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  1. Seriously it is a pity about Ensign_Cthulhu. At one time he was decent but now it seems he must insult those with opinions he opposes.

    1. tm63au


      Your right its seems to me that something has change in him, I think we all have a bit of a laugh at some of posts that come out but nothing serious, god my posts can be terribly written as you may have witnessed I write to fast, spelling is atrocious at times with missing words or there in the wrong part of the sentence, and I'm guilty of not putting in the complete picture with all the facts.

      And I'm all for people pointing out where i missed some detail and people are certainly welcome anytime to do that its not the first and it wont be my last bad post.

      We are all here to try to have fun and I'm quite happy for someone to point out my mistakes have a bit of a jest in the process as I can laugh at my blunders.

      Guess he has lost that feeling why well only he can answer that.

      This is really my first MMO style game and being part of the community I have put my foot in my mouth, but its been fun though.

      Anyway I'll just keep playing the game have fun and try to keep WG honest :Smile_veryhappy:   

      Thanks for the PM 

      cheers :Smile_honoring:    



    2. kgh52


      You're not the only one that struggles to clearly state what we are thinking, I suffer from that ailment far too often. And there are forum members who delight in pointing out my mistakes. I can laugh at myself.

      Yes, having and escaping the stress of real life is what playing a game is all about.

      We can try to "keep WG honest" but the odds aren't very good

      You have a good day.


    3. tm63au


      Yeah know what your talking about on all counts and it will not change with some of the crowd there.

      Well there is a remedy for all that, grab some of your favourite food and drink and your best ship and charge into battle :Smile_izmena:

      I'm at work at the moment but when I get home I'm Going Sub hunting in my Cruisers, I'm not out to prove point i'm just going to have fun and challenge myself.

      Even thinking about taking PEF into sub mode she's a fast BB, she cant hit the Queen Mary at point blank range with her dispersion but she just might a Sub killer be accident.

      Well I'm going to have finding out, I don't know if your going try out the Subs whether you are or not, Good Hunting Sir