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  1. Your statement is incorrect, if you have the Cleveland's perm camo now, when the split comes, you'll get the new T8 Cleveland's Perm camo and the Perm Camo for the T6 CA (Pensacola).
  2. There is one downside to this tactic. If there is another division in the queue doing the same thing, the CV can end up in a match against ships 3 tiers higher. For example, with the division composition as laid out in the video, the Saipan, Kidd, Kutuzov division could find themselves against a similar division and T10's.
  3. Does AP ever cause fires?

    It would have been your secondaries
  4. Be careful about generalizing about the bow armor for Tier 8-10 CA/CL's. The Edinburgh, Neptune, Minotaur have 16 mm bows. The Baltimore, Des Moines, Hipper, Prinz Eugen, Roon, and Hindenburg have 27 mm bows. The Kutuzov has a 26 mm bow. Everything else in this tier bracket have 25 mm bows.
  5. This, or Missouri.
  6. FLAG-O-RAMA "Special Event" EU Only?

    Unfortunately, that was in the news article on the NA homepage.
  7. To Mo, or not to MO...

    The 90's action flick (Under Siege) was filmed on the Alabama. It just had the name Missouri in the movie.
  8. question about french AP

    The Bretagne, Normandie, and Lyon have the same 340 mm guns with the only difference being the number of guns (10 to 12 to 16) and sigma (1.8 to 1.6 to 1.5).
  9. Do you have a replay of the match in question? If you do, create a support ticket and attach the replay to the support ticket.
  10. Also, the strip of armor above the main armor belt is 25 mm on the Iowa and 38 mm on the Missouri, which allows the Missouri to bounce Yamato shells that miss the bow and strike the upper armor.
  11. I think you need a minimum of 100 battles to get this emblem.
  12. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    Considering that you can just keep playing, and as long as you don't spend the Free XP on anything, you'll eventually get the 750k Free XP to unlock the Musashi, my vote is for the Roma. You can even use flags to speed up the acquisition of Free XP.
  13. confused about ramming

    When you ram another ship, you will do your ship's total HP pool as damage and cause a guaranteed flooding. For Example, a Missouri (HP: 78,300) rams a full health Yamato (97,200), causing 78,200 damage to the Yamato, dropping the Yamato's HP to 18,900 and causing the Yamato to flood. In this example, you take 97,200 damage and because you don't have the HP pool to absorb it, you die. This obviously assumes you or the Yamato are not running the ramming flag.
  14. They become available after you play each ship once.
  15. Iowa camo

    Not quite. The frontal bulkhead on the Wisconsin is identical to the Missouri, not the Iowa or New Jersey.