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  1. DanielLeary

    Directive Award T6 Premium Ship

    It will reroll until you get a premium ship that you don't have. You only get doubloons if you have all possible premium ships. patch notes 0.8.8
  2. DanielLeary

    New ships for 0.8.8?

    Italian Cruiser pre-release (i.e. early access missions unlocked via special crates) will be in 0.8.9. For 0.8.8, release of Mogador and Kleber (Tier 9 and 10 French DD's)
  3. DanielLeary

    research calculator

    You'll get 20k from the first line reset after playing a game in each of the Tier 6 through 10 ships of the line (except CV's, where you'll get 16k) and 10k (8k for CV's) for each subsequent reset. After the first reset, you'll have 30k, and it will take 3 more resets for a total of 5 resets (assuming no more than one CV reset).
  4. DanielLeary

    Game won't load after today's update.

    The website states that the server will be down until 0900 ET (It is 0816 ET as I type this)
  5. DanielLeary

    My regrind - Njorl's Saga - Dead again

    In the Dev Blog posted on Wednesday, July 31, WG stated that when you have at least 2 T10's, you will receive a one time bonus of 10,000 Research Points.
  6. DanielLeary

    The Hunt for Bismarck collection

    I don't know how many you need to buy, because of duplicates. However, I think that this is one of the collections you might be able to collect with the daily containers, meaning you need to buy 1 to get the collection started and then the rest might come in the daily containers. I would recommend that you buy 1 Hunt for Bismarck container, and then check the collection in your profile to see if there is an option for collecting. If there is, then you will eventually collect the entire collection. If not, then buy them 1 at a time to minimize the extra container purchases until you have the entire collection.
  7. DanielLeary

    Interesting build for the Gearing

    It should, you would just have a longer reload time for the torpedo tubes.
  8. DanielLeary

    It is finished, all 80 ships

    Tier 2 through 4 premium ships were included, but the tier 2 through 4 tech tree ships were net included in the event.
  9. DanielLeary

    Ok boys, redpill me on IFHE changes

    The IFHE changes have not occurred yet, they are still in testing. The proposed change is 20% increase in penetration and 50% reduction in fire chance (current is 30% increase in penetration and 1% reduction in fire chancefor guns 139 mm and smaller, and 3% reduction in fire chance for guns larger than 139 mm)
  10. DanielLeary

    French DDs or Bundles

    You can only get the advance DD's in the French DD Crates. The listings in the armory are for permanent camos for the 4 DD's available this patch.
  11. DanielLeary

    Best premium T9-10 ship only obtainable from steel

    Don't forget about the Stalingrad.
  12. 380 mm guns will not overmatch 27 mm armor plate.
  13. DanielLeary

    Soviet BBs-8.4 or 8.5?

    The full tree will be released in 0.8.4.
  14. DanielLeary

    Legendary mod

    If you have 600 ironium from the space battles in 0.8.2, you can buy it in the armory.
  15. The second ship of the Fuso class was the Yamashiro. The Ise class is similar to the Fuso class, but it is a distinct class (the turret layout of the Ise class is different than the Fuso class and a different secondary armament)