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  1. Ranari

    Finally experienced the idiocy that is AP rockets

    So... you don't even play this game and you're still complaining about it?
  2. Ranari

    Do WG listen to Supertesters and CCs

    I agree regarding LittleWhiteMouse. She's right about the California. For the others, they need to take a step back and remember that WoWS isn't their game. I find their public behavior to be appalling and completely counterproductive to the betterment of the game.
  3. Ranari

    Finally experienced the idiocy that is AP rockets

    This is nothing but a victim mindset. You're only burying your own grave thinking that way. CV counter play is not futile, and in fact, has a lot of meaning over the course of a battle. I know this because I took the time to analyze my own play and learn from my own mistakes as to why I was being attacked in the first place. Nowadays I have zero problems countering CV's, and I find their effectiveness over the course of a battle to be no different than any other class in the game.
  4. Ranari

    Do WG listen to Supertesters and CCs

    Personally, I think some CC's say things to rile up and expand their viewer base, but they aren't actually providing any meaningful contribution or solutions to what they're griping about.
  5. Ranari

    Finally experienced the idiocy that is AP rockets

    True, but a CV can't one-shot you either like a BB can, save for detonations. Heck, a DD can one-shot you AND not be seen, so that's something. But that's neither here nor there because there are already 1,000 threads on the merits of pro and anti-CV play and opinions. I respect the opinions of those who don't like carriers, but I will say this: For a lot of players who hate CV's, it's their disdain of them that ends up being their worst enemy. Case in point, look at the OP? And I'm not personally attacking him here or anything, but it's a very common mindset with players who hate CV's. Instead of analyzing his own play and recognizing his own errors, which he can correct for the next game, he makes a post about how CV's are overpowered and keeps plugging along the same, unchanged course for the next CV to come along and capitalize on the same error. My point is, you can either play the victim, or you can learn and improve yourself and correct your own mistakes. And if a lot of players did that, they'd realize that CV's are not the terrors they're made out to be.
  6. Ranari

    BB Line Suggestion for Variety

    I'd order them like this: Japan is long range for sure having the best overall mix of accuracy, DPM, broadside, penetration, and ballistics. USA/UK/France occupy the mid range, but this is a very broad category due to ships having a variety of both good and bad artillery characteristics, but in general: USA battleships generally have heavy broadsides and DPM, but poor ballistics. USA dreadnoughts have high penetration, but poor accuracy. USA fast battleships have good accuracy, but poor penetration. The new USA dreadnoughts double up on the broadside with reduced DPM and accuracy. UK battleships are generally more penetration focused, either through just HE (lower tiers) or both HE and AP (higher tiers). French battleships are more centered around their ballistics, which is a characteristic not well appreciated as much as it should be. Some [high tier] French battleships can also be played in a full secondary configuration too. Russian battleships fit the medium/close range, but you're excluding them. Russian battleships have lower DPM, but are very efficient at applying it. German battleships occupy the close-quarter combat engagement range. I think we can all agree on that. I'd place my bets that the future Italian BB line will more confidently occupy the mid-long range with superb ballistics and penetration (AP and SAP), but relatively poor accuracy like what we see with the Roma.
  7. Ranari

    Finally experienced the idiocy that is AP rockets

    You mean what battleships can already do to cruisers, while being out of range of a cruiser's return fire?
  8. Ranari

    Well, this is pretty shady dealing.

    From what I've routinely seen, newly released ships don't allow for a coupon to be used. You have to wait about a month, and then the coupon button appears.
  9. Wait a minute, so you mean to tell me that only 67 people have bought the Champagne? Hahahahaha.
  10. Ranari

    Black Friday Ship Predictions!

    Those would be good choices for sure. Need some T9/T7 variation though. Didn't they use Lenin for something else recently? Lenin is an insanely good and underrated ship.
  11. Ranari

    Are there any good T9 tech tree ships?

    Soyuz is fantastic. Kitikaze is great. Jutland is great. Izumo is surprisingly good now since her buffs. Alsace is great. Some trees have rotten T9's, but usually the ones with rotten T9's have very good T8's. Some lines have more even keel T8/9 experiences.
  12. Ranari

    Midway play - the way it USED TO BE

    People loved the old RTS CV's because they rarely saw them in game.
  13. Ranari

    Does Anyone Like Playing the Roma Regularly?

    I play her pretty regularly. I have 78 games in her, 78k Avg Dmg, 66.6% win rate, 1860 PR. I'm far from unicum with her, but I play her very well. You'll notice quite a few of the posters here have 60%+ win rates in the Roma. That's because they understand that the Roma plays differently. You have to understand that the value of the Roma's penetration and muzzle velocity means you can hit targets at range that other battleships can't, as it's a lot harder to dodge her shells. That has value, and players who don't grasp this do poorly with her. It may not be wholloping citadel value due to her inconsistent accuracy (although that can and absolutely does still happen), but it does definitely have impact on the game. So with the Roma, you can actually play a bit of crowd control as players tend to turn around when they've been hit far away from a cap. Suddenly your team is taking a cap with battleship support, and the enemy team's battleships are sailing the other direction. Also, with the Kobyashi camo, she's the 2nd best credit earner in the game. It's expensive, but it turns her into a credit printer.
  14. Roma is one of those ships that with even slight accuracy improvements could suddenly make the ship phenomenally overpowered. When you consider the "trifecta" of what makes good battleship gunnery in this game (penetration, accuracy, and ballistics), the Roma is superb in two of those categories for her tier. When you're superb in all three, you have ships like the Slava. So you can imagine that once you start cranking the dial even slightly, things can start getting pretty wild, especially considering that the Roma has very good armor, concealment, and firing angles to go along with it. I'd imagine once the Italian BB line comes out you might see a rethinking of this model though.