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  1. RedDragonEmporer

    [LWS] Lone Wulffe Squadron Recruitment

    Update: So several individuals applied to join our clan and were accidentally denied by our creator. He changed the zoom or something and mistook the buttons. So please apply again as we are still looking for new members and please ask questions if you have any
  2. When top tier it's easier until 8/9/10. I'm decent with dodging flak but what I can't dodge is an entire wall of flak that just magically appears directly in front of me with zero wiggle room. Which CONSTANTLY happens when down tiered.
  3. Was just in the Shokaku against an almost full T10 match. Walked away with less than 20K damage entire match. I could not for the life of me get close to ANY of the ships without being greeted by an insta-kill wall of flak. AA should not scale with Carriers since it looks like damage Carriers can do doesn't scale with it (AP bomb damage never gets higher than 6100 per bomb in each tier). AA should be the same across all tiers. Not too powerful and not too weak. Take some planes but for the love of god don't punish me further for MM putting me at the bottom by literally removing me from the game due to OP AA.
  4. RedDragonEmporer

    Last update causes hardware issues???

    Been using Windows 7 for a long time. WOWS never gave me an issue for 7 and Windows 10 is god awful with its Vending Machine GUI
  5. RedDragonEmporer

    Last update causes hardware issues???

    So interesting issue after last patch. When playing wows my computer acts funky: 1. Game causes whole computer to freeze and requires manual power off and restart 2. Secondary Hard Drive or DVD Drive disappears from "My Computer" Now I know what you're thinking and I've checked all my hardware/software. Did a fresh install of Windows 7, World of Warships, software etc and nothing works or helps and this issue ONLY occurs when playing WOWS. I can play ALL of my other PC games without issue but the moment I log into WOWS and play a match this is what occurs at random. I can only conclude the latest patch had done something and am at a loss.
  6. RedDragonEmporer

    [LWS] Lone Wulffe Squadron Recruitment

    Still looking for people. Please send a PM if interested!
  7. RedDragonEmporer

    Stuck loading into a match

    ...actually yea
  8. ok, this is a serious issue I've run into at least once a day for a while but never this bad. As you can see in the image my ship is loaded into the game and I AM NOT. I tried restarting but the match just wouldn't load for me. It's a co-op match but I'm still concerned about an AFK strike for what seems to be an issue for a lot of players. I should add I could interact with the ship from this screen. I could sound the horn, move forward and back but this is all I saw. *EDIT* Just happened again in Random Battles. I tired restarting the client SEVERAL TIMES to no avail. AND I've been given strikes to my account for things BEYOND MY CONTROL.
  9. RedDragonEmporer

    FIrst Solo Warrior - T-61

    Yea, not sure how or why. I run the game max settings with no issues but recording the replay led to the stuttering.
  10. RedDragonEmporer

    [LWS] Lone Wulffe Squadron Recruitment

    Hello there fellow sea warriors. Would you like to be part of something greater than yourself? Is the lack of teamwork from your teams getting you down and ruining your stats? Are you looking for friends that will have your back in the deepest trenches since we've all sunk together? If you've answered yes to any or NONE of these questions then the Lone Wulffe Squadron is just for you! Why LWS? Our clan is committed to a more casual play style. We welcome most sails of life and are in no shape or form "elitists". We understand that we're all new once and we're looking to have fun while improving our skills; whether we sink or swim. What are the requirements? So glad you didn't ask! Our requirements are as follows: Log into our website upon joining. Log into and maintain a Teamspeak presence once a week. As a clan it is expected that you division up at least once a week Also maintain a positive presence in games that don't reflect poorly on us as a clan. Also, while not a requirement we do look forward to participating in Clan Battles. It is imperative that attempts be made to help our clan participate. Apply in-game or PM me today!
  11. RedDragonEmporer

    FIrst Solo Warrior - T-61

    Got my first ever solo warrior in the T-61. Thought it'd be nice to share. You can skip to 11:55 for where the fun starts. Thought about following in other YouTuber's footsteps and do videos like these. Only thing is not sure where to begin. There's no commentary and I want to add some but not sure what to talk about. please watch and let me know :)
  12. RedDragonEmporer

    Special Testing - Public CV Rework

    So after my first run in the Beta I'll share my insight: I've played carrier quite a bit before this beta and I welcome this change. It keeps the carrier in the fight constantly and definitely feels like I personally have more control over the tide of battle as compared to point, click and pray. I think this gameplay style might be my favorite and I'm probably going to be playing CV A LOT more. So to break it down: Fighter Squadron Consumable: 6/10 I can appreciate the attempt here but I'm not a big fan. What I do like a lot is the fact another carrier isn't going to just delete my planes and take me completely out of the fight. I'm still in it. I think they should automatically follow the nearest ally so you can continue supporting them for the duration of the consumable. Otherwise they're basically air mines I can just avoid and do other things and they end up wasted when my team moves away. Bombers: 7/10 Experienced a bug which 1 whole bomber squadron did not and could not drop it's bombs. It was the Tier 8 LJN Carrier for this test. Tried dropping on 2 DDs, 1 BB and ended up sending the squadron back. game acted like the load dropped but no splashes, explosions, hit markers and I was spot on for the drops. The reticle used before the drop is useless. It doesn't seem to match up when the planes start dropping and the actual drop reticle is in a completely different spot. not sure if by design but I found it problematic that the reticle steered me wrong rather than helped. Torpedoes: 8/10 By far the easiest way to get torp hits on a ship. The aiming system was very well done and the "armed" marker was very helpful to get torps to arm just before a hit. My only concern is that it's only 2 torps at a time. But I can hit multiple targets in a run so that I appreciate. Rockets: 5/10 rated 5 out of 10 because they're functionally bombers. Differences are this: can drop from slightly farther away, easier to drop, more accurate. Functionally I'd like to see rockets have a more unique ability to separate it from bombers but alas I'm not technical enough to come up with one. Controlling the CV: It's a pain in the butt. Not being able to put out a fire or use a repair party while a squadron is in the air is a bad idea and very problematic. If I'm in the middle of a run I shouldn't have to send the squadron back to take care of issues at the carrier and then send out another one. I like I can still use the map to move the carrier around while flying but seriously, why am I sending a full health squadron back to use a Damage Control Party or Repair Party? Against Enemy AA: Don't go near Cleveland. Overall: I'm liking to new style A LOT. It actually takes some skill to use than the current system and is a LOT more fun, immersive and engaging. I'll definitely be playing more CV once this leaves beta. Planes have some issues and balancing between bombers and rockets is needed to separate them more (maybe when tech tree splits one side gets bombs, other side gets rockets). Next is the AA while playing ships: Didn't really see a difference. It's hard to notice since I can't tell or see if the enemy has reinforced a side with AA in a plane but in a ship it didn't really seem different either. Hard to compare between the 2 without a side by side shot. *EDIT* With submarine play in the halloween event would be nice to avoid AA via increasing/decreasing altitude instead of just moving left and right because it seemed very pointless.