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  1. Murcc

    High Tier Full Broadsidepalooza!

    I see players broadsiding other ships all the time. A couple of days ago I witnessed our Iowa turn 90 degrees across the bow of an enemy Yamato. The Yamato was at about 2k health, and the Iowas guns had to be only a few seconds from another full volley which would have finished it off, because he was taking big chunks out of the Yamato each volley, and I was helping as best I could in my T8 Vlad. He decided to turn his half health ship 90 degrees and head for an island. Of course, his guns couldn't keep up with the rate of turn so he couldn't shoot, but the Yamato could shoot so he blapped him out of the game. There seems to be a big disconnect for players understanding the game mechanics. They get into a deer in the headlights flight mode if they get hit semi-hard for even a single shot.
  2. What other ship gets to spot their own targets, and then shoot at that ship from one side of the map to the other, without being spotted themselves? What other ship gets to adjust their aim as the shot is nearing the target? We could go on and on with the what ifs. If we were playing an extremely large scale map or an actual simulation, then CVs would be fine, but on the smaller scale maps and time scale we are using, CVs don't work.
  3. Murcc

    The CV rework is just an excuse.

    I wouldn't say just the brainless ones got punished. If a good CV player came up against one that wasn't as good, they could easily deplane them using fighters. A team with a better CV player almost always won. WG took that away, which is good. However, the general aspect of how a CV influences game play still exists, so instead of going after air superiority, CVs just farm damage all game and give their friendly ships spotting intel as they do it. If WG took the spotting ability away, I think CVs could probably work fine in the game. If they want spotting for other ships, it should be a consumable, and there should be a limited number of them.
  4. Murcc

    The CV rework is just an excuse.

    We keep wanting the game to turn around and be something similar to what it started out as.
  5. Murcc

    The CV rework is just an excuse.

    I don't know if CVs are easier to play. The players don't lose all their planes right away, so they are not out of play. In the old RTS CV days, a poor player easily got deplaned by ships and fighters, and was useless for the rest of the game. Now, that same player can continue to do something, even if not as good as someone else might be. It doesn't take a good player to make it miserable for other players. Even a poor quality CV player sending their planes to their imminent death will spot the ships they are headed into. Those lit ships can then be shot at by the other players on the team. However, a good player will avoid more flak and AA and last longer, so spotting becomes stronger. This is the real strength of CVs, not the damage numbers. Everyone focuses on the damage numbers and uses that as the measure of OP or not. Just because both teams have access to the same ship, doesn't make it ok. Everyone goes on about how OP the Smolensk is, but if both teams have access to it, doesn't it balance out. NO!!! It does not. Same with CVs.
  6. Murcc

    The CV rework is just an excuse.

    There were always campers, but the actual "players" could still go out and do something in the game. Now, if those players go out on their own, they get slaughtered. So, the camping is much worst now than it was prior to CV rework.
  7. Murcc

    Scuttlebutt #44 (featuring Marceau)

    I've seen a few of these in games. I was even in a game a week ago where you were on the other team. You guys wrecked our team The Marceau is is tough to hit when juking around and shooting back at you. edit: This was the game I was in.
  8. Murcc

    please help CVs

    CVx can get dev strikes when they have to engage in close combat like every other ship. Yeah, I know...I get the boring emoticon....but really, its true. CVs get their damage over time, not in a single alpha strike, because they last til the end of the game. If you want them to get the alpha strike, they have to give up something, and that is the chance of getting blapped themselves. I want to be able to dev strike ships in my cruiser without being in range from any other ship, because , why not? CVs want it, why can't I have it too. It sounds crazy because it is. That being said, I have seen CVs take most of the health off a DD in a single pass. I've seen that with some cruisers as well. By the time the full squadron is finished its 3 or more runs, some poor ships don't have much game left. That's pretty close to a dev strike, just without the final kill. A low health kill is usually picked up when the CV tracks down some poor ship that tries to hide and just tries to contribute something the rest of the game.
  9. Murcc

    Moskva... in general

    Moskva is a ship that works well with other ships that they can support and can get support from. In randoms, it doesn't do as well unless you have a 3 ship division, because you can't count on any help. That being said, it can be successful in randoms, but don't get in too close early in the game. Stay at your prefered range so you can land shots without really worrying about other short range HE spammers landing shots back. Use land to limit which ships can shoot back, but not necessarily as an island camper. Later in the game, you can use your power to mop up late game ships. A Moskva can punish a broadside ship with its AP, but its bread and butter is is long range HE when facing bow on ships.
  10. Murcc

    Interesting match?

