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  1. Your entire premise seems to be based on the fantasy that there is actually a large number of serious players. Not sure how you can play this game, and think that's reality. Casual players do not like complex mechanics, they want to sail ships and shoot stuff and they don't want to deal with game ending surprises that they really aren't prepared to deal with. Like it or not, this is who the player base is, and it becomes more like that every month. WG hasn't been dumbing down the game to cater to the few serious players that are left....
  2. Rite of passage?
  3. You don't need an AMD card either. An 750TI that you can probably get for $50-$60 will run this game at 60fps at maximum settings in HD. And with this game, it's not your max fps that you have to worry about, it's the min fps when the game starts loading up activity.
  4. I disagree Lert. I've played online games since before the days of the Internet, and this is by far the worst game for cooperation I've ever played. Yes you will always have trolls and dweebs, but you also usually had a reasonable number of players who are actually there to play the game and put in a bit of effort. This is the first game I've ever played that begs for team work, but gets the opposite. Unfortunately WG either didn't understand who would be drawn to the game, or simply didn't put any effort in getting them together. Not opening the port chat windows by default was a bad move, but no team battles or something similar out of beta was even worse. Even Scenarios would have been a good idea two years ago, as they push team work more, but that ship has long since sailed. WG is advertising hard again, but bringing in new players is hardly an answer if you can't retain them, and retention seems pretty terrible right now.
  5. Considering how many people seem to be getting mods, I'd think twice about complaining about that....
  6. Read more than, it's been a daily topic since the patch here and on reddit...But please, continue with your superior knowledge of the situation, I could use a laugh... And considering most players won't come to the forums for anything, the problem is probably larger than just the posts here.
  7. So, WG's answer to national balance is to make them HE spewers? Well, I guess the average player will love it....
  8. Yes, there was. When the Tier 5 MM debacle started, you'd get 4-5 games in a row at bottom tier, then 1 at top. But if you want to claim you know what the Devs are doing, or that they flat out lied....oh well...
  9. It only prevents you from getting 10 bottom tier games in a row, it doesn't even them out at all.
  10. Shouldn't really be worrying about 2ndaries that early in the game, understanding the game mechanics is more important.
  11. No, happens all the time, but I have a bad habit of trolling, nothing to worry about. The main problem with bringing up old threads is they've either been beaten to death, and really resolve nothing, or they are no longer pertinent to the current game.
  12. Yes, the fact this is all happening after a patch, and lots of people are being affected must mean it's the players fault... I've never had ctd issues in this game, until the last patch....
  13. Like many sites for WOWS, it's probably dying due to lack of interest. We don't have a large player base to begin with, and the actual percentage of players that care about stats seems very small.
  14. Far too late to worry about that. WG put in the IJN line early, and they are all designed to snipe. WG never learned to identify unintended consequences, unlikely they will start now.
  15. Ok, actually a well parsed post for your first one. Clans are an afterthought at this point, 90% of the player base will never even join one. And I really don't know why you would suggest such a complex system for an Arcade game. Most of the player base doesn't even understand shell mechanics, expecting players to get involved in something like this seems...naive. Add to that WG apparently already has some type of clan combat in mind, I hardly think they are going to completely redo it at this point. This will never be a competitive game, WG thought they could make WOT on water, and they failed to understand the differences.