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  1. I read that and its 9.25 my time now and the download was about 160 plus MB just to fix the voice chat, must something really wrong for that many MB's cheers
  2. hi The WOWS client is downloading something anyone have any idea what it is or why cheers
  3. tm63au

    Forum web page

    Im at work bit hard you said midnight tonight my time was the clan battles the sun is still out at the moment so its not midnight
  4. tm63au

    Forum web page

    Yeah its not interfering with anything just makes it hard to see who is online to chat or post to them. Seems to have started when we had the last major game patch there was also forum maintenance done and for me this is about the time it started.
  5. tm63au

    Forum web page

    hi Is anyone else having the same issue as me on the forum web page I'm logged in but can no other members logged in online. I know I cant be the only here people posting and yet down on the bottom off the screen it says i am only one. I checked all my settings which I never touched anyway and cant see anything wrong. This is day 2 off this anomaly happening very strange on 2 different computer's and even went to the SEA forum page which is showing all members which are viewing the site. Id greatly appreciate if any one else was seeing this problem too can shed some insight into it. Regards
  6. tm63au

    Naval abbreviations

    Hi @_RC1138 on the subject of the Battle Cruiser abbreviation I'm not disputing you in any way shape or form as I have read a number of web sights that classify that ship as CC too, theses sights are of course based on USN abbreviations however I'm not certain other Naval Nations subscribe to all things USN. And yes there also a lot other Internet sites that call the ship BC as well again not disputing anything, which is the correct International term for battle Cruiser is up for debate, for me I personal Feel BC sounds better even if its wrong. Also I to have always pondered over the years Why both Battleship and Aircraft Carrier did not have the Abbreviations of B.S. and AC respectively, its a mystery Cheers
  7. tm63au

    Naval abbreviations

    Just to further add to this list though some ships will not be in this game: BC = Battle Cruiser CB = Coastal Battleship e.g. FNS Väinämöinen ( Finnish ) MS = Minesweeper e.g. HMS Bayfield ML = Minelayer e.g. IJN Okinoshima CLAA = Anti Aircraft Cruiser e.g. USS Atlanta AMC = Armed Merchant Cruiser e.g. HMS Alcantara AC = Auxiliary Cruiser e.g. KMS Atlantis SS = Submarines regards
  8. sadistic but strangely enjoyable to hear
  9. Hi @crzyhawk I know what half them are its the number of them that is the point and although it might not be a 6 month time period to cut and paste its not a 5 minute job either. cheers
  10. Hi Oh boy here we go again just when it was looking like WG was listening to its player base to some degree then this. OK which DEPARTMENTAL THINK TANK pulled a all nighter brainstorming this strategy, I'm not certain if it was a case of to much Vodka and Beluga Caviar or not enough. Another Russian Cruiser gee how predictable for geniuses and i say that with all sincerity as you have created a fantastic game you seem to be pretty 2 dimensional when it comes to picking new premiums. Now I guess the Russian Boys and girls will be happy lets have a look at Russian Premium cruisers Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 5 Tier 6 Tier 8 Tier 9 Meanwhile for the hundredth time we still have no Italian tech trees, not 1 Premium Heavy Cruiser the Brits are screaming for or lets not forget the Dutch. Gee would it hurt to think outside the box for a change WG Yep we really need another Russian cruiser
  11. go down to lower to mid tiers and earn the cash there
  12. tm63au

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich Preview

  13. tm63au

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich Preview

    Dam @Gerbertz you forgot to put the Camo on AGAIN this looks better