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  1. khorender_1

    Trying to do a Well Phrased CV Complaint

    Funniest crapI've read yet.
  2. khorender_1

    AL Commanders

    Sure it's Captains and not collection pieces ?
  3. khorender_1

    Please help surface ships fight CV's, simple fixes

    What do stats have to do with a BB able to kill some other ship WITHOUT the other ship seeing it? WITHOUT it taking over 1/3 health in 1 salvo, yet it's only [edited] when a CV does it ? [edited] that..
  4. khorender_1

    Please help surface ships fight CV's, simple fixes

    Really ? I've killed other ships in my BB with a spotter plane in the first few minutes of a game and they never shot back, guess I was dreaming.
  5. khorender_1

    Please help surface ships fight CV's, simple fixes

    Most cant see the Wald for the trees.
  6. khorender_1

    Please help surface ships fight CV's, simple fixes

    So CV's cant do that to another ship, but a "surface" ship can do that to another and it's cool? hmmm.
  7. khorender_1

    to anyone curious about the games statistics

    WOP isn't strong but it's still going, Hell I know people who are still playing the game Warcraft killed ….. EQ, I love doom and gloom posts.
  8. I wouldn't want to imagine the grind if they had.
  9. Easy button ? you mean easier button. How is this any different than what people have already been doing with FXP ,signals or just plain dubs ? Instead of spending 1 million on the Alaska I instead got a bunch of my t9's and I only have 11 T8 games in total lol {and no I have yet to play them in a random because I'm not one of those guys." WG came up with a package deal, and people are surprised ? Hell I'm glad I don't like that line or I'd more than likely buy it just for the convenience.
  10. khorender_1

    It happened 77 years ago

    I am neither for or against CV's but I hope the anti CV tears keep flowing......
  11. khorender_1

    Even I have had enough.

    Actually what they said was the op has never played a CV, what's wrong with playing the damn ship so many games first before you come here and complain about it?
  12. khorender_1

    Even I have had enough.

    +1 Then again hyperbole on there part is sooooo much easier.
  13. khorender_1

    Scuttling ship

    And people say chat is toxic.
  14. khorender_1

    It took 3.5 hours

    Hats off to you if you got that thing to work.
  15. khorender_1

    Mouse opens free Azur Lane crates

    Well since it's a collaboration doesn't the money go to both parties? if so there is more than one company at fault.