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  1. The individual player skill has the most effect. If everything is equal among players, each captain skill selected will give a tiny increase to the survivability or damage potential of the ship in a given area vs a ship with a captain that does not have the same skill selected. Captain skills by themselves do not make a player any better than they were before they had the skill.
  2. Murcc

    Stalingrad matchmaking?

    You are not being supported in randoms though, so you are much more likely to not be in a position to exploit the strengths of the ship. In clan battles, the support from your team allows you to set your ship in a specific spot to really take advantage of its strengths. The Stalingrad can still be a great ship in randoms in the right hands, just like any good ship is great in the right hands. I just think clan battles fits the Stalingrads strengths better than randoms does.
  3. Murcc

    Top five commander skills

    This pretty much sums up my thoughts as well. The PM is a percentage decreased chance of a small chance of incapacitation, so the actual decreased percentage is really small. For that reason, I always take PT. Information as to the actual jeopardy I am in is much more valuable and can influence where I might need to go or do to escape. Outside of LS for destroyers, I do use AR on a lot of ships. BBs really gain from having AR. Most BBs tank a lot of damage throughout the game, so the reduced time between shots is significant, because a percentage reduction from 30 seconds is big. A BB should never be full health late in the game if played properly, and they should never be in a position where they don't have a shot every time their guns are reloaded. Some do need EM first if the turret rotation is bad. The level 3 captain points are much more ship specific than the previous levels. SI is great on ships with heal, especially BBs that can typically tank a lot of damage during the game and live till the end. SE is really only good for DDs in the higher tiers, because the higher tiers often get you into close DD knife fights and the extra HP can come in handy. In lower tiers, the small extra HP will help in DD knife fights, buy you are more likely to get blapped by CAs than DDs so the extra HP won't help you. TA is a must on stealthy torp DDs. They are your bread and butter, so you want to get as many out as fast as you can. If you are a DD hunter, then perhaps vigilance is your skill. CE is a good pick for most every ship. Going gun silent and escaping is valuable and a shorter detection zone is critical for that. On ships with a gigantic detection zone, I will sometimes ignore this skill, because most of the time the ship is seen anyway, so why waste the 4 points. On some ships with limited penetration values, I will sometimes take IFHE as my first 4 point skill over the CE, because it doesn't make sense to be able to get in closer to shoot something if you can't hurt it anyway.
  4. Murcc

    Stalingrad matchmaking?

    The biggest strength of the Stalingrad can't be exploited in randoms, so it just becomes another ship that is good in the right hands, but average in the hands of everyone else. If you are super good with the ship, you can influence the game, but if you are average or worst, then your team has more influence. Once you learn the strength of the "random" Stalingrad which is a bit different than the strength of the "clan battle" Stalingrad, then the influence on the game will increase and the win rate will reflect that. There have been a lot of lemming train teams lately, probably because of the PEF missions that everyone is grinding out.
  5. Murcc

    Large Cruisers Legendary mods? 8.0

    The Stalingrad is getting the fire nerf to compensate for its larger health pool. I suspect that at some time in the future, you will see a legendary mod for this ship. It might have a decreased fire duration, or it might be something else that is totally unique to this ship.
  6. Murcc

    Rewarding Thursday!

    I have found myself taking out the Musashi lately. Previously, I had used the MO for credit grinding when needed. I liked the MO anyway and did fairly well in it, so the Musashi had sat idle in my port for quite a while. However, due to mission grinds recently, I found that even though the Musashi doesn't print credits like the MO, it can often equal or beat the MO in credit earnings, because it is easier to get a good game in it.
  7. In PVP matches, I often use island cover for cruisers, and sometimes for other ships too if required. The ship dictates how close I get to the island based on firing trajectory. Some ships dictate that you stay moving at high speed and long distance and just go dark from time to time to reposition yourself. You can't do that behind an island. In co-op, you are often better off just moving (WASD) and firing at the enemy. Maximize your damage output during the shorter time in the game. Do be aware of the island cover around you. It can block angles from other ships so that you only need to avoid a couple of enemy ships at a time instead of 5 or 6. Bots will often shoot at the lowest health ship, so if you are half health and behind 4 friendly ships that are full health, then you are probably going to get fired upon by the bots instead of your friendly ships. Change speed and direction often.
  8. Lots of pedestrian actuated crosswalks exist. Some are purely flashing signals to warn of pedestrians crossing, and others are integrated with Red, amber, green signals to stop vehicles, but aren't necessarily at an intersection. The green, amber, and red signals operate the same as standard traffic signals where the push of a button starts the change interval and the signals go from green to amber and then red. These are often called mid-block signals. The flashing warning signals work by starting the flashing signal once the ped button is pushed. It is up to the cars to stop to allow the pedestrian to stop and it is illegal for any motorist to proceed if they had ample warning to stop. It is also up to the pedestrian to make sure they don't arbitrarily step out while expecting traffic to actually stop immediately. Pedestrian buttons at intersections just place a call on the signal controller to indicate that a pedestrian signal will come on in the proper sequence. The existing signals still follow a predetermined cycle. They might have a predetermined amount of green to time, or that green time might be somewhat controlled by vehicle sensors. Then the signals will transition to amber and then red before going to the green phase and associated pedestrian phase that was called by the button. If the button push was for the same direction as the existing green, then the pedestrian might not get a walk signal until the existing green signal terminates and goes to another phase and then back again. Its a common misconception that many pedestrians make to think they are supposed to get a signal right away. It is also a misconception that the buttons do nothing. There are some situations where municipalities disable the buttons because the ped timing is called every cycle, but they are few and far between if the buttons exist. Even the system referenced by LT_Rusty uses the buttons. They place the ped call in a queue for a coordinated system. The signals change when enough time expires or there comes a gap in the traffic platoon in the right time slot. The system is still timed to allow most of a platoon of traffic to supposedly drive through the corridor with minimal stoppage. They work well in moderate traffic but they never fully work that way in an overpopulated system with heavy traffic. In heavy traffic, you never have an ideal situation, just one that is better than nothing. For torp issues, there are so many reasons a ship changes course when torps are launched, that without evidence it is hard to determine ill intent without overwhelming evidence.
  9. Murcc

