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  1. clam wars

    Clan wars can only be done at tier ten. Clam wars is a feature that has yet to be implemented by wargaming, though I suspect when they do it'll be tier one because they closest resemble fishing boats.
  2. Best special mission ever....

    In Conqueror: Destroy/incapacitate 15 modules. Did it in one salvo
  3. Have a code for July 4th!

    A bump for the evening crew
  4. Have a code for July 4th!

    On Facebook, Wargaming asked a few questions and the combined answers provided a redeemable code for the premium shop. That code is: 177514557196516 and can be redeemed >>HERE<< (just make sure you're logged in) You'll get some coal and one of those nice Freedom boxes. Enjoy!
  5. Letter to Wargaming. The Problem with BB's

    I don't know, AP works great for me.
  6. Top This... A Weekend Challenge to all

    First 8-kill game ever. Rammed the Richelieu while shooting the Cleveland for a game-ending double-strike.
  7. Premium Ship Review #101: Kronshtadt

    I said nothing about your stats. I could care less if you're a 45% win rate player or a 65% player, or whether you average 10k or 100k damage in a ship. I didn't attack your stats, I questioned where your information was coming from as you claimed it was personal experience and I saw nothing to back up those claims. What I do care about is the number of games one has in a ship before I take what he/she says with anything more than a grain of salt. If I were to give advice about the Shimakaze, for example, I would be laughed off the forums as I have zero experience with said ship. On the flip side, I feel I can talk intelligently about the Tirpitz because of said experience. There's no point of yours to address - unless you want me to bring up your Scharnhorst comparison as an example. I don't know how much you've played the tier VII German BB. I also don't know how much you've played the Kronshtadt. Therefore, I don't know if this conclusion of yours is based on experiences generated over hundreds of games or something you came up with after five. Context matters. Basically, I'm trying to figure out of this ship is for me. I like the Scharnhorst, and would love her if her dispersion was tighter. I hate the Moskva. The ship looks like some weird hybrid of the two. These threads are great for forum-goers to make an informed purchase, but it becomes challenging when other people who, on the surface, have zero experience with said ship start chiming in. It muddies the waters and makes it difficult to sort fact from fantasy.
  8. Premium Ship Review #101: Kronshtadt

    Not to be that guy, but a quick search of your stats reveals you own exactly zero of these ships. As someone who likes to see how much experience a poster has with a ship before taking their talking points into consideration, I was confused to find zero stats for any of these ships under your name. Perhaps I've missed them? I checked three different sites, including the main WoWs page, and I got nothing. As a second note, as someone who vehemently detests the Moskva, how does this ship compare? The early feedback I've gotten from players who actually have the ship seems positive, but ships with limited maneuverability generally scare me off. Furthermore, how trolly is the dispersion? I generally like to hit where I'm aiming. Some of the youtube videos hint at some wonkiness, but LMW gives her 'good accuracy.'
  9. Wg changed tier 5 MM ...fff and F

    Tier V has always seen tier VII.
  10. Are Premium Sales Declining?

