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  1. Without the citadel, AP shells wouldn't do their max damage. That area of the ship is the only place where AP, and sometimes HE shells can do max damage. All other penetrations are only 33% of max values. So, without full citadel penetrations, the shells might as well just be listed at a smaller value. But then what would be the use of the bigger shells? If the regular penetrations were higher values to compensate, then everyone would be upset because all hits on ships would inflict more damage, and aiming at the right spot would be less of a bonus. The game would be dumbed down. Perhaps some of the big guns could have their shell damage reduced, but removing the citadel, I don't know. The citadel is like a hit box that rewards accuracy and armor knowledge. Its not available everywhere on the ship, which protects ships a bit as it is.
  2. Murcc

    How To Farm Exp?

    That isn't even as high of a XP value as I've seen on his ships. He usually does higher. Of course, that is with a T6 Dallas, so there is that. Just mount up all the special flags and camos and then have a good game. Cap something. That always earns good XP. Ship % damage is more valuable than just damage. 6K damage on a DD is worth more than 25k on a BB.
  3. If RNG wasn't part of the game, then players with more game and ship knowledge would always make the perfect shot every time. It would be a bad time for casual players, which makes up the majority of the player base. Shooting with ships is somewhat like shooting with a shot gun. You don't control every piece of shot, just the general direction they go in. The shot does stay within the dispersion ellipse, so your accuracy still does matter.
  4. Murcc

    YES YES Thank you WG, love U

    In bronze, win number 3 earns 200 steel, win number 6 earns 200 steel, and win number 9 earns 200 steel, for a total of 600 steel. Then you get another 200 steel if you reach rank 1 of bronze. In silver, win number 3 earns 200 steel, win number 6 earns 200 steel, win number 9 earns 200 steel, and win number 12 earns 200 steel, for a total of 800 steel. Then you get another 200 steel if you reach rank 1 of silver. In gold, win number 3 earns 200 steel, win number 6 earns 200 steel, win number 9 earns 200 steel, win number 12 earns 200 steel, and win number 15 earns 200 steel, for a total of 1000 steel. Then you get another 200 steel if you reach rank 1 of gold. You can see the rewards shown when viewing the ranked rewards when in the game. It is better laid out than it is in the explanations online.
  5. That's probably why I haven't been getting any. I thought it was just because I was shy of reaching the threshold. But this one was obvious.
  6. Anyone having a dev strike issue in the Lepanto? I just struck an Atlanta for 21437 and killed him in one shot, but didn't get any achievement. I shot him with SAP, but it shouldn't matter.
  7. Murcc

    Fires prevent fun gameplay

    I don't think anyone expects all BBs to be brawlers. They just want them to come closer to the fight. There is no incentive to come closer in the game as it is now. You get punished for it not rewarded. The ships that hang back get rewarded more by staying alive longer and doing long term damage, even if that damage is not productive and doesn't help the team win. Often it is the team that pushes the right amount that wins the game. The team that holds back for most of the game often loses. If more ships were forced into closer combat, it would probably make the game more fun, or it could cause more ships to hide so that they couldn't shoot their guns anyway. Who knows how players would react. Most of the time I use the German spotter plane for spotting closer ships like DDs, especially ones that are looking to ambush around islands later in the game.
  8. I was thinking about that. White determines the starting play and Black is on defense right off the start. Probabilities due to luck even in that game.
  9. 1 has merit just because stuff happens in this game, and 3 have merit because a couple of good players on any team that are working together have more influence than random players doing their own thing. But #2 not so much over a large number of games, because players influence the game, even if in a minor way. If you are worst than your counterpart on the enemy team, you will pull your team's average win rate down. If you are better, then you will pull the average up. In short spurts anything can happen, but in the long run over a large number of games, the real trend will emerge. MMM can only predict so much. A team of poor players that are playing like a team will often beat a team of good individuals that are racing for stats. Ranked isn't a real team, but you have a better chance of getting players that are willing to work together than in a random game mode.
  10. Murcc

    Fires prevent fun gameplay

    Yes. BBs need to use their hulls as designed in the game. Perhaps if the range of BBs was reduced to a value similar to cruisers, then they would have to engage within combat range to play the game. They would take damage just by being there. The game would change. At least I hope it would.
  11. Yes. And, most games are built on random probabilities, most of which revolve around a dice roll. I was only throwing up an argument to the chess is purely skill statement. It's mathematical when you really break it down. Don't get me wrong, it is a big task to memorize all the best possibilities in chess. It is a skill in itself, and the different possible outcomes are so large it is one of the best move and counter move strategy games out there. Not always. Have you watched any of the Flambass videos where he was testing some of these theories? It makes you wonder sometimes. There could easily be minor adjustment elements in the game match making to correct for winning or losing streaks so that losing players don't get discouraged, or that players of certain ships have a better chance of enjoying their experience to keep players playing those ships.
  12. Actually, chess is about probabilities. The only player skill is about remembering each of the probabilities. The better a player's memory is, the better the chess player they are. Most chess players can recognize patterns and know that there are only certain plays and counter plays that can be accomplished off those patterns. At least chess is real. There is no dice roll. Imagine, if a queen attempted to take a bishop and the dice roll came up wrong and the queen was lost to the bishop. Game pieces would be thrown across the room. That is the essence of WOWs in some cases with respect to RNG dispersion for hits. I'm not sure the game is completely decided by MM and RNG. But, there does seem to be some correction applied some times. Maybe its a tinfoil hat thing, but you can sort of see a correction coming every so many games. RNG goes to heck. No matter what you do, nothing seems to work right, and you seem to be put onto teams where everyone has the same affliction, as if by design. Sometimes, you can prevail despite the odds against you. Most of the time, you succumb to the RNG gods and its a loss. Overall, a good player will still push the odds in their favor, which manifests itself in a higher win rate, even if its only a couple of extra wins over a hundred games.
  13. Murcc

    14 day Premium Gift!

    Companies give freebies like this all the time. It doesn't take away from the bottom line. Players that are going to buy big chunks of premium will still buy it. 2 weeks is nothing to those players. 2 weeks is a lot for players that don't usually buy it. One day here or there is just a nice day of play. It doesn't establish any patterns of play or contribute significantly to gains for the players. WG isn't going to lose anything by giving it away to them. If a few players see the gains to be had by using premium time and end up purchasing it, then its a win for WG.
  14. Murcc

    Italian BBs

    Its only comically bad once you factor in that you can't hit anything, and then if you do it only allows 10% damage. If there was a better chance of hitting something, the reduced damage would be palatable.
  15. Murcc


    It would be a bonus feature, but in reality, it isn't that big of a deal. You can organize and filter what type and tier your ships are now to narrow down the visible ships. Even showing everything, I can scroll through my 220 ships in no time at all just by separating by nation.