    This is not fun anymore

    The game keeps getting more bloated with each update. The side effect is that as each new update rolls out, more computers that were stable before, now start having game crash issues. It is quite often the computer that is getting outdated compared to the software that is running on it. It can be fixed by upgrading the video card, or ram, or CPU, or all of them. I recently experienced the same thing. My game client had run well since the beginning of the game. Then I started having random game crashes and instability issues following an update. I could make it somewhat better by reducing the game settings. I ended up updating some hardware, and all the problems went away. My client is extremely stable now, and hopefully it stays that way for many years, but I know eventually, even my latest hardware will be outdated again. Its just the way computer systems and software progresses.
  10. Murcc

    Myogi ruined my day

    All low tier BBs have bad dispersion and few guns that don't have a lot of range. Don't expect the guns to hit anything at max range due to the dispersion. The Myogi has dispersion of 218 m @15.05km and the Yamato has a dispersion of 275km @ 26.63km for comparison purposes. The Yamato dispersion at 15.05km is just 155m. To get the same dispersion value in the Myogi, you need to be at 10.7km. That kind of gives you an idea where you need to be to hit things reliably. The worst is not the guns, but the slow speed and low maneuverability, which is still better than the USN line at that tier. All low tier BBs are slow, though so they compare to each other well. It does make it difficult to get the ship into good position or to avoid poor positioning. You have to think well ahead so you don't get yourself into trouble. If you get the ship into a proper range and angled properly, it will deal damage while not getting beat up too bad. The trick to all BBs, especially low tier ones, is to not think you need to bring all guns to bear on the target. That is just asking for trouble. Just use your front guns and deal a bit less damage, but you will live longer and in the end will actually deal much more damage as the game goes on.
  11. The drawn model of the bow of a ship in WOWS can be misleading. It is a visual skin representation covering a set of triangles. The real (not the visual) resolution of the model can impact how the shells interact with the real shape of the ship. The front tip of the bow, for example might have a big flat spot, but the skin is drawn as a point. If the shells hit this flat spot, it doesn't auto-bounce. It checks for penetration capability. The next stop for a straight-on shell penetrating this flat spot is the front of the citadel. If the ship is slightly angled, even if the shell passes through the flat spot on the bow, it will probably miss the front of the citadel because of the trajectory of the shot. If the shot hits to the left or right of the flat spot, the auto-bounce angles kick in due to the shallow angle of impact.
  12. Murcc

    The Anime Hipper Capt - Please SHUT UP! LOL

    I would like to be able to turn them off without using a mod. Just allow us to select a normal language in the settings. What a waste of a captain, but I can't stand the high pitched whining.
  13. The velocity and distance is such that the nose is essentially not there. No angle will protect it from a short range high velocity shot from a big shell. The shell is easily going through the nose and hitting the flat front section of the citadel. Here is where the angle is required. When the shell goes through the nose, the well angled ship provides a thicker citadel section to stop the shell from going any further.
  14. They are easily penetrated when directly bow on. That is their flaw. It is more critical that they maintain the proper angle when facing the enemy. Each nation has a flaw somewhere, some more than others. It just happens that the USN has that big flat front plate. They tank quite well from the side when angled, though.
  15. Shell velocity and angle have a lot to do with penetration. At only 12km, there is a high probability of a penetration if the ship is directly bow on, because the only angle is the plunging angle of the incoming shot, and it is still fairly horizontal at that distance. Had the opposing ship been angled just a bit, the front plate on the citadel would have been more angled with respect to the incoming shell and increased the required penetration value that the shell needed to go through.