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  1. KanColle_Hunter

    Potential Bug with Personal Missions

    The exact same situation occurred for me just with the 2 citadels version with my Richelieu getting its 2nd cit on the last hit of a Worcester ending the game.
  2. The last 2 co-op matches I played I never saw a summary screen and received no rewards. The game is acting as if the matches never happened. When the match ends I just get kicked out to the menu and my money and the cumulative experience for daily containers are the same as when I went in. I played 11 matches that worked fine then suddenly the last 2 are broken. The last match I played that worked was on an Indianapolis. The first broken match on a Baltimore and the second broken match on a Dallas. I had even played the Dallas successfully earlier in the same session. The Baltimore came out of a victory with its +50% experience daily victory buff still there.