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  1. awiggin

    8.0 PSA

    Considering the year or two of almost an entire page of pinned threads we suffered through, that should hardly be surprising.
  2. awiggin

    Code for 10 camos + flag - HUMBLEGIVEAWAY

    Thanks, worked. Sorry to all those people that are 10 minutes late though, assuming it's like most recent ones.....
  3. awiggin

    Why isnt shooting down planes rewarded?

    Is today Necro day already? You responded to a 3 year old thread, that has nothing to do with current game mechanics....
  4. awiggin

    MM vs 99.7% Loss Probability

    Because you think everyone in this game is a Brady? When you know most of them are Tim Tebow.....
  5. So basically you want to ensure your premium CV is just as OP as it is now?
  6. awiggin

    In the name of your highness event

    That's exactly the intention, which says everything about how desperate WG is to make competitive players out of this group....even though it will never happen.... Just like the ops now...they require team play, something that simply doesn't exist in this game.
  7. awiggin

    Some Operations have to be nerfed!

    Such a childish response.... For this player base, the OP's are too hard, and no amount of abuse is going to make them better, so should WG continue to punish them, or simply accept this is who the player base is, and adapt accordingly?
  8. awiggin

    In the name of your highness event

    Which buys you exactly nothing in the Arsenal...
  9. awiggin

    0.8.0 Postponed

    It's comedic that people actually think a week is going to make any difference in this update....
  10. awiggin

    CV Rework/Module Reset?

    So you seriously think players should pay, simply due to a massive meta change brought on by this rework?
  11. awiggin

    CV Rework/Module Reset?

    You would hope...but I guess we'll find out in a week.
  12. Perfectly reasonable explanation. But that's why I stopped drinking....
  13. I'm seriously having trouble wrapping my head around this. And isn't identifying players in the forums a eula violation?
  14. awiggin

    How to make Mouse a grouch...

    Emeralds issue is that she can take a cit from the shock wave of a shell landing 50 yards away. That and taking cit's from HE makes it a no starter.