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  1. Buffs are great as alternative game mode. But randoms are just that and should be it's own game mode. I sense desperation on the part of war-gaming because long time players are leaving in droves...this will not help and is just one more loud irritation. I do not understand why war-gaming does not fix the existing game modes, expand the user base, and support more individual game modes. This seems like a win-win for everyone. Instead we get odd additions strange alterations that seem to frustrate pretty predictably. The server numbers are remaining...but the analytics are clearly showing that the game is shifting from dedicated member to more transient ones with a passive to low interest in the game. I have seen long standing clans start declining, merging, or falling apart because there is no longer a player base to support them. This can be fixed pretty easily but only if the powers that be wake up. Stop messing with the fundamentals like random battles by mixing modes. Fix the Match Making problem that is and has been front and center for years.
  2. Kamehameha_1st

    Up / Down / Indifference to Subs Poll

    This is not a scientific poll; but, I think that reading all this into an obscure post is a bit conspiratorial. This is just an informal poll...not an attempt to overthrow WOWS. I do think the results have thus far indicated that there may not be as much enthusiasm for subs as advertised by wargaming...and it seems there is overwhelming apathy considering the number of views with no vote.
  3. Kamehameha_1st

    Up / Down / Indifference to Subs Poll

    I have noticed that the activity has been shut down.
  4. Kamehameha_1st

    Up / Down / Indifference to Subs Poll

    Lots of stuff out there about why we do or don't like subs and all are valid to each player. My effort is to get a simple count...regardless of why we feel the way we do.
  5. Kamehameha_1st

    Up / Down / Indifference to Subs Poll

    Remember...just a straight vote please...not a long discussion around the issue...lets keep it simple.
  6. The Wargaming staff tells me how much everyone wants subs in the game. I am not buying it from all that I hear. I am just curious what a non sanctioned poll will reveal. Please just respond with a thumbs up...you like subs/down...you do not like subs/ or meh...you can take or leave them Thanks and see ya'll out there. 52 votes and 485 views. Should I count a non vote as being indifferent?
  7. Wargaming finally admitted this is an issue but with no resolution in sight. I anyone else having this problem? What is the use of a contact list that does not save the information you put in?
  8. Contact lists are not saving changes. It will show that the changes were made in real time...but the changes are not committing to the DB and are not persisted when you come back later!
  9. Kamehameha_1st

    Server instability issue

    We give up....still getting kicked out and other issues. fun night tonight
  10. Wargaming is ignoring a potentially huge marketing segment are we are all suffering as a result. It costs a lot of money for Wargaming to attract new players; and, they are doing little or nothing to retain them. I have seen most new players quit and never return long before they reach 200 battles. New players are the lifeblood of this game; and, there seems to be little or no real attention paid to getting them invested and interested in learning more on the road to becoming a long term player. I have already suggested that newer players should be encouraged to join clans for training and better indoctrination into the game. This gets players invested into a community that can help them develop faster and with a better appreciation of the game and its elements. What about having a form of clan battles that is just for the lower tiers and restricted to players that have not reached level 15? Just spitballing here...but new players that stick around are getting pretty scarce. If Wargaming continues to ignore it our just throw out vague marketing blurbs it is unlikely this trend will change. Wargaming...we all know you crave money...there is money here...come to the potential revenue...you can do it!!!
  11. WOWS desperately needs new players!!!! It is expensive to advertise and attract new players to the game. We have had a training and development clan focused on new players and it has worked really well. We retain quite a few and many have said that they would not have stayed otherwise. The game makes it really hard for new players to join a clan...not impossible...but hard. By encouraging them to find a clan we can increase retention, train them better, and evolve into a better game experience as a result! Why not make this change and let new players get the help they are looking for and need!
  12. Kamehameha_1st

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    This game is a mess! Time to clear house in Wargaming and bring in some actual marketing professionals. This game should be insanely profitable and still be a great place for gamers to play. When I started playing just after Beta I was impressed at how solid the game interface and programming details were. About 3 years ago the focus shifted to slinging content and gradually making playing less rewarding. Still no matchmaking, 90 percent of games are a stomp by one side or the other. Too many missions etc that require being glued to the keyboard 24/7 to have a slim chance to get something of nominal value. This used to be fun. Now it seems like Wargaming hates its users! I am a clan leader and I have worked hard to keep people focused and above the fray. My efforts are now failing. Clan battles (another tier VI snoozer) with 2 CV's has worked out exactly how it was obvious they would; it is clear that the developers and staff and WOWS do not even know their own game!!!!!! I run 8 clans and I now have dozens of players going dormant...probably never to return. They do not want to, but they feel there is no longer a choice. Many others only show up to support others in the clan; otherwise, they would also have been long gone. Let warhammer be a warning. Could wargaming survive a sudden 40% drop in users....mostly the paying ones? WOWS does not need new engaging content!!!!!!! What WOWS needs is to fix their own mess. Sorry...just venting. I am long past thinking that anyone who can do anything will read this and care.
  13. Kamehameha_1st

    10.6 Contacts issue

    Cannot remove a contact from a group either..Only way to remove a contact is to totally remove it.
  14. Kamehameha_1st

    French Carrier Line

    Of course. You asked a question in a forum and your 'source' material flowed in from other users. It is sort of like publishing the notes you took in your calculus classes as proof of your in depth research. Lots of good stuff in there but it all comes from other sources. Once again...cut...paste...claim it as your own. This is all well know information and not groundbreaking research. A link to your 'articles' would have been compelling and a useful gathering of internet sources. The original post has merit and I applaud the user for having the courage to post their ideas. Build on those ideas instead of trashing them and declaring yourself awesome and everyone else unworthy.
  15. Kamehameha_1st

    French Carrier Line

    This took me a single search and about 30 seconds.... https://www.secretprojects.co.uk/threads/french-aircraft-carrier-never-were-designs-and-proposals.35123/