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  1. awiggin

    Neptune is visible in Smoke

    Isn't Neptune's gun bloom more than 4k?
  2. You are now not only forced to run WGC to update the game, now you're forced to run it full time???? not even an option to shut it down? This touches my last nerve. There is no justifiable reason for it.
  3. awiggin

    Narai Pulled.... Again

    Maybe if they hadn't pulled all the fun ops, there's be more choice?
  4. awiggin

    Your thoughts on the British Lines? What do you think?

    A player with 73 battles and none of the ships in question, gives his opinion...Film at 11.
  5. awiggin


    WG excels at under performing US ships, so they can sell you Mass and Georgia....
  6. WG gave up on any thin veneer of Sim a long time ago. This is a pure arcade game that pretends to try and be a sim by including detailed models and complex shell mechanics ....
  7. ROFL, most people in WOWS don't spend anytime in the game, and 4 man divisions wouldn't provide them with a thing, except more blowouts. You're deluding yourself if you think "most people in Wows would agree." And it's WOWS, now WOW. Divisions should be removed from randoms.....
  8. ¶Suicide is painless.¶ It makes perfect sense, the vast majority of the playerbase are yolo's or run and hide, why not cater to the yolo's? WG seems to think faster games make it more money....
  9. People were complaining about getting captain reserve spots, I never heard anyone complain about port slots.
  10. awiggin

    Stealing kills on WoWs

    Three pages for a troll, I'm impressed.
  11. Pretty much this^ I've not played for months, came back for the RU cruisers, which I actually enjoy... But really nothing else interests me. I have 130 ships, and most of them haven't been played in a year. I have enough coal for a ship, but there are no ships worth getting. Even have enough doubloons to get the Mainz, but why? I have plenty of tier 8's now, plenty of tier 8 cruisers that I enjoy. If I want a tier 8 light cruiser, I have Bayard, Chappy, Irian.
  12. awiggin

    Premium Cammo

    This is a game with a high number of adults. Years ago the AVERAGE age was 42. Many of them have little tolerance for childish behavior. If you're expecting much sympathy for your personal issues here, you'll probably be disappointed.
  13. awiggin

    Sub battle thoughts, feedback, and poll

    From WG?
  14. awiggin

    Sub battle thoughts, feedback, and poll

    Well, seems clear what the forums thought of subs.
  15. awiggin

    A different take on CVs

    You do realize that your opinion is meaningless to the 90% that don't play the game regularly, and don't take it seriously...right? Inserting CV's in Ranked and Clan battles proves the point, they don't belong in this game.