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  1. SovereignEagle

    leg mod changes

    I don't know if I agree with a single one of those changes. The DM, GK and Monty ones make absolutely no sense.
  2. SovereignEagle

    Dockyard is coming back!

    I'd like to see them start with a clean slate and have a Tier 6 or 7 premium ship as the reward this time. Jumping straight to a Tier 10 was a big mistake.
  3. SovereignEagle

    Unique upgrade rework when?

    I believe they said update 0.9.5 was when they were updating at least some of the UU. CV UU were removed when the rework released due to not being balanced with the new CVs. I assume they will be rebalanced with any others.
  4. SovereignEagle

    Where's my Smolensk?

    There is no way you've been "saving coal for 3 months" and haven't heard that they were removing it.
  5. SovereignEagle


    I'm honestly surprised they tried to push California up to Tier 7, instead of keeping it as an alternate Tier 6 to the Arizona, and having the Maryland as a Tier 7 premium.
  6. SovereignEagle

    DD Experience

    It is almost like ± 2 MM has never been a good idea., and subs will never be balanced in random battles.
  7. SovereignEagle

    High tier Pan-EU DDs quite probably need an AA nerf.

    I think Ostergotland's AA is a little bit overblown. It has very good mid range DPS but eh long range and only 4 flak bursts. It is still going to rely on the flak damage increase from DFAA to take out planes quickly. Halland has much better AA, but it also is reliant on DFAA and flak damage to swat squadrons out of the sky. Not to mention a large portion of Halland's AA DPS is based around that twin 57mm turret, which is easily knocked out.
  8. SovereignEagle

    Agir - Zzzzz Now?

    I don't know what is worse: the fact they stripped the Agir of the only interesting thing about her, or that they heavily nerfed the California. I'd love to see what parameters they are using for these changes, as they certainly aren't community or logically driven.
  9. SovereignEagle

    Your next coveted ship?

    Saving up Free XP for Alaska and then working towards the Ohio.
  10. SovereignEagle

    Shipkiller Division

    Begone Brigade has a really nice ring to it honestly.
  11. SovereignEagle

    Mainz getting lots of HE non pens why?

    There is no reason to run IFHE on the Mainz. You basically have IFHE pen stock, yet without the fire chance nerf of using IFHE. Have a look at the armour viewer of the ships you are struggling to pen and see where you should be aiming at them.
  12. SovereignEagle

    Mainz getting lots of HE non pens why?

    Mainz has 38mm pen so you should only be struggling to pen against Soviet and German BBs or if you're hitting the main armour belt of ships.
  13. SovereignEagle

    Sinop - God Awful!

    Not sure what issues you are having with it, but last time I checked it was the strongest tier 7 BB.
  14. SovereignEagle

    CV's in clan Battles

    Who could have known that a Tier 10 CV in a 7v7 would be a problem? Who indeed.