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  1. 12th_thirstytom

    ranked battles

    watch the video and all the buff points are running through all possible buffs constantly, that is the problem!
  2. 12th_thirstytom

    ranked battles

    thanks for responding
  3. 12th_thirstytom

    ranked battles

    will someone tell me if this is how they see the game also? want to know if it is a video adjustment or this is the norm! the white flashing buff points is what i'm talking about
  4. 12th_thirstytom

    ranked battles

    this makes me feel dizzy and sick to my stomach? do you all see this? I dropped my mod station and I'm still seeing this! if anyone is epileptic they should not play this at all! I can not play with this like it! is there a way to make the buff points stop flashing? it is very annoying and takes away from the graphics and makes me sick!
  5. 12th_thirstytom

    ranked battles

    is this normal World of Warships 2020-02-26 09-18-02.mp4 World of Warships 2020-02-26 09-18-02.mp4 World of Warships 2020-02-26 09-18-02.mp4 World of Warships 2020-02-26 09-18-02.mp4 World of Warships 2020-02-26 09-18-02.mp4
  6. in 2020 can you fix the audio overdub! I can show you how if you need help. very annoying if you did not realize! btw thanks for offering the pr for more than twice what it is worth. thank you
  7. 12th_thirstytom

    what is going on

    the matchmaker system is broken beyond repair! the only time I play now is in clan battles, and brawls. either the team I'm on wins by landslide or loses the same way by landslide. very rare to have a good game now?
  8. 12th_thirstytom

    to world of warship creators

    this is all so expected from you all. to say that all of this is solo play is a crock and each of you know this. I should of known better and maybe each one of you is the problem!
  9. 12th_thirstytom

    to world of warship creators

    You have a beautiful game, for the most part, plays good and looks really good and I like where the game is going. However, the people that play your game are out for themselves and are not team players. To make this game work you need to reward heavily good team play to encourage players to play the way they should anyway. I have played this game since the beginning and have never seen it so bad. I do not play ranked at all anymore for fear I'll damage my computer out of frustration, and pubbing is only bearable. The only solace is clan-based play. Please fix this as you are the only ones that can!
  10. 12th_thirstytom

    research bureau

    I did not retrain any branches yet and with this I won't be ! not a good enough deal to make it worth while! thanks all for your input
  11. 12th_thirstytom

    research bureau

    world of warships has caused me some confusion! in the research bureau I have 10000 research points. when I put my mouse on the research points it says earned after resetting a researched branch of ships! when I go into the research bureau in the news section of the game it says a one time gift of 10000 research points by having at least 5 branches of tier ten ships! well in the research bureau the way you have it , there is no mention of it being a one time affair so which is it? this is very misleading on world of warships part unless it is true of course but I'm getting the feeling it is a one time offer and you don't get 10000 research points for resetting a single branch of research ships!
  12. 12th_thirstytom

    Ping Ping Ping Ping

  13. 12th_thirstytom

    Ping Ping Ping Ping

    playing tonight and my ping went from 35 to 2500 my ship would stop and go can't play like this! fix your servers! watch my facebook page cause I always post these things to all my friends! two weeks now been playing like this. Fix your servers! MY ping test is 155 up and 175 mps down so not me!
  14. was in a ranked battle tonight and a bb was 3 km from me and disappeared while shooting at me! how is this possible? will you ban someone from cheating? how do you record video of matches I was in a dd in smoke! ?
  15. 12th_thirstytom


    today is thursday and am playing wow again and experienced ping/lag issues again. note to wow if this is the norm now you'll lose a lot more players. can not play like this. bag lag effects how you play, effects my stats ect. you need to fix this. stop being cheap and add more servers and you'll get more people who want to play.