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  1. WV41' is an amazing ship. Dem guns, man!
  2. Ranari

    The Core issue with CVs

    Almost a year into the CV rework and we're still complaining about CV's.
  3. Ranari

    GK guns, 406 vs 420?

    If you're a more conservative player that shoots further back, then the 420's are better due to their superior penetration. The 406's are very poor in that department, but if you're playing close you'll never notice the difference.
  4. They're more accurate than Mass, actually.
  5. T9 Proposal #1 - Tirpitz '44: Take the Tirpitz and add Hydro, beef up the AA to Bismarck levels, improve the secondary firing angles somewhat, and improve the accuracy of her main battery. The result would be a very well rounded, fast, agile, and versatile T9 brawler, but lack the raw brawniness and 27mm overmatch potential of the FDG. Personally this is what I feel the Tirpitz should be. T9 Proposal #2 - L20e-a Class Battleship - This is your post-Bayern class Imperial era battleship with late-WW2 era modernization. Functionally, she would play a lot like a T9 version of the Prinz Eitel Friedrich with highly accurate, but not-so-punchy 420mm gunnery and great firing angles. Like the PEF, she would have a powerful secondary battery (except without the T6 accuracy penalty) and reliable AA, but would lack the HP, penetration, and hydro of the FDG. Still, players would find the improved firing angles and accuracy of the guns to be quite useful. T10 Proposal #1 - H41 Class Battleship - This would be your slightly larger T10 "FDG" with more accurate 420mm gunnery (BC dispersion tables), about 96,000hp, improved AA, and her 105mm mounts traded out for faster firing 128mm mounts. Functionally she would play much like the FDG with better AA and a more lethal secondary armament, but players could also expect more accurate and reliable main battery performance. Compared to the GK though, this ship would be less slightly less tanky thanks to her fewer HP and a thinner armor belt (12" vs 15"). T10 Proposal #2 - O-42 Battlecruiser listed below in the picture, just in BB form. The best way to describe this would be to take the Siegfried (but in a BB version), add one more turret, beef up the armor, and beef up the secondary armament and AA. The resulting ship would be fast, extremely accurate, deadly, and highly versatile battlecruiser, but lack the survivability of traditional German battleships.
  6. Real quick. They're really two completely different ships. The Georgia is a better flanker, whereas the Massachusetts makes a better brawler. I find the Massachusetts to be a lot easier to play than the Georgia, so if you do well in the Georgia, you'll do amazing in the Massachusetts. The Massachusetts is a lot stronger for its tier, too. The Scharnhorst trades the Gneisenau's superior AA and secondary battery (and 1 knot of speed) for a more reliable main battery. As a result it's a lot more versatile than the Gneisenau is, while still being a very strong CQC performer.
  7. Ranari

    Izumo rework idea hehe

    That would be a very dead rear turret lol.
  8. The secondary firing angles on both the Tirpitz and Bismarck are one of the primary hindrances to their performance compared to the Massachusetts. I made a video [here] about the Bismarck's rear 105mm batteries not wanting to fire over top of the 150mm mount below it. It was seen by a developer apparently, but nothing has come to it yet. The Tirpitz doesn't seem to have this problem (which I think I incorrectly stated in the video that it did), but its rear 150mm mount doesn't seem to want to fire at anything unless its broadside. That's a shame 'cause those 150mm mounts do about ~1300-1400dpm each on a target like the Amagi. The Massachusetts has ridiculously good firing angles on her secondaries so more of them are firing more of the time. This adds up significantly over the course of the battle. The FdG and Kurfurst have vastly better firing angles than the Bismarck/Tirpitz. As far as parsing is concerned, the Bismarck/Tirpitz clock in at about 7200dpm on a slew of Amagis. The Massachusetts clocks in at about 9700dpm, and paired with vastly superior firing angles, their contribution becomes very apparent over the course of a battle. Add in IFHE on the Bismarck/Tirpitz though and those secondaries will do ~14,800dpm, which is very significant on a 32mm rich targets like the Amagi. Against a Vladivostok though the benefit of IFHE drops to virtually unless you're pounding away at the nose. This inconsistency in benefit given how expensive a skill it is, is one of the reasons why I do not recommend IFHE on most secondary builds. If you want to blast the developers ear to improve the secondary firing angles on these two ships, please do!
  9. Ranari

    Rank already giving me grey hair

    Try having a kid lolololololol
  10. Ranari

    JB or the tire 9 French BB

    Alsace is a more conventional battleship with a lot of flexibility in her playstyle, and you can play her in a full defensive or full secondary build if you want. Even after her nerf, she's a phenomenal battleship. Jean Bart is a Richelieu on steroids. Compared to Richelieu, she's more accurate, has monstrous AA, and reload booster. Because she's a T9 Premium, she's also an insane credit earner. Both are great ships.
  11. Ranari

    Is manual fire worth it?

    Without MFCSA, secondaries are nothing but fireworks displays that serve only to alert players of an enemy ship's nearby presence. They might land a few shots, but the overall damage contribution is negligible. With it, along with SBM1 and the secondary flag, secondaries can act as a significant source of additional damage. In my secondary tests using Amagi as the target, a Bismarck clocks in at ~7200 penetration DPM without IFHE, and ~14,800 penetration DPM with it (IFHE performance is very target dependent). The fires they start can add up to an additional ~8-12k DPM depending on the class of target you're shooting at, availability of DCP, and the enemy player's defensive skills.
  12. Ranari

    What is the easiest Battleship line to grind

    To answer your question specifically, the British line is all about micro-decision level play. Unlike other battleship lines, the British have both usable HE and AP performance. They also generally have the best concealment, so they're able to stay hidden and wait for the right time to shoot. Their AA is middle of the pack. The KEY to maximizing British battleship play is learning to use both HE and AP appropriately. Unfortunately a lot of players use HE exclusively and miss out on the opportunities where even British AP would be far, far more destructive. The Japanese line is all about heavy, powerful, punchy, accurate long ranged AP performance, and are purpose built to be the best long range gunnery performers in the game. That said, they are generally more vulnerable when up close close and personal, and their AA is pretty rotten awful. The KEY to maximizing Japanese battleship play is learning to manage range appropriately. You can really fool yourself into thinking you're helping your team by shooting at targets at the extreme ranges Japanese battleships are capable of, but in actuality you're not.
  13. Ranari

    Vive l'Alsace

    I have both, and I prefer the Alsace for sure. The Republique is good, but the Alsace is just more fun to play. My highest damage game ever is in my Republique though (264k). It was my very first game in the ship, and while I'm pretty lethal with it, I can't seem to win any games at all. I win a lot more games with the Alsace.
  14. Ranari

    Hardware question

    Yes, it will. WoWS is a very light game to run.
  15. I know this is an old post, but there's not a lot going on here in the Russian BB forums, so I figured I'd chime in. The look is what I personally call the "Vickers look". The British Vickers company built the first Kongo, but the HMS Tiger, Derfflinger battlecruisers, Mackensen battlecruisers, Ersatz York battlecruisers, and L20e-a class battleships all share this same "look". It's almost like other nations saw the Kongo and said, "That looks good, let's copy that!" Had Russia actually been serious about building capital ships during this time, it's entirely plausible that they would have built something that looked just like the in-game Pyotr Velikiy. I think it's the best ship in the Russian line imho.