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  1. Backwards_Logic

    clam wars

    Clan wars can only be done at tier ten. Clam wars is a feature that has yet to be implemented by wargaming, though I suspect when they do it'll be tier one because they closest resemble fishing boats.
  2. Backwards_Logic

    Best special mission ever....

    In Conqueror: Destroy/incapacitate 15 modules. Did it in one salvo
  3. Backwards_Logic

    Have a code for July 4th!

    A bump for the evening crew
  4. Backwards_Logic

    Have a code for July 4th!

    On Facebook, Wargaming asked a few questions and the combined answers provided a redeemable code for the premium shop. That code is: 177514557196516 and can be redeemed >>HERE<< (just make sure you're logged in) You'll get some coal and one of those nice Freedom boxes. Enjoy!
  5. Backwards_Logic

    Letter to Wargaming. The Problem with BB's

    I don't know, AP works great for me.