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  1. Ranari

    Bayern vs PE Friedrich?

    I did really well in the Bayern when I brought it out of mothball and played it for the second time. Imho, its strengths can be much more easily capitalized on, and since it plays like a regular dreadnought, it's not an unfamiliar playstyle. The PEF is solid, but definitely harder to play. Its strengths are definitely not the Bayern's strengths, and I've ended a few games saying to myself afterwards, "What was I thinking trying to pull that off?" I'm when that when played correctly, the PEF is great. I just haven't quite figured it out yet.
  2. Ranari


    I know exactly what you're referring to, and believe me, I thought the same thing. ;-)
  3. Ranari


    Having run them with both with and without, while it is extremely fun melting the bow of a T10 BB, or melting a French/British BB from a little more afar, I find those situations to be too rare for the value of IFHE to be consistently experienced. Mind you, both FDG and GK can damage these ships even without IFHE, so it's not like the Bismarck or Tirpitz where IFHE suddenly makes your secondaries exponentially more useful. Additionally, it doesn't come free. I don't rely on fire damage while brawling, but you definitely start a lot more fires without IFHE. Obviously, you're a very good player, and I'm not going to tell you how to play your ships. If you try running FDG/GK without IFHE though, I think you'll find the value of playing them without IFHE to be a lot stronger than originally thought. I know I was surprised myself.
  4. Ranari


    No need for IFHE any longer. You can reinvest those skills into FP or CE if you want to.
  5. Ranari

    The PEF Grind...for an average player...

    Haha 7,100 games in randoms is not "average" or "normal", either. :P
  6. Ranari


    To be fair, the only reason no one was complaining about the FDG's 105mm penetration was because no one was actually playing the FDG with any intention of keeping it around. As a ship that is intended to excel at close quarter combat though, the 1/4 pen change for the 105mm battery is the absolute best buff FDG could receive, as it allows her to actually damage targets of her own tier. You have to understand, those 105mm guns are 2/3rds of her secondary damage output. This is also a problem for the Bismarck/Tirpitz as well. Overall, I think the changes to the FDG are amazing, and she is a far more capable ship than she was before. I've been getting in a lot of 100k+ games with her since the changes. I actually created a video talking about the details behind these buffs on my YouTube channel found here. Ultimately though, if players want to excel at close quarter combat (ie, brawling), then they're going to have to change their playstyle to accommodate. You cannot play the FDG sailing back and forth in the open ocean thinking you're going to compete with an enemy Musashi or Alsace at long range. That passive, max out defensive captain skills, hope-you-get-a-citadel playstyle that works fine for specialized gunboats simply doesn't apply with her. When played correctly, the FDG is fantastic. No, this is categorically false. The only DD that can bounce the FDG's shells is the Khabarovsk. But, the Khabarovsk can also bounce Yamato/Musashi shells, too.
  7. That, my friend, is an opportunity for the Derrflinger-class battlecruisers! Why have just one when you can have both, eh?
  8. I would agree that expectations have a lot to do with why people don't like the PEF. Don't get me wrong, the ship is a little harder to make work due to her weak main battery, but she's a T6 ship. She can't have Bayern's turtleback and 15" guns, 28knot speed, best-in-tier AA, and best-in-tier secondaries all at the same time. I'm still learning the ship, but I think she's a blast, as she's the only T6 ship you can make somewhat legitimately viable as a secondary brawler. And with it, she has amazing AA. I can work with that.
  9. Ranari


    The biggest issue is her insane vertical dispersion patterns. Interestingly, the ballistics are almost identical to the 15" guns on the Richelieu/Alsace, but Wargaming seems to have implemented wider vertical dispersion patterns on purpose. When shells hit, they do fantastic damage, but they often either fall short or shoot over your target. This makes her overall gunnery feel very unreliable compared to other purist gunboats like the North Carolina, Amagi, or Richelieu. Statistically, it all works out, and Roma would seem to need no buffs. But, she could use a few quality of life improvements who help her overall "enjoyment" across the board. I wouldn't mind the following changes to the ship: Improvement of her sigma to 2.0 or 2.1. This will improve her shell consistency, but she'll still have the same overall vertical dispersion Change her reload from 30s to either 32s or 34s Reduce her DPM to compensate for her improved accuracy Increase her range to 19 or 20km Seriously, 18.12km is brutal, and I don't think would make the ship overpowered.
  10. The ship definitely works better at medium to longer range. While it is technically capable of fielding a full on secondary build, realize that the Richelieu has the lowest secondary DPM of the T8 battleships. On top of that, the 105mm batteries on the Richelieu are really weak, so they die off easily. Looking at the DPM though, you can see why: Massachusetts - 104k DPM Gascogne - 103k DPM Bismarck/Tirpitz - 97k DPM Richelieu - 61-74k DPM depending on how much broadside you show That 61-74k secondary DPM is basically T5/T6 level, as even the T5 Konig has 67k DPM. Overall, if you're going to go with a French T8 battleship that can brawl, the Gascogne is going to be a much better choice. Not only does it have way more secondary DPM, it's also laid out in a much, much more efficient manner. Gascogne also has a more accurate main battery and a faster refreshing heal, too. You're better off playing the Richelieu in a more defensive manner, and allowing her high velocity, high penetration guns do their magic.
  11. Don't forget the -12% rudder shift buff that is going in for her, too. The 2.0 sigma buff combined with the improved rudder shift will definitely make her more palatable.
  12. Ranari

    How Effective was Battlecruiser idea?

    It's all unnecessary pedantic rhetoric for what is otherwise an interesting conversation. In other words, it doesn't really matter what they're called.
  13. Ranari

    Battleship with longest secondaries range?

    Honestly this thread should be locked. It was necro'd from 2 years ago and some of ya'll are posting on it like it was said yesterday.
  14. Ranari


    Giving you a thumb's up for this, because I think you recognize the ship correctly for what it is. The ship has a lot of strengths that require players to think outside the box to get the most out of. If you're the player who enjoys that maximum main battery + full defensive captain build (ie, what LittleWhiteMouse calls the "boring" build), then the PEF isn't going to be the ship for you. If you're the type of player who enjoys utilizing various tools to your advantage (like its high speed and insane secondary battery), then the ship is going to be quite strong and engaging to play. Also, I don't think players realize how absurdly powerful its secondary battery is for a T6 ship. For comparison: T6 Warspite - 69k DPM T6 Bayern - 73k DPM full broadside, 47k with good angling T7 Scharnhorst - 97k DPM full broadside, 80k with good angling T8 Bismarck/Tirpirtz - 97k DPM (better firing angles than the Scharnhorst) T6 Prinz Eitel Friedrich - 102k DPM full broadside, 75k with good angling Even without the full benefit of MFCSA, that is an absurdly strong secondary battery for T6.
  15. Ranari

    Jean Bart why nerf!

    While definitely not ideal, she's not a complete fail in terms of secondary potential. Like the Alsace, the considerable bulk of the secondary DPM comes from the 100mm mounts (77% for the Alsace and 83% for the Jean Bart). And even with the less-than-ideal 152mm battery arrangement, the Jean Bart still has the 2nd highest secondary DPM in the game. Of course, we're talking about French mounts here. That, and we're talking about the Jean Bart. Going the secondary route kinda defeats the purpose of the ship. That was the Clemenceau. Imho, that would be a cool addition as a T7 ship.