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  1. Roma promo vid

    Hi Given that the Roma is more or less getting mixed reviews and I myself am still on the fence about getting it thought I would have a look at the promotions video WG usually put out to blow there trumpet about new ships coming in to the game. Well well a 30 second video no voice over, no historical commentary in any way shape or form, just a beer can sailing around firing at other ships. For such a achievement including the loud special camo I would have expected WG to give this ship the full regally since the community have been drooling at the mouth for this for a long time. Just about all the other ships have been given at least a 3 minute video with a bit of historical background thrown in with voice announcer boosting about the quality and class of the ship in question. However The Roma's video is really lacking did WG foresee some kind of backlash to the camo and the ships performance coming and felt that just a quick 30 second video is enough so not to waste a lot of time and money sunk into a promoting a ship that could possible fail and hope the community would just simply move on. regards
  2. yes great pics what about something left field like the Yugoslav Royal Navy it might give WG a incentive to perhaps do a Dubrovnik class or Beograd class destroyer Plus 1
  3. Lets take a shot in the dark here and i will say you only play VMF ships, can i ask are you a expat from say RU server maybe ?. Though i think even those that play on that server don't mind ships from other nations regards
  4. Hi Have to agree with just about everything in your opening post @Sventex did not enjoy it and was lucky we had extra days to finish it owing to PC playing up, and had to get friend help me as I had no access to game for 7 days. The thing is no matter if any of the powers that be read your post the chances that future campaigns like this will really change for the better are doubtful, maybe it might be toned down a fraction but on the whole expect the same style for the future. I'm burnt out from it but I have 11 days of premium time left so I need to use to try and get some headway into the Yamamato campaign with the bonus task slot so it will be another 11 days of frantic grinding,more burn out added. Now I read we have the French BBs very soon with another legendary commander coming the pressures on. regards P.S. plus 1 for a great post on the campaign very thorough
  5. French Battleships

    Thanks to the rest of you that posted with info I look forward to the French line though no Aft main guns on some that has me a bit concerned but we shall see. cheers
  6. French Battleships

    @Cruciswe don't know each other from a bar soap but you have on occasion replied to my posts with a wealth of info and once again you have done so, I also quite regularly as with most of forum regulars keep a eye for your own posts, always good value and knowledge go into them. I have not ran into you on the High Seas for some time thank god and those few occasions way back when I was on the receiving end of your salvos all to often good hunting sir
  7. French Battleships

    Thanks this info goes a long way to answering my question I spent about 2 hours going through the French line on Wikipedia thinking what on earth was going on and why not one of those 4 classes. The Danton in my opinion was the best choice I could see from the 4 though The Suffren had its merits still I can live with a modified version of Danton. cheers
  8. French Battleships

    Hi Ok I might have been asleep or busy doing tasks at the time when all the hoop la came out about French Battleships, but can some one please explain to my why there is a French BB called Turenne. Now Google has this ship as a Hercules class 100 gun ship launched 1854 for the French navy. Now once again looking online through Google checking French battleships dating up to 1910 since the next French ship is The Courbet, we have four ship class candidates The Suffren The République class The Liberté class The Danton class However WG choose to go to Fantasy Island via plane of course to produce a ship that I can find no information about other than the 100 gunner I earlier mentioned. Can some one please explain to me there method in madness here as to why they chose to ignore the other 4 suitable ship classes. And on the subject of fantasy ships how did The Gascogne a never laid down Richelieu class ship manage to get a gig of its own. Regards
  9. Ok so where is T 61

    Some time back as I recall you posted on the forum that your account had been hijacked and that if anyone that did see you playing in game would no it was not you because as you yourself said you a have reputation of being lets just say rather un pleasant at times ( not the exact words you wrote and I don't have the time to go back and find the post to quote you ) you were honest about it because although you have written some interesting and correct information in threads and reply's to other peoples posts, you have lived up to your own declared reputation this reply to my post a fitting example. Id give you plus 1 for being true to your word as man of integrity when it comes to your personality how ever I have to give you a minus 1 because of the same reason so we will call it even. Back to subject first I don't feel I'm one of those entitled people you so constantly pay out in your reply to posts so often to, T 61 was suppose to released back in December but was cancelled with no explanation the community was given no reason why just dropped from the calendar like it usually is by WG. I believe and I could be wrong I'm certain you'll check it out but T 61 was given to the testers some time before Roma or Musashi also LWM in the review post prior to her Roma post mention the next review would be T 61 review in her old format then she posted in her angry you tuber post the ship was " Well Balanced " on the face of those to bits of information one would think that the ships release would be impending quite soon. However we get the Roma review and in that review its mentioned that Musashi is next in line so why wouldn't I and anyone else be a little upset at having to wait yet again since WG dangled the ship in front of us with there cryptic messages in there monthly calendar then left us high and dry . regards P.S. When your not putting people down with your sparkling personality posts ( some of them are even quite amusing to the outside observer ) you do have some good input and info I often check your posts out but chill man people are allowed to be disappointed and speak there mind about it. cheers
  10. Ok so where is T 61

    have to give you another up vote again actually caught a couple of your other good 1 liners in a couple of previous posts by other forum posters keep the good work always enjoy a good laugh.
  11. Ok so where is T 61

    Hi Ok so just read LWM review on the Roma and I'm really looking forward to buying it great. She also mentioned her next review will be the Musashi and I wait with anticipation for that review too, however what's going on with WG's premium Kriegsmarine Destroyer. Last thing that was mentioned was in another LWM post stating she was and I quote " well balanced " so where is she. So if she is done and dusted why is she not on sail I mean come on WG we were suppose to have her last month. The water in the Baltic cant that deep for salvage WG or did a cyclone come up and she's lost on the high seas. regards
  12. The St Louis Sucks

    Most feared ship at tier 3 even BBs run away and DDs well stealth wont save them 1+ OP
  13. Hi I hope some one can help me out on this matter my computer' s C drive is at the moment down to 85 Gb free but as we get more patches this will get less and less and over time i may indeed run out of hard drive space. My D drive has 1 terabyte of space so i thought is it possible just to simple make a copy of the game and just copy it to D drive and then uninstall the game from C drive. The reason i ask if this idea is work able is that my game is currently running fine with no problems however not a day goes by where someone has uninstalled there game reinstalled it and has nothing but trouble running it, not to mention if i reinstall the game i will no doubt have to install the dreaded War gaming Game center which i would like to avoid like the plague at all costs. So if anyone has any insights if its viable to just simply copy and save the game to D drive and see if it works ok doing that i would be grateful Regards
  14. In game port issue

    Hi I have just notice my computer getting rather noisy while in port its not constant, it seems to get rather load for a period of time then settle back down till its almost silent. I don't have the issue while actually playing the game or even when I'm logged into the game at all, just have my computer turned on it seems to be fine. A couple things come to mind like maybe a fan is on the blink and the bearings are going or my CPU is over heating but I would have thought either of those would still be happening whether I logged in the game or not. As I sit here writing this post my computer seems to be running fine very quiet as I said this issue just happens in port mode. Any ideas on what might be causing this would greatly appreciated. regards
  15. The day of Reckoning

    good hunting yourself cheers