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  1. War182

    Why the Georgia and not the Tillman IV-2 BB?

    Don't really like the 6 or 8 guns BB's , Over tier 8 they seem to under preform .. Like Conqueror 457
  2. War182

    Why the Georgia and not the Tillman IV-2 BB?

    WoW nice Find ....looks bad as?
  3. I have used the torping sailing lanes tactic . It works but make you a 1 trick pony . And while your trying to set up raining torps down choke point's ,, your not capping ,, spotting and that's [edited] . I don't like any tactic where you use your team as cannon fodder.
  4. So in my opinion it's the worst 10 dd in Warships . It looks good its fast and its concealment is ok .. Just sucks in a knife fight and 2x4 torps are hard to land in knife fight . O i agree it needs a buff . But 150 guns would be a nice easy buff could make it a little more even in that knife fight it sorely needs fighting all other DD's and CL and CA in game .
  5. I have citadel CL with the z23 150 ,,I 'm sure they could find some compromise to make 150 gun worth using . I would love the option . Z52 needs something it's my least Favorite 10 DD .
  6. I agree it's got a bag of tricks ... But feels weak fighting all other 10 dd's . 150 gun option might make it more fun to play .
  7. Your doing great WG like where the game is at.
  8. Sorry i should have warned you ... Didn't mean to trigger you ... Mabey you should run to your safe space .... And cry to MAMMA ....
  9. Z52 is my lease favorite 10 DD in game . It needs something . Looks good , handle's good , good concealment . But fighting it against other ships you tend to fall way short ..... 2x4 torp reload quick but hard to hit moving targets trying to kill you . Guns are the same , ap is good only at broadside . So leaves you feeling very weak in a knife fight .
  10. War182

    Your MOST played Premium ship?

    Kii is the one ship i wish i never bought ... Hate it
  11. War182

    Your MOST played Premium ship?

    Mass is my FAV ...
  12. War182

    Radar changes, what's the verdict?

    I like the changes , Make's our DD's lives a little easier . But Salem radar range needs a little buff . Over all i think it's spot on ...Good work WG
  13. War182

    Worcester — American Tier X cruiser.

    Worcester is a good boat ,, with a AA build its shreds planes so it make's for solid fleet defense . But it can be deleted at any time .... by most ships in game . It's a glass cannon ... So don't scream nurf , it has a very high risk vs reward already .
  14. War182

    HMS Implacable for free?

    You guys should have told us that up front .... Hate getting bent over ......
  15. War182

    HMS Implacable for free?

    Really Dude ... So if i work my AFT off and don't miss one day doing this Event ... I will not have enough Florins to complete this event and unlock the Implacable . WITH OUT SPENDING MONEY ... Really ???? . WOW WARGAMING 1rst you scam us on selling the MIDWAY back . Now you bend us over on the new CV nice guys thx for that...