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  1. Win not recorded.

    Happened to me when they had the server issues..
  2. What's wrong with this picture?

    Looks like you were farming damage instead of helping the passive BB's focus fire so they stayed passive..
  3. Where is the Southern Dragon

    Because another reskinned Myoko is unfair ?
  4. Believe it's single because I have yet to complete it that way..
  5. 5 times to ships, 10000 dmg and win, did you do those or just 7 fires ?
  6. To me seal clubbing is people in a boat with a Capt. with 10 or more points going into lower tiers where most people don't have a Capt. with many points at all Before IFHE and HE spam t5 wasn't that bad to me, yet I'd rather play a t5 and go against t7's then take a chance on any t8 I have not to be bottom feeder
  7. how much do you have to pay

    Maybe if you ask politely they wont use their "w a s d" hacks..
  8. Had that happen earlier today and once about a week or so ago..
  9. T5 CVs Should Not See T6 CVs

    I'm not for or against CV's they are part of the game, but giving another buffer is no way to fix the mm , t4 messed that type of thinking to me..
  10. T5 CVs Should Not See T6 CVs

    Kind of killing the +1/-1 MM those people have been throwing around..
  11. "Fun and Engaging"...

    Even with the changes they will still complain..
  12. How am I getting better?

    For me personally when I play the Colo that's low because it's less than the hp's of your ship not a knock on you just the way I look at my ship compared to my damage in that battle
  13. What's the Weirdest Ship.....?

    And that right there is why I laugh at the people in this game and WOT who want skill based MM..
  14. Auditory feedback for speed

    For me if they just made the sound of the lever a bit louder or more distinct from forward and reverse, I don't want more voices talking at me personally..