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  1. was in a ranked battle tonight and a bb was 3 km from me and disappeared while shooting at me! how is this possible? will you ban someone from cheating? how do you record video of matches I was in a dd in smoke! ?
  2. 12th_thirstytom


    today is thursday and am playing wow again and experienced ping/lag issues again. note to wow if this is the norm now you'll lose a lot more players. can not play like this. bag lag effects how you play, effects my stats ect. you need to fix this. stop being cheap and add more servers and you'll get more people who want to play.
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    yes ran my ping test this morning. I'm not the only person in chat seeing a ping problem! North American servers for the past week or so. I have Verizon FiOS 150 over 150 a good solid service.Best way to fix a problem is to first admit you have a problem. they can see what is going on and they are choosing not to fix problem! who ever is running servers knows when lag is occuring. or the game allows people with bad service to play, either way is on their end
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    world of warships use to have good ping but lately, it is all over the place. the other day was stuttering badly and today again the same thing. it affects gameplay when you go to shoot and can not. now your advertising amazon rewards with recruitment. fix your servers then maybe will recruit some friends.
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    not good set up

    so was playing world of warships and got stuck during load in of the game. I could see a screen showing me half underwater and could hear gameplay and could write in the game but fps and ping were frozen. had to restart the computer because would not let me log out. so got made pink for being afk in game. then go to support and finally figure out how to submit a complaint and you won't let me do it because I did not submit files along with it. I don't know what files you want. was afraid to drag my game in there don't want support seeing my password ect. now I'm on forums trying to get the help I need. this whole system assumes people are computer savvy including your post here on how to submit a support ticket concerning files. your post says submit files but you don't say how to do that or better yet if you don't submit files you cannot log a complaint. very bad and 45 mins later here I am. not people friendly at all
  6. what the sign says, I'm in a game , the battleship yamato disappears at 11km with no smoke while firing at me. I complain in game and others pipe in that they are doing same thing. I though this was against the rules, that there was a range on site from ship to ship and it increases when your firing? am I wrong? I was in a worchester! there was also other ships in his detection range but it did not matter I guess. hard to kill when you can not see but they can see you and shoot at you. you may want to fix your game, has been nerfed so much that I don't know what is right or wrong anymore.