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  1. Ranari

    Republique?? What happened?

    I have no problem with the accuracy, and I've always averaged pretty decent damage, but I've always struggled to get wins in the Republique. The same is true for the Gascogne. Great damage games, but can't win for the life of me. Clearly I'm playing it wrong.
  2. You guys should give back the Kremlins AA health and just reduce the damage output. It's ssssooooo easy to wipe out it's AA.
  3. Ranari

    ST, changes to test ships.

    It'll be a bit of a Diet Slava, yes. The Soyuz has excellent gunnery, albeit with a tinge of Roma syndrome, but with improved accuracy she would be very strong.
  4. Ranari

    CV Hate

    No cookies, but I got beer. Want one? :)
  5. Ranari

    CV Hate

    I've been playing a lot of destroyers lately and I haven't had a single issue dealing with CV's. Even ones that have poor AA, like the Aigle and the Lightning. CV's just aren't that hard to deal with.
  6. Ranari

    Kaga HE Bombs

    Your beer glass was empty and reducing your fire chance as a result. Good thing there's an easy solution! That said, Kaga dive bombers are pretty good. Clearly you are a very good player, but learning to incorporate effective use of dive bombers will take that to the next level.
  7. Ranari

    CV Hate

    The bolded part is the issue you're running into. You don't want to improve. In all actuality, CV's are extremely easy to counter and minimize, but because you don't want to improve, you don't want to learn how to do that. Instead of learning, you'd rather just complain that CV's are overpowered and broken. Has nothing to do whether you're a unicum player or not. Heck, I'm not a unicum player. I'm pretty far one one, actually.
  8. Graf Zepplin isn't the best example of AP dive bombers. The Ryujo, Shokaku, Hakuryu, and Enterprise have much better implementations of what AP bombers can do. That said: HE bombs offer greater flexibility and higher damage potential compared to AP, but work a little more against a ship's effective health rather than their actual health due to more of the damage being able to be healed back. AP bombs and the potential to citadel is far more permanent damage compared to what HE can do. The damage may appear lower, but a citadel is a reduction of a ship's actual health and not its effective health. HE bombs break AA and smaller caliber mounts, or your entire boat if you're a DD lol. AP bombs break engines, large turrets, and steering gears. If you're in a battleship and get AP dive bombed, you can lose your engines pretty easily.
  9. Ranari

    CV Hate

    You may have 18,000+ games, but it's pretty clear based on your stats that we aren't growing or learning from any of that. I don't say that to attack or to stat shame, but if we can't be honest with ourselves in an effort to improve, then we'll ultimately dig ourselves into a hole and waddle in our own misery. I know I'm not being the nice guy on the playground right now, but do you want to grow or do you want to complain? I say that not only because I hold myself to the same level of accountability, but I also have zero issues with CV's and find them incredibly easy to counter.
  10. Soyuz is fantastic. Biggest problem with the Kremlin, I find, is that T7-T10 are practically all the same ship. I loved the Soyuz, but I got to the Kremlin and I was bored.
  11. Ranari

    World of Warships Ship Opinions: New Mexico

    I'm currently playing her as I just reset the American line for research bureau, and I find her performance to be very good. Of the three T6 American dreadnoughts (NM, AZ, and WV41'): New Mexico has the best heal and is the most agile Arizona is the beefiest and most accurate West Virginia has the best penetration and superior overmatch potential
  12. Ranari

    Why Carriers don't fit into WoWs

    A year after the CV rework and we're still complaining about the same crap.
  13. Work. In. Progress.
  14. Ranari

    Sovetsky Soyuz, first impressions

    I performed really well with this ship, buuuut I'm not going to say it's an easy ship to play. The key to understanding the Soyuz is that it has a bit of a Roma syndrome; exaggerated vertical dispersion. The Izumo also has this as well, as this is kind of a "feature" of battleships that have very high muzzle velocity. That said, if you expect this ship to be inconsistent, then you'll actually start performing a lot better in it 'cause you won't get so angry when it outright misses that huge juicy broadside at 4km. Yep, that happened to me, lol. So pick your targets well. Plan accordingly. Use that massive armor to outlast your opponent. Russian battleships don't have very high DPM, but they can be pretty efficient at delivering it.
  15. So, I just played this ship for a second time for research bureau reasons. The ship is very strong as a full secondary ship, has phenomenally powerful AA, but is very hard to play as it's difficult to operate in a "standard battleship playstyle". The ship is a friggin' monster in a full survival, screw-your-secondaries build. I found the ship to be quite accurate and and brutally punishing to the enemy team. Easily the highest performing T9 tech tree battleship for me in a full survival build (I'd guess >110k average damage and >70% win rate). The guns are consistently accurate and I was able to capitalize on that. The penetration sucks, but you have a lot of opportunity to punish broadsides with your fast reload.