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  1. Yea last nerf was a let down , I finely Grind get the Khab ,,, and now i'm disappointed 13.5 range is a big kick to the ball's ....8.2 to 11 rudder is very rough also ,,,
  2. Still very hard sell giving up any concealment on the Khab . The 14.6 range is very much needed but with 8.2 to 11 rudder shift you could have 18k range and still get pounded ..
  3. War182

    Thoughts on Pan Euro Destroyers

    Wow Troll you don't have something better to do ..... WOW is call you home ....
  4. War182

    Thoughts on Pan Euro Destroyers

    I still like my CV play ,,but when i play CV i feel very bad about Raping DD's as well .. DD's are screwed when they loose concealment so than add rocket planes F ing they up ... Why DD players so hiding behind BB's easy to see .
  5. War182

    Thoughts on Pan Euro Destroyers

    Nicely said .... DD's need better counter play vs CV . And rocket plane's are raping our DD's . I have my Harugumo full AA build and still die to Rocket planes on his 4th past ,,, I may get 20 planes but DD's have enough problems right now . No CV counter play sucks ... And wasting smoke to hide instead of spotting is not counter play ..it's screwing over your team to save your self ....
  6. Yea our DD's need counter play vs CV's even with full AA build the Rocket planes can still [edited] my DD ...so what if i kill 20 planes if he pass's me 8k to 12k a pass ,,, DD can't spot and can't counter play againt rocket planes . So whats the point
  7. War182

    No warships were sunk by rocket planes in WW2

    Man i play Cv and don't want my rocket planes nerfed ,,, But i play DD and even with full AA build the CV rockets eat you alive no Counter play beside wasting you smoke and hiding .... Not right give DD a AA buff . something needs to change ... Even when i knock down 20 planes he still kills me .... Not right .. Some counter play for DD's pls
  8. War182

    Final word on IFHE changes?

    Daring 19 mm pen REALLY ....... How about you give it better smoke to off set the reload and torp nerf ..and FYI we still have to use IFHE cause with out it you can't dam CA or BB's or CV's what were you guys thinking ???
  9. War182

    DDs Can't Do Anything Against CVs!

    DD's do need more counter play options vs CV ,,DD need to spot and if they don't or can't your whole team suffer's
  10. If i had not played it for my self and felt the pain of a 8.9 rudder with a 13.5k( with AFT) range i would agree ... But my friend's were right the nerf was to big the range is painfull ...
  11. War182

    An Idea To Help Destroyers

    Played my Yueyang tonight . I went in to cap watching the range of Russ CA radar . So i capped out of his 12k range , after 3 rocket attacks i asked cv to cover my in cap ... He didn't care , So with half my hull gone over rocket and bomb attacks i ran from cap . I was spotted radared and no one cared .They all hid behind the islands with no care to protect their spotter or capper . And even though i killed a few planes had no concealment because AA spotted my whole fn match . As long as we don't get rewarded for team play DD's will get F ed ...
  12. So i played my [edited] Khab before the last Nerf and it was a Beast . I loved it , It was easy to see why it had DD top DAM . After my disappointment with the Kleber I decided to finish my Grind and get my Khab .. I fell in love with the Tashkent ( i feel it's more what the Kleber should have been) . Than i got my Khab ..... Asked my friend's wth happened , last time i used this boat it was a beast ? And than they told me last nerf did this ..? I responded ,I read the patch notes didn't seem that bad .... Well i was wrong . The range is now 13.5k with AFT . This is a gun boat with 13.5 range it's not right .. Look i don't like being rained on by Khab's but 13.5 range make dodgeing anything with a 8.9 rudder time impossible . Khab can take a hit but 13.5 range cripples it. My Adv dodge range is 12k to 15 k in my gun boats . Less than 14k is really painfull to play . So pls at least give it Tashkent's range . I know i didn't agree with buffing any Russ boat or the Khab untell i played it . Now i feel the Tashkent is better . O they took range mod away from mod's so you can't run it , or this F up would be fixed quick fast and in a hurry .Check that stats posting them