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  1. Murcc

    Can you exit after dying?

    It's co-op. Your win rate should be near 100%. Plus, your win rate is a percentage of your total battles, so a draw adds to the total battles but doesn't add to the win rate, so it would actually reduce your win rate percentage the same as a loss. The only stat it won't affect, is the loss rate.
  2. Murcc

    Can you exit after dying?

    Problem with a draw is that it only looks good on stats. It pays XP like a loss.
  3. Murcc


    Sometimes you just get bad teams and you can't help pull out a win no matter what, especially in some ships. I've personally seen myself with a 20 game loss streak. It happens. I don't keep playing when I get more than a 3 bad teams in a row now. It's not worth the frustration. I now just laugh at it and say, "It's just WG telling me not to play right now".
  4. Murcc

    This ain't Tony Hawk

    I like when ships are riding the border. You know they aren't kiting away. Their trajectory is only along one line, and its slow. Fire one gun to judge speed and then pummel them.
  5. Its first in, first out. The first one gets opened automatically when the last one exceeds the 100 container holding value.
  6. Main battery guns get destroyed in the game all the time. Most of the time, they just get damaged, but if enough damage is accumulated, they get destroyed. AA, torp tubes, and secondaries have lower health pools, so they get destroyed much easier than main battery guns.
  7. Murcc

    Every. Freaking. Game.

    I've seen a few like this tonight. You can tell what is going to happen as soon as the ships start to engage each other. One team has ships that aren't afraid to engage and the other has ships that are more worried about getting shot at. The engaging ships make sure their guns are always shooting at good targets. The "afraid" ships are always trying to get away so their guns are never aimed in the right place. Often those same ships will shoot right past or over a critical target to farm damage on large targets when possible. Shoot at critical near death ships or an 8km DD that could torp them? Nope, gotta shoot at the bow in BB at 18km. Game ends in a ROFL stomp, and those same ships that lasted until the end finish the game with 400XP. I think most players could hide until the end and then fire a couple of rounds at the enemy and still end up with that much XP. It is frustrating when you see the game unfolding in an unfavorable manor or coming apart from a sure win. It seems to go in bunches. If you happen to get on a winning streak, ride it hard. If you get on a losing one, jump off. Its not worth the frustration.
  8. Murcc

    LOL SC!

    I just got 1000 dubs in mine this month. Best one I got yet. I'll take it. Conspiracy theory...hrmmm...I used to get lots of premium time when I had a couple of years worth of it. I haven't gotten as much since I let mine lapse when I took an extended leave a while back.
  9. Murcc

    WG Compliments regarding CV

    Every ship requires some degree of ability to make it perform well, including CVs. However, CVs provide players with a disconnect that other ships don't provide. Every other ship requires them to be within firing range of other ships, even DDs that have stealth. Yes, even DDs can get shot if they are spotted because they are often in range of several ships. CVs, not so much. They can hang out at the back of the map, well out of range of any ship. The biggest disconnect, is due to that fact that players can fly around attacking other players without the opposing player being able to fight back. Yes, they can dodge, but they can't fight back. Even a player that does not perform well in a CV can fly around and at least do some damage to the opposing team. If they were to play at the same level in any other ship, it would be a quick exit to port. I personally don't play CVs much and don't play them well. But, even I can make the game miserable for opposing players when I play a CV. It may not be because I do big damage numbers, but I can prevent them from hiding and drop on them if they get to a safe place. So, I may not do well, but its easy.
  10. Murcc

    I have to grind Pruisen? Really?

