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  1. EwokPoacher

    Finally reached the breaking point.

    How about this for lopsided matchmaking! Notice all the "Rank 1" players on the other team. I am really trying to give this game another chance, but this is far too common.
  2. EwokPoacher

    Good job wg you just killed CV

    This is the gameplay for all ships (non-CVs) after Patch 0.8.0. Now you know the feeling of the other ship classes except CVs.
  3. EwokPoacher

    Good job wg you just killed CV

    Thank you very much for this patch! At least now it feels as if the CV player now has to make some choices before attacking ships - like the surface fleet has to. I don't want for CVs to be gone from the game, I want the CV player to learn how to play like they would in a surface ship. The only players complaining about this latest patch are the ones who enjoyed dealing damage to other players without any risk to themselves. If these kind of fixes continue, I will definitely play more and start spending money again.
  4. EwokPoacher

    Having the option not to play if cv's are in game ??

    They are a Russian company, so their doctrine may be a little different.
  5. I think the ranked rental players must be doing something right if they are progressing in rank. So leave them alone, and just play. If they are "bad players", a majority of them would not get past certain ranks.
  6. Maybe Wargaming wants to change it's player base. They don't want players that play with strategy, just shoot them up arcade style. The arcade style will certainly bring in more players younger in age, and won't complain much, since they did not know how it was before. We should all stop hoping for the good old days to come back. I for one, hope that someone develops a WoWS-like game for surface combat.
  7. EwokPoacher

    Unplayable Nightmare

    Oh, I would "know" if a DD is in the area. I would then "think" and "suspect" where it is so I can sink it. DDs players can be, or not, play cowardly - just like all ship type players. It depends if you want to take the risk. No such counter to CV airplanes with my AI aimed AA and stupid methods to avoid damage while attacking. Hence, the cowardly playstyle that you seem to like.
  8. EwokPoacher

    Unplayable Nightmare

    The DD is putting itself at risk when attacking you, the CV does not. If I think a DD is in my area, I start taking countermeasures towards avoiding torps. If I spot the torps and where they are coming from, I actively go to the area where I think they are. If I have hydro or radar, goodbye DD. If the DD decided not to launch torps, I would not go after them. You can't do this to CVs. They are a cowardly playstyle that can just attack you without risk to themselves. The only people who likes this new playstyle are the people that don't like to risk themselves while doing damage to whomever they like - cowards. And I think Wargaming is catering to these kinds of players so they can make money off of them. And these players gladly buy the premium CVs so they can attack without being attacked.
  9. EwokPoacher

    Why almost all good players hate CVs

    That's why I like the idea of deducting from the CV the amount of HP you damage/shoot down his planes with. If a CV attacks you, and you do 2000 HP damage to their squadron, 2000 HP is deducted from the CV hull. In this way, they are putting themselves at risk by attacking you just like every other ship class in the game.
  10. EwokPoacher

    2 CVs needs to end for all tiers

    Another company needs to make a surface warship game with no CVs or submarines, so I can spend my money there. There is a reason CVs made surface to surface warship battles obsolete.
  11. I think Wargaming likes the easy to play, no risk for damage dealt, cowardly CV playstyle. They are just playing to human nature. Would you rather shoot at a ship and have them shoot back, or do damage to ships and they can't do anything against you. Everyone would pick the latter. The most frustrating part is at the end of games, if you are able to survive that long and have very little health, and here comes a squadron of planes to end you - and you don't even have a clue as to where the CV is. You strategically put your team in a position to win, but you have no chance against a CV at the end of games. You battle all the surface ships and planes throughout the game using angling, jukeing the shells and planes, and come out with a little bit of HP left, and you can't see the CV. You can't do anything to the CV, but the CV can do more damage to you even with not so full squadrons. Just frustrating! That is why I am not spending any more on this game and do not play as much as I would like. Good luck everyone.