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  1. For guns of caliber 139 mm and below, fire chance -1%. For all other guns, fire chance -8%. For your example, since the Cleveland has 152 mm main guns, the fire chance will be lowered by 8%.
  2. You have 10 players in the matchmaking spread you are in (+/- 2 for tier 5 and above, +/-1 for tier 2 to 4, and only tier 1 for tier 1 matches) and a total of 60 players in queue.
  3. And the ship pictured (Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya) has been teased as an upcoming tier 5 premium BB for the Russian line.
  4. It was mentioned in the patch notes for 0.6.9 that the Arpeggio captains could be used on IJN ships and that IJN captains could be used on Arpeggio ships.
  5. The 11k damage with one shell from the Dunkerque was a detonation. You should have seen a message in chat stating that the destroyer detonated.
  6. German BB's at Tier 6 and below fire AP out of the 150 mm secodaries, whereas, at Tier 7 and above, they fire HE.
  7. 1500 battles at an average of 1000 BXP would be a total of 1,500,000 BXP. For an average of 1000 BXP, it would take 150 battles.
  8. Yet the Type 10 camo is flying the Yokosuka flag from the anime and the anime camo is not. anime skin: non-anime skin:
  9. Yeah, but when you are alone against the South Carolina, 2 cruisers, and 2 DD's, it's a bit more impressive considering that both cruisers and one of the DD's were killed by my secondaries
  10. I managed to kill a South Carolina from 100% health with 1 salvo at 5 km using the Myogi in one game. Never happened after that though.
  11. In the patch notes, you state that rewards for Potential Damage has been reduced by 25% for Battleships, while stating the only priority activity for Battleships is potential Damage. You claim that the average rewards for BB's is the same. How is this the case when it appears that the rewards for Battleships has been reduced by 25% based on the patch notes?
  12. You posted the following (Portions not relevent to this discussion have been deleted from the quote): What everyone is referring to is bolded. Based on reading the notes, Battleships should see approximately a 25% decrease in rewards based on what is posted as the only priority activity listed for Battleships is Potential Damage (which has been decreased by 25%).
  13. The Minotaur can have Radar. However, the Minotaur has to give up smoke to get Radar. In most cases, the Minotaur will have smoke and not Radar.
  14. For all ships (except USN CA's, RN CL's and the Hood) shells can start to ricochet at 45 deg with the frequency increasing until ricochets are guaranteed at 60 deg (provided that overmatch rules don't apply). For USN CA's and the Hood, shells can start to ricochet at 60 deg with the frequency increasing until ricochets are guaranteed at 67.5 deg. For RN CL's, shells can start to ricochet at 60 deg with the frequency increasing until ricochets are guaranteed at 75 deg.
  15. What's to say that they don't use the Gangut as the tech tree ship?