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  1. SovereignEagle

    What tier would be USS Brooklyn?

    It would likely be Tier 7, seeing as the Helena is that.
  2. Due to MAA now cancelling out the increased continuous damage from selecting a sector, in favour of buffing the instantaneous damage, it is actually detrimental to run it on ships with strong continuous damage AFAIK. For destroyers you are probably better off running BFT instead. As for AFT itself, it has never really been good as an AA skill since the CV rework, though I don't know how this patch has changed flak. You are better off just running BFT and AA mod. 1 if you want to buff a ship's AA currently imo.
  3. SovereignEagle

    Why is the montana so bad

    Monty is arguably the best all-round BB in the game currently. It is just not really bad at anything.
  4. SovereignEagle

    Full Georgia secondary build ?

    I'd be absolutely taking SI over BFT on basically every BB, but especially the Georgia (and Massa) due to their reduced heal cooldown.
  5. SovereignEagle

    Full Georgia secondary build ?

    Frankly, there is no reason to play the Georgia if you are not going for a secondary build. It is just an all round meme of a ship. Might as well rack up some CQE achievements while you play her. In the end, she is a premium ship so you can run whatever US captain you want on her. And it never hurts to have a secondary captain lying around.
  6. SovereignEagle

    Fix your Matchmaker, WG

    That is a very interesting statement to stand by. Especially for anyone that has ever played high tier BBs.
  7. SovereignEagle

    Remove Zao Torpedo Option NOW!!!!!!

    My issue is that the 12km torps are just completely superior to the 8km F3s now. There is no choice: you take the 12s or you are just limiting yourself. She should have been given the Type 93 mod. 2 torps that the Ibuki gets. Similar damage and reload to the F3s, but you lose speed for 2km range.