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  1. No match reward given

    The last 2 co-op matches I played I never saw a summary screen and received no rewards. The game is acting as if the matches never happened. When the match ends I just get kicked out to the menu and my money and the cumulative experience for daily containers are the same as when I went in. I played 11 matches that worked fine then suddenly the last 2 are broken. The last match I played that worked was on an Indianapolis. The first broken match on a Baltimore and the second broken match on a Dallas. I had even played the Dallas successfully earlier in the same session. The Baltimore came out of a victory with its +50% experience daily victory buff still there.
  2. Nelson on the Bridge Error

    Same problem here, sort of glad it isn't just me at least.
  3. ANIME

    Just built the first clan member cap expansion so time to celebrate with some recruiting!
  4. ANIME

    ANIME (Anime Names of Inconceivably Misanthropic Egoists) is a clan of casual players who just want a clan for the perks. As its founder I assure you there is no pressure to do anything as long as you play occasionally. New to the game, not an issue. You only play a few times a month, no problem! You play all the time but don't want the pressure to work in groups or do certain things, also not a problem! You are a vampire who only plays mid-day when you can't go outside due to the sun, still fine! Being able to tolerate the occasional strange joke may also help. No being nasty, no quotas, no standards really... wait forget that last one. As the clan motto says "We don't require that you have an anime name, just that you tolerate them." We don't participate in clan battles and have no plans to. Honestly there are never enough of us on at one time anyway since we all play when its convenient for us. We have lots of clan structures. Now enjoy these terrible homemade recruitment posters!
  5. Gold Medal gifts

    Not getting any rewards for Tin Can and Hoarder going gold is certainly annoying. Someone pointed out in a related post that the medal count on the front page is also broken as you can no longer scroll over them to get information and the Holiday Hub link below them does nothing now. Maybe these problems are connected in some way since they are connected to the same part of the event.
  6. Santa's Serect Stash Awards

    I didn't get any rewards for Tin Can and Hoarder going gold either and I have both. Good to know others have the same problem since that increases the chance of it getting fixed
  7. Christmas Hidden Achievements

    Yep the current requirements you've listed match everything I've seen. And Hoarder does require Tin Can because I have the other 6 and only lack Tin Can and Hoarder. Anyone getting Hoarder without all the other 7 is getting a bug. The requirement for Hoarder is listed correctly as get all other achievements.
  8. Christmas Hidden Achievements

    I just got Feeling Good with only 1 signal flag out and no camo on. I was playing with full signal sets earlier though, so I'd say it was either 17 games with at least 1 signal used or some total number of signals used.
  9. WOWS NA: Server temporarily unavailable?

    I did, it doesn't say anything about the problem or when it will be resolved.
  10. WOWS NA: Server temporarily unavailable?

    I've been getting the same error for about 20 minutes now. Tried restarting the game numerous times and still getting it. I'm glad someone started a new thread for this problem, all the other threads I saw were people posting to old threads about other shut downs.
  11. Project R mission progress not updating

    I have the same problem with it not updating anymore. Played one game early this morning and nothing, came back over an hour later and played another and neither has registered as progress on Project R. Since it was still working last night something must have broken overnight I guess.