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    In the same 8.0.1 update notes, WG says that in-game items, Crowns, and Air Supply containers will be given in each of the 4 stages. But than, in the same notes, it mentions that Crowns, Florins, and Air Supply containers as rewards only during first 3 weeks. Is this a trick to get more people into completing daily missions? In any case, this will just result in more pissed-off users when they realize that the researchable T8 British carriers can not be obtained via collected crown/florins without purchasing Air Supply container with real money.
  2. Flint_The_Pirate


    Moved to another discussion thread
  3. Flint_The_Pirate

    Update 0.8.1 - Feedback and Performance

    Seem that the new version really improved crashes on MacOS: now they happen sooner and more often.
  4. Flint_The_Pirate

    All about USS Alaska!

    1M FXP price tag hurts the ones still grinding through various ship lines. Researching modules for newly acquired ships with the FXP would provide players with far more enjoyable game experience. But the temptation is high to bite the bullet and get the Alaska instead.
  5. Flint_The_Pirate

    Update 8 installed but won't launch game on MAC

    In the past, besides picking up another game to play or buying a PC, does anyone have any recipes on dealing with game crashes on MAC? I've done the Registry Editor one https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/article/19489/
  6. Flint_The_Pirate

    WoWS Dev Blog: New CV Gameplay Coming With 0.8.0

    I think the odd tier compensation is really odd: Meaning, if you only have the 6700XP old Hosho, you get the 11000XP new Hosho. But if you also have the 13600XP old Zuiho, than you get hit with the new vs old XP penalty.
  7. Flint_The_Pirate

    Death of my Clan

    Yes, wasting time to build clan resource just to see a moron in charge take it all down is a waste. Sounds that you need a "Black Spot" option when a clan member challenges the leader, the leader is temporarily displaced and other member have time to vote up/down on this.
  8. Than why the CV owners (the truly OP-ed ships) are getting compensated with doubloons, credits and FXP? Are Kronshtadt owners an inferior class? Kronshtadt 25mm armor is a magnet for fires as is, and the ship itself is far from OP (to say the least about this xp pinata). We should definitely have a choice of trading it back for in-game currency if it become even more unplayable. And don't assume FXP is free, it takes month to accumulate it, and some player pay a lot of money to convert credits into FXP.
  9. Flint_The_Pirate

    The Ring Final, Bonus code

    Invalid for NA
  10. Flint_The_Pirate

    No Clan Battles tonight?

    Our clan can join on NA server either. Is there an ETA on the fix?
  11. Flint_The_Pirate

    Warship Economy, Good??? NO! Needs help.

    Free XP is much tougher to grind, especially without premium account: it would take well over a year to get 750k xp, but just a few months with coal. Obviously, the coal is favoring new players, while pissing off the veterans. Monetization of steel is just odd, might as well sell the T9-10 premiums for doubloons and skip the charade.