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  1. I must be playing on a different server since I am getting the opposite results. In 21 games so far I have won 7 all in the first week where I got as high as rank 3. For this week in maybe 5 to 7 games I have yet to have even close to a win. There is a cv in almost every match and they completely dominate the entire game. Last week I saw 2 cv's get solo warrior achievements something that I think is very rare. I wish it was co-op level of difficulty but I am not seeing that. Games I am in are very much not casual as I am usually getting ripped apart in chat by teammates that must have PhD's in naval studies. I admit I am not the greatest player but you don't need to be so vicious. Once I game in 1st place after being mocked the entire game for doing everything wrong. My goal for the year is to get to rank 1 in bronze and I honestly don't know if I can do that. Yes I do realize it may take more than 21 games but so far it isn't any fun at all when every game is a complete slaughter. I am glad so many people are having fun and will keep trying my best.
  2. Everything was fine before this patch. It sure seems like it is something with the torps. Once you launch or a neighboring ship launches some the whole game goes nuts. It seems to only happen to me in random battles playing a dd it has never happened in co-op games . It is interesting I never noticed a problem playing low tier ships 1 to 4 as soon as I hit 5 the problem started. Maybe since the maps are usually smaller. It is bizarre to see the ships speed register something like 27166 kts. Guess that is the new Space X dd. Hope they fix this soon as it makes playing a dd in random battles impossible.
  3. Good to know I am not the only one having this issue. It isn't my computer it has happened on 2 different machines.
  4. bct_2015

    Enemy ship tags disappear in Key Battles

    Same issue here. 2 days in a row on 2 different computers. All the torps in the game freeze. Enemy ships disappear. Minimap locks in place. Torps refuse to fire at all. Funny thing first time I came in 2nd somehow. I don't use any mods at all and my ping rate is normal.
  5. bct_2015

    Puerto Rico Build

    Any idea where this was? I kept looking and never saw anything like this. @smiller94 Did you file a ticket for the down time on the 11th. That might be enough to push you over. Good luck
  6. bct_2015

    Something 1v1 Ranked Taught You

    Not sure how you know that but sounds about right. I am usually even worse in ranked than in normal battles. Why keep playing something with little chance of success. If I was to play 100 games I might win 15 if I was lucky. Was just playing to check it out and try my luck. So it only took 3 games to teach me that. Move on to something else.
  7. bct_2015

    Something 1v1 Ranked Taught You

    Learned that I had no chance of getting to rank 1 or even rank 9. Yes I am that bad a player. For those that ranked out in 40 to 50 games wish I good learn something from you. Glad I could be a laugh for those that got to destroy me.