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  1. tm63au

    Premium Ship PREVIEW: HMS Exeter

    So I guess HMAS Perth did nothing at the battle of Java Sea and Sunda Strait, is that what your saying, and lets not forget the Battle of Greece and Crete.
  2. tm63au

    Premium Ship PREVIEW: HMS Exeter

    The day of Reckoning is approaching, old scores will be settled, wrongs will be righted and honour restored with The Admirals triumphant victories. Also great review LWM look forward to buying the ship when its released
  3. hi Though most people think it will be this new IJN ship Azuma have a look at what WG wrote about the new BB line coming out. They have a VMF version of the Nelson coming real soon, money is on that of course I could be way wrong.
  4. tm63au

    [POP] POPCORN is recruiting.!

    Oh man that is one scary promotional poster, one look at that and you will drive people away, please not The Hoff anyone or anything but The Hoff
  5. tm63au

    The A-Poi-calypse is Coming

    There appears to a lot of IJN DD experts writing posts here and although I play IJN DDs a lot my historical knowledge on Japanese Destroyers is not as great as many, but having said that I have read a bit about Commander Shunsaku Kudo and his service time in the IJN DD Ikazuchi and the humanitarian decision he made on the 2nd of March 1942 to rescue British sailors. Wouldn't this ship be a better choice for a premium IJN Destroyer.
  6. tm63au

    Problem with Last Stage of PEF Campaign

    Just read it so you have to earn 4 million credits on 11 tasks if you chose to do so in return for another 400000 credits each task, am I missing something here, why bother giving you 400000 when you have earned 4 million. Somebody was drinking do much vodka at the time when they came up with that idea.
  7. tm63au

    [POP] POPCORN is recruiting.!

    Hard at work I see
  8. tm63au

    What is the Steel ship SOON?

    Its the Russian premium Nelson version Battleship my guess, read the news post on the website about the BB line.
  9. Great cant wait, love paint job on it too
  10. Maybe if you spent more time doing your real job you might get some real money bonuses from work to buy port slots , instead your surfing the forum all day on company time, complaining how broke you are. My God man I gifted you the most powerful DD in the game and have not seen you play it in months, use that ship to win some port slots in crates if your that hard up for cash .
  11. Thanks @Lert will be picking one up to add to my ship collection
  12. tm63au

    Early April Fools - but a "valuable" prize :-)

    There serious that's a legit event so you better get started P.S. you got less than 24 hours to finish it, just a walk in the park
  13. tm63au

    Update from WG Fest: Soviet Battleships line

    Wait your turn WG stated they were producing a Swiss cruiser line for the first quarter of 2019