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  1. Happens. On sale gives it a different look.
  2. The ones you enjoyed playing?
  3. It appeared to me you wanted to have two completely different ships setups for the same ship, as well as the captain. While it would be nice if WG did stuff like that, it's not likely to happen. Frankly I'm amazed they gave us 5 days of free rebuild/respec, even though it was the right thing to do. Another thing to consider that as the metas evolve, you're going to be constantly changing setups anyway...
  4. You choice, I'm sure WG will be happy to have people training multiple captains for their Tier 10's.
  5. it may be better for some people, but clearly opinions vary on the changes. Hitting new lows in an already anemic playerbase seems to say the changes didn't go over all that well.
  6. People are saying that's not helping tonight....
  7. I've seen no one claim they've actually gotten in yet.
  8. 92% of the population refuses to come to the forums...did you expect any other result?
  9. Sticky trigger finger?
  10. It's a scenario, scenario prizes are granted only once. Last year they created a farmfest with it, they no longer allow players to farm events.
  11. Still adds to captain training, really no point in worrying about how much xp you accumulate in a premium...you still bought it to play.