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  1. Average Hours of Gameplay

    Play as much as you enjoy. If it becomes work, then what is the point? Sometimes I play a couple of hours or more, but on other days I don't play at all. I generally average about an hour a day. I tend to play more when clan battles are on.
  2. Struggling in Des Moines

    ^^^This. If you can move to different areas and ambush ships, your rate of fire can devastate an unsuspecting enemy before they can turn their guns to protect themselves.
  3. Struggling in Des Moines

    My stats show that I don't play the Des Moines well either. I did much better in clan wars than I did with it in randoms because of the team support. The Des Moines is a ship that requires a specific play style. It is a very good ship if played correctly. It is all about angles when taking fire or choosing the right shell type when shooting back. If your win rate is bad when your average damage is up, then maybe you are just having a bad run of luck. It will average out over the long run. Check when you deal most of your damage. If it is done late game as the enemy pushes to finish, then it is stat damage and not damage that will contribute to a win. If that is the case, you need to evaluate how to get more damage on target earlier on. Early damage will influence the game in your favor much more than late game damage.
  4. How it Works: Fires

    I have worked my way up to T10 in 3 different BB lines. In those 3 lines, I have had burn issues in very few games. Usually it involved an endgame situation when the enemy overwhelmed my ship. If it happened earlier in the game it was often because I put myself in the wrong place without a safe exit. I generally ignore a fire or 2 and wait until it burns for a bit and then start my repair and just continue on my way shooting stuff. If there is a lot of HE fire coming my way that I know I won't be able to mitigate, I find a way to disengage and move away. BBs handle fire very well. In a cruiser, one or two BB AP shots hurt much more than a rain of CL/CA or DD HE on a BB. Even a DD gets beat up pretty bad from AP shots coming from a BB, even though they often overpen. An overpen on a DD is a small value of damage, but it can still be a sizable percentage of the hit points.
  5. How it Works: Fires

    Oops. yeah. I knew it didn't reduce burn time. I just wrote it wrong. Brain is not connected to my fingers tonight.
  6. How it Works: Fires

    There is a captain skill(Basics of Survivability) that specifically reduces the time of a fire by 15%. That is 15% less damage by fire. Then there is another (fire prevention) that reduces the fire damage by 10%. And, there is also an upgrade on most BBs (Damage Control System Modification 2) that reduces the fire damage by a further 15%. That is a lot of fire reduction damage for those that are afraid of burning and choose to use them.
  7. At T6, that is the win value for showing up on a winning team and not being afk. The premium ship helps too. At lower tiers, it is hard to lose credits, especially if you have premium time and a premium ship.
  8. Getting closer...

    That's pretty good earnings in a Yamato. Good luck in your quest.
  9. Worst tier ten game ever?

    You know its a bad game when you do 20k of damage in a BB and die in the first 5 minutes, and then finish near the top in scoring on your team.
  10. I'll usually have my BB situated at the beginning of the game, so that any incoming shots will be less than ideal. If the enemy shows up, I take the shot, regardless of the angle he presents himself on. If he is a broadside BB, I aim for the citadel. If he is bow on, I aim for the superstructure. I don't hold my shots unless I can clearly see that a ship is turning and will give me a better shot. I still keep them targeted, in case they go dark. If that happens, I immediately fire at the last known heading. Cruisers are just a target, no matter what. They are harder to hit at speed, but you don't need to worry about superstructure. Just aim using a normal lead and blast them. Its all about putting shots on target, so any target is a good target at the beginning of the game.
  11. Worst tier ten game ever?

    Yeah, I've seen a few games like that, one not too long ago. Our team lost all of our DDs in the 1st 3 minutes. They just yoloed into the caps and got shot up and torped by the enemy DDs. After that, our cruisers just hid behind islands. I was doing ok in my BB damage wise, but no kills, when our team got zeroed out around 5 min into the game. The scores were really low, even for the winning side.
  12. Seattle: Why Bother?

    I just got the Worcester today after suffering through the Seattle. I've only had it out for one game. I'm not sure it's worth it. The shot arcs are just as bad. At long range I can have 2 volleys in the air at the same time. If the enemy ship alters course at all, it is very hard to hit them at long range. If they sit behind an island and are detected, you can have a field day. If you can use islands for cover, and someone else on your team is spotting ships for you, it can be a great ship, because you can fire shots over the islands without the enemy firing back. It can do quite a bit of damage to ships in a mid-range gunfight due to the sheer volume of shots put out, but you have to be nimble, because it takes damage too.
  13. Yes, but for any player that sees the game that way, it doesn't matter anyway. Chances are, he would be shooting at a long range BB instead of a closer DD, because it is easier to hit a bigger, slower ship. And, most good players are still going to take down ships of opportunity. That means a high tier BB is still going to shoot at the easiest cruiser, because they can get the instant kill. It doesn't matter to them. The only players I see this affecting, are the ones that sort of understand the game, and are trying to maximize their XP earning potential. If they know they get better rewards for higher tier ships, then they might shoot the bigger one if there are 2 close together.
  14. Ramming Flag?

    I wish it would show the actual number of rams as well as the ram damage. I do think @Vader_Sama came onto something when he noticed the extra tick before death. Ideally, it should only score 1 ram and any incidental damage by ramming after that probably shouldn't count as a ram. But it seems to score more than one due to momentum. I'm betting that each ram results in a flood. In each of the battle results, it always seems to show 2 floods, which would indicate 2 rams, if you survived the 1st one and the other ship survived the first one. If one of the ships dies in the first ram, then there would be no second ram. I bet this is an unexpected glitch. Actually, it isn't a glitch, but rather an unexpected result that probably needs to be altered to give a more proper representation of a ram.
  15. I fixed it

    No...He is saying to take away the detection notification only for ships that have radar. If you want to know if a ship is near, you need to pop radar. Otherwise, you need to rely on your teammates to let you know. Interesting concept. Radar isn't a big issue, but like everything, it could be tweaked just a bit.