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  1. Murcc

    My shortest battle

    Detonations are rough. All you have to do is get hit and there is a chance of blowing up. If you leave the game too soon after dying, the game sometimes registers you as having left before the game was over and gives you a pink status as a parting gift for dying.
  2. Its actually quite hard to torp someone in a Kamikaze. If they change speed and direction at all, the torps often miss. The reload for kami is 47 sec. If you have TAE, that is reduced to 42 sec. Each torp load only consists of 2 torps, which isn't that hard to dodge. Kamikaze can get close at 5.6km without detection using concealment expert, but they run the risk of death that close if they are spotted. The torps only go 7km, so the margin of concealment when torping is only 1.4km, and that only applies if the ships are running parallel, or if the enemy is approaching the Kami. A ship that is moving away will often outrun the torps because you only have to move past 1.4km. The biggest threat to any player against a Kamikaze, is if the player moves consistently in a straight line. Cruisers get blapped if they get seen up close by BBs. Destroyers get blapped by everyone if they get seen. They both need concealment. Cruisers cannot fire any ordinance at a BB without being seen. If they are, then they are doing it from behind an island while someone else is spotting for them. Open water concealment changes won't help with that. If a ship fires a gun in open water, they will be seen for 20 seconds at their max gun range. If a ship doesn't fire their guns, they can be invisible and still be quite close. This can be used for escape, but not engagement, because they will become visible as soon as they fire. Smoke is an escape mechanism for DDs. Some use it for engagement, but they need someone else to spot in order to do that. Most DDs get fired on by every ship in the game once they become visible, and they don't have much health to begin with.
  3. Murcc

    Three Games in a row. 3 Detonations....

    WG has indicated a 1.5% chance of detonation which means the game average for detonating is once every 67 games. By running the 10 flags, you get 10 free games without detonating. That just changes the chances from 1/66 to 1/77. So, the chances of detonating goes down from 1.5% to 1.3%. It's not a big help. Most just save the flags and use them in high stakes games such as ranked or clan battles. I typically only use them in DDs outside those previously mentioned game types. It is a game mechanic that totally depends on a RNG roll when a shell explodes close to a magazine. There is enough random stuff going on in this game. We don't need this one. At least you don't lose a ship on the first shot anymore. It is much better than before. The players that like the mechanic are players that don't often take as many hits to the magazine area of their ships. So, it doesn't affect them so much.
  4. Murcc

    savage service cost broken?

    I usually make just under 280K in gross credits for a 3 star ship in a Savage battle. That leaves about 60K net gain. I do have premium time, but the non-premium credit values seems to be above 0 too.
  5. I suppose that can happen. In those cases, you can top off with a victory in a co-op game to guarantee a victory and a shorter game.
  6. I got the same survey. I guess they want to know how many of us are vampires or maybe vampire hunters, since they did ask if we prefered "stakes".
  7. Murcc


    I had great success with my Leander and Fiji. They are really good ships, but need to be played properly. They are soft, but can deliver a lot of punch. Smoke is their key to success.
  8. The first 2 stages don't require a win. The next 4 do. A 50% win rate(average) player will need 10 games to complete the stages. It isn't a big requirement really. There will be days when RNG is against you and your win rate is less than 50%, and it will be frustrating, but the stages will mostly be doable in a minimal number of games.
  9. There was glitch a while back where the torp trails would pass through an island. I'm not sure the actual torps went through the island, but it was a surprise when you saw them coming. I had seen it in the past in a game once, but it was a while ago. It wasn't very prevalent, but was verified by a couple of players in the game. There are a couple of videos that show it happening. It wasn't a hack though.
  10. WG already has the cash for your doubloons. Now they want the remaining free cash in your bank account. LOL. I think most sale item purchases for doubloons are based around game accessories instead of actual ships. But, from time to time, some ships come on doubloon sale too.
  11. An experienced player can easily hit tier 4, but a new player will take quite a few more games to do it without flags or knowledge of the game mechanics. Even so, tier 4 is close if you do well at all. Then you play with the big fish, but without the big tools to handle it.
  12. Murcc

    Summer Sale: Daily Deep Discounts

    I don't want to pay money when I have a stash of doubloons that I want to spend. The whole reason we have doubloons is for buying things, especially when a sale comes on.
  13. Four T10s and that is gone. I can't get credits fast enough to buy what I can earn with XP. I'm always in a credit deficit. I do love that I have a Missouri. It does help to speed up the rate of making credits to earn enough to make any purchases when needed.
  14. Murcc

    WNN 53: Diapering!

    Great post.....LOL.
  15. I think there is a number of games that gets you out of the protected category as well, not just the tier.