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  1. liangshepherd

    So Georgia is final... Unfortunately?

    6 guns are 2/3 of the guns of the "normal" 9 guns bbs and half of the guns of those 12 guns bbs.. No matter how good the dispersion is, I presume it's still underwhelming except for those who can make the shots count (you know who you are, I know I am not those)..It's a pretty big drawback for the ship so there comes those gimmicks you mentioned..Some would find it sufficient, others like me would not consider a 6 guns bbs..
  2. liangshepherd

    Welcome to Tier 10

    Confirmation bias.
  3. liangshepherd

    Great game in the Salem.

    Usually Zao, Henry and Hindenburg are considered open water cruisers.. USN lines, DM and Wooster, are much more reliant on islands..
  4. liangshepherd

    Great game in the Salem.

    I can never did such damage in my DM... Though it's not rare in my Henry..
  5. liangshepherd

    Potentially very unpopular idea, look inside

    Flying eternal radar?
  6. liangshepherd

    Highest Victory Score You've Gotten? (Single Game)

    Didn't cap the score screen, if I remember correctly is 900ish.
  7. liangshepherd

    Possible hacker/cheater caught on live?

    Too be honest it could be just a coincidence. Since he never even fires, we don't know if he really sees you or not.. It's not normal behavior to be sure, but these days, I don't get surprised anymore..
  8. I leave the battle as soon as I got destroyed. Never had a problem. I don't know why you would speculate that's the problem. From my speculation it's more likely your internet.
  9. liangshepherd

    Should I start grinding IJN Cruisers?

    Traditionally speaking, the IJN dd lines are more capable with torps comparing with USN ones, especially in mid tiers with usable range. But if you play coop, range won't be much issue since bots always come to you.
  10. liangshepherd

    Should I start grinding IJN Cruisers?

    This may not be relevant, but if you like torps, why don't you play dds? Torps in cruiser lines, at its best, are more of a complement..Guns are always more reliable weapons of choice.. But if you only play coops, go nuts with yolo torps..
  11. liangshepherd

    Just got worcester and its.....meh

    Yes, Zao and Henry are not good at close range..I can make them work at mid range if I pick the fight..
  12. liangshepherd

    Just got worcester and its.....meh

    I agree with all your points..However, it always amuses me when people comment "xx cruisers excels at mid range". Which t10 cruisers does not excels at mid range? Or I suspect it is another saying for CLs can't do anything at long range either because of range or shells.. I am on edge of grinding up for the woosters. But honestly after DM, which is my first t10, floaty shells and reliance on islands are just not working for me..Besides, cv now have the jobs to hunt for DDs..And in general, I just have more consistent games in open water CAs like Henry and Zao..
  13. liangshepherd

    Torpedo Spamming is Still a Problem

    Though this is a team play game, you can totally play by yourself..I never division up with people I don't know in real life and I am only in a clan for the discount.. There are great videos on youtube showing how the game works and how certain ships are played..
  14. liangshepherd

    Roma is the ultimate troll!

    Just so I understand: because the gun miss so much that the occasional citadels are much more exciting? Is the 140k a one time occurrence or the norm, if you don't mind me asking.
  15. liangshepherd

    Beginner's Guide to Cruiser Tactics (Tier I-IV)

    The characterization of the IJN and USN cruisers are not true in high tiers. If one chooses to go down the line, you should expect insane reload DM or wooster with better maneuver vs one of the longest reload of t10 cruisers Zao with 12 guns..