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  1. ITshark

    battle outcomes predetermined?

    This thread legitamitely hurts my brain
  2. ITshark

    US Ship Updates

    You want reasonable responses but I don't think you could've possibly thought of anything more unreasonable. American battleships don't have any distinct disadvantages compared to any other line of battleships in the game. I would argue that they are the most well rounded battleships in the game. Why the [edited] do they need radar. We put radar on Missouri, guess how that worked out. It became broken, you could literally do anything with a Missouri. If you are doing bad with American BBs it's most likely user error.
  3. ITshark

    I propose a Russian CL/CA split, dear WeeGee.

    lmbo what do you mean sadly you agree with Kingpin
  4. ITshark

    AA needs nerf seriously

    you prefer long slow drawn out death due to DoT because that'w what will happen now
  5. ITshark

    AA needs nerf seriously

    Abusing Flak Spawns (Plinko Flak). Flak is the deadliest thing to you, obviously, and sometimes the flak walls spawn too long for you to go around. A lot of the time I see this complaint, the planes are flying right at their target, so the flak wall spawns between you and the target forcing you to fly around and mess up your attack run. One thing to note is that the flak spawns in front of you, not always between you and the target. This can be abused, and with the name Plinko you probably already understand. When approaching a target, use boost to go full speed at an angle to the target ship. When the inevitable flak wall spawns, release boost, turn to another angle and boost again as if you were just rolling off the wall to the side. You can adjust how you want to plinko the flak based on how your opponent is maneuvering against you, but it is an extremely reliable way to not only mitigate flak damage, but potentially remove it entirely, including defensive fire. yeah I clearly don't know what I'm talking about, so you can take your 48% wr and go home
  6. ITshark

    AA needs nerf seriously

    If it's clear I haven't played it then tell me what it is that's making it clear, because I don't know what it is.
  7. ITshark

    AA needs nerf seriously

    Figure what out, I know what there is to know about the CV rework, and I know that the AA isn't OP, it's the carriers that are too strong, because the flak system can already be gamed. Edit: FOR THOSE STRUGGLING WITH THE CV REWORK- READ THIS GREAT ARTICLE BY PULICAT WHICH ILLUSTRATES ALMOST ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW TO DO WELL https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/180535-how-to-play-cv-rework-my-compilationguide-of-what-to-expect-and-how-to-play/
  8. ITshark

    AA needs nerf seriously

    Oh wows you've played 3 games and you are already crying for nerfs when you haven't even learned the system
  9. ITshark

    AA needs nerf seriously

    I don't know how you think AA is overpowered because there has already been invented a strategy to game the flak system and since there is no individual control of the flak AA, it's the definition of 0 counterplay so I am a little confused why you think AA is overpowered
  10. This is making me Reeee so hard. You don’t even need to citadel ships to take large chunks off. And this will increase the likelihood of that because it can pen the main belt. And you still will get more citadels because the shell actually has the time to travel to the center of the ship
  11. The reason Scharnhorst shatters hood shells is because the fuze doesn’t allow it to penetrate, it explodes before it can pen the armor, so with the fuze change it will have a greater chance of penning
  12. Then if I clearly don’t understand explain it to me. Hood has 300+ mm of pen at 15km which last time I checked, is enough to pen every single t6 and 7 BB
  13. Hood has more than enough pen to cut same and lower tier BBs