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  1. Admiral_Hippo


    We lead all through the game in ships AND bases!!!
  2. Admiral_Hippo


    Yesterday I played a battle where, at the end of it, we had 5 ships left, the enemy had 2 and we controlled 3 of 4 bases. We lost the battle. With that kind of [edited] going on, I won't be playing again soon!!!
  3. Admiral_Hippo

    Skipper ranks

    Is Fleet Admiral the highest rank attainable? I have one and his experience won't go up.
  4. Admiral_Hippo

    PSA: What Could It Mean?

    Prostate specific antigen
  5. Admiral_Hippo


    They r useless anyway
  6. Admiral_Hippo


    Screwed again ay
  7. Admiral_Hippo


    Whats the use of having camos that dont tell you what they do for you????
  8. Admiral_Hippo

    Someone tell me this is real life.....

    what ship?????
  9. Admiral_Hippo

    They say it's impossible on a weekend.

    Only play AM on weekends
  10. I agree, a lot of toxic people in here!
  11. Admiral_Hippo

    Santa gifts

    "gift" ? Is a gift that you have to pay for the Russian definition? Just asking.
  12. Admiral_Hippo

    Windows 11

    My puter wont handle 11.
  13. Admiral_Hippo

    Selling Inventory

    Why cant we sell steel or coal??????