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  1. jwar41

    [ALL] ModStation

    This is an older video but it still applies to the spider type of Crosshair. Work very well if you use a spotter with any cruisers or battleships in game. I hope this helps you out and the best of luck in game . JWAR
  2. jwar41

    Clan emblems. Icon collection for mod

    Thanks for supplying the link. I have uploaded my Icon for my Clan now what do I do with that upload?
  3. jwar41

    Looking for casual clan

    Greetings SWAG is re-standing up their clan and will be opening up recruiting to the community as a whole. You are welcome to check them out. We are a semi competitive clan the is very casual with regards to clan battles and rank, along with clan brawls and the occasional operations missions with the special holiday operations that pop up for division players.
  4. Salty Warriors Awesome Gamers, May be just the right Clan for you we have both competitive players and casual players. We get along fairly well with one another. As a clan we strive to ensure that everyone gets a chance to be a part of the clan battles. We work as a team to complete in game missions and scenarios. Find me in game
  5. jwar41

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    Will we ever see the ability to fly more than one flag(s) on the Staves or Staffs such as the gaff / flagstaff / masthead / aftermost mast and or the stren ?