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  1. DanielLeary

    Duke of York

    Also, keep in mind that the AP shells on Duke of York have USN CA autobounce angles.
  2. DanielLeary

    Moskva range mod better in randoms?

    I used the reload mod until I obtained the legendary mod
  3. Please read the articles on the front page, a possible answer to this question was in the article: Aircraft Carriers:  Which Nation to Choose? The answer is: You only get the FreeXP the first time you convert the carrier. All subsequent conversions leave the XP on the nations Tier 1 cruiser (Hashidate for the IJN). Although the article doesn't specifically state what happens in your case, it should have given you an idea as to where to look.
  4. The method of purchasing on PTS is not how it will be done on the live server. On live, you still have to research the ship from the previous ship in the line like you do for all classes.
  5. DanielLeary

    High tier USN 152MM AP Pen

    According to the WoWS Fitting tool by Aesis (www.wowsft.com), the Worcester has 218 mm of penetration at 5 km. The Kronshtadt has a 230 mm belt. Due to the angle of the armor and angle of shell impact, depending on point of impact as the forward portion of armor has a noticeable slope that flattens out behind the front turrets, this could be anywhere from 233.5 mm effective armor to 280.8 mm effective armor.
  6. DanielLeary

    Tosa class as prem T8 IJN BB. Your Ideads?

    The Kaga was a Tosa class Battleship that was converted to an Aircraft Carrier when the Kanto Earthquake destroyed the Amagi.
  7. DanielLeary

    Mushy and Kron -- what will replace them?

    Based on the picture on the steel ship with soon written on it having a straight angled bow with a single turret up front, as opposed to the curved bow with 2 turrets up front, I think that the ship on the left (T9 RU DD Neustrashimy) will be available for steel (but not for free xp or coal).
  8. DanielLeary

    Premium Ship PREVIEW: HMS Exeter

    You would also have to remove the russian 152 mm guns and mount british 152 mm guns as well. The Huang He has 152 mm/57 Mk 4 guns (similar to the ones mounted on Budyonny, Schors, and Chapayev) as opposed to the 152 mm/50 guns that would have been mounted in an Arethusa class CL.
  9. DanielLeary

    Mighty Prinz campaign

    Yes, you get the credits as well as the captain and permanent camouflage.
  10. The PTS only ran until January 3. You will not be able to login to PTS until the second round starts (when this starts has not been announced yet).
  11. DanielLeary

    Predictions of Haru-haru

    If you run the national+ voice overs, you will get the anime voices for the anime captains and national voices for the others.
  12. DanielLeary

    I Have a Puzzle The Captain on my Shimakaze Has CE

    The Shimakaze has never had a concealment at 5.4 km. Originally, at 5.9 km, she was buffed relatively recently to 5.6 km.
  13. Have you played a match in the Tirpitz B since you received it? If you receive the Black version of the ship via Black Friday crates, then you need to play a match in the Black version to get the mission for the standard version.
  14. DanielLeary

    Atago vs Myoko

    You are correct, one launcher per side fires forwards, and the other fires rearwards.
  15. DanielLeary

    Atago vs Myoko

    The biggest difference between the Myoko and Atago is that the Atago has a single quad torpedo launcher on each side that will fire forwards allowing you to fire a set of torpedos without showing broadside if approaching the enemy. The other difference is the concealment (Atago- 9.1 km with mod, camo and skill vs Myoko-11.3 km with camo and skill). This allows the Atago to fire torpedo's while undetected and makes it easier to disengage from a fight.