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  1. Once you complete KOTS collection, the coveted KOTS containers become worthless equivalents of 15,000 credits. Kinda symbolic, isn't it?
  2. Flin7

    King of the Sea XII—$30,000 in Prizes

    Guys that already completed earlier KOTS collection will get no rewards this time?
  3. You'd have to be a complete dumb-dumb to buy Massachusetts or Georgia after this patch nerf.
  4. Flin7

    What does a WG supertester do?

    WG used to give T6 containers to guys that decide to donate their time to test the game. Now it pets you on the back and calls you a "super-tester".
  5. Flin7

    Bonus codes Cinemarathon

    FRIGATEOLEG not working for me.. ok it worked only after going to the youtube link
  6. Flin7

    Santa Crates

    There had to be a reason given via email or something. Right?
  7. Which control lets you see the final score screen?
  8. Flin7

    Flamu's Santa Crate Reality

    I'm sure WG is secretly changing this logic and/or the short list before the Snowflakes event. But I've learned a while ago not play in WG casino, at least not with my own money.
  9. Is there a way to pause the premium time or at least the Verizon monthly gifts? I just know the captains skills rework and subs will be a bloody mess, so a premium account would a waste during those months.
  10. Flin7

    The Key Battle: Even More Rewards!

    This is the most tedious event of the year. On top of it, lazy programmers decided to hard-code "F" and "X" keys, so people that remap their keys to SDF instead of ASD are totally screwed. I'm guessing Russian programmers never learned the "home row" fingers placement, and are probably still typing with two fingers like my dad.
  11. CVs in their present form are killing this game, but unfortunately WG is driven by sunk cost fallacy. Luckily for KOTS and Verizon events, the tournaments organizers are wise enough to recognize it.
  12. Flin7

    Pumpkin Disappointment

    45+ games is 13+ battle hours if you play well, no wonder so many pumpkins suicide in the first 5min.
  13. Too bad the 2x bonus is for a single branch reset per reset cycle. I was under impression that you every branch would have that 2x bonus.
  14. I wait for another cool FXP ship to be announced at the last moment. Comparing T10 ships, Smaland for 2M FXP seems like a better deal than Ohio for 2M+ FXP and tons of silver to replace your ships/modules.
  15. Flin7

    Research Bureau

    The commanders will be sent to the Reserve, but what happens if your Reserve does not have the 10 slots to fit them in?