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  1. khorender_1

    Chat suspension

    I agree with you to a point about PC which actually has nothing to do with Political Correctness " Stalin would agree", yet I believe in civility, and going out of your way to insult someone , well that's all on you.
  2. khorender_1

    Your very first Premium was?

    Murmansk because at one time the Omaha class was fun to play
  3. khorender_1

    Fixing Battleship AP

    Yet when I played my BB's I never felt it was a good idea a DD could get deleted by everything but another DD unless they were torp'd, how is that fun and engaging ?
  4. khorender_1

    Fixing Battleship AP

    Exactly !! +1 I'm out of emoji power lol...
  5. khorender_1

    Fixing Battleship AP

    Oh look someone wanted to go their own way and got killed by a DD and now wants a buff to BB's AP back to where it was.
  6. khorender_1

    What about a "Gun Game" style game mode?

    Don't you think the way people complain about +2/-2 now is enough without adding something like that ?
  7. How about No? Why would I want to grind a line if the next one is almost like the one I am playing currently ?
  8. khorender_1

    Performing in-game purchases w/o CC - HELP!

    I use a prepaid CC myself, my credit union makes it a hassle to use theirs.
  9. khorender_1

    Yes another t8 mm ? Why buy prem t8?

    Are those really considered premiums ? Personally I'd say no but then again I'm just one of the masses.
  10. khorender_1

    Remove Torps from DD gun botes.

    I mainly play BB's and I totally disagree with you so and ?
  11. khorender_1

    CV Rework Tier 4 from worst to best

    Just living up to their avatar it seems.
  12. khorender_1

    For the love of god, buff the Indianapolis

    Yep I can relate, they say Belfast is op yet I prove there are exceptions to the rule.
  13. khorender_1

    Invisible plane?

    I don't see it in the port but I do see it while the timer counts down for battle..
  14. khorender_1

    beginner's frustration

    If you have played over 25k battles how could you not know how to use a consumable ? hmm maybe I fell for the bait especially where you say someone suggests using a MOD for crosshair when a lot of CC s say to use dynamic if your new hmmmm.