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  1. why cant I vote for bacon isn't that the usual alternative in these polls
  2. WOWS Underworld War

    It was always risk to reveal the true master mind but the world needed to know even at cost of ones own life.
  3. WOWS Underworld War

    Hi Admiral There will always traitors in this war where money I mean Free XP and oil is concerned regards
  4. WOWS Underworld War

    hi all I have been playing for over 2 years now I have seen a lot of things happen in this game in that time but whatever happens to the game however it changes one thing always remains the bitter and bloody war between the 2 major rival underworld syndicates and there associate gangs. On 1 side you have the Bbabies and on the other The DD Mafia both backed by the subordinate Cruiser gangs and assorted mercenary CV players wage a bitter war for control of the seas and the oil that comes from it. To add to the mayhem of this war a multinational arms corporation named WG arms both sides in this global conflict reaping in the money from all the destruction and carnage that is committed on the high seas without any conscience and complete disregard for the loss of life this war is inflicting upon both sides and the innocent gamers trying to enjoy themselves. Both sides buy new weapons and new ships hoping to deal the decisive blow that will give them victory but just as 1 side thinks they have the upper hand there opponents counter with equal violence and the stalemate starts again. What is the end game for these 2 warring sides besides control of the seas and the oil surely there more to this than meets the eye maybe there is some lucrative money to made on the black market with Free XP and or doubloons who knows only the people running these organisations can tell us that. Speaking of Overlords who controls these syndicates who are the masterminds hidden through anonymity by there usernames that give the orders, sure I have read some posts over time on the forums by members of both sides boasting of victories or try to recruit for the ranks for this never ending war. But are these the high ranking generals and lieutenants speaking on behalf of the leaders or just lower underlings following orders and spreading propaganda for there masters. Possible we will never know or will we as quite by accident while I was writing a thread about a new DD Mafia super weapon not that long back a member of the community wrote in a few replies to my posts and other peoples posts that were written there. It took me some time to absorb the information that was written by this person and I am still in a state shock as to who it is but I believe that both factions are in fact controlled by 1 person, a person that appears in plain sight to us all and no one would even dream it was them, a person who wields such power that they can sit back and watch the carnage on the high seas reap all the rewards and no one can see this master mind in front of them. WOWS own Keyser Söze together with there loyal henchman Mr. Kobayashi they pull the strings of this bitter war for there amusement. Here is some of the extracts from posts this person has wrote that proves to me there real identity " Asashio has a singular designed purpose: to make the two principal warring factions on the World of Warships the BBabies and the DD-Mafia " And this " I am delighted that I predicted this infighting " and more "But I can take credit for getting Kamikaze (green) sold on the North American server before all three Kamikaze-sisters (Fujin, Kamikaze R, Kamikaze) were pulled from sale." To me this proves this person is the master mind behind it all and I am prepared to reveal this person and the right hand man now. regards
  5. Hi For anyone planning to play ships in honour of ANZAC day that don't have Perth, Vampire or even Leander. The Weymouth is also a consideration to use as HMAS Sydney (1912 ) is a Chatham class Cruiser similar design to Weymouth as they are part of the 5 sub class line of the Town class cruiser. HMAS Sydney fought SMS Emden at the Cocos islands on Nov 9th 1914. Lest We Forget
  6. Oh look its another Graf Zeppelin bashing thread surprise surprise, its not the ship its the captain sailing it If people took time to research the ships in game even a fraction of a time to see what they may be coming up against in games from time to time they would realize GZ has really average fighters that struggle against any opponent in battle. Not to mention if the ship is apposing a up tiered CV with a fairly good enemy captain it will struggle badly, the only good thing it has going for it is bombers so instead sailing around trying to Leeroy Jenkins and charge everywhere solo how about grouping up and concentrating your AA defences instead of sulking because the big bad CV touched you in a bad place. Not to mention I believe now all USN CV's carry AP bombs so no BB is safe with the exception of a few. regards
  7. Rumour control

    Hi WG Can we please have a official announcement on the fate of KMS Graf Zeppelin in regards of it being sold in the premium shop as word going around is that it will not be sold in the near future. Despite the habitual whiners who complain about anything from the colour of there tooth paste, forcing the disarmament of the " Principality of Andorra's'' nuclear arsenal and CV's in game, some people actually want to buy this ship even if they play it in Coop or just have it as a Port Queen. So if WG would be kind enough to give us CV fans a statement as to what is going on with this ship it would be nice since the official testing of it finished on or around the 23rd of February 2018 and since then there has been nothing official from WG to my knowledge. regards #SETTHESTUKASFREEWGSELLGRAFZ
  8. HI Thanks it can be tough out there sometimes hope your games are going well also cheers
  9. Hi Sorry you have lost me there my friend was referring to a game in operations how is that racists and homophobic regards
  10. Hi Your quite correct there have been times this has happened I wish it happened a lot more though. cheers
  11. More SHIP HAPPENS by WG

    Dam I thought I forgot something when wrote this post, not chrome but I'm getting pretty grey up there now that I'm getting older cheers
  12. Your probable right but I had to vent I'm at work now be home soon and back into the game, god I hope its better now than this morning. Cheers and good hunting