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  1. tm63au

    Is This For Real !!!

    still have not mastered paint yet
  2. tm63au

    Is This For Real !!!

    Well I guess you didn't read my reply post, but lets put that aside and look at it from a different angle. Your avatar tells me you have played just under 3000 games so unless this is for instance a ALT account or you don't play a lot, I would imagine your fairly new to the game. So I wonder how someone would who has say 20 to 30 thousand games under there belt, spend a year grinding up the US BB line to get the NC then spend another 3 to possibly 12 months to train a Captain for said ship. Then you go do this 13 day event and earn temporary tokens ad a bit of this and that and get yourself the same said ship with a camo and possibly Premium Captain or whatever you want to call them. Now maybe some people wont care but a few will be, considering what they went through to grind said ship. This will not be a one time only event, WG will do this over and over, lets see how many players patience will last when all there hard work grinding is for nothing when see other players picking up these ships in just 13 days. this is not like a early release event where everyone has the chance to get the new ship, this is a different kettle of fish. regards
  3. tm63au

    Is This For Real !!!

    apart from Southern dragon which in itself was a celebration event, the rest were collaborations, and have been asking for years to have the ARP ships to be altered to there actually historical configurations, instead of the current clones. So its not like I just picked this event out of the blue just to make a statement, i also said my views on all of these other events. regards
  4. tm63au

    Is This For Real !!!

    I don't want the Camo's as I may already have NC and or kelber's. I already have Roon with perma camo. Also I really don't understand some people, I explained my reasoning in my first post, I don't see why i need to keep repeating myself. it was a pretty straight forward If you couldn't understand what I was trying to convey in my first post, sorry cant help you. regards
  5. tm63au

    Is This For Real !!!

    Well it may just happen for others, I wouldn't
  6. tm63au

    Is This For Real !!!

    So far its only the first event of its type but what happens when there is more, when will it stop when we have a entire premium mirror version of every tech tree ship, is that what you want ? Because that's what might possibly happen if this goes further. How many hours , days , weeks, months or years have you spent grind up tree lines ?
  7. tm63au

    Is This For Real !!!

    If that's your view your entitled to it but it did explain what i felt was wrong about this whole event, and I also explained that its was not about me, it was about the countless players that put the hard yards in for those 3 ships only to have WG slap there face with this event, if you cant see it so be it. regards
  8. tm63au

    Is This For Real !!!

    Well maybe because I'm old school, it just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, hell they could have released Leipzig. on another note 2 down votes ( not implying you ) already some things never change
  9. Its one thing to try to get the community to buy Tech tree ships in a early release event, its another to try to have a event that a player may get a premium version of they same ship in a tech tree line. These ships better be something special because what I have read so far tells me that all your getting is " DAZZLING BRIGHT CAMOUFLAGES " . And why even do this, players in this community spent days, weeks and or months grinding away hours on end to get these tech tree ships then more hours on end training Captains only to have other players simply do this event and possibly earn these same ships as premiums, how is this fare!!!!!! What are " THE GIMMICKS " for these so called premium tech tree ships , how can you justify doing this to players who already have these ships. I don't have NC or Kelber but I am pretty certain I have at least permanent Camo for 1 or both those ships and I already have permanent camo on Roon. So before all the WG defenders come out, have a long hard think about it, because unless I am missing something and WG have some secret goodies not yet revealed about these " Premium tech tree ships " all it seems to me is just another grind to possibly get ships with a Camo and the the letters CLR pasted on the end of its name. Either way its still in my view a slap in the face to all the players that poured there heart into grinding the Tech tree version. This better something special WG
  10. Im sure it can be done if you really put a huge effort in random, but I think players might struggle doing it Coop since games last from between 2 to 4 minutes with only 5 out 9 players. i just played in a Coop game with Atlanta and got 250 plus with no bots on my team, game lasted 5 .52 minutes, which is pretty slow these days.
  11. tm63au

    Sailing Down Memory Lane

    Strange that outcome, our BOT rammed the human player in the last moments, in theory it should have been a drawn match, I guess because we had more points so we won , that's the current WG model victory / lose scenarios. cheers
  12. tm63au

    Sailing Down Memory Lane

    your right my mistake cheers
  13. I wrote a post on my thoughts about Kamikaze R just recently after playing some matches against it. Got some comments from the post but it was intended to be just a once off review, as I am no LittleWhiteMouse or the many others that post excellent reviews here. However someone was kind enough to PM and ask me to do more. So why not , I will mix it up and post about workhorses of the game rather than the Glamour ships. This is really for any new players moving up through the Tiers. USS St Louis I love the ship but at Tier 3, I very rarely play below Tier 5 these days but I got her out and even went into random, spoiled myself and loaded the ship with flags of shapes and kinds. At Tier 3 there could be a question as to whether you should keep it or sell it off when you move up a Tier to save port slots, I have lots of ports slots and I generally always keep all ships I grind, others might have a different view. A look at this ship it has the workhorse design, she doesn't look glamorous, she is not fast, she just plods along and does her job, though I got her to 25 knots with flags in one game which was pretty good all things considered. Guns !! she has plenty, the ship is bristling with them as well as secondaries, and she has one hell of a broadside. Given the changing times of the game with the new ships available I don't know how she would fare, sure getting hit by enough torpedoes will sink her but she can take a few fish which wont slow her down, in combat with Battleships angled right she shrugs off shell damage and just keeps moving on. In her prime the USS cruiser was very feared, even by BB players. I played 2 games in her sadly at a time where few people were playing in that Tier bracket and ended up with a lot of BOTS in game. I had a great time playing her again, its been so long but the fun was still there, a shout out to @Tbro987 @SkibaDeBop @random_71 @NATO_OTAN, played against Skiba and Tbro in both games. If you have spare slots the ship is well worth keeping if you want to escape the high Tier madness and just kick back and have fun. regards Update : got Tier level wrong, fixed now
  14. tm63au

    Oh What A Night

    That perfectly some's up the game play currently by players with no clue what there doing plus 1 Sir