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  1. Give with the right hand take with the left cheers
  2. tm63au

    Why WG Just Why

    Well after the " glitches " of last night getting German tokens then losing them after re logging ( funny how new patches go through public server tests ( 2 sometimes ) and a 1 to 3 hour live server check and they still have issues ) I woke up this morning turned my computer with positive thoughts, got up early for a big day of gaming then I read the DEV blog on a new mechanic . Now to be fair I read it twice I read all the current replies and while it was mostly positive there was some who put a big BUT in there as well. Contrary to what people who actually do bother to read my posts think I'm am PRO WOWS, I would like to just write positive uplifting posts and threads. However this one will not be again. looking at this new mechanic design brings 3 things to mind 1. Was this 1 of 2 alternative Captain skills that may have been implemented but DEADEYE chosen, now that PLAN A has been soundly rejected PLAN B has been put in play. like many of the BUT's have said this will have impact on new players against veteran players I.E seal clubbing which is still a issue now. 2. Main Battery Reload Booster or MBRB this new mechanic sounds very similar to it ? Don't the French have this already if every nation has this, there goes the French National Flavour now all they have is there Speed Boost !! oh wait that's right that's gone to as a number of other ships now have speed boost. 3. Premium Ammo, one could argue that this mechanic could be a alternative ( to a lesser extent ) maybe that's a stretch but who knows, German CV's with skip bombers, anything is possible. WG please don't turn this game into FORTNITE ON WATER
  3. YAY logged out re logged back in and just got 3840 German tokens deducted . WG is on fire with this new patch
  4. tm63au

    Twitch Drops in 0.10.3

    YAY get my first premium Sub from a Twitch drop Yo comrade might want to check the link
  5. Yeah this new patch is working out well for them, so much for having it being installed and have a 1 to 3 hours server check if it still has issues.
  6. I doubt they would swap Italian for German anyway i believe it was going to be something like a 1.75 ration in credits for the Italian tokens. Swapping out one nations tokens for an others would mean a possible loss in doubloons sales.
  7. The credits are your Hulls that they removed so they can go COPY AND PASTE stock hull premiums because they cant be bothered to actually be creative and design different ships from the hull up. You may have also got some credits from excess Italian tokens left over.
  8. I didn't do Big Hunt, but I read part of thread about auctions for thing that was happening. Who knows with WG, all I know that with that 3840 i could have got almost the first 5 bundles in the Armoury without even having to earn anymore tokens.
  9. Interesting, seems this patch is a bit wonky when it comes to adding additions
  10. Apparently I got 3840 German tokens just for logging in nice Unfortunately they seem to have done a vanishing act almost immediately after I received this notification Note not a German token to be seen anywhere in particularly at the top of the screen where the token icon sits. So I read the articulate on the news page about the events don't seem to see any info on players getting some bonus German tokens unless I missed the memo. I guess the the old saying is true, WG giveth and then WG taketh away.
  11. Fixed I'm at work and I was rushing to get the post done.
  12. So WG just wondering since your about get a influx of almost new and used Italian Battleships returning to the store will accept damaged and unrepaired ships ? Ran into some financial difficulties, ran out of credits to repair BBs after games, so i hope you will still honour your refund policy. RM Conte di Cavour Ran into some troubles on Two Brothers but nothing like a good paint job and plug the holes she will be like brand new. RM Frank Caracciolo Yeah this is not as bad as it looks, just pump the water out she will look its just been commissioned All in all I've seen ships in worse shape, maybe if they were better performing I might have kept them.
  13. tm63au

    Subs are coming

  14. tm63au

    Submarine Day 2021

    A reduced in time and scale PQ17 convoy operation would be the tip of iceberg when it comes to convoy battles. Operation Pedestal in a Med setting now that we have more Italian ships. And lets not forget The Atlantic convoy battles.