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  1. awiggin

    Sketchy survey?

    You know that game companies now make more from selling your details to vendors, than they do off the whales...right?
  2. awiggin

    Narai is where we need to draw the line...

    It's been the same crappy scenarios for over a year now, and the only decent one left will be pulled. Why would anyone be surprised that scenarios are the least played? They removed the other decently fun ones long ago.
  3. Anyone taking odds on the Smolensk and Jean Bart ending up in the Xmas crates?
  4. They need a new player base, they've milked this one for just about everything they could.... That's the reason for subs, nothing more, just an opportunity to milk a new set of suckers before the game finally goes belly up.
  5. So, after all this time, you still haven't gotten it? This game is filled with casual players who don't play 10 games a day, they play 5 games a week. You really think they are going to invest the time in learning the game, when they invest so little in playing it? 78% of players play less than 20 games a MONTH. Another 14% 100 games or less a month, which is 2-4 games a day......Why would you ever expect things to change?
  6. awiggin

    Farming Accounts

    Go to ebay, type in WOWS, look at the number of accounts for sale..... It's called grinding for money....
  7. Or, alternatively, it was to draw bots to the game in order to help numbers? Heck, looking at maplesyrup some bots are still operating, so it's a more reasonable theory than the one you have...
  8. Another player who doesn't get it? Color me surprised. The world doesn't revolve around NA, and this game will never recover from the poor management by WG. This is what has happened on the servers that actually had a population.
  9. awiggin

    My investment in this game is complete

    The basic problem is choosing shiny objects over game play.... This game would be in a much better place if WG had actually invested in game play rather than more shiny objects, but that's clearly not in the business plan.
  10. And the fact that the game preys on the weak-willed isn't an issue?
  11. Considering the number of bots that suddenly appeared for the PR grind, I'd be surprised if it's not mostly bots earning it.
  12. awiggin

    So, we alread back to normal?

    Why should any of these companies put out a quality product, when they can put out a a work in progress and play the shiny object suckers to make a profit? It's far cheaper to pay graphics artists than it is to pay quality Devs.
  13. Did you forget that the new blood that WG is recruiting don't read this forum at all, and if they did, they still wouldn't care what you want....
  14. You want to see what's happening due to the PR grind? Courtesy of http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/index.html How about all these players averaging more than a 1000 games a week.... WG generated a bot storm like we haven't seen in years.....