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  1. Backwards_Logic

    [-I-] Impact Is Selectively Recruiting

    To the top!
  2. Backwards_Logic

    Looking for a CLAN, without Voice Chat

    >>These guys<<
  3. Backwards_Logic

    Bad, no HORRIBLE Sunday and Dreadnought Marathon

    My gripe with the Dreadnought missions is that they cannot be completed in clan battles. Between real-life priorities, four nights of clan battles, plus the looming holidays, the time required to partake in everything is extreme for a tier III battleship, albeit a historical one as Dreadnought. Here's hoping they put it in the arsenal for something, because getting it for free on my end isn't happening. Had the missions been doable in CB's, that would be a different story.
  4. Backwards_Logic

    [-I-] Impact Is Selectively Recruiting

    Black Friday Bump
  5. Backwards_Logic


    My 20% off coupon does not work with it, so I imagine the 30% off one would not either.
  6. Backwards_Logic


    Possibly the worst Armada bundle yet, considering none of the unobtainable ships are included. That means no: Mikhail Kutuzov Belfast Gremyashchy Any of the three Kamikaze sisters Imperator Nikolai I And not that I would have expected it, no Missouri, Kronstadt, or Musashi either. Jean Bart is missing as well, though she's a new release, along with Vanguard and Dreadnought. If you need doubloons, this is the deal to get them in, but at $700 and no retired/rare ships around this year I'm not convinced it's the best bang-for-the-buck. Plus besides conversion of ship XP to Free XP, as others have said I'm not sure what to spend the doubloons on. I bought the very first $400 Armada deal when it came out and that was a steal compared to this one. Your mileage may vary.
  7. Backwards_Logic

    [-I-] Impact Is Selectively Recruiting

    Still recruiting!
  8. Backwards_Logic

    clam wars

    Clan wars can only be done at tier ten. Clam wars is a feature that has yet to be implemented by wargaming, though I suspect when they do it'll be tier one because they closest resemble fishing boats.
  9. Backwards_Logic

    Best special mission ever....

    In Conqueror: Destroy/incapacitate 15 modules. Did it in one salvo
  10. Backwards_Logic

    Have a code for July 4th!

    A bump for the evening crew
  11. Backwards_Logic

    Have a code for July 4th!

    On Facebook, Wargaming asked a few questions and the combined answers provided a redeemable code for the premium shop. That code is: 177514557196516 and can be redeemed >>HERE<< (just make sure you're logged in) You'll get some coal and one of those nice Freedom boxes. Enjoy!
  12. Backwards_Logic

    Letter to Wargaming. The Problem with BB's

    I don't know, AP works great for me.