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  1. The fanbase comes from before she was nerfed. When the split line was released, the Shiratsuyu had the Torpedo Reload Booster in a separate slot from smoke. This would allow her to use smoke defensively while having the ability to fire 8 torpedoes, and then 5 seconds later fire another 8 torpedos.
  2. The turret traverse on the Minotaur is already very fast without Expert Marksman that it is effectively useless. You will see an improvement with it, but it is so small that in my opinion it is worthless. The Minotaur (with Main Battery Mod 3 installed but without Main Battery Mod 2) has a 180 degree turret traverse time of 5.4 sec. The only reason to take Expert Marksman on the Minotaur captain is if you use the captain regularly on a premium ship that will see a benefit from the skill.
  3. Did you win those matches? In game, the requirements are to: win a match, survive and cause 30,000 HP damage to ships for the first part, and win a match while killing 2 ships for the second part.
  4. Another thing to keep in mind is that both the Moskva and Nelson have 25 mm belt armor. That means that the overmatch mechanic is in play. If the shell diameter is greater than 14.3 times the armor it impacts, the shell will penetrate and ignore ricochets. For the both the Moskva and Nelson, any shell with a diameter greater than 357 mm will penetrate the bow armor regardless of how you are angled with respect to the firing ship. The trick to tanking with the Moskva is to bait the shots into your citadel armor while angled enough to bounce while not allowing for citadels through the bow.
  5. Looking at the armor viewer in the game, it appears that the QE's armor is actually worse. The only 2 differences that I noticed in the armor scheme was that the entire main armor belt on the Warspite is 330 mm, whereas on the QE, the bottom portion of the main armor belt is 267 mm thick, and that the Warspite has 2 different thickness plates extending towards the bow (152 mm, then 102 mm), whereas the QE only has the 102 mm plate extending toward the bow. This would be a nerf to the Warspite, not a buff.
  6. Don't forget about how ricochet's work in this game. That could have been why he was able to do more damage than you were. For almost every ship in the game, the AP shells will start to ricochet (bounce) at an impact angle of 45 degrees and is guaranteed at an impact angle of 60 degrees. The chance of a ricochet starts at minimal and increases as the impact angle approaches the guaranteed ricochet angle. There are 2 exceptions to this: For USN Heavy Cruisers (Pensacola, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Baltimore, and Des Moines), the AP shells will start to ricochet at an impact angle of 60 degrees and is guaranteed at an impact angle of 67.5 degrees. For UK Light cruisers (with 152 mm guns except the Belfast), the AP shells will start to ricochet at an impact angle of 60 degrees and is guaranteed at an impact angle of 75 degrees. The Belfast follows the normal ricochet rules stated above. This means that at close range, you don't have much room to angle before his AP wouldn't be guaranteed to ricochet. This is also the reason why USN Heavy Cruisers can get away with heavy use of their AP shells.
  7. For guns of caliber 139 mm and below, fire chance -1%. For all other guns, fire chance -8%. For your example, since the Cleveland has 152 mm main guns, the fire chance will be lowered by 8%.
  8. You have 10 players in the matchmaking spread you are in (+/- 2 for tier 5 and above, +/-1 for tier 2 to 4, and only tier 1 for tier 1 matches) and a total of 60 players in queue.
  9. And the ship pictured (Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya) has been teased as an upcoming tier 5 premium BB for the Russian line.
  10. It was mentioned in the patch notes for 0.6.9 that the Arpeggio captains could be used on IJN ships and that IJN captains could be used on Arpeggio ships.
  11. The 11k damage with one shell from the Dunkerque was a detonation. You should have seen a message in chat stating that the destroyer detonated.
  12. German BB's at Tier 6 and below fire AP out of the 150 mm secodaries, whereas, at Tier 7 and above, they fire HE.
  13. 1500 battles at an average of 1000 BXP would be a total of 1,500,000 BXP. For an average of 1000 BXP, it would take 150 battles.
  14. Yet the Type 10 camo is flying the Yokosuka flag from the anime and the anime camo is not. anime skin: non-anime skin:
  15. Yeah, but when you are alone against the South Carolina, 2 cruisers, and 2 DD's, it's a bit more impressive considering that both cruisers and one of the DD's were killed by my secondaries