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  1. Murcc

    Santa Crates coming back this year

    Gremyaschy is one I didn't get, but I did get the Nikolai which I am happy with. And, I used doubloons obtained in the crates to purchase my Belfast, so I have most of the OP ships due to santa crates. Steel would be nice in santa crates. Maybe that will be the hook this year for those wanting steel ships, but don't play ranked or clan battles. FXP wouldn't be devalued if the flags and camos were obtained in crates, because they would be paid for. That is the bottom line for WG. If they can get people to drop cash, then it doesn't matter. Its only the people getting FXP without dropping cash that is causing the issue.
  2. Murcc

    Santa Crates coming back this year

    Any ship is a good ship. It just seemed like there were not as many ships dropping in general for the majority of the purchasers. The crates that did not contain ships had items that weren't of much value to most of the players, especially when compared to previous years. In previous years, there were lots of premium time, doubloons, and big lots of camo. Last year it was smaller amounts of camo, hardly any doubloons, and not much premium time, and the number of crates purchased per ship drop was considerably higher on average.
  3. Murcc

    Broke my citadel record yay.

    If I want to farm citadels for a mission, I take out my Yamato, because it doesn't matter what angle a ship sits at. You can almost guarantee a few cits. Now, from time to time, if I get in the right situation, I have big games in a cruiser too. I took out my Molotov a couple of weeks ago and remembered why I liked it so much. I caught a couple of cruisers broadside, and racked up 11 cits in just a few salvos.
  4. Murcc

    Santa Crates coming back this year

    I purchased lots the first year, but only a few last year when I realized the rewards were subpar. My purchases are way down since then, actually. I am not seeing the value anymore. Unless there is a big uptick in crate drop items this year for santa crates compared to last year, my money is staying with me. A good drop rate for santa crates causes players that normally don't spend much, to actually spend money. It worked for me and I suspect it works for others too.
  5. I don't mind losing games, but I don't like it when I see a green ball of 5 or 6 ships or more hiding behind an island or humping the back line of the map. That is where the waste of time comes into play. If I am grinding a ship, and even if I am aggressively trying to win, and last till the middle of the game with minimal support, I still have to wait most of the game time for the game to end because the friendly ships are in hide mode and don't die. They usually last til the end or near the end and finish near the bottom in XP earnings, contributing very little to the game. But, I can't get my ship back to go again because they put off the inevitable by choosing not to play. If those same players just stayed in range and helped, we might actually win, and the game would be over quicker one way or another, and everyone would get better rewards.
  6. Murcc

    ESCAPE button!

    That would be nice. I'd just like the team radar ships to be equal for a start. It's been better lately than a while in the past, but you still occasionally get one team with 3 radar ships and the other with none, and that is without a division of radar, in case anyone is wondering.
  7. Murcc

    Gutless heavies

    I've been playing a few games tonight, all in a T8 DD, and it's been horrible. I've been in mostly T10 games. One was a T8. I'm losing, but still grinding along. I can't be worrying about win rate or I'd never play the game to be able to grind out my ships. All my teams are just evaporating, and its no wonder when you see 8 friendly ships cuddling in 2 squares on the minimap. An example of one game was when I spotted a friendly DD, that was maybe 8km from the green blob of ships, and no one fired at it, but I got focused from several of the enemy. I managed to escape by ducking behind an island until my gun bloom died down, and the enemy radar stopped. Then out I go and spot again. 5 minutes later, I get the message "you are the last hope". How do that many ships die that fast without at least damaging some of the enemy? In another, our DDs and cruisers were cap contesting, and 3 of our BBs ran backwards to the I Line. We lasted for a while holding off the majority of the enemy push, but eventually I got overrun and killed as I tried to escape. When I checked out our friendly BBs, the closest ship for them to shoot at was 22km away. Out of 5 BBs on our team, 4 of them finished in the bottom 5 in scoring. I'm not saying its always the BBs that are the problem. I've seen a conga line of DDs and cruisers head to their death too. Its just that poor players seem to gravitate more towards those big ships because they are easier to handle for inexperienced players, and are more forgiving when taking enemy fire. It isn't the wallet warriors either. Its just players that don't have a clue how to play. I see BBs shooting broadside BBs and Cruisers with HE and tickling them, when AP probably would have devstruck them them. In a game last night, I saw a full health BB ram a near dead BB because "It was cool".
  8. Murcc

    ESCAPE button!

