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  1. 12th_thirstytom


    good thing you guys are just trolls and what you think means squat! I was sending a message to wow not you guys who live at the bottom of the swamp
  2. going to start with negatives and move to postives! 1]matchmaker- horrible does not work, survey the player base they will ALL agree! Game is so mismatched I play alot and see only a couple good games a day where teams were even and played well! 2] Join the rest of the world as far as hackers go, they exist and are all through your game servers! nothing is unhackable! Be honest and fix this [edited] finally admitted this you need to as well! Put in a anti cheat system! 3] Be honest and no more deceiving- Puerto Rico- enough said! 4] Cv's are way over powered, it is true, you know it so do we! Stop being Russian and be businessmen and fix this huge imbalance! Why create turmoil, cause that is what you're doing! 1] graphics are incredible, such a nice job! 2]Audio is very realistic, great sound, very believable! 3]Dasha is beautiful...lol 4] Ship models...excellent 5] maps are beautiful, scale is off though 6] environment is really well done, love the storms ect! suggestions] Make trees and such on landmasses and islands flammable, houses as well, so you can start your own smoke screen! Also once it is burned it is done so use like a commodity! night maps and running lights and spot lights on ships , flares ect! people on the ships, when you sink a ship people in water! repair ships, sole purpose to repair other ships! could even be bot!
  3. 12th_thirstytom


    I would like contact info on who to talk to about a player making racist remarks in public chat in game! can some one help me?
  4. 12th_thirstytom

    what have you all done to the game?

    ? did you watch the video ? or just post a smart comment?
  5. 12th_thirstytom

    what have you all done to the game?

    ok did not record the game where my thread was started but recorded this today and is very similar to other day! watch from 5.50 0n
  6. ok been playing wow since it first came out, never have I seen the game soo messed up! DD'S taking HE point-blank and surviving when was broadside shot? You all claim to be realistic, well this is far from it! your about to lose your entire player base, no more money no more game! Then you force us to play tier six in clan battles with cv's when most of the ships don't have aa at this tier? Continue to be cocky and see where you are in a year! And if I get threaten again from one of your staff for making negative comments I'll post on your tube the email I got from you last time!
  7. 12th_thirstytom

    research bureau

    thanks figured it out and no he only did one line with three-tier ten ships thanks for your time!
  8. 12th_thirstytom

    research bureau

    hi a friend of mine is missing the research bureau from his game? any ideas?
  9. 12th_thirstytom

    Update 0.9.4: Soviet Cruisers

    ok here we are at june 25th and still the soviet line is in early release! World of Warships has stopped giving chances at earning soviet line of ships coin to get one of these! All that is left is to spend 500 gold for a chance at a few soviet coin! There has been no news I have seen to announce when line will be released from world of warships! Why do you all think it is ok to not communicate with people on how long you plan to dangle these ships in front of us! When are you releasing these ships to public? Date pls>>>>
  10. 12th_thirstytom

    ranked battles

    watch the video and all the buff points are running through all possible buffs constantly, that is the problem!
  11. 12th_thirstytom

    ranked battles

    thanks for responding
  12. 12th_thirstytom

    ranked battles

    will someone tell me if this is how they see the game also? want to know if it is a video adjustment or this is the norm! the white flashing buff points is what i'm talking about
  13. 12th_thirstytom

    ranked battles

    this makes me feel dizzy and sick to my stomach? do you all see this? I dropped my mod station and I'm still seeing this! if anyone is epileptic they should not play this at all! I can not play with this like it! is there a way to make the buff points stop flashing? it is very annoying and takes away from the graphics and makes me sick!
  14. 12th_thirstytom

    ranked battles

    is this normal World of Warships 2020-02-26 09-18-02.mp4 World of Warships 2020-02-26 09-18-02.mp4 World of Warships 2020-02-26 09-18-02.mp4 World of Warships 2020-02-26 09-18-02.mp4 World of Warships 2020-02-26 09-18-02.mp4
  15. 12th_thirstytom

    what is going on

    the matchmaker system is broken beyond repair! the only time I play now is in clan battles, and brawls. either the team I'm on wins by landslide or loses the same way by landslide. very rare to have a good game now?