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  1. I hate camping, it annoys me no end in games seeing players do it . that is why I think Ocean is the best map in game.
  2. Fair enough, however the moment I saw the screenshots and I think I read about 2 lines of dialogue about forward firing ships I immediately switch off with complete lack off interest and never invested any time in them again. Call me naive / presumptuous or anything else people care to call me, but this line will be like the rest of the last 5 to 7 lines apart from the German BattleCruisers, boring, dull and under performing except for the Tier 10 of course WG needs everybody to just play Tier 10's that's all that matters these days. I have zero interest in these ships. I have had enough of forward firing only ships ( My Personal View ). regards
  3. I could have sworn I read the new sub branch of French Ships were actually BattleCruisers Kept wondering why I would read post and recent articles about them with people just calling them Cruisers and I wrote of as people just shortening the ships type rather than writing the whole word " BattleCruiser ". So finally go get to log into my game hit the Tech Tree button expecting see the second Battleship line there and was completely surprised that its not BB's but a Sub branch of Cruisers YIKES !!!! I just wrote a post in the last week wondering if this new line was a new age of BB bow camping !! YIKES and more YIKES there just plan old Cruisers. My God this is worse. These ships better have quad mounted laser Guided Guns, Proton torpedoes and a Hyper Drive Engine.
  4. tm63au


    Well its been a while since I have seen one of these notices pop up , but I'm glad they did it . I don't remember which patch it came out on but but WG had added patch announcement in port and for a while it would pop up informing you of when the server was going down for the update. Then for some reason it stopped, I mean since I play the game every day I know whats happening, but for others that weren't aware because they don't frequent the forum you would have the usual post. lets hope this stays on longer this time.
  5. Its taken me the a year at least, probably more than a year in Coop to grind MN Richelieu to unlocking the Tier 9 French BB. Played 2 games in random for a 50% win rate, played both MN Strasbourg and MN Dunkerque in Coop and 1 game with Dunk in random 100% rate, cant even remember that game must have hit the random button by mistake. Don't get me wrong the ships " LOOK " great and there fun to play in Coop, but random " wild horses will have to come and drag me into Random ", why, NO STERN MAIN TURRETS, means bow camping and if your on the run your more or less helpless. Bow camping is still a big issue in this game specially at High Tier, and WG has designed more bow campers !! are they trying to change the META again ? Now we have a sub line of potentially more bow campers, who' hulls look suspiciously all cloned with just a different variation topping on the decks, just looking at the MN Richelieu in my port as I type they look like clones of Her. I just feel we are going backwards again with this line, I remember back in the day when the German Cruisers there was some consternation with ships with more AFT turrets than forward guns on 3 of the Cruisers, until people realised the advantage of this setup. I'm certain there will be those who master these ships but for others there going to be toast if a enemy ship is behind them.
  6. So we get more or less another copy and paste Agincourt Instead of a different ship type like this !
  7. Firstly this was not attack against you, I was merely pointing out WG practices. OK what can be done first The torpedo bank sitting between the 2 aircraft, remove both ladders its not as if that has not been done before. The torpedo bank under the forward plane and AA platform, remove both centre supports that are on both sides, gives you wider firing angles. The AA platform will not collapse and no one would say boo to the alteration. While there appears to be two torpedo reload lockers ( probable not the right term ) still blocking the banks firing angles what I suggested would make 1 possibly 2 more degrees, better than none. regards
  8. OH OH C'mon your really going to make that argument for them. These are the people that turned a Tier 5 Agincourt class ship into a Tier 8 monstrosity. These are the people that were shown the facts in the form of blueprints of the ZF- 2 that there design was wrong and simply said OK we will call ours ZF- 6 because they couldn't be bothered and were lazy to do a proper redesign. These are same people who did the same thing with a USN cruiser ( Congress or Constellation or one of the new cruisers, ) when presented with the blueprints went " but but but " and then ignored the community or said we are going to do it our way or something. These are the same people who decided that Viribus Unitis should only have 6 AA guns when there another 12 of the exact same guns mounted on the deck and decided the ship was tier 5 when its clearly a Tier 4, but when pushed on both subjects there best answer was " reasons ". Would you like me to mention more ! because I can but I would much rather be playing the game, these people have history of taking liberties when it comes to there ship designs, I'm not asking for it to be turned into some OP monster but they can certainly squeeze out somewhere between 1 to 5 extra degrees on the Torpedo firing angles to make the ship at least useful. regards
  9. This has been brought up before but the torpedo angles are just horrific. Just had a game I was virtually forced to do a drive by and still couldn't get them to fire until the ship past. Did someone from the DEV's department go see Tom Hank's Greyhound movie and thought what great a idea, lets do this with a cruiser. To the best of my knowledge something similar happened historically and both ships were travelling parallel and they didn't plan it. WG fantasy game play vision What really happens in game play with Yahagi Never let it be said that WG wont try to bring the farcical to life in a game.
  10. Sorry found this meme had to post it, don't get the pitch forks out Myself like many other fellow Sub fans that have put in many ideas contrary to the current format that Submarines are performing at. its seems the feedback has fallen on def ears and blind eyes. regards
  11. WOW man just pick one and play and learn to play it. Just trying to read this has my head spinning
  12. tm63au

    Naval mines

    Add to your poll that WG will give ships insurance cover if ships of your team run into "friendly minefields " in the course of battle. or WG will introduce squadrons of these Your poll might get better results. Truth be told I have put this forward a few times before.
  13. Hey its probable WG Promotional staff trying to get the budget in the black. These guys will do anything to make quick buck for the company, just looks at one of there early endeavours to try and get the physical budget in order back when WG just started.
  14. Good hunting when you get the PR Sir
  15. tm63au

    PACLs: Were these even Tested?

    Your late to the party on this line