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  1. It’s a test bed for new module/mechanic that WG may include either as the “schtik” of a new tech tree line or as a new module of some sort. The presence of super battleships is just to entice players to try it out, because really, who doesn’t like playing a 100,000 ton battleship? I’m in no way saying it’s nefarious, it’s just that’s WG doesn’t release these unique game modes purely for your pleasure. No, these are test beds, and in this case, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the aiming module released as a new tech tree line’s selling point, like a battlecruiser line of some sort. Hybrids are test beds. FDR is a test bed. Superbattleships are test beds.
  2. Ranari

    How good are the new German DD's?

    This is the line in a nutshell: They're light cruisers without a citadel, but take up a DD slot. This can confuse players. Their AP is great, but isn't good enough to reliably citadel cruisers until T10. Their HE, while not amazing, is deceptively good due the insane accuracy and ballistics. Play them like a DD and you'll suffer. Play them like a Cruiser and your reputation will suffer, but at least you'll start to win. The lack of sufficient AP penetration until T10 is really the biggest issue imho. The Felix is definitely better, but it's obvious the Elbing's AP penetration is vastly superior, and thus, does a lot more damage.
  3. I don’t agree there’s Russian bias. I just think the mechanics behind their ships (forward armor, ballistics, etc) are more straightforward for players to reproduce results on a consistent basis. However, their potential isn’t any more or less than any other nation.
  4. Ranari

    Are German BBs still worth playing?

    Just finished regrinding them for the third time. Are they great? No. Are they horrible? No. T5 Konig - This ship is amazing. Always has been. Can now also be played as a pseudo secondary ship. It’s not great in this role but it’s a lot better than it used to be. T6 Bayern - Probably equal in terms of secondary vs survival spec viability. This is a decent ship for its speed, armor, and AA. Guns aren’t great but they do overmatch. Overall decent ship. T7 Gneisenau - Easily the best ship of the line now. Awesome secondary viability and the only tech tree ship to come out better post rework for secondary potential. I had a huge amount of fun with her. T8 Bismarck - Weakest ship of the line imho. Awful secondary viability, and not a great gunboat either. Secondaries have horrible firing angles, and they’re bugged. Speed, hydro, and AA is good, but the ship has always had a lethality problem. T9 FdG - Forget the secondaries. They’re actually pretty good, it’s that the FdG is a total BEAST in a full survival spec. This ship is crazy lethal, and crazy tough. T10 Kurfurst - The secondaries are good, but we all know that story. Here’s my problem with the GK; if you play as full survival spec, you can do everything better with another ship. So as a leveling experience it’s not bad. It’s just not a line with a good ending.
  5. Ranari

    So wargaming Russian CVs when o.O

    I've always felt like the FDR was a test bed vehicle for the next CV line. Could be for any nation though.
  6. Ranari

    Out of control

    Flavor of the week, gentlemen. In two weeks you’ll hardly see the Ise anymore. In other words, the world won’t end.
  7. Ranari

    What are your WoWS goals for 2021?

    I, too, had to relearn to love this game, but I stuck with it, and it’s was worth it.
  8. Simple. Return Manual Secondaries to the -60% dispersion reduction. Return German secondaries to the standard formula. Return French 152mm secondary mounts to penetrate 32mm of armor with IFHE. Profit.
  9. Ranari

    Good DD lines to grind in the current meta?

    Somewhat older thread, but ALWAYS a relevant question. RN DDs are still great for cap contesting and dueling potential. IJN Gunboats are solid (starting at T8) due to their sheer, raw firepower and high torpedo alpha. French DDs are good because their signature ability makes for excellent clutch damage and meaningful, impactful plays. IJN Torp boats are still solid for their core mechanics of torping, good speed, concealment, and spotting. Euro DDs are similar to IJN torp boats for the same reason, but with a different flavor. Pan-Asian, German, American, and Russian DD lines are less effective (in general) due to their less specialized nature.
  10. Ranari

    USS Saratoga (Secondary CV Idea)

    I have a gut feeling that a new CV line is in the works modeled after the FDR. It may be French, Russian, or comprise of the odd tier IJN/USN carriers that were removed, but that’ll be the general model. I also believe the FDR is intentionally over-tuned to encourage greater popularity, and thus, data collection. I don’t say that in some negative conspiracy manner, but just as an observation.
  11. Haven’t had any issues with pirates, but I had to chat silence one cause he wouldn’t stop arguing over cruiser taxonomy with a player in chat. Came off as a bit self righteous imho. Even though he was technically correct, it was a stupid argument to have in chat. I ended up getting chat banned cause I piped in and told them to knock it off, as we were losing and they’re going at it in chat. But, I called them “nerds”. That’s on me I guess, but dang.
  12. I'm not a fan of the ability, but I'm not going to let it ruin my fun, either.
  13. Ranari

    Secondary Dispersion List

    From the Wows Dev Blog. T6 ships were not included with the accuracy buff. Tier VII - X German battleships: Accuracy of secondary guns increased by 22.5% With this change and the "Improved Secondary Battery Aiming" skill (announced as "Close Quarters Expert") accuracy of German battleships' secondary guns will be improved by 50%. We continue to adjust the parameters of ships based on testing results. https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/113
  14. Ranari

    Secondary Dispersion List

    I parsed the Oklahoma this morning and was surprised by the result. Pre-Rework Oklahoma - 2572 shells fired, 685 shells landed for 26.63% accuracy Post-Rework Oklahoma - 2587 shells fired, 862 shells landed for 33.32% accuracy Post-Rework Massachusetts (for comparison) - 3706 shells fired, 1280 shells landed for 34.54% accuracy Those numbers are close enough to be within a standard variation, which strongly suggests that they're on the exact same table, so I'm going to try and re-parse the Massachusetts this afternoon to see if I get a similar result. They limit the duration of the test to 30 minutes now, whereas I used to get a full 60 minutes. That would indicate that it's the Gneisenau/Scharnhorst that are the oddballs. WG only upped the accuracy on German T7+ battleships, so the PEF unfortunately got left behind. As for casemate, center of mass variations, etc, I haven't see where any of that stuff makes any difference in accuracy. Two ships on the same dispersion table will pretty much have exactly the same accuracy percentage. Interestingly enough, too, the fire chances are all pretty much the same.
  15. Ranari

    Secondary Dispersion List

    She's on the Mass formula is looks like, but with no access to manual secondaries.