    I can only directly comment on my own experiences pertaining to this issue, but I can say many of the issues already mentioned and discussed are what have driven me to not spend much on this game since the middle of 2017. Now while only wargaming knows for sure if their global sales across the board have dropped, I'll go ahead and add my two cents from a player that's not only been around a bunch, but spent a bunch as well. In no particular order: Matchmaker has screwed over the main premium tiers, i.e. V, VI, and VIII. Being bottom tier can be a fun and challenging experience, but playing a Texas or an Othoknik in a tier VII match is asking to be punished. While some ships can hold their own while being bottom-tier (looking at you, OP Guilio Caesare), more often than not it's an exercise in futility. Grinding out tech tree ships is a necessity for a lot of players. Why choose to play at those tiers when I can actively avoid it? As such, it's skewed my premium ship purchases away from anything in those tiers. The first thing I look at when a premium ship is leaked is 'what tier is it?' Unless it offers something unique or different, I'm not touching it. The premium ships released offer nothing interesting or are broken in some way, shape, or form. Either these ships are underpowered or are so niche as to be generally unplayable in most circumstances. Take the tier VII Duca deli Abruzzi. Weak guns, weak armor, and nothing else of interest. Even with tier VII MM, why would I buy this? Take Asashio. It does one thing exceedingly well (nuke battleships). It offers nothing else of interest and cannot carry a game with its gun and torpedo armament. It can out-spot destroyers, but otherwise will have a hard time winning a gun fight with one. And the thing can realistically be killed by a tier III cruiser (pick one. Maybe not Varyag though). So why would I buy this? Take the most recent Z-39. Four slow-firing guns doesn't give me confidence. I'd rather play the Blyskawica with its seven slow-firing guns. Captain experience has made using premium ships to retrain redundant. Back in the day, captain experience wasn't a thing, so using a low-tier ship to train up the lower skill-point captains was almost a must to prepare them for high-tier gameplay. This is the reason my Texas has so many games in it, because all of my cruiser and battleships captains came up in her and were retrained in her as they moved to other ships. Now? A new captain gets slapped with a boatload of elite XP to get trained up, or if I need to retrain him for another ship, drop the 200k silver to cut the cost in half, finish retraining with the discounted elite xp, then throw the boatload of xp onto to him to get him where he needs to be. It's cheaper and quicker than playing a boatload of games in (pick a ship). I've personally already spent more on this game than I care to admit. Doubloons, flags, camos, ships, premium time, you name it, I've probably bought it (not the Krasny though). The reason I bought everything was to expedite the grind (as intended by wargaming, no doubt). Part of the grind was for silver to afford the ships, another was the grind for captain xp, and lastly the grind for the ships themselves. Silver isn't a problem since I have the free experience ship Missouri, plus other credit stalwarts such as Atago and Tirpitz. Buying additional premium ships to generate money isn't a requirement anymore. Captain experience I've already hit on, thus negating the need for nation specific and ship class-specific captain trainers, leaving only the regular ship grind. Premium ships do not directly help with this grind any (save for generating a paltry amount of free experience per match before flag and camo modifiers (yes, I can generate a metric ton of free xp with the proper flags and camos, but I can do this with any ship, tech tree ship included)). Therefore, any money I spend in the future isn't going to speed my progress up any quicker than it already is, nor will it make the game any easier (pay to win arguments need not apply here - I'm not going there and this isn't the thread for it). Since throwing my wallet at the screen isn't going to speed things up, the only thing I'm going to throw my wallet at the screen for are ships with historical significance, something unique that isn't a "garbage-bote," or some combination of the above that's fun to play. Current and recently introduced ships have not checked those boxes for me. Give me a deal, Wargaming. Your bundles are overpriced and full of stuff I don't want/need. The ship plus port slot by itself is nice, but the cost is too dang high for what the ship is in my book (see above). Since I started playing back in August of 2015, my life has changed a bunch. I'm back in school. My disposable income as dropped. As a result, my time to play the game has dropped too. I can't justify a fifty-plus dollar purchase of a ship I'm hardly going to play, especially if it does nothing for me. The steam deals were great and I scooped them up despite not needing the ships nor extra doubloons. Those have been my only purchases in 2018 thus far, and I don't see my wallet opening up anytime soon for anything on the horizon. Charging $14.53 for a ten-point commander with some small bonuses is steep, plus I already have their "brothers." The new ships on the horizon seem lackluster (no interest in an Argentinian cruiser or another USN DD at tier VI. Maybe Cossack if it gets out of development purgatory. Maybe). You know what is a deal? Those Santa crates. Yea, it's an RNG fest, but if I throw 100 bucks at the screen there's a really good chance I get the premiums I would like to have and at a huge discount. And they come pre-loaded with a 10 point commander, whereas the basic bundles in the store now do not. That's a deal, and I'll gladly shell out three-figures for a chance at multiple ships, the bonus camos, the captains, and any other goodies I get along the way. Instead of buying things now, I'll wait for a chance to get them at pennies on the dollar. That's a deal worth waiting for. So in short, buying new ships does nothing for me. I'm also at the point where I'm not even excited for their release anymore. I remember being stoked for when the lackluster Hood came out. As a non-CV main, I was thrilled to see Enterprise hit the shelves. Prinz Eugen pre-buff was cool too for historical reasons. I was excited for Roma, tier VIII plus wonky guns plus huge price tag kept her away from me. As it is, I have 157 ships in port and counting, and adding another premium I likely won't play much isn't a wise financial choice. As others have pointed out, playing fifty games in one ship to get my 'money's' worth seems excessive. Unless something changes, I doubt my spending habits will change any.
  11. ST Stalingrad Initial Stats

    I couldn't help but notice: no stats for HE shells? Either I missed it in the description, or maybe she doesn't get them in this current iteration?
  12. Question on Elite Commanders

    The captain just needs to have access to 19 total skill points. Then, any accrued commander xp will go into your elite xp pool. Where you spend the points is entirely up to you; so long as the commander has 19 points available to him, he'll earn elite xp.
  13. 75k xp mission bugged

    So glad I found out about this bug after this game: Used all of the special flags plus the 200% camo to load up on the XP... only to have it not count. Not thrilled, but at least I can farm the 90k torpedo damage mission. Thanks WG!
  14. Troubled with Support response

    Clark, I hate to say it, but you made two errors here: 1) You did buy a ship well-above your current experience level. Your highest played tech-tree ship is the Wyoming, with only 21 battles played. Furthermore, your stats indicate you have not yet mastered the low-tier ships and thus have a lot to still learn about this game. That is okay, as you only have about 180 battles total. You're not supposed to have anything mastered at this point. 2) As others have stated you should have read the return policy when it comes to these online goods. Once a battle is played, the ship is bound to the account and no refund can be made. The response you got from customer support is in line with this rule. To change this rule is to make an exception for one person, and Wargaming is not going to set this precedent. It's a can of worms they will not open and I can't say I blame them. You say you cannot 'adjust to a factor on the ship,' (What factor? Needs elaboration), but by your own admission you've played one game in the ship. Anything, this game included, can be overcome with practice (okay, maybe not CV's, but this a BB we're talking about here), and the Alabama is not exception. Despite the wonky tier VIII Matchmaking, the ship is fairly easy to play with a lot of forgiving traits. Admittedly, the gunnery can be difficult with the slow shells, but practice makes perfect. My recommendation to you is as follows: keep the Alabama and grind up the varying ship lines, specifically the USN BB's. Practice at the lower tiers until you get comfortable with the gunnery and your stats improve. While stats themselves are not the end-all be-all, they are a good indicator of where you stand skill-wise. Grind up the varying lines, slowly get introduced to the high-tier gameplay, and you'll find the adjustment much easier. The ship is a good captain trainer and credit earner, so she does have value. You just don't see it right now because of where you're at in the game.
  15. Another Hood Thread

    I've been pretty light on my premium ship purchases this year thus far. I skipped Oleg, Mutsu, and Duca d'Aosta. I picked up Alabama on a lark and have yet to play her. I have minimal interest in Kaga, De Grasse, and Kidd, and zero interest in Admiral Makarov. Enterprise I'll throw my wallet at regardless of cost (see signature) which leaves me at Hood. With those signals available and the 12 point captain (I need more captains badly), and given my history of not buying anything this year thus far and likely not doing so much in the future, I can see myself springing for this one.