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  1. khorender_1

    If crates were random

    Give me back the same odds they had the first year of doing loot crates and I'd whale all over again, tanks Christmas event is better by far. The new EA ? Not even close, EA is the poster child of " surprise mechanics " others aspire to.
  2. Yet idiots keep buying them and then cry when the carrot ends up being the stick.
  3. khorender_1

    Mouse's Take on the Short-List Fiasco

    Kaga B from the Black Friday combat missions for me ughhh.
  4. khorender_1

    Santa Crates ̶r̶i̶g̶g̶e̶d̶ bug

    No matter what game it is there is information about these " surprise mechanics " and yet people continue wanting their carrots and blaming the stick for getting in the way.
  5. You work for EA don't you? Suuuuuure all those casinos in Vegas and Monte Carlo are just handing out wads of cash to every sucker that walks in.
  6. By not reading the fine print you ARE a sucker for just handing your money over. That's the point of reading and reading comprehension !!
  7. Yep because people shouldn't be in the forums crying about something THEY could have avoided in the first place.
  8. khorender_1

    Lots of ARP Yamatos

    Yep, I bought those packages since I was a big TT fan, I wasn't one whose feelings were hurt because they were sold again lol.
  9. khorender_1

    Lots of ARP Yamatos

    Gold skinned Mechs in MWO comes to mind.
  10. khorender_1

    CV's ruin the game

    Another cv whine not gg.
  11. khorender_1

    Welcome to World of Whack-A-Mole

    For me it was Avalon Hill Games and Historical Table Top that led me to PC gaming, you can even find those and others like it for PC, have never understood how people ever thought this game was a sim.
  12. khorender_1

    About done with this...

    Ok whiney tot, you want to shoot teammates with no penalty? go play tanks or Hello Kitty or something else..... please...
  13. khorender_1

    finished the dockyard event

    Exeter anyone ?
  14. khorender_1

    Please Let the Next Ranked be Not Tier X

    20v20 and large maps only
  15. khorender_1

    We need better and more consistent RNG and better matchmaking

    If I worked at WG there is no way I could keep an open mind when people say the game is harder now