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  1. Yamato turret traverse buff!

    Turret traverse on Yamato with Yamamoto and Main Battery Mod 3 is 49.9 seconds. This does not include Main Battery Mod 2 (replaces Aiming Systems Mod 1).
  2. Glass - Official Trailer (COMIC CON 2018)

    Split is a sequel to Unbreakable. If you watch to the end of Split, in the Diner, is Bruce Willis' character from Unbreakable answers a question about a crazy guy in a wheelchair ("Mr. Glass" while wearing a uniform with the name Dunn)
  3. I don't know why they won't do this. The Missouri does have the 38 mm side armor.
  4. A confluence of unimportant events

    IFHE in my opinion is questionable on tier 6, because IFHE will only really help get direct damage against Tier 8 BB bow and extremity armor. The cost of 3% to fire chance is questionable for Tier 6. The usefulness of IFHE will depend on how often you see Tier 8 ships in battle. Also, as the Tier 7 and above French cruisers use 203 mm guns, IFHE is not required for French cruisers after Tier 6.
  5. Question about Shell Damage

    This indicates you are getting full pen damage on an external module such as a secondary turret and is not penetrating the main hull or superstructure. External modules have separate hp counters from the main hull and do not count toward the full hp indicated.
  6. Premium Ship Review #105: HMCS Haida

    I was pointing out the T10's because they can be run into when playing a higher tier DD. You are correct that the Haida will not see them unless divisioned with Tier 8's. Hence, I placed them in the Post Script (P.S.). The Seattle may be sluggish, but can spot you back if you spot her first and are not aware of it.
  7. Premium Ship Review #105: HMCS Haida

    The Edinburgh can run with radar (instead of smoke, so not a popular build) that has range that matches its detection range. The Seattle (with a full concealment build of 9.41 km) has a radar range of 9.45 km. P.S. A Minotaur with radar (instead of smoke) has a radar range of 9.9 km vs its surface detection of 8.9 km. Worcester has a surface detection of 9.5 km with a radar range of 9.9 km. However, as these are tier 10 cruisers, the Haida (unless divisioned with tier 8 ships) will not see them due to the tier spread of matchmaking.
  8. Neptune or Dmitri Donskoi?

    I would look at the ships beyond them (the Minotaur and Moskva) and decide which one I want and choose the next ship purchase. Both of the Tier X options are good and fun to play, but have dramatically different playstyles.
  9. USN CL line question

    Helena (tier 7) and Cleveland (tier 8) are good cruisers.
  10. Notser did a video talking about the Neuvo De Julio. Also, if you pay attention to the WOWS Devblog on Facebook you'll discover the stats of upcoming ships and any changes coming up in WOWS. P.S. The World of Warships devblog has released preliminary stats for the RN DD's.
  11. USS Lexington (CV-2) was commissioned in 1927 and sunk in 1942 during the Battle of Coral Sea. USS Lexington (CV-16) was commissioned on 23 September 1942, so the answer to the last question is 16.
  12. If you click on the Funnel shape on the left side right above the carousel, there is an option in there for a multi-level carousel (up to 4 levels).
  13. Tier VII: Nueve di Julio

    I'm not going to be buying her. I might have considered if she was released as the USS Boise in the American CL line so that I could use my 19 point US captains on her, but as a Pan American ship that would require a new captain to train I will not even consider her.
  14. Tier VII: Nueve di Julio

    It also replaces the 4 double 5"/38 DP turrets with 8 single 5"/25 DP gun mounts. AA should be worse as a result. Also, currently has a 10 second reload vs the 8.5 second reload of the Helena.
  15. It's probably that everyone wants the Worcester and is grinding from the Cleveland and not the Dallas.