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  1. After this much time, why do people still think they can change the people that play this game? WG has been trying for years, and failed miserably at every turn. I would guess this is the only combat game ever put out that had an average player age of 42, yet no one, including WG seems to understand what that means....
  2. Spend a $1000 on crates, I'm sure they'll give you anything you missed...
  3. awiggin


    Yep, got the Mass, Blys and Indy, like that's really going to entice me back? I have plenty of ships to sail, I just have no desire to sail them. WG seems completely lost as to who it's players are after all these years, and the direction they seem to be headed is one of the main reasons I don't play anymore.
  4. awiggin

    Regular Clan Battles Long Overdue

    I too pull claims out of my rear and pretend they are real.... The fact that clan battles is only run 4 days a week a few hours a night didn't make you wonder about participation? You think they are rushing into this cross server battles simply because they want to do all this extra work? Always a good sign when the game peaks at the start of a clan battle season, and then drop like a rock....certainly seems stable to me..
  5. awiggin

    Regular Clan Battles Long Overdue

    You understand the reason for cross server clan battles right? WG has never gotten the majority of the player base to engage in Clan battles, and the numbers seem to be dropping. It may well be the only way you'll see Clan Battles is cross server from now on.
  6. Sorry, but you're the one who has it wrong..... High tier play is stale due to the player base, not the ships....
  7. awiggin

    CV Rework Feedback

    Take out those "crap" players who make up 90% of the player base and you won't have a game....
  8. Isn't this what you would expect from a company that invests far more in graphics artists than devs?
  9. Face it, WG needs money, I would expect to see lots of tier 9 and 10 premiums for cash soon. The game never generated the numbers they wanted, and nothing they've done has changed that. Last two years numbers were climbing this time of year.....this year.....not so much. Their dream of WOT on water never materialized so you can bet on them doing anything possible to open those wallets.
  10. awiggin

    ARP battleships........

    Power creep is real. The ships haven't gotten worse, the competing lines have gotten better.
  11. awiggin

    T8 hell

    YMMV? I too believe a single person's small dataset reflects the game at large.... Furthermore, with WG's admission that +2 MM is there simply to drive people to tier 10, isn't even remotely possible that people without tier 10's might be treated differently?
  12. WG has been lowering rewards and drop rates for years now....they honestly think it will make players spend more....
  13. awiggin

    G. Cesare/Roma

    ROFL. Yes, a tier 5 BB that out performs pretty much all tier 6 and 7 bb's while having the worst tier abuse in the game certainly isn't op.... They stealth removed it from the shop for a reason.....
  14. awiggin

    50 Battle Mark.

    Somewhere between 100 and 100,000....YMMV.
  15. I think they would prefer you spend a bunch of money on car insurance.....Pumpkins....