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  1. WG Just Made the Choice Hard

    Seriously this forum can get real scary sometimes the emphasis is suppose to be on the event and the ensuing battles but the majority of the members are trying to decide which Chic is the best one to side with for this comp. Scary stuff ( scratches head in amazement wondering if people forget this is about naval battles or do people think its a beauty pageant )
  2. Selling the Monagham

    As everyone has said never sell premium ships, play the ship in Coop if you have to, you can still train up a captain there its going to take a lot longer, also you will get better credit in Coop for premium ship better than nothing.
  3. Humor for the Day

    Ran out of fuel possible or waiting for minesweeper to clear mines to A cap ( could be long wait for that ship to arrive )
  4. Hi Unconfirmed leaked picture of protesters at lesta protesting over lack of Dutch ships in game. WG has not responded to this leaked picture of a unnamed Wows player and friend who infiltrated Lesta and attempted to programme in several Dutch ships into the program. However it is believed they failed and may have inadvertently turned the games servers off accidently. A internal investigation is expected but until then nothing official has come from WG on this matter.
  5. Server Issues

    time to grab those tablets and mobiles and get into some candy crush action
  6. Server Issues

    If all else fails grab your battleship board games turn on Skype link up video mode and play clan battles that way
  7. Server Issues

    great idea on the gold, what's the bet the servers are up and running in no time if that was the case
  8. Server Issues

    Russian servers working as intended comrades
  9. Hi check out POPCORN we are always looking for players that want to play clan, you will find all our info in the clan section or you can PM @Tucker1901 our commander cheers
  10. YAY for Alaska fans at last as for the Radar part on the ship " GIVE ME STRENGTH " MORE RADAR enough is enough no more radar please
  11. USS Alaska - Dev Blog!

    THANK GOD No we can finally have some peace and get back to WG create some real Battle cruisers from the First World War era But seriously congrats Alaska Fans regards
  12. Hi My bad, next time I will at least put in full name as well in post somewhere. cheers