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  1. Prelude to "We're combining to servers"?..... Can't think of any other reason they would offer this..
  2. Fanboi justifying sloppy work by WG, film at 11....
  3. I think you're confused. Most players could give a rats [edited]about unicums..... If they wonder anything, it's why someone would be so desperate to be a unicum in a game that's 99% casual players.....
  4. awiggin

    Any Reason For No CVs in Armory?

    More players are trying them than ever before??? Try doing actual research before making claims....Less than 5% of the players, almost pre-rework levels... WG wanted 3 cv's per side per game, based on that alone, the CV rework is massive failure, and the game continues to drive players away....
  5. awiggin

    Screwed up CVs

    You really have to wonder how much this tiny portion of the player base spends, that WG would continue to support them...at the detriment of the game itself....
  6. Farmville on water....
  7. awiggin

    Alt Accounts - why?

    There are only a few reasons for multiple accounts, and most of them are to exploit the game. Then you have the few, the proud, the desperate, who need to look cool and stroke their fragile ego's in a meaningless game.
  8. Well I have no idea, since I don't play anymore..but I was suggesting that you should disable all your filters, as it's usually a filter that blocks new camos.
  9. awiggin

    Clan Battle rentals

    You're right, those players with 400 random battles in mostly premiums are perfect for this game.....
  10. awiggin

    Why did they nerf the baby CVs??

    Seal clubber complains about not being able to club seals as easily as before...film at 11.
  11. And most people have no idea the game is crashing on exit, and being pushed into background processes....And is still using network bandwidth....
  12. awiggin

    This Makes Zero Sense

    Or someone bought an account? Look at ebay...
  13. awiggin


    If you're going to complain about the player base, perhaps you should unhide your stats and prove you're actually better than them....
  14. And yet maplesyrup shows exactly those details right here....