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  1. Please fix the MM

    Will never happen. WG has stated in a dev blog that -2+ will stay, because it's designed to punish you until you reach tier 10....
  2. Super Container Rewards

    99% of the player base has never seen a ship in an SC, and probably never will.... Hopefully this clarifies the odds of getting one....
  3. The more I think about it, the more I realize that I had a good reason for blocking this guy..... Too bad WG won't block his topics too...
  4. When Premium ship sales end

    Half of the month has passed. This week, the second squadron of the Premium fleet including 15 ships has arrived. Thus, 31 ships are available in the Premium Shop, and we are not planning to remove them from the shelves.
  5. Midway

    Rage quilting? Wouldn't needle point be more appropriate for raging?
  6. Another person who really doesn't get why this isn't a sim? People really are oblivious...
  7. Except that the clan system is set up to reward to few unicum level clans and their sub clans, not the random clans in this game. I'm glad you're happy with clans, but most of the players in this game will never be competitive in clan wars. Most of the ones who do join clans, simply want the bonuses....So really the Clan system is there to reward the old timers/whale community, nothing more. Look at the last Clan wars season. We finally hit a new peak players, and then the number bleed off almost immediately.... The real problem here is that WG depends far to much on milking the whales for every dime, while ignoring the player base at large, and the constant retention issues. This game is entirely dependent on updates/events and new ship lines to keep the numbers up, which says the game itself isn't all that interesting. I sometimes wonder if the entire whale system is simply a self-fulfilling prophecy. FTP games milk the whales for 1000's and cater to them enough to keep them happy, at the expense of the rest of the player base. I wonder what would happen if an FTP game maker, actually put out a game where they invested in the game play more, and the shiny eyecandy less, perhaps they'd retain more players and get a far greater percentage to invest in a game they enjoy playing. Seems unlikely we'll ever know the answer to that though....
  8. MM Has Been Improving

    Yes, all those divisions on one team are bound to keep things balanced.....
  9. Yes, this is a hit-list.

    Great necro...the OP doesn't even play anymore....
  10. Texas syndrome..... It's where you load up a Texas, with plenty of Carriers in queue, and see hardly any carriers, and if you do it's a Saipan that laughs at your AA..... Load up a different BB? Two carriers per side..... And this isn't perception bias, it's been the Texas reality for over a year now....at least for me.
  11. Very true, I find it hard to believe that 31 ships actually equates to "Most of the premiums, with some exceptions" But I guess that's why they quietly edited the article, and didn't even mention the new ships last Friday....
  12. Is warships.today down?

    It's dead Jim.....
  13. They have not updated the store....in fact I can no longer find the article stating that they would add 15 ships per week, just one stating we now have 31 ships in the premium shop, and they aren't going anywhere.... Commanders! Check out what's going down in the Premium Shop this month! Keep an eye on date and times so you don’t miss your chance to grab the new loot! Shop updates drop each Friday.