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  1. LittleWhiteMouse's review is accurate. Thank you Mouse! Warspite is the single most devastating BB in T6. It's a great brawler, and it holds well even against T7s. This ship can carry - you can lead charges, help your team soak up damage, whilst giving the enemy good pounding at the same time. Due to Warspite's turn radius, you will make fun of any DD that fails to catch you by surprise. Cruisers, by stone-paper-scissors definition, are simply prey. Only a good Fuso and New Mexico will give you a run for your money, but that is rare in T5-6. Ultimately you should come out on top with little life left. This is a great game I had yesterday - 8 ships sunk. I'm averaging #5 on avg. frags, #11 on win rates (70%) in my Warspite. I think the trajectory of the shells makes a huge difference. I'm hitting 31% on my Warspite. My Fuso does much more poorly. I have zero wins (0%) after 7 games, despite having similar damage. You cannot carry in a Fuso because you will most likely die if you lead charges, so you are much more prone to weaker teammates. It's repair party also makes things so much better compared to the New Mexico. New Mexico's dispersion, despite looking similar on paper, is actually worse due to shell trajectory. I only average 21% in the New Mexico.
  2. Wow thanks mouse! That was a great guide. Appreciate it!
  3. I actually bought the Warsprite today because of your review. Btw, how do you get those awesome screenshots? You can actually record a replay of the entire battle? Also, how do you lock #3 & #4 gun? I only know how to lock all guns with CTRL-X.