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  1. Admiral_Hippo

    How Strong was Italian Navy?

    Very good ships and modern. Only problem was they didnt know how to use them.
  2. Admiral_Hippo

    New Mexico — American Tier VI battleship.

    The ship I have the most fun with in the game.
  3. Admiral_Hippo

    Just how historically plausible is WG's Battleship Odin?

    If you are looking for historical in this game you came to the wrong place. They threw that out the window long ago.
  4. Admiral_Hippo


    Still waiting for some Canadian content. We did more than most in battle of Atlantic. Just some DDs would be nice! Thanks for the comments except the brainless twits.
  5. Admiral_Hippo


    How do you advance in this? Like last time, getting nowhere. Got the first 2 stages (dont know how) then zilch since then.
  6. Admiral_Hippo

    Shipyard Build

    How do you advance in this? Like last time, getting nowhere. Got the first 2 stages (dont know how) then zilch since then.
  7. Admiral_Hippo

    Ranked Battles

    Man, a pretty select bunch for these. Not fair, just a come-on to get people to spend money. Congratulations, you have bored me into submission. I wont live long enough to reach tier X even though I have been in WOW for nearly 5 yrs!
  8. Admiral_Hippo

    Post sinking

    During battles I like to hang around if I get sunk. Noticed that switching from ship to ship dosnt seem to work. Mouse controls dont have any effect. Any advice? Thanks for all the advice.
  9. Admiral_Hippo

    The Anchorage Dockyard Directives (WIP)

    Too complicated!
  10. Admiral_Hippo

    Tier 4 - SIX CV's???

    Those Russians had a great idea in this game. Its the administration of it that sucks.
  11. Admiral_Hippo

    Odds of winning a battle

    The odds are a roll of the dice. Unfortunately, the dice are loaded. PS "Big Brother"; please stop deleting my posts. Thankyou.
  12. Admiral_Hippo

    Canadian ships

    Ensign Cthulhu, Check the heavies. Most have tripod masts, a British design, which were bought between the wars.
  13. I think its about time Canadas role in WW2 is recognized here. During the battle of the Atlantic Canadas ASW force were second to none. I realise that most of Canadas ships were adopted from other navies but so were Japans. How about a string of DDs. Oh and BTW, there were only three countries that stormed the beaches of Normandie on June 6: Britain, the US and Canada.
  14. Admiral_Hippo


    A lot of the specials lately have required tier X ships. I don't have a tier X ship so am missing out. I am sure there are a lot of players in the same boat. What gives????