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  1. I did whole Germ DD event and no ship unless you pay ......... That one example shows how Wargaming in killing it's on Game ...
  2. Yea I want to love them but ..... 18.9 k range in a BB sniper world is a Bad Joke ...
  3. War182

    German tokens need to be spent by???

    THIS IS [edited] ...... Don't know how Wargaming has not been sued to the Ground over this ?????? I did whole event and NO SHIP not one ... How are you guys getting away with this ????
  4. War182

    64 damage and a kill

    Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho ....
  5. You may not have liked his Question ,,, But you still owe WoWS community an answer ... The only reason you ban or hide the truth is out of Fear of what it says .... FYI
  6. Not the American way ... We been calling them out for Back door bull sh?t like that too ... You only delete the truth if you FEAR it ....
  7. War182

    Math behind secondaries nerf

    Yep If they were going to nerf 2ndry builds .. They should have put AA ,,,Or hull regen so healing to keep you in the fighting pushing in with a BB .... Instead you waste your skills points specing in 2ndrys
  8. Hope they do something , 2ndry build force you to give up a tank/AA build you need to play close in your BB .... And with 2ndry Dam nerf as well no need to use them ... And puts All BB's playing tank builds at Range Well done Wargaming .
  9. Yea I'm not going to use it . 11.1 range is a bad Joke in a 7 match .... But what happens in a 9 match ???? So that's why I asked for a coal buy back .... Wargaming most like won't buff it , and if they do it's won't matter . They'll give it torp range , Or enhanced rudder time anything but address the many problems ....So give us a Buy Back and no harm no foul ...
  10. Just let us sell it back for Coal no harm no foul ..... Because I really doubt at this point they will buff it ... Wargameing hands are very full right now with 2ndrys ... Dead eye ,, Cv's .. Players mad their complaints aren't being addressed ... I could go on and on .... Just give us coal sell back option and done ......
  11. No a want to sell the Flint back to Wargamming since it got multi nerfs from Captain rework ... And they have no plan to buff the ship to make up for the Horse sh?t the left us with ....
  12. The Flint took multi nerf's in the skill change it's max range is now 11.1 and now concealment buff .. No Heal buff .. No thing no a middle finger to all that own it ..... Look if your not going to buff it ...With range heal or any FN thing ...Let us sell it back ..
  13. It's Bad you Fed over 2ndary ships bad .... Now all BB have to spec tank with dead eye ..... If you fool enough to spec 2ndry you loose heals and AA ..For a nerfed 2ndry that not worth it . Very sad they didn't make 2ndry builds on line 1 or 2 on spec or put auto on 2ndry spec and some AA buff .... Don't trap 2ndry players ...
  14. De platforming is silencing him .. Sure he can go around them .. But why ???? If Wargamming gets [edited]hurt from what he said and ban Him .... You think for one sec they won't ban us too ???? And Why ask for the community's opinion on your game if you can handle Criticism ???
  15. I don't disagree .... But silencing your critic's only proves them RIGHT .