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  1. Clarification Submarines in underwater battles only = NO Submarines in mixed ship Clan battles = YES A Submarines only Novelty ONE OFF Clan event = YES
  2. I agree with you, this however was just a bit of fun to well a attempt at fun to pass the time away from all the seriousness of the current situation, i was half expecting a avalanche of down votes and anti Sub posts for writing this ( the day is but young ) type of post. The last thing I want is those kind of torpedoes, I want to urn my Torpedoes hits the old fashion way. I'm also a worried WG might actually think a Submarine ONLY Clan battle Mode sounds good, now that's scary. cheers
  3. Yep certainly want HMS Venturer in game
  4. I reckon it would be great fun something from the usual standard Clan battles and believe spike interest that's been waning for quite awhile in the game. And to make it even more fun it should be a all underwater battle
  5. Just interested in trying to contact them but they don't seem to friendly, just wondering if anyone knows anything about them.
  6. tm63au

    Paolo Emilio - Any new news?

    In quarantine lock down sitting on a balcony serenading some hot cruiser in the apartment next door.
  7. Was there a option to put on your game on F drive or did you have to drag it like Happa thinks that is how he did it to his game on D drive. I do not want to have to drag files there should a proper option to choose which drive you want it on. The reason i ask is that there was a time the WGC was only able to be downloaded to C drive and in the programs folder and NOT the Games folder, if it still goes into the program folder even on D of F drive its over I wont be letting that happen I don't want WG any where near my programs folder. cheers
  8. This is not going to end until they have 3 BB split lines, 4 CA/ CL split lines, 6 DD split lines, 2 Sub split lines ( just wait till they find those mouldy old blueprints from a broom cupboard ) and the best CV line in game. The only way your going to be able to sink them is with these babies @Legio_X_
  9. tm63au

    ST, changes to test ships.

    So lets say from the 1890's to say 1945 how many different ships world wide were built, with all diverse ships sailing the seas for over 55 years WG chose to copy and paste 2 ships we basically already have including one ship that has 2 clones more or less. Meanwhile This This This This and yes even this ship design are overlooked
  10. So does Visby get any torpedo upgrades
  11. tm63au

    ST, changes to test ships.

    Seriously another Russian BB how many shoe boxes full of blueprints did Stalin have stashed away under his bed
  12. tm63au

    WGC: Log in to Experience It All

    No I think from how read it we are getting the WGC. " All players currently using the Launcher will automatically be moved to the WGC." That's what it says in the news webpage
  13. tm63au

    WGC: Log in to Experience It All

    So basically there is patch coming out on the 20th of May and any one that has the old launcher that downloads the patch will get the WGC no matter what.
  14. tm63au

    PLACE YOUR BETS 9.3 Ship cost

    1 kilo of Bacon for the lot