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  1. Your right on all counts if we get ANY they will in the form of PEF sadly but one can still dream and also keep reminding WG that players out there want historical ships too, not just the high tier paper Mache class. cheers
  2. Yes YOU if you play the ship he is in well
  3. HI Guys Just wondering I know its a tense time around here just thought i once again put up my idea for a vintage WWI configuration German BattleCruiser. Plenty of choices to pick from, let me show some Check out this beauty and what about this always a popular with kids SMS Lutzow And of course one of my favourites SMS Von Der Tann Just look at those lines You know you cant go wrong with designing anyone of these legends just saying
  4. That is exactly right and that's where the fun would be, people would be shooting at them taking evasive action in fear, it would add another element, and it would get people talking all different kinds of stuff about it, and I feel in a positive way. I don't know if anyone at LESTA put this idea out there and if they didn't I am mystified they didn't. God knows WG needs some positive PR right now. The forum would be on fire once the news started to spread, such a shame. cheers
  5. tm63au

    dockyard and 'points per minute'?

    Well he seems to be not listening to the that 1% and hardcore players as he puts it because if he was to read some of the comments by those various players he is referring to , there saying its to much for even them and they wont be doing it . Besides that's just the spin doctors at work trying cover themselves with what I would term a very lame excuse and I am speaking mildly, i could think of a few other terms for that excuse. Cheers
  6. Well as I scrolled through all the posts and threads throughout the day it occurred to me that Patch 8.11 was a lost opportunity for a really great end of year fun and if not surprising time for the community had LESTA had there thinking caps on. What am I talking, SUBMARINES yes and before the ANTI crowd way in let me explain what might have been really a sneaky but fun idea. On a number of maps and ports there are planes and ships moving around on a Pre planned program which traverse said maps and ports in a cycle as Easter eggs, had someone in the DEV Department been creative they could designed a programmed that had bots performing and NON COMBAT routine of sailing both under and above water on a rotating cycle. Can you Imagine the reaction and response of players staring a game and 5 minutes into the battle a Periscope is spotted or some one sees a U - Boat surface then dive, the Chatline would be over flowing with comments, the reactions would vary from shock and surprise, sheer panic, jubilation and fascination. The game would be alive with players that were sunk staying and searching the map and the forum would be buzzing as every man / women and there Destroyer are talking, what, who, how is this possible, posts and threads would be filling forum with all types of theories and speculations. Mods and Support would be inundated with PM's asking about this and if WG were to hold there nerve and they remain silent and let excitement and wonderment hold for a week then triumphantly announce that this was a Xmas surprise Easter egg. Would it stop the drama and fury of the latest fiasco probable not' but it would give the PR department a much need boost and put a positive spin on the game as I feel even the anti crowd would find it to be fun and enjoyably entertaining with such a Easter egg thrown in. LOST OPPORTUNITIES WG
  7. Very naughty of you to do that, for your penance you must buy The Krispy Kremme ( if you don't already have it ) and play 1000 games in Coop with said ship. Then write a 500 word article on the benefits of CV's and Submarines in the game. Start immediately please WE ARE NOT HAPPY WITH YOU
  8. tm63au

    dockyard and 'points per minute'?

    I'm still wondering why there is a later start time for this whole event considering the patch dropped over 24 hours ago and you start accumulating stuff from the get go. Am i missing something is there a special reason for a 4 day wait,as it is the general game population will not reach the finish line doing it the old fashion way anyway but those 4 days could have helped.
  9. Yeah could not agree more on that idea It would have worked fine
  10. Well I'm Pro CV so we need them in Game ( my View others will disagree there right ) It should be 1 CV per match always ( this coming from as CV player I do play other ships ). AA in low tiers needs some help but you buff ships that never had them its life that's how it is. I agree spotting is a big issue with size of smaller maps, there is just nowhere to hide. CV V CV needs to be the forefront again, CV's need to get big points for taking on the opposite number it would take pressure off other ships, however its catch 22 you also need to support your other surface ships too. Dropping it back to 1 CV whatever tier is a start in the right direction lets get that working first. People will just have to live with slower queuing times cheers
  11. Its a Midway reenactment, on a serious note I'm a casual CV player of the new model these days and i agree it needs to be looked at, I believe next or was it suppose to this patch that low to mid tier CV's would be restricted to a minimum number, read something on the DEV BLOG. AS for GC back in the day when RTS was going she had a formidable AA suite not God like but tier 4 to 5 would steer clear of her and 6 had to be on there best game, nowadays she still throws out a challenge but now its much tougher. cheers
  12. I don't have a problem with anyone buying it I can myself I choose not to on principle which I wont go into detail and you would not be interested in me going on about it anyway I would say. I have expressed my views about these kinds of ships in the past ( not that my view means much to WG or anyone else for that matter )but again if don't have it go for it. cheers
  13. Oversight by 2 members of Soviet Politburo, sent to Siberia never seen or heard of again.
  14. MY eyes are hurting just looking at this, I think might have to get the Federal Finance Minster of Australia to work this out and help me get the dam ship. But thanks for the info anyway