    Its the new CV mode they are trying out. No other ships were harmed in the making of this game.
  11. Murcc

    Moskva Removal and Research Bureau

    Yes, this is the first time a tech tree ship has become a special premium ship. Usually, they just separate the lines into specific ship types (light or heavy) and push the ships into the appropriate spots, replacing any that are moved out of the existing line. Its always been a way for players to gain port slots, ship captains, and additional tech tree ships with any permanent camos that were on the original, without having to grind them.
  12. Murcc

    Explosive lag on a $3,000 dollar computer

    The 2600K CPU is a good one that stood the test of time. With that CPU (even though its old) and the 1080gtx, you could probably get past the 60fps on your monitor if the monitor is capable. I am only running a RX580 video card and have mine locked at 75fps on a 4k monitor using high resolution settings. The 1080 card is much more capable than mine.
  13. Murcc

    Moskva Removal and Research Bureau

    The Moskva is being replaced by another tech tree T10 ship. If you have the Moskva in port, you will keep the Moskva as a special ship, and also have the new T10 tech tree ship that replaces it, so your Russian cruiser line will remain a valid line for reset.
  14. As mentioned it, it depends on the strength of your players in a any given ship. However, a strong player in a strong ship in the right situation will outplay a weaker ship in the same situation. Kremlins seem to be the ship that allows teams to push and tank. If you want to sit back and snipe, then Yamato. Most teams want the ability to move the BB around, so the Kremlin is the favourite. You need a few ships with radar so you can cycle it to keep a cap lit up. A combination of heavy cruisers for firepower and damage tanking with a light cruiser or 2 chucked in for rapid fire response is always good. That is where the Stalingrad and Moskva come in to play. They have good hit points and can hit hard, and have long range radar. Des Moines is a good combination of both but without the health pool and a lower distance on the radar. The smolensk is great because it can stay at distance and respond to anything that tries to hide and change targets in a hurry. The bonus is the the Smolensk carries its own cone of silence in the event it does get spotted, where the others such as the Worchester do not. If you have a good DD player, it helps to keep the enemy spotted, and they can respond to changing conditions in a hurry. Most good players use gunboat DDs in case they encounter other DDs, and they can finish off any other low health ship if needed. The Daring seems to be a good fit here. The Kleber was good before the nerf, but I'm not so sure now. We encountered a clan with 4 Klebers and a Somers, plus a single Moskva, and a Bourgogne. We dispatched the Moskva and Bourgogne, but the Klebers were like gnats buzzing around. They were very difficult to hit. We ended up winning by quite a margin, but it was an interesting match. We have run only a single DD quite a bit, and also started using a BB and cruisers combo quite a bit. As long as you have radar and hydro available most of the time, the DDs don't seem to be a major concern. We aren't the best clan to model after though, so take it with a grain of salt. We have hung tight with some good clans, but also got our butts handed to us by some of the top clans as well. All I know is that the extra hit points and firepower of the heavy cruisers is nice for pushing the caps. If you have enough of them it is like having an extra BB on the team. Kremlin, Stalingrad x2, Moskva, Des Moines, Smolensk, Daring or: Kremlin, Stalingrad x2, Moskva, Des Moines x2, Smolensk . Radar the heck out of things as you push and use the Smolensk as a long range hose to dig ships out from behind islands they think they are safe behind.
  15. Yeah. I don't think you will hear much argument from many of us on this. You can't have a big increase in damage output without losing something somewhere else. I am glad they are changing the penetration values for the the guns as well, so that they can get reliable alpha damage without fire. That way, it becomes a real trade off. You go without IFHE and hope for fires, or you go with IFHE and rely on hit damage.