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    You might want to do a little more reading before you start counting your subs....
  2. Not to mention Blitz was written by another group, and the code has little in common with the PC version....
  3. I'm seriously going to laugh my [edited]off if WG changes course due to outrage and doesn't put them in after the test. Then the sub-lovers will have a complete meltdown.....win, win.
  4. This^ There were some complaints early that players were being punished for leaving the battle even after dead, but haven't heard anyone claim that for awhile.
  5. WG Lies

    Someone's alt was typing angry.... He does have a point though. WG has shown the willingness to lie to us repeatedly, so why would people believe what they say?
  6. Translation: I spent a bunch of money I'll never see again on this game, and I'm proud of it.... Really a bit laughable to see a wallet warrior claim it's easy to rack up free xp, when most players in this game don't spend much at all.....
  7. WG just stated that forum feedback is ignored....but good luck with your campaign....
  8. Yep, just because WG said Never to subs in the past is no reason to actually expect them to actually be telling the truth....not surprised at all.....
  9. News flash! WG just went full arcade, I'd forget about any more historical accuracy.
  10. Seems clear the WG now believes it can milk more money from the arcade kids, than they can the history/war buffs. My opinion is that as usual WG couldn't see the forest for the trees, and it will backfire, Steel ocean numbers coming to a server near you.....

    You really are clueless, aren't you...Why do you think WG spends so much of graphic artists in an arcade game? And I never claimed this was a sim, WG simply glossed sim elements over an arcade game and it was just enough to get sim lovers to buy in.....In fact many of the whales that supported this game fall into that category. Clearly WG has tossed those whale aside in favor of the carton gang, I guess we'll have to wait and see how it works out. I notice you completely ignored the graph showing the real issue too.

    Except that in reality, they weren't fast enough to to any such thing. Full arcade, I hope the arcade kiddies are prepared to open their wallets, because I can hear the sim enthusiasts snapping their wallet shut in a big hurry. This is what this is about..... A last ditch effort to save the slowing sinking ship.....
  13. Polished?? Polished as in no replay button after three years? As in pop up windows that pop up behind other windows? Polished as in things are so well balanced that three years into the game WG finally realized that CV's weren't really balanced at all? Your definition of polish and mine seem to be quite a bit different.
  14. I pretty much already stopped playing, so this really isn't meaningful to me personally anyway. I'm simply trolling the people who honestly think that subs have or historically ever had a role in fleet combat.... And so far, i'm finding it quite amusing.

    You're the one pushing a strawman argument.... Subs never operated with fleets, subs were too slow, too weak, and simply not useful enough. The numbers they are quoting are full arcade and have nothing to do with reality. Subs were primarily merchant raiders. WG has been heading towards full arcade for awhile, giving up on any semblance of a sim, if that's what you like, I guess good for you, but it's not going to appeal to all those players that actually came for the sim elements. You think numbers are bad now.....