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  1. So I've played a few rounds so far and these are my initial impressions: Playing as a submarine: 1. Depth charges have an obscenely large blast radius. I'm taking damage from 2 kilometers away from a drop by a DD. In my mind you should take damage if the charge is practically right next to you. I understand some liberties are taken but 500 meters should be when the damage starts. Force the DD to take a risk and come over the top of you otherwise there's no real risk if they don't have to actually drop on you. 2. I do like the Maximum Depth consumable but I'm always at Periscope Depth when i activate it not realizing I can't dive at periscope depth. It should automatically force you out of periscope depth to dive deeper. It's just an ease of use. 3. Not being able to use my gun and AA is rather troublesome. I get it they just have the 1 of each but we shouldn't be completely defenseless against aircraft or in some rare instance forced to engage another submarine because neither of us have enough oxygen/torpedoes not loaded. Mentioned before I know but gonna mention it again. 4. We rely solely on torpedoes so pinging is dangerous but we can't do much damage otherwise. I don't think our position should be given away for it. Counter-play idea below. Playing as Destroyer: 1. Manual drops for depth charges is fantastic and more engaging. 2. When they ping being told where their position is helpful but not balanced at all since you can just go there and drop and even if you miss you can just hang around without worry and wait for their O2 to run out or turn back around to do another drop. It's too easy to get a submarine sunk. 3. Getting pinged should just let you know you've been pinged and then you can use a "Sonar" consumable to track down the submarine.
  2. RedDragonEmporer

    Submarines are Coming

    i'm really looking forward to this. I'm also iffy on it just being tiers 6 - 8 - 10 but for good reason I suppose. I would expect submarines to have the most powerful torpedoes in the game. High Risk/High Reward. The CV rework still has issues but it's better than before. My only main concern is how depth charges are gonna work. I don't think it should be automatically dropped. That's too easy.
  3. RedDragonEmporer

    [RESULTS] Naval Nonsense Caption Contest

    Here's my entry:
  4. RedDragonEmporer

    Received a warning for modifications??

    Alright so I'll close it when playing.
  5. RedDragonEmporer

    Received a warning for modifications??

    So that was a load of nothing. they closed the ticket without letting me respond. It's a clean install as I replaced my hardware so they're keeping the strike on my account. I don't use mods and I havent used Aslains in forever and it's a fresh OS/game install. Kinda upset they closed it without letting me give further input. *EDIT* They can't even tell me what mod I'm supposedly using (which more than likely im not.
  6. RedDragonEmporer

    Received a warning for modifications??

    Yes, I do have GeForce Experience.
  7. RedDragonEmporer

    Received a warning for modifications??

    It's a 64-bit system. For tickets what's a good category for it?
  8. RedDragonEmporer

    Received a warning for modifications??

    Windows 7. Only thing I have open other than WoWs is Firefox and TeamSpeak.
  9. So imagine my surprise when I logged on today to find the following message. I have never used any modifications other than Aslain's. Which I haven't used since October. I have been waiting patiently for this email and I have't received it yet. Is it possible it's a false flag?
  10. RedDragonEmporer

    CV need alpha strike back

    Dude, I've played both styles and I play the new style a lot so I know what I'm talking about. I'm talking about what I think from both being attacked by CVs and attacking with CVs. I've gotten many good games and a couple bad ones. 1. My attack squadron being less by 1 idea is the fact a lot of CV players are firing the first squadron to send one back to reserves so you can save the amount of planes you have. I do it too to protect my squadrons. 2. Cool downs are the consumables. What i'm talking about is when your torpedo planes come back there's a specific amount of time that must pass before you can send another set of torpedo planes and a countdown before you can send your very first squadron out like they did in the old style. 3. I think you should watch your tone a bit since you clearly don't know what you're talking about when it comes to if I play CVs or not. Which I do.
  11. RedDragonEmporer

    CV need alpha strike back

    If I might interject here. I love the new style. The issues I have is a T6 Carrier against T8 AA or T8 vs T10 AA. It's not fun. What they need to do is 3 things: 1. Make squadrons smaller by 1. So instead of 3 attack runs, you can only do 2. 2. Increase damage on torpedos and rockets. 3. Add a cool down for squadrons like we used to have. Force us to wait while they rearm the squadrons. That's really what CVs need. A mix of the old RTS with the new style. (This includes let's say a 30 second cool down before the first squadron can be sent out at the start of the match.
  12. RedDragonEmporer

    Division bug

    Invited a clan mate to a division and we both selected New Orleans. Realized I didn't have a module equipped when I tried it gave the error "Can't when ready, unclick ready"... so I did... however it still would not let me equip the Mk7 mod.2 as it still accused me of being Ready. So I quit the division.... still said I was ready in the division and to unready. Had to restart the game. Also didn't save my port from the last time in game.
  13. RedDragonEmporer

    FIrst Solo Warrior - T-61

    Thank you. Yea took over a year to get it and luck.
  14. RedDragonEmporer

    [LWS] Lone Wulffe Squadron Recruitment

    Just updating the forum and looking for me! Same as always: Need TeamSpeak (NOT negotiable). At least 100 games. Div up with us at least once a week (we realize real life sucks).
  15. RedDragonEmporer

    [LWS] Lone Wulffe Squadron Recruitment

    Update: So several individuals applied to join our clan and were accidentally denied by our creator. He changed the zoom or something and mistook the buttons. So please apply again as we are still looking for new members and please ask questions if you have any