now. But most importantly she has taught me something important in the lost arts of multiplayer. . . (Nothing out of the ordinary here) (Bring back stealth fire pls for April fools)
  6. Wolvzer

    Maybe this just isn't the game for me.

    You dont force yourself to play, you learn the ship, you taste the ship, you become one with the ship. Then you learn all the other simple mechanics like, torp arming distances and angling.
  7. I remember the time when USN CV's had a choice of air group setups and when tier 4-5s could manual drop. Also AS Bogue pls WG. I'm not the best CV player, but i'm at least competent enough to hold my own for a bit. Also when players aren't taught how to Strafe their air groups just get decimated. As you can see in this example the enemy Independence looses 21 planes just from me alone out of a potential 37 (max cap, hull b) leaving the independence with just 16 planes. I denied the enemy CV any air control. Which is why they should have just have a tutorial at tier 4 to learn the basics of carriers, then at tier 6 have an optional tier 6 "Advance control" tutorial. also "alt" or "ctrl" button to manual drop at tier 6, helps with dealing with enemy air groups.
  8. I mean WG should have made a better tutorial for this game, for specific ship classes or nations. It would also have helped if they also taught players to play cvs.
  9. Wolvzer

    Favorite Premium

    Atlanta, Graf Spee, and Okhothnik.
  10. Wolvzer

    Your very first Premium was?

    My first premium was Atlanta, got her when i was still a noob and had like at least 50 games in to WoWs.
  11. Can USN ships get an innate defensive fire effect, where the CV's attacks aren't as accurate, as if they were hitting other nation ships or just increased AA coverage (because "National Flavor")? AA as it stands doesn't do much to deter an CV when they literally have an infinite amount of them to throw at your team. Killing the plane is a bonus, but making them miss when they do attack is the main attraction for defensive fire, also is defensive fire still a consumable? Also can Atlanta have her 15km no fly zone back, if we lose the defensive fire? Might as well make it a trek for the CVs if they are gonna attack targets, and not having "fighter versus fighter" anymore. I really don't like the lack of mutual AA coverage because it doesn't promote "Taem playy" (If everyone at least tried playing a different class and/or nation they would realize that they have different advantages over other ships, or a play style that would be also fun to play)
  12. Wolvzer

    Atlanta Questions

    As a person who has played over 543 games in Atlanta, (My first premium ship too). She is a more high skill ship than other cruisers at her tier, because of your DD guns and literally paper armor. People hate her alot (mostly DDs, BBs, and CVs) because of her high RoF and absurd AA potential at that tier. This high RoF makes spamming HE as simple as holding the "Fire button", even if you miss you have potentially 12 other guns at the ready (8x2 turrets), also because they are DD guns they have USN DD arcs that literally rainbow across the sky. The high AA potential from getting AFT and BFT, along with the Unlimited Defensive Fire consumable made planes literally melt from the sky at her tier, against high level carriers, it will deter them from hitting you, until you are on recharge on def fire, then they hit you. (tier 8-9 CVs). BBs hate HE spam, but especially from Atlanta, because imagine being attacked by a swarm of Bees, that is literally what it boils down to, the Arcs enable her to shoot from cover, and her high RoF makes it so that you can "walk your shots" in. In general high skill points help the ship be more effective in battle, but knowing basic game mechanics goes a long way as well. Such as WASD hacks, knowing what islands to shoot over, when to shoot (surprise, surprise you don't have to shoot everything you see), Situational Awareness + reading a minimap, positioning, and knowing when to GTFO. Remember she is mostly a support cruiser not an surface combat warship, she can do it just not really well when she doesn't have an high skill point captain. The torps are also your ambush/ "Last resort" weapons, they come in handy, but dont rely on them too much, because of their poor range and angles. The torps come in handy, but only when you are in a position to do so. "You get used to it"
  13. I was selected to participate too. Where do i find this Wargaming game center thing?