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  1. 35 thousand plus battles my god are you glued to your chair thought I was a zealot to this game
  2. tm63au

    Another Sneak Look AT USS Ohio

    In answer to your first question there will be indeed 4 new currencies in game @Captain_Slattery has kindly pointed out the first two which will be used to procure the ship, the second two in game currencies are for the special not yet seen camouflage, they will be : Ships Biscuits Rum Barrels 1000 of each gets you the special camo but don't hold me to the price its WG it could change. For your second question alas bad news here this is a USN ship word is the Kentucky rifle range will be NERFED to 8.5 sadly, Russian bias perhaps ?
  3. tm63au

    Another Sneak Look AT USS Ohio

    A man with high level connections this is indeed good news, this is a welcome change by WG to the statistics for this ship.
  4. tm63au

    Another Sneak Look AT USS Ohio

    I am honored by those kind words, but I am just humble servant of the game trying to help the community out and WG with my forthright analysis of up and coming ships.
  5. tm63au

    Another Sneak Look AT USS Ohio

    Who me no, heaven forbid I would be doing that, I am but a humble unofficial tester
  6. tm63au

    Another Sneak Look AT USS Ohio

    Touché well put sir, you do have a strong argument there, I will have to reevaluate my findings
  7. THIS SHIP WAS NOT GIVEN TO ME BY WG I FOUND IT HERE IN MY PORT BUT I WILL EVALUATE IT ANYWAY. SHE IS STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS AND STATISTICS AND PERFORMANCE DISCUSSED HERE MAY CHANGE. So when i got up this morning turned my game on found this ship in my port, thought they must have me ( WG ) confused with another tester but then who am I to let a opportunity like this pass me by, however looking at this ship My GOD wish I hadn't got it. The 1820 USS Ohio a Tier 10 " SHIP OF THE LINE " warship, at first I thought WG were joking and this was a prank but after watching @NoZoupForYou own review they must be serious. WORK IN PROGRESS Well I was determined to do my best to give this ship the benefit of the doubt and soldier on. WHERE TO START DEAR LORD Firstly to give this ship any chance it needs a engine and some metal decks still not certain that will save it. PROS IT has white sails Great eye candy as a PORT QUEEN CONS Completely unarmoured ship Slow speed 12 knots Terrible turning circle Unprotected guns No AA suite No Anti torpedo defences High Detection range Poor shell penetration Shortest range main guns Lowest hit point in tier 10 history Citadel sits high above water unprotected the list goes on For those gamers who are not aware the first iteration of WOWS back in Alpha and Beta testing days started out with the " Ship Of Sail " Meta which proved to be unsuccessful which was scrapped for the more relevant " Ironclad " meta but it seems WG are trying bring a ship of this meta back however I believe this will be a disaster. LETS LOOK AT THE BASICS First off with a displacement of only 2724 her hit pool is dreadful She has no anti torpedo bulges A complete lack of any AA artillery Armament: 30 × long 32-pounder guns 32 × medium 32-pounder guns 2 × 32-pounder carronades Main guns with dreadful firing angles and dispersion and short range, AP distance of only 1210 yards HE rounds firing distance of 742 yards One only has to look at this model to see that the citadel sits to high above the water and has no protection at all as do all the guns. This ship is totally incapable of defending its self in the current game Meta. I cant believe this will be the first of the new NTC ships I wait with keen interest what feelings and views @LittleWhiteMouse has about the current state of this ship. One can only hope that WG will see the short fall of this current iteration of this model of this ship. This ship should be pulled from in game testing and more internal testing done at Lesta to rectify the many serious problems with the ship in its current state. On a brighter note WG were gracious enough to give the ship her ATLANTIC BOW refit. In closing I would very much hope that WG will be able use there creative skills and talents to bring this great ship to a higher game play level and see her in game in the not to distant future for all to enjoy rather than some ahistorical or never before built ship. My next review will the Tier 5 USS Texas now in its third iteration after the new AA rework. regards
  8. Sounds about right while checking to see how low his glass of vodka was.
  9. I believe you may be quite correct and IJN Kongo comes a close second however since WG choses to call her IJN Kongo then again I believe we should have the 1944 Kongo either as a tech tree B HULL ship (1944 configuration ) or the current ship renamed to IJN Hiei and a Premium IJN Kongo designed or even a IJN Huruna, hell give all 4 regular class ships and yes I do have all 4 ARP models but I will still take all 4 regular class too. cheers
  10. I don't disagree with any thing you say Ensign its just that WG is suppose to design tech tree ships from stock to possible historical B HULL ships so why is IJN KONGO only at its 1942 configuration and not its1944 configuration, answer its not Kongo its IJN Hiei pretending to be Kongo and for the record I have nothing against IJN Hiei great ship. So why is WG giving us this ship in the guise of Kongo this question has long been asked even before I was around cheers
  11. My god what were these people thinking when they thought up this idea, which DEPARTMENTAL THINK TANK did a all night BRAIN STORMING on this work of genius. Have a feeling these guys (WG ) spent the night watching the 1975 classic Rollerball and said hey lets have our own version on water with epicenter. Except nobody in game knows what the hell there doing, they either charge into the center early and get blown away or sail around the outer ring hoping to find the enemy meanwhile enemy has the one and only cap and when its past the point of no return with score and time running out and there losing then the suicide squads charge in single file to once again to be focussed and destroyed. I am over rank sprint