    I think any line that has been previously researched still counts as a researched branch towards the 5 required. However, if the new replacement T10 at the top of the line does not exist or was never researched, then the line cannot be reset until that T10 is researched. That is the only downside that I see to this replacement issue players are having. You still get to keep the T10 you researched in this case, so nothing lost. You don't have to regrind unless you want the new ship. You still get to keep the one you did grind for, and you got a nice free permanent camo for it, and the ability to switch other captains into it for free, which you couldn't do before. The GK was replaced by the Preussen in the tech tree as was indicated in the published info. It was never mentioned that it was going to be replaced in player ports. You still get to keep the one you did the grind for, and you got half the price back if you had purchased it. If you hadn't purchased it, then you didn't get anything back. You don't even have to retrain the captain. They still work on the ship (GK) you originally put them on. Except now, you can put any other captain on there too, without retraining. If you choose to put that captain on a different tech tree ship, they would need to be retrained for that ship, but that is no different than for any other captain or ship. In that case, that captain would still work on the GK, while being retrained, for no additional cost. The GK - Preussen issue would be no different than if you bought a car from a company and then next year they replaced that car in their lineup with a new one that was a bit different. You would still have the car you bought and would have the option the buy the new one anytime, but you wouldn't be entitled to be given the new one that replaced it, nor would you be entitled to any of the money back that you spent for it or on it. In this case, WG actually gave some additional stuff back to sweeten the deal for players that had previously purchased the GK.
  11. Murcc

    Negative Credits?

    Every ship in port is ready to go into battle unless your resupply cost after a battle is higher than the total of earned credits plus credits in your account. In that case, only that ship is not ready to play until enough credits are earned to resupply it. If you continue to play and go into deficit, it is theoretically possible to have every ship in port unable to go, except T1. T1 have no resupply costs. Most lower tier ships earn enough in game just by sailing forward to cover the resupply costs. Its only the high tier ships that usually run a deficit for bad games. In a worst case where you have no ships ready to go, you can always purchase a T1 for no cost and play it. If you also don't have any port slots, you will have to sell a ship to do that. Often, there are flags and other inventory items that can be sold for credits to resupply a ship if needed in an emergency.
  12. Murcc

    G Furst and Khabarovsk

    Not really. Think of it as if the GK remained as a tech tree ship with your captain, but they put the new T10 Preussen in another line for free. Your captain would still be on the GK, and you would need to train a completely new captain from scratch for the Preussen, or you would need to retrain the captain for the Preussen and train a new captain from scratch for the GK. But, luckily the GK has become a special ship with the captain still trained for it. You only need to retrain the captain for the new Preussen. All the skills remain active for the GK while training for the Preussen and you can then switch the same captain back and forth without any further retraining after it is complete. You won't need to train a captain from scratch for either ship. That's a bonus, because it is much less cost to retrain than to train from scratch.
  13. Murcc

    Ranked Stupidity

    You playing blackjack is bit different. In Blackjack, people complain when you take a good card that they would have gotten if you had played correctly according to the best probabilities. You don't hear them complain when you take a bad card that they would have gotten. In any case, the probability of a good card for them doesn't change for the most part. Its all perception at that point. So, go play Blackjack and enjoy the game. Even if you play close to accurately, the amount of loss per hour of play on a full table isn't that bad for the social aspect of the game, as long as you don't do crazy bets. In WOWs, other players just want players to actually try. They aren't always going to be great or even good. But as long as players try, most is forgiven. Deliberately putting a ship on autopilot and walking away is a way some players earn free stuff without actually putting in time. Sometimes they win, which earns them the ranked rewards, while in others they earn FXP and credits, all while not causing harm to their precious random battle win rate or PR score. Its just another way of farming resources to the detriment of others.
  14. Murcc

    G Furst and Khabarovsk

    No, he will still only be trained for the GK, same as always. That won't change when the GK becomes a special ship. You will have to pay to retrain or play a lot of games without skills active to train for free for a different tech tree ship. The good thing is that the skills will still be active when used on the GK or any other premium ship even if you choose the free route. It would be great if the captain became generic to the country in cases like this.
  15. Murcc

    Ranked Stupidity

    So, as long as I tell my team I am headed for the enemy full speed ahead, I'm good to go. The rest of the team needs to support me, and if they don't its their fault we lose, not mine for throwing my ship away? That's seems a bit of a "the world should be centered around me" type of attitude. Players need to at least attempt to work together. Not everyone is going to be on the same page, but blatantly expecting that a given person is always right and everyone needs to follow or lose is not the correct way either.