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  1. awiggin

    World of Warships is Hard for Beginners

    It's really pretty sad to see an adult blame the players because they simply aren't engaged in the game. It never occurs to you to ask WHY THEY AREN'T ENGAGED... It's an arcade game with a thin veneer of sim to placate the few actual serious history buffs, cause they spend money. Most players are attracted to the arcade game, and have no intention of ever bothering to learn the complex mechanics. They simply don't believe the game is worth the time that would be required. I'm sorry that you honestly think this game is important, when it's simply entertainment for most players, but that's kind of your problem, not their's.... And what exactly does it say about a person that is so afraid of a negative response, that they have to use an alt to post?
  2. awiggin

    Error with Benham normal camo?

    That would be an all time troll from WG, you'd hope they wouldn't do something that silly, but you suspect they would.
  3. Actually it peaked at 12,200, on a SUNDAY.....
  4. awiggin

    World of Warships is Hard for Beginners

    Arcade game with complex mechanics to bring in the history buffs. Who would ever think that the players that are drawn to the arcade game (The vast majority of players) have no interest in the complex part?
  5. I picked it up with the Shinyhorse during that sale. Shiny was a bargain, Atlanta for $20? not really in my favorites, and haven't played it much but hard to complain much at that price.
  6. awiggin

    Play to Win.....

    Invisibility spell?
  7. Not sure why people think that last year will accurately reflect this year.... Xmas 2017 had a massive ship sale that went on for months, 2018? No sale on ships at all.....
  8. Should have bought the Atlanta during the half price sale last year then....
  9. Everything that's happened recently seems to point to a need for more income from the game. So why not sell the heck out of these packages by simply including a rare premium as part of the chances? I could be completely wrong, maybe loot boxing completely failed last Xmas, but it certainly seems to me that if you included a no longer sold premium in the mix, you'd probably sell far more packages, and multiple package sales for those really hungry for that rare ship. I can't see many older players having any need to roll for most of these ships, like me, they either have them, or don't really want them. Again, I don't have access the the raw numbers, but it certainly seems like a no-brainer to me that the entire point of those rare ships is to have something to dangle in front of the whales.....
  10. Dear WG, if you offered a rare ship among the 1 in 20 chance, you'd probably sell a lot more packages...just sayin.... In fact you'd probably persuade people to roll multiple packages for a chance at the Payfast.....
  11. awiggin

    Error with Benham normal camo?

    Interface is still buggy as heck. You will often see stats from the previous ship, this sounds like an extension of that issue.
  12. awiggin

    How to Epicenter

    90% of the players never come to the forums, and of the 10% that do, only about 5% actually read anything. Just how much effect do people think posts like this will have?
  13. awiggin

    Summer Sale...

    Well, I'm not playing much anyway, but even if i was, these sales just wouldn't hold any interest. Like you I have most all the premiums I want, and I see no reason to roll the dice for a good chance at crap I don't want and won't play. At least Xmas loot boxes had a chance for a rare ship, these sales are nothing but ships I either have, or have no interest in.
  14. awiggin

    Summer Sale...

    Most of the old time whales have already been milked, they need new milk.
  15. awiggin

    Alabama + 2 VIII Premium Containers

    I don't get it personally, if there was ever a reason to gamble on loot crates, I would assume it's for the chance at a rare ship....zero chance here, and I have all the tier 8 premiums I ever wanted already.