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  1. Seems you like most people have no fkng clue as to what communism is , have your MAGA hat yet snowflake ?
  2. Camo that doesn't look like camo

    You realize there is also an option in WOT to turn off pink and blue camo tanks don't you ? they also have it where you can play a tank with camo the color of most tutu's ..
  3. You forgot Scooby and Shaggy, those 2 give wake and bake a whole new meaning..
  4. Talks about snowflakes then goes into a "Snowflake Tirade" , you need a safe space with the other half of the special snowflakes ?
  5. Would you play a space game? (Poll)

    And yet it reminds me of Battlefleet Gothic..
  6. flipper and dophin mains

    HAHA nice.. I'll stick to sativa myself, good luck on the cough never really mastered that aspect lol..
  7. flipper and dophin mains

    Are you sure you know what you're actually smoking ?
  8. What is WG thinking?

  9. I'll take paper tanks or ships or whatever instead of more freaking clones, you didn't get enough jollies from all the arp clones ?
  10. Free For All Game Mode - Suggestion

    Hell no I don't want any part of this or any other posts about it. So you're wanting to force players to play a type of ship they might not and not let players play a Carrier when that may be all they play ?
  11. WG, how hard would this be to fix?

    No matter how you want to explain it away you're advocating for an exploit, t5 doesn't need protected, pretty sure there are other posts on fail divisions..
  12. WG, how hard would this be to fix?

    Because two t8's with a t7 the 8's would never see t10 they would always be top or middle, there's other examples just too lazy..
  13. Since having mods is a choice and WG supports them? NO !!,,, wait this is bait isn't it ?
  14. Problems with Maid of Orlean Richelieu camo

    Every time I look at the Templar emblem it reminds me of my 40k day's..