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  1. So where *is* Vanguard?

    You might want to relearn math. There are 360 degrees in a circle. To go completely broadside requires the capability to traverse a quarter of a circle which is 90 degrees to either side minimum.
  2. So where *is* Vanguard?

    It makes no sense to design turret mountings that cannot train the guns completely broadside on all gun ships like the Vanguard. To train her guns completely broadside requires the capability to train her turrets +/- 90 degrees either port or starboard.
  3. The 126k exp. on the Cleveland will be left on the Tier 6 replacement (Pensacola) and not maintained on the Cleveland when she moves to T8. The Cleveland will only have the stock modules. You will have to grind the research for the upgraded modules. Same with the Baltimore. This assumes that this split will be similar to the other line splits that have occurred when one ship moves to the other line.
  4. It's not the penetration that makes the USN CA (guns > 155 mm) AP shells superior. It's the auto ricochet mechanism. Most ships will start getting ricochet's with AP when the impact angle is greater than or equal to 45 deg. and is a guaranteed ricochet at 60 deg. or larger (including HMS Belfast, and HMAS Perth). USN CA's (and HMS Hood) will start getting ricochet's with AP when the impact angle is greater than or equal to 60 deg. and is a guaranteed ricochet at 67.5 deg. or larger. RN CL's (except HMS Belfast, and HMAS Perth) will start getting ricochet's with AP when the impact angle is greater than or equal to 60 deg. and is a guaranteed ricochet at 75 deg. or larger.
  5. Bolded the important statement from the original post. You moved the captain with the specialization in New Mexico to the Arizona. When moving a captain from a tech tree ship to a premium, you will not be asked to retrain him for the premium ship. If you move the captain from the premium ship back to the original tech tree ship, you will not be asked about retraining as the captain retained his specialization in the original ship. However, if you move him to another tech tree ship, you will need to retrain him to have access to his skills.
  6. I would had never thought...

    One thing to keep in mind when facing any of the 15" gunned BB's (Bismarck, Tirpitz, Monarch, Roma, Richelieu, Alsace) is that some cruisers (Baltimore, Des Moines, Hipper, Prinz Eugen, Roon, Hindenburg) are nearly immune to AP when you point your bow at them. These cruisers have a 27 mm bow which can only be overmatched by guns of 386.1 mm caliber or larger. Since USN CA's (Cruisers with guns larger than 155 mm) have the improved autobounce with respect to other ships, you can typically stay using AP more often and get good damage.
  7. Noob Question

    No. He will still be able to fully use his skills in the Roma.
  8. The Z-52 is the only German Destroyer that has a similar level of effectiveness with a surface detectability of 6.1 km with a hydro spotting range of 5.88 km vs ships
  9. Did you read the link I provided to the Patch notes? It specifically says effective against all classes except for Destroyers. Quoted from the patch notes: Deepwater torpedoes carried by Pan-Asian destroyers can engage ships of any type except other destroyers. Being unable to torpedo other destroyers is a disadvantage, but their massive explosive power combined a small detection radius increases the chances of flooding enemy ships Can you point to anything to back up what you are saying?
  10. That's how the Deep water torps for the Graf Zeppelin work in the test. However, for the Pan-Asian DD's, only DD's are immune. Read the line about the torpedo's under the Distinctive Features of the Pan Asia DD line in the 0.6.14 patch notes here: 0.6.14 Patch Notes.
  11. Sorry, Double post.
  12. Only DD's are immune to the Deep Water Torps that the Pan-Asian DD's use. So, yes you can be hit by them.
  13. Incorrect. Once the Pan-Asian DD's go live, if you have completed part 2, you'll get a mission to win 5 games in Pan-Asian DD's with a reward of 159,000 Elite Commander XP.
  14. Des Moines

    The chapeyev also also has this. 10.6 km detection with 11.7 km radar
  15. Des Moines

    The RN seldom take radar because they have to lose the smoke to take radar