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  1. So, you kids haven't figured out that they are data mining you and selling it, because the whales aren't spending money like they used too?
  2. Unless something has changed, the vast majority of players don't do well in ANY ship.
  3. awiggin

    Is Aiming Messed up in 1.10.10?

    Could be worse.... This could still be happening. buggyguns.mp4
  4. WG has jumped the shark so many times, I'm surprised they haven't fallen in. I still play a training battle occasionally just to see how crappy they've made things. When you don't care about grinding, the training room is far more fun then any of the other game modes. The bots are smarter, far more skills, they don't ram like co-op, and you can make the balance and scenario anything you want. When you have 130 ships, and no desire for more regurgitated crap, the training room is really the only place to be. So naturally WG would try to limit it. When you see this, in the morning hours with only 6-7 training battles listed, you have to realize they are desperate. Happens almost every time
  5. awiggin

    How Sad

    Really, they gave ships homing torps?
  6. So, you have no idea what the game did in the past, or why it didn't work out.... Got it.
  7. awiggin

    WG, who does your translations?

    Same idiots who do the website, and force you to recheck "Do not sell my information" every single time you open a page? If I gave a crap about this game, I'd be pissed, but it's just business as usual it appears. Now it's not even worth reading how badly they are jacking things.
  8. awiggin

    Torpedoes Are Broken? (Flamu)

    It's funny when people get worked up about a buggy game.... One that's been buggy for years. buggyguns.mp4
  9. awiggin

    Who Does WGs Math?

    You're talking about a company that back in the day, couldn't even get tasks to complete when you hit the number, you had to go over. Have you forgotten ancient history?
  10. Haven't really played since the Carrier rework. I occasionally mess around in the training room, but all it does is remind me of how bad this game has gotten. I have noticed recently that they are limiting the number of training room battles now, are they that desperate to get people into the game?
  11. You want to be a risk adverse troll, accept the consequences...
  12. WG doesn't really care what it's players want... They've run out of ideas for ships, so now it's World of planes and subs.... Probably the stupidest idea I've ever seen, fail spectacularly at WOWP, so instead of giving up, force them into WOWS. I really don't know why anyone would sink a dime in this game anymore...but I guess I guess it takes all kinds...
  13. awiggin

    Bot Herding (AHOJ)

    WG is desperate to keep numbers up?
  14. Out of curiosity, I started a new account. There seems to be virtually no one in protected status. If new people aren't coming in, how is WG sustaining numbers? Numbers don't appear to have dropped much at all, which surprises me since I don't play, and virtually none of the players I used to hang out with play at all anymore. So, where are these numbers coming from?
  15. awiggin

    accounts on the same server

    Clearly your head is somewhere else if you're responding to a FOUR year old post....