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  1. Giantsgiants

    I visited the Missouri

    When you get up close, it really looks big and imposing. Plus, the ship's corridors are like a maze. My mom felt like she was going to get lost in there.
  2. Giantsgiants

    When will submarines come to World of Warships?

    Well, yes, but that was only a temporary event. I'm talking about when submarines will be here permanently.
  3. If this thread was made 3-4 years ago, it probably would have been spammed with the No Subs video. But over the months and years, we've had all kinds of hints, teases, and whatnot suggesting that subs may come to WOWS. Do you think submarines will be coming to WOWS? And if so, when do you think it will happen?
  4. I know this video is a couple years old but I recently stumbled upon a thread from 2018 where the OP was ranting about someone calling him out for chasing a CV in ranked and it made me think of the video. If the thread wasn't old, I would have replied with this.
  5. Succeeding in World of Warships is more than just shooting, doing damage, and getting kills. There are many intangibles that are crucial in order to git gud. Stuff such as situational awareness, optimal positioning, helping your teammates, influencing battles... Win rate really ties together how good you are at these intangibles.
  6. Giantsgiants

    How to Control your Win Rate

    I made it to the Kiev and thus am starting to see Tier 10 matches. And yes, it is a whole different game. Players are significantly smarter than in lower tier matches, so you will have to earn your damage. Also, high tiers is where you see a lot of unicums from WOWS Stats and Numbers. I see it like this: At low-mid tiers, you learn to outplay ships. At high tiers, you learn to outplay players. Can you stand up against a 2000+ PR player who can turn even the worst ships into destructive carry-hard machines?
  7. So yes, I saw that Alexander Ovechkin is coming to World of Warships as a commander. But my favorite team is the Sharks. In real life, I don't care about him. Is it still worth going for him in WOWS, at least just for an extra high point commander? Side note: My username comes from the San Francisco Giants, not the New York Giants.
  8. Giantsgiants

    How to Tier VIII Kiev?

    I just got the Kiev as well. You sit at max range and go pew pew. Like others have said, you don't want to be trying to cap, at least not in the earliest stages. You will lose because of the things said above: horrible concealment, sluggish rudder, and large size. But admittedly it's so tempting when teammates are egging you on to go into the cap. A bit of a topic hijack, but I struggle the most in low DD matches. The Kiev really can't do DD things and doesn't have a stealthier destroyer to lead the way, so it always feels like my team is down a DD when I play it. Anyone have any tips for the early game in these types of matches?
  9. Giantsgiants

    Solo Warrior Achievement

    Only one, and I wasn't expecting it. The battle came down to me in the Minsk and a friendly BB against four enemy BB's. The friendly BB rammed one of the enemy BB's and both of them died at the same time, leaving it 1 vs 3. I ran and hid and we won on points. I think the game registered the friendly BB's death first leaving it 1 vs 4 for a split second?
  10. Giantsgiants

    What song is this?

    Stumbled upon this video on Youtube one day, and I instantly fell in love with the music. It's so catchy and feels so perfect to listen to when driving Russian DD's, which is the line I'm currently focused on. Anyone know what song this is?
  11. Giantsgiants

    Fail Divisions

    I know this thread is nearly a year old, but here are my thoughts. Fail divisioning is actually one of the worst ways to sabotage your team. In the past, I thought that YOLOing at the start or trying to teamkill in an appropriately tiered ship was worse but it isn't (but those actions are still very bad). Bringing a severely undertiered ship into the match is like bringing a Prius into an F1 race. Even if the Prius driver is Mario Andretti, he would still be severely handicapping his team and being a major drag and most likely a major race hazard. Applying the analogy to World of Warships, if you have, say, a Myogi on your team in a tier 7 match, that Myogi is just going to be a boat anchor (no pun intended) and just drag your team down the entire duration of the match. It won't matter if LWM, Pope_Shizzle, Notser, Eurobeat, or some other well-known unicum is driving it. Furthermore, fail divisions can take up two slots on your team rather than one. That's a pretty significant difference. A YOLOer or a teamkilling troll is just one ship. It is significantly easier to pick up the slack of one ship instead of two.
  12. Giantsgiants

    How to Control your Win Rate

    Stumbled upon this while browsing the World of Tanks forum. Now I know that ships don't behave in the same way as tanks, but a ton of stuff mentioned can still apply to here, especially the material on the mental game (awareness, analysis, decision making, etc). I think this is good additional reading if you want more material. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/337049-sask-outriders-guides-and-thoughts/
  13. Giantsgiants

    How to Control your Win Rate

    I think you should add something like "Don't play on weekends." to your list of colored quotes in the OP.