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  1. Salty Warriors Awesome Gamers, May be just the right Clan for you we have both competitive players and casual players. We get along fairly well with one another. As a clan we strive to ensure that everyone gets a chance to be a part of the clan battles. We work as a team to complete in game missions and scenarios. Find me in game
  2. In game prizes

    To all that it may concern; I like some others, I am sure would like to reward our fellow Clan members and friends with a giveaway. My Clan holds a raffle for it's clan members ( We have discussed holding and including one for those Clans we also practice with.) and we give a member of the clan at random a Premium ship or some other type of prize. My question "How to give away a ship that is already out of, or no longer listed in the premium store?" it would be nice to give away say and Alabama or an Enterprise and so forth ETC. . Is there a way to get a game code? Purchased of course that can be gifted. Any and all insight into this would be helpful to me and anyone else that is looking at gifting items to other members of the game community.
  3. Clan Battles

    Not true. I have seen Typhoon League battle Storm League III and Storm League II Battle Gale all three levels and Squall. That is not fair to the lower League Clans. Those Clans are trying to make their way up to only be beat down by a higher League Clan.
  4. The Coo of Boom Flag

    Will we ever see the ability to fly more than one flag(s) on the Staves or Staffs such as the gaff / flagstaff / masthead / aftermost mast and or the stren ?
  5. Auto drop of the Tier 5 CV and the inability to strafe when Match Making puts you into game play with a Tier 6 CV That match the T6 eats your planes alive because you can not strafe. All CVs should have the ability to manual drop and or manual strafe making you wait to Tier 6 is a disadvantage as you don't learn to use the CV correctly at T4/T5. Then you find yourself struggling at Tier 6 learning to play the CV all over again and your team is pissed off at you. Because you may be facing a player that has gone all the way to Tier 10 under the old play style and has the game play done pat.
  6. A better question would be how many have served on or have been on a ship that is now a museum ship? The responses to that set of question would be very interesting indeed. I can say that as a young man I was on the U.S.S. Midway (CVA-41) when it was an operational ship in the U.S.Navy. I had the honor to sail as a passenger while flight operations were in full swing. I later had the privilege to embark upon a tour in San Diego while on active duty with the U.S.Navy. The memories of those years will always be with me. I am sure there are many Veterans that play this game that if you only took the time to listen can tell you a thing or two about life and the history of the ship's they were apart of. Thank you to all that have severed and those that are considering serving their country make the best of of that service.
  7. New but willing

    Welcome to the WOWS Community. SWAG is currently recruiting new players. Who are Salty Warriors Awesome Gamers? Glad you asked. Let us explain below. [SWAG] Salty Warriors Awesome Gamers is a "casually competitive" clan within World Of Warships that participates on the North America (NA) Server! It was created with the goal of developing a fun environment and building a “Family of Friends”. We operate with openness, and strive to build a strong sense of comradery while having lots of high seas fun! Salty Warriors Awesome Gamers is the right clan for you. If you want to “get in on the ground floor”, meet new people and build lasting friendships through the World of Warships community. Since we participate in games that are considered Military Simulations and fashion ourselves on a military structure and operating process, we, as a clan, are very open and receptive to having military personnel as members within our ranks. In fact, our clan is comprised of Military and non-military members and we actually place special attention towards encouraging any Active Duty military, Guard, Reserves, Veterans and Retirees to join with us, and to welcoming them to our team! Not only do we honor them for their duty, devotion and sacrifices for the country, but their various levels of real life training and experience can be a great benefit to the clan and its members and we certainly appreciate and value their input!
  8. Stop Limited time ships!

    This is the second time it has been up for sale. So yes it will happen again. I have seen this many times already as that I have over 30 premium ships and some were purchased on the fourth time around and the limited ship sale. Only one ship have not returned more than twice the Kamikaze R. Opps I take that back it was list this last X-Mas so that would be 3 times now. Be patience it will return after all it is about making money for WG.
  9. Follow this forum link to get you training room to work. http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/105488-how-to-access-training-rooms/
  10. APR first kongo

    I have this same issue with my ARP Kongo. I do not have any mods installed. WG is working on it according to their response to my ticket.
  11. Hello all, Welcome to my posting and my question. This is my first public test. My question is this: Will I be able to play regular game with the test client installed on my PC? I am asking because I have double clicked the icon for WOWS and nothing happened after the test client downloaded. I see that I have two WOWS icons now one that shows WOW public test and one that shows WOWS. Just curious if I am only stuck with the public now that I have Downloaded it.
  12. I have crash happening to me every time I use the Mikhail Kutuzov. Started after this latest patch always while halfway thru battle.