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  1. khorender_1

    >press battle >see this >nope the F out

    Nothing wrong with patchouli, white patchouli is even better, oil not the incense, for those I like dragons' blood or sandalwood, speaking of which time to light some. As for subs, well Subway isn't for me and Jersey Mikes has terrible bread, Jimmy Johns? nope too stingy between the bread, oh y'all meant in game subs...........
  2. khorender_1

    Comments on the announced Pan American CL line

    It's not the "paper ships" that are a problem for me, like I said it's the clones I'm tired of grinding. Late? Well, actually it's still early enough for me to decide that I don't want to participate, no?
  3. khorender_1

    Comments on the announced Pan American CL line

    True, yet it's not for me.
  4. khorender_1

    Comments on the announced Pan American CL line

    If it's yet another line full of clones, I'll pass since I didn't participate the first time.
  5. khorender_1

    Server down

    Warcraft sooo much Warcraft, well it used to be, no idea now though.
  6. Who is this we you flippantly speak of?
  7. khorender_1

    Why Am I In Ocean Port ?

    Well to be fair, I was trying to save us both some time.
  8. I don't see the problem.
  9. khorender_1

    Why Am I In Ocean Port ?

    You sure? Every country has done something.
  10. khorender_1

    Why Am I In Ocean Port ?

    What country does?
  11. khorender_1

    WG explain how 4 cv 6 sub games are fine.

    I have a friend of a friend, really that would explain nothing other than scuttlebutt.
  12. khorender_1

    Why I hate the Battle Pass

    Like I said before I play this and tanks, I'll take the Tank BP over this, the rewards are not worth it for me, to those who like it, good on you for me....no thanks, I'll finish up my tanks before the end of the month and wait for Frontline on the 21st.
  13. khorender_1

    Premium Battle Pass Price

    Not difficult at all to get anywhere in tanks and it has up to 3 BP at a time, ships BP easy pass for me. I logged in and looked at how BP is run here and PASS, I play both games and this BP isn't for me.