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  1. This is a future DEV strike
  2. Re-installing takes FOREVER

    WG's new Game centre launcher working as intended comrade do svidaniya
  3. let me guess you have the new game centre launcher
  4. more leaks on subs

    Hi folks Well WG are in full flight hot on the heals of the new mode coming out soon those crazy kids at Lesta. WG is proud to announce a collaboration with NBC television, Steven Spielberg, Amblin television, ET The Extraterrestrial, Dr Robert Ballard, Center for Ocean Exploration and Archaeological Oceanography, Greenpeace Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration and people with paint on there face. Yes WG are proud to show a new nation The UEO (United Earth Oceans ) a totally all underwater tech tree With a new port which will come out in a future patch to announced at later date but we have sneak peak at this new port Great stuff no lets take a lot at some the early rendering of the new line from these leaked screenshots word has it all ships will come with unique Captains Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 6 Tier 7 Tier 8 Tier 9 Tier 10 Wow this is exciting hot on the heals of the leaking of German Premium U-96 a whole new nation great work WG. I am so excited about submarines in game and this leaked news could not come at a better time. regards
  5. HI @LittleWhiteMouse great review by the way but I fear you may have missed something in this picture possible the R for Tribal cheers
  6. I suspect this as well however it would have added just a bit of realism in my mind anyway if a turret is hit then the plane has to wait for said turret to repair or if if turret is completely destroyed plane becomes nonoperational. But of course being a arcade game that might have been a bit to much in terms of realism and your are quite correct that a shell through the side of the turret may only effect the gun. cheers
  7. all good may have to do a test in training room thanks again
  8. Thanks for that I know how they work what I want know will they still work if the turret is hit or not. cheers
  9. Hi Way back when The Texas came out and the ad had advertised the turret mounted plane on board I was excited as was one of the few ships that still carried them there, of course a lot of other ships did too for instance The Scharnhorst class did during its 1939 configuration however by time they and others got into the planes had been moved to other positions. So anyway when i got Texas only to find she did not have her turret mounted plane I was disappointed to say the least. WG reason that the technology was not there in game for it to function on the turret or something to that nature but they were working on it and earlier this year they announced that it indeed turret mounted planes would be coming soon. Fast forward to this current patch and voila we have those planes now fitted to turrets, great love it. So anyway as the generally community knows turrets can be destroyed or incapacitated and though its been quite some time since any of my ships have had destroyed turrets but I get guns incapacitated like everyone quite often. Now I may have missed the memo that came out explaining what happens if a gun is knock out either temporarily or permanently, how does that effect the working of the Recon plane. In theory if the gun is hit and damaged the planes launch ramp is as well, so does the Recon plane have to wait for the Turret to repair when it is incapacitated and if the turret is completely destroyed is the Recon plane nonoperational permanently or has this situation been glossed over and the plane will fly turret damaged or not. So if one of the DEVs or someone in the know can explain the mechanics of the new operating function for the turret mounted plane i would be grateful. Regards
  10. Battle For Control Of The Seas

  11. Battle For Control Of The Seas

    Hi Wow things are really hotting up on the forum with posts and threads left right and centre . Things have really been happening since the announcement and video showing the new addition to the game has people divided, on one side we have the Anti sub lobby CAS ( Coalition Against Submarines ) preaching fire and brimstone and there saying its the end of the world as we Know it. Then there is the pro sub lobby UFFU ( United Front For Unterseeboots ) rejoicing about this new era. The salt is flying, accusations of betrayal and more , the heat is rising, sounds like a normal everyday Caucus meeting of The Australian labour party . Myself I am one of number of moderates who is urging patience and waiting and seeing how things will turn out. To this I say chill relax play a game, have a drink or watch your favourite movie , but don't let this degenerate into open warfare. However if this is not possible well all i can say is lets hope the casualties are low from the blood letting. And here is few pictures to fire up the spirits for both sides l God help the next few weeks regards
  12. Only the online credit card system that is thoroughly check everyday so that you get billed and they get your money before you get your products
  13. Not a truer word spoken Sounds like our current Australian government to a tee plus 1 for you sir cheers
  14. Government bureaucrats at work, Working as intended comrade
  15. Hi Well folks Subs are not going away so it is time for the DEVs and MODs to give us a Submarine Sub forum Yo @Gneisenau013 time to create a new Sub forum Sir regards