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    Did anyone finish the Puerto Rico?

    Do you really think the PR is worth it? I've fought them in random they are not an OP ship. Either that or they had severely defective operator. That doesn't make sense unless he plunked down$200+ and bought it outright. I guess stranger things have happened. The CC's have not been very impressed with it either.

    What the hell is smolensk supposed to be?

    They hated the Minotaur yesterday and today they hate the Smolensk. I'm as concerned about them as a Hells Angel is concerned about having bad breath.

    What the hell is smolensk supposed to be?

    I love that video! It gets your blood pumping. Smolensk reminds me of the tier VI Cleveland. One salvo and everyone on the map is focus firing on you. Even some of your team mates at times. EVERYONE hates Smolensk, except me and a few other enlightened individuals.

    What Happen to Smolensk

    Once the BB's and heavy cruisers figured out how to hit the Smolensk at range things became significantly more difficult to run amok with one. The ship is small, maneuverable and has smoke. Was just a matter of time and practice before it became a hittable target. It did accomplish its ultimate mission. It prevents BB's from safely camping at range, stationary and sniping. If they don't move they burn. If they do move they don't burn quite as much.

    Absolutely Loving Yoshino!

    Does anyone know what the detection range of the torpedoes becomes when you add the booster, reduce the range to 16 kms. and increase the speed to 67 kts?
  6. So what? WG makes and changes the rules as they see fit. There is no rhyme or reason to most of what they do any more. You got excuses for the snowflake cheapness too? I guess your comfortable with the PR situation?
  7. No steel rewards? WG is getting extremely niggardly with steel these days. The snowflakes steel for tier VIII & IX worked out to about half what they paid last year and now no steel for ranked at all. What gives? Its a required resource for some ships. If its impossible to earn what do expect us to do? Stare at the pictures? This, combined with the PR fiasco, indicates a failure of management. Who are you trying to please these days? I have no clue. Do you?

    Combat Missions in Update 0.8.11

    The Snowflakes are inappropriate. They should be lumps of coal to be in keeping with the tight fisted Holiday recognition WG has concocted in their twisted minds. The steel is almost exactly half what you could accrue last year with very same ships. Take into account the amount of time it takes to grind out the battles and the whole thing is a net loss. The coal for the lower tiers is a better bargain then the paltry amount of steel available in Tiers VIII & IX. The tier X payout was ridiculous. The Puerto Rico fiasco reminds more of a Ponzi Scheme than building a ship. Am I disgruntled? You're damn right I am! "Read the Portal?" Here's what I think; READ MY LIPS
  9. OK, its December 12th now. You need to change the snowflake to a lump of coal. Less than half the steel for the same number of ships as last year. What gives WG? You in an economic depression and figured you'd solve all your problems passing it on to your "clients"? The Puerto Rico build looks more like a Ponzi Scheme than anything else. To say I am disappointed is the understatement of the week!

    A little late there WEEGEE

    Speaking of Russian bias I see how those sneeky Russki's have figured out hardly anyone in the US reads the directions to anything. If they can't point and click they either don't bother or just wing it. By concealing pertinent details in the printed instruction they prey upon a not so secret failing of many Americans. They could put a big "WE TOLD YOU SO" but no one would bother to read it either.

    Basic Issue with Smole

    I can attest to the fact players are fast learning how to deal with Smolensk. A couple of weeks ago 120K damage battles were common and seldom was I even hit much less sunk. Players are figuring out the skills and tactics needed to nullify most of Smolensks talents. Players are coming around to an honest dislike of the ship unlike the outright hatred and contempt they were venting on her and me then. Its just a learning process and the quicker you learn the quicker you solve the problem.
  12. Give the sub problem solving to I-Chase. If anyone can figure out the in and outs of a ship its him. His "Flying Shimakazi" is a classic example. I'm guessing he has already figured out the most advantageous strategies for sub and anti-sub operations. Now if can just get WOW to listen to him.

    Way too many torpedoes

    Its the Battleship players lament. "Oh woe is me." How am I expected to thrive and prosper with all theses little ships conspiring to do me in? For "I am Battleship, hear me roar." Unfortunately we are not about to bend over and grasp our ankles for your so called mighty Battleship. You will need to earn your credits and accolades the hard way. You will have to earn them.

    Anniversary Stream! The Third Gift

    OK I give. Enter them where? Yes I will admit I am not the sharpest pencil in the desk but figuring out these messages is, at times, like dealing with someone in a foreign language I don't speak.

    BB 36 on the move

    I'm curious why they have opted for repairing the 107 year old hull. I know there were several plans voiced last year which would have put her on permanent concrete pedestal. Mikasa in Japan has been done in that manner also. Yes I know it changes the ship into a building but it guarantees no further worries about the museum sinking. Someone speculated the move is being kept confidential to prevent a gaggle of onlookers from obstructing the activities. Maybe but it is an 800' long ship and keeping its movement secret is a lost hope. The medias going to be all over also. It was also report she will NOT be returning to her LaPort berth near the San Jacinto battlefield and memorial. Are the going to change the name of Battleship road too or just keep people wondering where the name originated? I believe the present location is very appropriate and taking her somewhere else is a mistake.