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  1. My rules of thumb when determining if I take Superintendent or not. Keep in mind I run premium consumables on everything this guide below assumes you are doing the same. 1) Does the ship have a heal? If yes, then SI is borderline must-have, especially on cruisers and destroyers. The Russian and British destroyers in particular with their heals get SI. The exception is dedicated AA build captains for battleships, in which case Basic Firing Training gets the points instead. For my battleships, I typically am around late-game and find those times where I need that final heal it's enough to get me the win. So while I don't always use it, I find it absolutely critical to have when I do. 2) Reliant on smoke to dish out damage - specifically British cruisers. Smoke is life for them, and having the extra charge is mandatory in my opinion. There's nothing worse when you've burned all of your smoke charges and the late game comes and you have your positioning options limited as a result. This meshes with the above, as these cruisers also have heals too. Pre-smoke-firing nerfs SI was necessary on USN DD's for the smoke spam, but now it's not as prevalent. German destroyers also fall into this category with the dual hydro/smoke thing they can do. One extra charge of each makes a difference. Arguments can be made for the Kitakaze/Harugamo Japanese destroyers, but I personally run SE/BFT instead. 3) Higher-tier radar cruisers, especially those that see Clan Battle action, get SI. This allows liberal use of the consumable and can favorably swing a match. There's nothing worse than needing a radar in a key moment and finding you're out of charges. This is especially true with the long-range Russian radar, where positioning to use it is far easier than say in a Salem, and thus you should be alive longer to use all of the charges. Again, see above with the repair synergy. 4) Russian battleships due to their gimmick of limited damage control parties and for the heal. Fairly self-explanatory as to why they get SI. 5) Mid-tier cruisers without a heal do not get SI, as I rarely use all of the consumables as it is before I a) die, or b) the game ends. I'm typically at range with these ships or abusing island cover both in an attempt to preserve HP. On most ships I take Hydroacoustic search, and the only time I have it active is if I suspect an enemy destroyer is nearby and they've tried to lob torpedoes at me. Otherwise, I can mitigate torpedoes just fine without it and as such, don't burn through the charges. As for my DFAA equipped ships, the only way I burn through these is if a) there's a carrier (DUH) and b) said carrier focuses me or nearby ships throughout the entire match. Otherwise, I rarely get through them. I find the points are better spent elsewhere. 6) Captains used exclusively in scenarios do not get SI, as the bots do a great job shooting one target most times. So either you get focused down and killed immediately and don't spend the charges, or you don't get shot much and don't use the charges either. Plus if there's a heal circle somewhere, it heals your healable points first, so there's even less chances to use your charges. 7) Torpedo-centric destroyers, like the Japanese and Pan-Asian lines, don't typically need the extra charges and can skip SI. Yes, there are specific builds that makes use of aggressive smoke use in the Pan-Asians or heavy Torpedo Reload Booster in the Japanese ships that get them, but in my play throughs I've found myself rarely reaching for that extra charge of either. 8) Dedicated AA captain builds usually don't get Superintendent, but it depends on the ship. With AA in-flux, right now I'm finding I can skip Advanced Firing Training and instead still keep Concealment Expert and Manual AA captain skills thus allowing for points for SI, but should that change and AFT becomes mandatory again for those plane-swatting builds, SI might be dropped to re-add AFT. Furthermore, ships that currently need IFHE mean only one 3 point skill can be taken, and for it to be a true AA build BFT is usually what I take and not SI. For example, in my non-AA Henri IV build I run SI (heals and reload booster buff) and Demo Expert (because yay more fires, though admittedly the skill isn't all that great). In my AA-build Henri IV, SI gets dropped for BFT because the buff that skill gives to its AA is pretty stout and I can keep CE, IFHE, and add Manual AA to the captain (why CE if there's planes? Because being able to disengage when needed is still huge and unfortunately the concealment meta isn't going anywhere anytime soon. That's for another thread). Given how IFHE is about to change in the future, the above might be out of date in a few week's/month's/year's time and I'll have an entirely new build. So in short, yes SI is not a mandatory skill, especially for newer players grinding up the lower-tiers where SI gives almost zero benefit as the ships either a) don't have the heals or b) the new players die too quick to make use of the extra charge. In the competitive scene where heals and radars are a must, SI is generally a must. Mid to lower-tier random gamers or PvE/scenario players may not get much benefit from the skill. As with anyone, your experience and thoughts may vary,
  2. Backwards_Logic

    All tokened-out, looking forward to directives again.

