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  1. You answered your own question as to why XVM isn't needed.... You already know not to listen to other players, what other information do you need?
  2. I find it amusing that so many people are waiting for Santa Crates. Do you really think they will drop stuff like last year? Everything WG has done in the last year has all about more work, less rewards, expecting the Santa crates to be as good as last year seems premature....
  3. False teamkill in Coop

    Based on what I'm seeing here, there seems to be an issue. Nearly all the stats are headed south, so that 97 games may be reality.....
  4. False teamkill in Coop

    No replay.....No proof. And hovering over the pink ship would have told you exactly how you killed it. Team damage does not get added to your damage total....you don't get rewarded for it.... And how many times have you been pink...does that really say you need 97 games to work it off?
  5. Uninstall and Reinstall

    I'm a lefty and all my keys are remapped, no issues....can't remember them ever being reset by a patch or update.
  6. Your entire argument is based on team play...something that has NEVER existed on this server, and never will. And it's no one's fault but WG...... They tried to make WOT on Water, and failed to understand the difference between the two games. They took a game the begs for team play, and made it into a solo game. 1. The drivers for the game reward players more for grinding damage than they do for playing as a team, since 99% of the player base can't carry a 12 on 12, they really don't have much choice. (Remember the game is all about the grind) 2. Random as the primary game type was the worst idea ever, the game should have started around a small team battle and scenarios in order to teach better team work. 3. Port chat disabled by default...... 4. The player base that is attracted to this game has little in common with most combat games I've played, it's older, like me, and far less concerned about winning than the average player base. Finally...WG has been trying to force the player base into playing more, and becoming the hardcore gamers they think this game needs. If CV's are just another poor attempt at this...they need to be removed. WG needs to wake up and realize that you can't MAKE a player base, you can only attract and adapt to what you get...until they learn that.....they will continue to struggle with retention.
  7. There was so much sarcasm in that line, it should be considered toxic....
  8. How to Emerald

    Doubt it. They insist on having at least one or two real dogs in most lineups, getting people to spend free xp is plus to them. And no amount of offense will solve the issue of taking a cit from a shell that lands 50 yards away....
  9. Yep. What fun that would be, chasing down a dd in a cyclone with no time limit....
  10. HMAS Vampire is under powered

    Free ship........ And it certainly seemed fine to me when I ran it...
  11. This should surprise no one...... WG has made it easy to exploit the system, allowing top players to bounce freely between their sub clans.
  12. Forum changes

    +1. Colors are annoying so far, and they honestly look like they belong in a game for 5-8 year olds....
  13. Not really....The Operation was a simple way to do kills, xp and damage...
  14. That's a sad, selfish attitude, and one of the reasons this game has issues....
  15. Maybe WG does have an issue with you...but none of us are going to be able to answer that.....