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  1. If you give the ships perks that their clone parent doesn't have, then you have to offset that with some other nerf as well, to maintain balance.
  2. Murcc

    STOP RUINING COOPS FOR US again 9x9 joke

    If I spawn close to one of the outer caps, I'll cap it when the enemy ships there are dead, before I go off to kill the rest of the enemy team. There is too much XP bonus to leave on the table to not cap it.
  3. Murcc

    STOP RUINING COOPS FOR US again 9x9 joke

    Each team only starts with 300 points. It still takes the same number of enemy ship kills to zero out the enemy. You could have 15 ships on the enemy team, and if no one from the friendly team dies to give the enemy points, you will zero out the enemy with only a few enemy kills. I do agree, the co-op mercy rule needs to be changed. Perhaps the mercy rule should only apply after 12 min. That should give most teams enough time to kill all the enemy without zeroing them out. The 12 min rule would kick in if the enemy didn't score enough kills to keep the game going (score above 0), so you don't have to chase a lonely CV clear across the map for 4 minutes to finish the game.
  4. Murcc

    wth is with izumos dispersion

    Missing at 3km is most likely caused by not having the enemy ship target locked. Or, the rotating guns weren't caught up to the aiming reticle when fired.
  5. Murcc

    Military Month Contributer Flag

    I have mine. I have it on every ship I own. I wish I had that KOTS flag. It's the credits and captain XP that are needed.
  6. I wish they would make it simple and do all calculations for penetration value without any rounding. Then they could round up the final number just as an indicator to show a whole number that is larger than the whole number of the armor it can penetrate. It would be so simple to see and calculate.
  7. I don't think they need it. The mod is designed for ships that only puff a small long duration cloud and only have a few puffs. The Italian ships continually puff their cloud for as long as their smoke generator is on, but it only lasts for a few seconds. The effect is a moving cloud, and the Italian ships can actually move at high speed when puffing smoke, where other ships cannot. Because of this, the smoke mod isn't needed to provide extra cover for their ships.
  8. Murcc

    Is this normal?

    Anything shooting AP with big guns that hits the superstructure on any ship is pretty much an overpen. Shooting with ships that have wonky dispersion is likely to land shots into that area.
  9. I don't blame you for that. The line is pretty aggravating.
  10. That's not a rainbow... That's your brain on bad drugs. But, that pretty much sums up the grind in the lower tier Italian cruisers. I haven't played past the Amalfi, but it seems ok compared to the other lower tier ones.
  11. Murcc

    Captain XP? Best for which ship?

    The 19 point commander is a big step to doing bigger things. All the elite commander XP goes into a pool that can be used by any commander. It can be used to retrain commanders if you need to switch them to other ships. It can be used to get a commander to a higher skill level sooner. It can be used to respec a commander too. A 19 pointer commander allows you to accumulate another one even quicker.
  12. I like the Missouri. I find it quite enjoyable to play, and it earns a big haul of coin each game I play in it. I play it regularly and don't feel like I am giving anything up to any other ship.
  13. Murcc

    Clan Battle Participation

    We started that way this clan season and it is hit and miss. On some days we can't get more than 7, and on others we get 8 or 9 so we can actually play, but rarely more than that. A few seasons ago, we were fielding two teams. I do like the 8-8 format, but there doesn't seem to be as much participation. We have lots of players on, but they are grinding missions for Italian ships, or collecting filth. Its hard to get players on CB when there are other things to do that can't be done in the CB arena.
  14. Murcc

    Yamato or Montana?

    Monty is the all rounded do anything BB. It isn't top, but can compete anywhere. Yamato has the hardest punch and best accuracy in the game, but isn't good for close combat due to its poor maneuverability and slow turrets. Either one is good but which one is best for you depends on your preferred play style.
  15. Murcc

    Ive been told there are no hacks

    Without firing your guns, no ship can see you if they are outside your concealment range. Invisibility is just about keeping the enemy ships outside your ship's concealment range. If an enemy ship is inside your concealment range and you are in their line of site, then all the enemy ship can also see you. Things can affect concealment. Captains skills, ship upgrades, and camo can reduce that concealment range. Being blocked by smoke reduces concealment down to 2km. A ship carrying an assured acquisition upgrade can turn that 2km into 3km. If you fire your guns, your concealment range blooms out to your gun range for 20 sec unless you are in smoke. Then the gun bloom is less and depends on the ship. Aiming at ships is an art. Make sure you are target locked onto the ship. Aiming at a ship without target lock will often cause a miss. The dispersion is tightened with target lock. Plus, if you aren't locked on target, then the aim point when your reticle is on the enemy, is actually behind the enemy ship. The arc of the shot will carry the shot over the ship to that spot and not through the enemy ship. If you aim low on ship to hit the water on the near side, the arc actually falls short instead of plunging into the ship. Leading the ship is another issue. You have to know the time distance to target and the speed of the target. The distance to target is shown in your aim reticle. Now you have to figure out how far in front of the ship to aim so that the ship will land there at the same time as the shots. That is where the reticle scale comes in. It is predetermined, so it has to be compensated for depending on the distance and speed of the ship you are shooting. That is where dynamic reticles come into play. Most of the scaling is done for distance, so you only have to account for speed differences from the predetermined value. Never sail in a straight line. That will invite torps every time. Torps take a long time to get to your ship from an invisible enemy ship. They aim based on your last direction and speed. If you change direction and speed regularly, it is very difficult to hit you. Ships can't be invisible 1 km away, even in smoke. 2km yes. Perhaps the ship came close, torped and then ran and smoked up. You would lose track of them as they crossed the 2km range. Credits are pretty much guaranteed at lower tiers. There must be at least 1 low tier ship you can play. We all learned the game by reading information and asking questions. Griefing other players until you get answers won't get you answers. Most players you see in the game are the same as you. You can learn to be better. Learn to use the WASD keys. They control the direction and speed of your ship. Vary speed and direction often. It throws off the aim of the enemy. Don't overextend your ship and get focus fired by the enemy. Use the minimap to keep and eye on the enemy and the progression of the game. Always have an exit strategy for every direction you take. If there isn't a good exit strategy, then don't go there. Don't try to get all guns on target. That just gives the enemy a better target. Be content to use less guns and give the enemy a smaller target by staying at an angle. It makes you a smaller target and allows the side of your ship to ricochet shots. Use the right kind of shells. Use HE for long range bow on ships that usually bounce AP. Use AP on any broadside target. BBs use AP on a cruiser anytime but need to use HE on DDs. Cruisers use HE most of the time, but should use AP on any broadside target if it is close. DDs use HE most of the time and AP is so situational I wouldn't worry about it for now. Learn to predict where ships will go, not where they are headed now.