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  1. NavySWO

    Weekly Combat Missions: Even More Rewards

    A bonus is a bonus and is much appreciated; however, I miss the days when steel was awarded for the upper tiers and there were some minimal rewards for tiers I through IV. I like the new campaign; especially because it involves the lower tier ships. Our lower tier members are really excited about it! I would be thrilled if more attention was paid to tiers I through IV during the events as we have a lot of new players that get left out of events.
  2. NavySWO

    Aircraft carriers in general

    We are consistently fed a forced diet of Carriers from the game designers who declare that all problems are solved like they are performing a Jedi mind trick on us. AA is totally erratic; it can devastate a wave of planes in one flight and then be totally useless in the next. Competitive play is even worse; and, the difference between the Midway and the Hakuryu made them look like they came from different tiers. Is WOWS trying to destroy its base of players? As a Clan Commander it is hard to keep people interested and showing up!
  3. Hoping to join up with you guys, have a IRL friend in TRFFG (Tetraodontidae) and wondering if I can get an invite as well.




  4. NavySWO

    Dry Dock: Azuma

    Am I mussing something....I already have an Azuma in my port. 2 Azuma's??????
  5. NavySWO

    German Carriers: Early Access

    7500 Doubloons for a bundle! WOWS is cranking up the cost of the game tenfold. If that were not enough, adding a new CV line to a class of vessels that even WOWS admits are broken and need fixing. Fix the content and game economics and broaden your user base before blasting us with yet more content. -Massively Overloaded
  6. NavySWO

    Patch 9.4.1?

    What happened to the clan facilities????????????????????? Nice de-hancement. A reply from WOWS is warranted here IMO! Are any code reviews done? Smoke testing?...Ugh.
  7. Looking for Tier X CV Drivers for the current clan battle season!!!!!!

    We are a drama free mature group of players that enjoy getting the most out of the game and have fun doing it. We are recruiting experienced players like you to join us. Members of our clan play most days and participate in a variety of clan activities. We use Discord for communication in clan, division, scenarios and other battles in addition to sharing information about the game etc. I can help with Discord setup if needed.

    Participation is a must for our clan as is mutual respect and fair play.  We normally run 2 or 3 divisions in clan battles so there is plenty of room for experienced, novice or anything in between.

    If you are ready to get back into a clan or discover what being in a clan is all about please feel free to drop me a line.

    We still have a couple of slots open.  Join now to cash in on clan related loot from Clan Battles and other events.

    Next Clan Battle Season 15APR2020...Our Training Rooms Have Started!!!!!

  8. NavySWO

    Clan Battles: "Sea of Fortune" Season

    Clan battles are great but come too often. Twice a year would be awesome...and make it something to look forward to.
  9. Looking for some snipers!!


  10. What happened to clan levels? It added no rewards value but it did allow comparison of oil progression and prestige between clans. I would like to have it back or make it better. Removing it is a lost opportunity IMHO. UPDATE. Heard from WOWS regarding the removal of the clan level badge. Their initial response was that they make changes and that is was important. I responded that I would prefer an actual explanation so that I may know why it was critical to remove that component. Response from WOWS, "You are only one player among millions and we cannot keep everyone happy". Make of that what you will but they apparently do not care or wish to explain. If you have some insight I would welcome your input. Cheers and see you on the high seas!