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  1. khorender_1

    Help out battle fields

    Trying to fill in for Tuckers new writer duties ? ?
  2. khorender_1

    Toxic player of the day

    Man I have seen a few streamers bl and report CV players just for being in a CV, I mean look at some of the stream titles.
  3. khorender_1

    Ungreateful players?

    Why worry about it it's co-op which is really nothing more than a free for all anyway ? I get it you wanted to help but after all this covid stuff and the selfishness of a lot of people not much surprises me anymore.
  4. Because they are not going anywhere, so either learn a different style of play when they are or just move on from the game maybe?
  5. khorender_1

    Indy love?

    If they won't nerf prems , then they don't need buffs Caveat emptor.
  6. khorender_1

    Miffed ships latest update

  7. khorender_1

    0.9.8 Dockyard : Anchorage! + new premium!

    Go play tanks Battle Pass something similar but different!!
  8. khorender_1

    NoZoup got me thinking

    1. Because I don't care if they are in the game I deal with it, do they need changes ? Yep. 2. Same kind of whine here as in tanks where they cry about arty that's also never going away along with the clown cars, now subs may finally make me walk away for good instead of the breaks I take. 3. I watch the ones who don't complain daily about their pet peeves but thanks anyway.
  9. khorender_1

    On the psychology of the poor player

    It's only team based to win, the down side is most campaigns and missions make that irrelevant.
  10. khorender_1

    NoZoup got me thinking

    Just how about people and CC's quit whining about something they are NEVER going to get rid of ?
  11. khorender_1

    Trying to do a Well Phrased CV Complaint

    Funniest crapI've read yet.
  12. khorender_1

    AL Commanders

    Sure it's Captains and not collection pieces ?
  13. What do stats have to do with a BB able to kill some other ship WITHOUT the other ship seeing it? WITHOUT it taking over 1/3 health in 1 salvo, yet it's only [edited] when a CV does it ? [edited] that..