    If they were to implement an escape, perhaps it could be administered to only give 1 per day. That way, a player could choose to escape for whatever reason, but it could be restricted so that it wasn't abused too much. That being said, I really don't think players need to make quick judgements on other players before a game starts. I do however, think that there needs to be a short 5 or 10 sec window after the battle button is hit before a ship gets selected for a game. That could help with hitting the battle button and forgetting to apply flags or camo.
  9. Murcc

    Alaska free xp cost

    I can see a T10 ship going for 1.1M FXP based on current pricing. If they increase the prices a bit, then that number could inflate to 1.25M FXP. A new T9 could have an inflated price of 850FXP. Or, perhaps they really want to suck the FXP out of everyone and put an enormous price up. The hording of FXP is a result of the FXP ships being available. As an example, I used to use FXP to upgrade my ships from their base configuration. Now, I just grind through and save my FXP for the latest ships. I have the MO and Mushashi. I haven't spent any more FXP because I am not sure what is coming out next and want to keep my options open. I have almost 1.1M FXP saved up just in case.
  10. Murcc

    Captain builds

    If this captain is to be used for both ships, you need to determine how you are going to play them so that there are overlapping complimentary skills. I always use PT over PM. PM just doesn't give enough of a bonus to make it worth while over the info you get from PT. LS is just something you need for any fragile boat, which is a must on a DD, and is still very useful on the Atlanta as well because you need to be able to move. I can get behind BFT for both ships due to gun size. The next 4 pt upgrade for any DD should be CE, which would also work for Atlanta, however I could also see putting on IFHE on first as well because it would give much better damage output for both ship's guns, and is especially useful on the Atlanta. So: PT, LS, BFT, IFHE = 10pts Add CE = 14pts The next could be adrenaline rush for 2 pts, or DE for 3 pts. Get both when you have a full 19pt commander. I use DE for the Atlanta, plus it works for the Sims because of its high rate of fire. The Atlanta has 14 available guns, each with a base fire chance of 5%. That gives you a 51.2% chance of setting a fire if all shots hit the target. Adding DE gives you a 63.8% chance of setting a fire. Adding IFHE reduces the fire chance per shell by 1%, so the base fire chance goes to 43.5% but increases back to 58.0% with DE. So, you see how the Atlanta benefits from DE, especially given its small shell size against big targets. Even the Sims maintains a 22% chance of starting a fire with 4 guns using IFHE and DE.
  11. Murcc

    Daring Heal Is Useless

    There are several games in a DD where I would have loved to have a heal to get back some health. Having 100 health left, and it has happened enough times, limits your ability in the game. Even getting 2k to 4k back makes all the difference in the world in how you can move around the map and spot without getting instantly deleted when accidentally getting detected.
  12. That's how I got mine too, 3 different stages. They are nice camos, but don't offer as big of an XP bonus for grinding. They would be great for general purpose camos though, because they do give a small boost to everything.
  13. You can use it to a certain extent now. You can convert elite XP to free XP and then use freeXP to retrain captains. It does cost doubloons though for the conversion. Plus, you earn captain xp everytime you use that captain anyway.
  14. Murcc

    Proposed Yeuyang nerf is OUTRAGEOUS

    We are taking the average results of all players. Here is something we aren't considering. DDs are much more difficult to "master" than BBs. A good BB player can do an amazing amount of damage, but an average BB player can still do good damage and feel good about his game. An average DD player will only do a small amount of damage, but may influence the game through spotting. A good DD player can both spot and deal a lot of damage. The disparity between good and bad players in a DD is greater than the same in a BB. So, to accurately remove those outliers, remove the top 5% and bottom 5% players from the stats. Then look at how the average player performs in those ships. That would help to better balance the ships against themselves and other types.
  15. Murcc

    Proposed Yeuyang nerf is OUTRAGEOUS

    All good points. In one on one battle, a DD will probably be able to compete with a BB, mostly because it can stay hidden while dealing damage. When you add other ships into the equation, you will never have a DD consistently dealing damage exceeding what a BB does, just because other ships such as cruisers and DDs prevent it. But if you look at the % damage done, DDs exceed their base health by more than double, approaching 3x. Cruisers do double damage, and BBs do slightly less than their base health, which is significant because they often have heal which can add up to 50% of their base health or more over the duration of the game. Using the base health as a damage value, DDs do deal an amazing amount of damage and could be considered the paper to the rock. I don't think we will ever see DDs dealing damage equal to that of BBs. DDs have a more difficult performance floor that must be reached to be successful, but also a higher ceiling for performance once players become proficient. Therefore, average players will not be able to make a DD perform to those higher levels easily. Good players can reach those high levels of play and can make DDs big performers. BBs will mostly be able to do pretty good damage by average players, which is why the overall average damage is pretty good compared to other ship types.