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  1. 1bad6thgenZ06

    Update Server Problem

    so I'm no the only 1 who cant log on right now ???I'm in Idaho an haven't been able to all day ! tried reinstalling, checked all my PC stats, been kinda freakin out lol ! Ya its just a game in all, 1 I'm just largely invested in "like many" So if that's the case an will eventually be fixed I'm ok with that ! ?
  2. 1bad6thgenZ06

    Update 0.8.0 - Bugs Report

    ever since 0.8.0 I get lag in the port regardless of settings. Iv issued 3 tickets on a problem I had. I researched Langley -Ranger purchased ranger ...tried out the CV play ..wasn't a fan ..decided to get my Free XP back "87,000" total went to click SELL an it momentarily froze ! an I got back 0 XP ! its been 10 hours since iv issued ticket to get my FXP back an NO response. would REALLY like my FXP back please.
  3. 1bad6thgenZ06

    Armada: HMS Vanguard Trailer

    While I can agree on some of the "meh" parts of the ship, personally having her ..she has a VERY unique playstyle...Those that DONT have her will always say "a T8 hood" yaaaa no lol sure her DPS is iffy ..I find myself using HE more frequently, especially beginning of the matches with everyone coming in bow on, being able to switch between AP\HE is a must. ya her turret angles suck BUT she does have the quickest rudder for a BB to somewhat compensate, so if you pick engagements carefully ..time there shots ..you can swing in n out quick enough to come on top having a 25sec reload + AR "easier said than done" though. Since 0.8.0 shes NIGHT n DAY more enjoyable, with even a hybrid AA build, BFT, aux mod1 as long as you use sectors your gonna drop ALOT of plains ...her short mid range is freakin crazy ! which in my opinion is what counts ...especially with CV players figuring out how to better dodge long range flak short mid is the charm "based off what iv seen" Figure in her fast cooldown decent heal charge, I think she's good ship "when played correctly" ....You kinda play her with a heavy cruiser mindset in many ways, very situational. I will say if your newer to T8 \ high tier gameplay, she's nowhere NEAR forgiving as per say Tirpitz or Massachusetts, Vanguard comes with a high skill ceiling for most ! ...I think this is like my 1st post ever lol