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  1. I like going out for a cruise once in a while :)
  2. Admiral_Hippo

    what's your go to ship?

  3. Admiral_Hippo

    Highend BBs

    Thanks for your responses.
  4. Admiral_Hippo

    Highend BBs

    Almost not worth taking them out with the credits you lose in battle. Even if you win.
  5. Admiral_Hippo

    Missing Badges (6 yrs)

    Thanks Firerizer
  6. Admiral_Hippo

    Missing Badges (6 yrs)

    Not automatic? Then to hell with it!!!!!!!!
  7. Admiral_Hippo

    Missing Badges (6 yrs)

    Where o where r they???????
  8. Admiral_Hippo

    6 Years of WOW

    How about something for us who have been here since the beginning.
  9. Admiral_Hippo


    Still waiting for my 6 year badge.
  10. Admiral_Hippo

    We need a new battle format

  11. Admiral_Hippo

    Yo "Admiral"

    Thanks for the responses.
  12. Admiral_Hippo

    Yo "Admiral"

    Me thinks my 6 year badge is overdue. Could you look into that please? Thankyou.
  13. Admiral_Hippo

    Curving Torps

    Old news.
  14. Admiral_Hippo

    Open World mode for WoWS

    Pacific arena kind of limits participants no? Like the idea though.
  15. Admiral_Hippo


    Dont these hits exist anymore? Havnt had one for ages. Typical response from some of the miserable sods who play this game.