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  1. WG gave 1000's of GC's to players that had stopped playing or weren't playing much....and it was a very cheap buy during x-mas, so I'm doubting it's all about "Veterans playing it"
  2. Except it's no longer available, so newer players don't have that option...
  3. Game cheating in Co-Op mode

    Knowing they have all the cheats is half the battle. They are still dumb and can be had in a DD. You simply have to understand they exactly where you are, and use it to your advantage. Drag them in front of your team to distract them. If they are shooting at someone else, they can't have their guns pre-aimed at you.
  4. I happened to check some stats tonight and saw this. GC is on top as usual, but what caught my eye was the number of games. Other than the french grind line it's played at least twice as much as other tier 5 bb's I think anyone that got the Guilio knows the thing is OP, and WG gave away a lot of them. It's not quite up to Nikolai in terms of domination, but it is also sees a ton more games. So, my question is, is it really good to have a crazy good BB at tier 5, in such numbers, when tier 5 already presents a significant challenge to newer players? Thoughts?
  5. Aigle Part 25

    The average player must be loving it....
  6. Clan Battles Feedback

    Is Clan battles really helping the game, or even meaningful? I mean look at all the discussion re: clan battles? I have never played a game with so little discussion about a competitive mode. And while it did bring the numbers back for awhile, clearly it's not an answer, looking at current numbers....
  7. I play mostly 5-7. Over Xmas I played 132 games 79 of them bottom tier.28 top tier. I lost about .5% in win ratio during that time.. haven't really played much since.... And it really doesn't matter whether you think it's an issue or not....considering this games retention issues, I'd say it's a problem for newer players.
  8. Personally I could care less, I wouldn't fall for it, and I generally ignore chat for that very reason..... But if OP is expecting another outcome, given the player base...welp.... Other than racist crap in port chat, I've never bothered to report anyone for chat.....not worth my time.
  9. Lots of adults in this game (Average age 42)...they really don't find childish antics amusing....So expect more such responses....
  10. You are in protected status. Until you reach level 11 and tier 5, you will see only new players + bots in random. Unfortunately there aren't a bunch of new players, so you get mostly bots.
  11. Scenario rewards - issue?

    Did you really think WG would give those prizes more than once? People would just exploit it for endless premium and 10 point captains.
  12. Must have the gaming center. I tried installing it once with WOWP, even though I set it to not load on startup, it would anyway....literally had to kill it via task manager, and it's boot strap program the keeps loading it back in. Have avoided it so far here, but the day I'm forced to install it, is the day I stop playing completely.
  13. April Fools Trololo

    I seriously doubt they went to the trouble of making the space battle and putting on PT, only to not use it.....
  14. When does WG ever do anything instantly?