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  1. DanielLeary

    Suggestion for German Event

    The developers blog indicated that that feature will be included in the German Carriers: Part 2 event that starts next patch 0.9.7.
  2. DanielLeary

    Submarine acronym

    The N in SSN means that it is Nuclear powered. SSN for fast attack and SSBN for Ballistic Missile Sub (i.e. big boomers)
  3. DanielLeary

    Improved AP Auto-Bounce Shells?

    HMS Hood, and HMS Duke of York have the improved AP ricochet angles as well
  4. It is purchasable for 4000 doubloons at tier9. I don’t know about the tier 10 yet
  5. It's more than just IFHE changes, there are changes to the armor of cruisers as well (this is what will affect Tirpitz against a well angled cruiser).
  6. DanielLeary

    Still no brit heavy cruisers.

    I would actually expect it to branch of the Tier 4 Cruiser (Danae) not the Tier 5 (Emerald). Typically it branches off the lower tier ship.
  7. DanielLeary

    Ideas for mouse button binding

    I have the forward button Setup for "Select HE shells" and the Back button setup for "Select AP shells". I also swapped right mouse button to "Toggle torpedo spread" and use the MMB for "Free Look".
  8. DanielLeary

    Daily container for resource.

    There is always a small chance you will get a supercontainer from any of the container drops.
  9. DanielLeary

    Best Ships to Use New Year's Camo on?

    The issue with this question, is that you can only mount this camo on a Tier 8 DD, CL, CA, or BB (with the exception of the ARP Takao, HSF Harekaze, AL Yukikaze or AL Montpelier). You can't use this camo with a CV. From the description of the Santa's Big Bundle in the premium shop: Combat mission: Until February 29, 2020, owners of this bundle will have access to a special combat mission. The first 25 battles played on this ship in any battle type will bring you three times more XP than usual. You can obtain this combat mission only once per account. Credits are the main in-game currency used to purchase and repair warships, as well as obtain modules, upgrades, and consumables. The New Year permanent camouflage adds a unique Christmas horn for the ship. The permanent camo can be mounted on any Tier VIII battleship, cruiser, or destroyer, except for Tier VIII ARP Takao, Tier VIII HSF Harekaze, Tier VIII AL Yukikaze, and Tier VIII AL Montpelier. Once mounted on a ship, the camouflage acquires the properties of a typical permanent camouflage and is assigned to this ship.
  10. Does anyone know if there is a time limit on linking the New Years Permanent Camo to a Tier 8 ship? Or will it stay unlinked until I link it to a ship of my choice (i.e. wait for new ships)? Thanks
  11. DanielLeary

    1v1 Memorable Games

    The trick with the Le Terrible when facing the Le Fantasque is to use your DPM advantage and don't get close enough to ensure the torpedo's hit. The Le Terrible has a 5.0 second reload (4.5 sec. with BFT); whereas, the Le Fantasque has a 6.0 sec. reload (5.4 sec. with BFT).
  12. DanielLeary

    What Premium Ships Did You Get Out of Santa's Gifts?

    Fujin, Yahagi, Hill, Marblehead Lima, Viribis Unitis, and Yudachi are the ones I got.
  13. DanielLeary

    Can we get this paragraph explained please?

    This isn't quite correct. I bought all 3 doubloon boosters. This immediately got me to stage 4. The complete me now cost was 35,000 doubloons. The cost did not change as I gained phases. However, overnite I got to stage 5. The complete me now cost is now 25,000 doubloons (10,000 doubloons cheaper). There is a note in the stage 5 reward that says that this cost will reduce (I would imagine it would be 15,000 doubloons, but I don't know).
  14. DanielLeary

    Loyang or Arizona or Warspite?

    In my opinion, both Arizona and Warspite are good ships. However, they are different enough that you need to decide which is better for you. The Arizona, with 12 356 mm rifles, will have a higher DPM than Warspite; however, if an enemy Tier 6 or higher BB angles against you, you will be reduced to switching targets, aiming for the superstructure, or using HE to burn the BB down. The Warspite, with 8 381 mm rifles, is more accurate than Arizona, and can ignore the extremity armor of Tier 6 and 7 BB's (Izmail, Bayern, Normandie, Lyon, Fuso, and Sinop lower bow can't be overmatched due to armor strips there that will defeat 380 mm+ shells if angled) leading to the Warspite being more consistant against angled BB's than Arizona. The Warspite is different in several ways from her tech tree couterpart (Queen Elizabeth): Queen Elizabeth has better AA, Queen Elizabeth has better HE shells and her AP is short fuse (like all other British tech tree BB's), Warspite's AP has standard fuse times (standard fuse BB AP deals with BB's better; however, short fuse BB AP deals with cruisers better), Warspite has better secondaries than Queen Elizabeth (worse than Bayerns and Prinz Eitel Friederich's; however, better forward angles and worse rearward angles than the German BB's), Warspite has a tighter turning circle than Queen Elizabeth (550 m vs 680 m), Warspite has faster turret traverse (54.5 secs vs 72 seconds without any captain skills or modules). The Arizona is different in several ways from her tech counterpart (New Mexico): Arizona is more accurate (higher sigma leads to more shells in the center of her dispersion ellipse), New Mexico has faster shells (less lead time and more penetration), New Mexico has better AA.