    For starters, the event feels like it's been going on for about a year at this point. Furthermore, this time of the year is busy for me, and I would guess a lot of people, and thus may not have had the time to devote to acquiring the desirable rewards (Kuznetsov, Lazo, etc). I personally think I'm going to end up short on the commander as it is, and given how strong he is is not something I'm going to just gloss over. In short, the event has been going on for far too long, the rewards per day in terms of token generation are paltry, and if players can't devote the one-plus months of constant grinding per phase to generate the tokens they need to get what they want it's going to leave a poor taste in people's mouths. Plus splitting up the event into two segments with different currencies was dumb. There was no reason to over-complicate this, and served (imo) only as an additional money sink for players who didn't get enough of one type of token for that particular phase. I get it's a business but this is too much, especially in the summer months.
  3. Backwards_Logic

    Premium ships you would like be added

    I'll be likely the one person on the forum to recommend this ship, but I'd love to see the USS Houston (CL-81) added to the game, if only because my grandfather served on her. With a few additional AA guns on her compared to Cleveland (per wiki anyway), she could either be a buffed AA platform with other characteristics of her nerfed, and/or in keeping with her short service record of fending off AA attacks and being torpedoed twice and almost sunk, give her a buffed damage control party similar to the Russian BB's where they have a fast cooldown but limited number, and also extend this to her defensive AA - perhaps a quicker turnaround in exchange for a shorter duration, or limited charges, or some combination thereof. There's been some noise to adding a premium Cleveland-class ship to the game, and with appropriate nerfs or buffs to her stats could work at tier VII, VIII, or IX. Her namesake USS Houston (CA-30) isn't a bad alternative either for something different but familiar.
  4. What is your in-game name and the origin of it (as long as it is appropriate for the forums)? Backwards_Logic. My first (and only) forum nickname I've ever used. On my original forum for the Civilization series of games I wanted to use Fuzzy_Logic, but it was taken, so the current one became what I used. I saw no reason to change it for other sites, so here it is 12 years later still going. How long have you been playing World of Warships? Since September of 2016 What got you into playing World of Warships? Love of Ships? History? Came from a different game? Explain what got you into the game. I'm a huge naval history nerd, and both of my grandparents served in WWII aboard the USS Enterprise (CV-6) and USS Houston (CL-81), so the idea of seeing those ships rendered and played in-game is a nice tie-in to me. What is your favorite ship? Why? Feel free to add a pic as well! Too many to just pic one, though for this exercise I will. USS New Jersey holds probably the top spot for me. My grandfather and I built a model of her together when I was little, and she's named after my home state. Big guns, graceful lines, deep history, plus my familial connection to her probably give her the edge over other ships like Tirpitz, Bismarck, North Carolina, Enterprise, and Cleveland.
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    [-I-] Impact Is Selectively Recruiting

    To the top!
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    Looking for a CLAN, without Voice Chat

    >>These guys<<
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    Bad, no HORRIBLE Sunday and Dreadnought Marathon

    My gripe with the Dreadnought missions is that they cannot be completed in clan battles. Between real-life priorities, four nights of clan battles, plus the looming holidays, the time required to partake in everything is extreme for a tier III battleship, albeit a historical one as Dreadnought. Here's hoping they put it in the arsenal for something, because getting it for free on my end isn't happening. Had the missions been doable in CB's, that would be a different story.
  8. Backwards_Logic

    [-I-] Impact Is Selectively Recruiting

    Black Friday Bump
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    My 20% off coupon does not work with it, so I imagine the 30% off one would not either.
  10. Backwards_Logic


    Possibly the worst Armada bundle yet, considering none of the unobtainable ships are included. That means no: Mikhail Kutuzov Belfast Gremyashchy Any of the three Kamikaze sisters Imperator Nikolai I And not that I would have expected it, no Missouri, Kronstadt, or Musashi either. Jean Bart is missing as well, though she's a new release, along with Vanguard and Dreadnought. If you need doubloons, this is the deal to get them in, but at $700 and no retired/rare ships around this year I'm not convinced it's the best bang-for-the-buck. Plus besides conversion of ship XP to Free XP, as others have said I'm not sure what to spend the doubloons on. I bought the very first $400 Armada deal when it came out and that was a steal compared to this one. Your mileage may vary.
  11. Backwards_Logic

    [-I-] Impact Is Selectively Recruiting

    Still recruiting!
  12. Backwards_Logic

    clam wars

    Clan wars can only be done at tier ten. Clam wars is a feature that has yet to be implemented by wargaming, though I suspect when they do it'll be tier one because they closest resemble fishing boats.
  13. Backwards_Logic

    Best special mission ever....

    In Conqueror: Destroy/incapacitate 15 modules. Did it in one salvo
  14. Backwards_Logic

    Have a code for July 4th!

    A bump for the evening crew