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  1. This seems to be true. WG needs to draw in new players for the game to survive. Their present tactics seem to be pushing older players away faster than new ones are arriving. Me too. I like a few tech tree ships and a few premiums. It's not worth playing them now. There should be a full complement of experienced players at all tiers. However, this isn't the case. WG limits new players from getting preyed upon by experienced players, which is good, but experienced players should still have the ability to play the low tier ships they like, including purchased premiums. The lack of support at those lower tiers keeps players out of them. The lack of missions available has something to do with this. If WG moved the mission requirements down to T2 or T3, it would populate those tiers much better. It's not like players could earn more at a quicker rate. The ships are slower, shoot less shots per minute with less guns, do less damage per shot, and earn less XP and credits. So, what's the problem WG?
  2. Murcc

    Kleber: Haha fires go brrrrrt

    ^^^^This I was going to state the same thing. His percentage of damage was probably higher than yours, even if he did less damage. Maybe he even did more damage than you before he died. Who knows.
  3. Murcc

    one thing i find strange

    The damage fine value for friendly ramming is so low it is inconsequential. It is mostly there to let you know you are actually ramming and to stop it.
  4. Murcc

    How? Just how is it possible?

    I've gotten over 20 losses in a row before, all while being near or at the top of the leaderboard. It is hair pulling. Sometimes it just doesn't matter how good you play, the WG team selection is just against you. I rarely respond to things like this, so I would have been considered a bot. I have some ships like that. I couldn't buy a win in them on some days. Some are really good ships, but I don't have a good win rate in them. I keep thinking about going back and playing them to bring the win percentage up to 50%, just as a challenge.
  5. Murcc

    Happy Thoughts

    Are you having an argument or are you presenting an argument? They are two different things. The first is a heated discussion about opposing views. The second is a presenting of thoughts in an attempt to persuade others. Most people go into an argument with one thought in mind, to persuade the others that their thought is the only correct one. The proper way to go into an argument is to present your thoughts in an attempt to persuade others, but to be open to their thoughts as a counter argument. If both parties have open minds, then a lot can be accomplished. I have had many good discussions with others where we both had opposing points of views. I have influenced others to think more towards my way, and I have had others provide compelling arguments that caused me to change my view. It is quite enlightening to admit there are better ideas out there. It allows others to see you as a reasonable and professional person that has objective points of views that aren't set in stone no matter what evidence is presented. As a summary, some argue to win while others argue to teach and learn.
  6. Murcc

    100,000 Free XP - how long

    With the right flags, you would be surprised how much FXP you would earn. You could easily boost a 1200 base XP game using flags with premium (50%) and a first win bonus of 100% for 150% plus flags and camo of (Equal Speed Charlie London (50%), Red Dragon (100%), Hydra (50%), Basilisk (75%), Scylla (50%), Leviathan (50%) and camo (various at 100%), which would earn you 435 FXP. Then apply a 300% FXP Papa Papa, and a 777% FXP Ouroboros for 1077% and you are almost 5k FXP. If you put on some better camos and have a moderately better game, you could increase your earnings by 20 or 30% quite easily. Winning is key because of the 50% boost to base XP. Even if you don't get a win every game, you can still get pretty good earnings with the flags. It doesn't take a unicum player to have "high" earnings. Those players have the 20K FXP games we see in the pics and videos, but most of us aren't in that category. LOL. Missouri was a FXP ship (750,000 FXP) that earned too much, so it was removed. It won't be coming back but it is used to entice players into buying Christmas containers, where it is still available. The JB was a coal ship, which was also available for purchase. It was "too popular" so it was removed, but is still available in Christmas containers. It may return but no one knows when. Musashi was a FXP (750,000 FXP) and coal (176,000 coal) ship. It was considered OP and too popular. It probably won't be coming back but it is still available in the Christmas containers.
  7. Murcc

    100,000 Free XP - how long

    If you have a few good flags and perform half decently, you should be able to accumulate the FXP in 20 games. If you do really well and have the right flags on, you could do it in as low as 5 games. If you play like most of us, I bet you are probably in the 20 game zone, more so than the 5 game zone. Most player damage numbers would also put you in the 20 game range as well, so depending on which one you decide to go after, it will probably end up taking approximately the same amount of games.
  8. This is true. However, the players it affects the most are the ones that try to influence the game the most. If everyone hangs back together, which is most timid players, then CVs can't pick an individual target. If a player tries to break away and actively do anything to push a sleeping team to victory, they get punished for it. So, the play style it punishes is the aggressive player that tries to do anything constructive in the game. If you like static hang back do nothing type of games, then great. CVs are ok for that game mode.
  9. Most CV players don't play to intentionally grief others. Some do, but most don't. Many do play them because they like being the "alpha" player on the team, and CVs have that association because of their strength in the game. Many players use them because they can be good or poor, and still last the entire game. Their own incompetence has no bearing on whether they get killed or not, early in the game. Players want to be a part of the game and many will play any ship that is deemed to be more powerful than the next. If you put a floating block of wood in the game and made it more powerful than most ships, then many players would use it. I play with a couple of players that will switch out to CV when they have a few games where they get targeted by a CV and can't defend themselves. They are good CV players, so any time that happens, it makes it bad for the other team. They prefer regular ships, but sometimes they just get so PO'd at the game mechanics that they switch to the dark side just to regain some wins and some sanity.
  10. Just play the last time. Any line you reset just has to be researched up to the T10 to be eligible for another reset. So, you can reset a line for 20k research points, and then FXP to the T10 to get that line ready for another reset. Then, when the new season starts, reset the line for another 20k once you FXP back to the T10. You can do this for each season without ever purchasing a ship. You will not get any of the research points until you actually purchase the ships and win a game in them just once. Each ship that has research points associated with it will have to be played and a game won to get those points. If you reset the line and research them several times before you actually purchasing them, and then purchase them, you will earn all the accumulated research bureau points on that first win in each ship. For example, if you reset and researched the line 3 times in 3 seasons, and then purchased each eligible ship in the line and then won a game in them, you would earn 60000 research points even though you only purchased and played the line once. This allows you to accumulate the research points at a minimal credit cost. I hope this helps.
  11. Murcc

    Multiple Games No DD's

    Yes, but individuals not wanting to play against their counter is one thing. Groups of players not wanting to play against something that counters everything is another. CVs have been a point of argument for a while. It won't ever be done but 2 game modes, one with CVs and one without would be an interesting test of how much players like the class. It would have to be a long test in order to flatten out any spikes from early avoiders or adopters that change their minds.
  12. I found that premium time was my best purchase value for what it earned back. It helps on every ship.
  13. Murcc

    Hot Damn..Nice Super Container

    The Benham is the one ship I would like to get in a SC. I was away and missed out on it when it was offered for missions. Congrats on the good fortune.
  14. Murcc

    Destroyers role

    A destroyer role these days is to make the CV player feel good. A lot of players hated DDs because of their stealth. Now, CVs take that stealth away so teams know where everyone is most of the time. Players like being able to see enemy positions on the map, so they know where they need to avoid in order to hide safely...er, I mean push the most effectively. DDs without stealth have lost most of their ability to be effective. Yeah, they can still contribute, but not like before. Only the good players can make them work now, so the skill gap has widened between good and poor DD players. It used to be an advantage to keep your DDs safe until late game. The longer they stayed alive, the more powerful they became. Now, any DDs remaining can be stomped on in late game because they probably don't have much health left, and they can't use their biggest asset which is stealth. So, what is the role of a DD? Almost every role has been taken by another ship that can survive better. They have become CV bait to keep the CV off the rest of the team as long as possible, until they die.