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    naval battle question

    You get one ribbon for every hit from main battery, secondaries, torpedoes or ariel bombs, torps or rockets. That along with one for seizing or holding a cap. The bar is pretty low with this one.

    Ship's Log: Economic Bonuses

    You've stolen 5,000 doubloons from me that I paid for permanent camo and enhancements to my tier X ships and you expect me to trot along with you like a puppy dog? Screw you! Screw me once shame on you. Screw me twice shame on me. I may be a slow learner, but I do learn.
  3. Does the permanent camo I paid 5,000 doubloons for on a Tier X ship still provide a 50% reduction in after battle repair costs? If not, how do you justify taking something from me, I have paid for?

    Clash of the Classes – Season 4

    I'm still hoping for a battle mode in which you enter battle not only unaware of the enemy location but also the makeup of his fleet. You must detect his ships thru surface sightings or from observation or CV aircraft and by Radar and Hydro Acoustic means. All ships enter the battle with guns and torpedo tubes loaded and ready. Another mode I've imagined is a true moonless night battle. Radar and Hydro Acoustic will reveal the enemy as well as Star Shells and Flares. Both of which are of a fixed amount per ship and do not reveal the user's location and Spotlights which are aimed much as guns are and have a fixed range and which also reveal the user's location. The detection lasts only as long as the duration of the illumination device and the enemy remains in that detection circle. Finally, a guaranteed detection range of only a kilometer or two. Stumbling into an opponent at this range will inevitably result in violent duel to the death at point blank range.

    Poll: How would you fix Aircraft Carriers?

    Nothing has changed since day one. Talented, skillful CV players will always turn the tide for their team. That is unless the opposition has an equally skilled CV captain. We all know that happens very seldom. The whole CV rework was meant to balance the differentiation of skill levels. After months of trying WOW may begin to appreciate it's just not possible. The primary reason is the CV is the only ship in the game that can singularly control the outcome of any battle be it positive or negative. I for one see little reason of entering a battle with 11 other players whose outcome hinges upon the skill of only one person. The only possible method of dealing with this is to drastically reduce the ability of the CV to inflict damage. By doing so the CV would be able to contribute to the overall amount of damage inflicted upon the enemy while not monopolizing that ability. It would of course make CV play tedious and frustrating especially for those who have reveled in CV excesses in the past.

    MOD issues

    After every update or software manipulations the MODs must be manually reset. Invariably a number of them I use are habitually unavailable after the update or changes. Some return quickly but others can take a week or more. I'm curious about why this happens every time an update occurs.
  7. I'm not a CPA or an attorney. I play this game for fun, and you clowns are turning it into work just to figure out what the hell is going on. I resent that and the fabrication about it being so much better for the players. Excuse me but I doubt your veracity and your intent. Have you ever heard the old Americanisms of "If it ain't broke don't fix it" and the basic fundamentals of the KISS principle? Both are rather rude, crude and unrefined but it's the way we do business here. Then again, I can always resort to YAHOO. That's an acronym for "You Always Have Other Options".
  8. Will Asashio deep water torps work against the transports in the Convoy game mode?

    Clan Battles: The Cayman Season

    Allowing purchased, outrageously expensive to play Super Ships while forbidding any earned Tech Tree ships is the height of hypocrisy and play for pay corruption! You're showing your true colors by stunts and ill conceived maneuvers like this. It has little or nothing to do with balance anymore and everything to do avarice and greed.

    Hot Fix: Why We Need UX Research

    The only surveys I get other than a game satisfaction score is at the end of clan battles season. I answer them the same way at every season end but nothing ever changes. The last clan battles survey I interjected some comments about current events. That struck a nerve, and I was admonished by a reply. First time that has happened, so I guess I hurt someone's feelings boo hoo.
  11. Knowledge has become a pretty difficult thing to come by these days. Why WG took upon themselves to run off most of the best CC's without regard for the effect on the game is beyond me. It makes me question your devotion and willingness to expand and promote the game. You office types certainly cannot accomplish it. Believing the saying "If you can't do, teach" isn't going to work either. I hope you know what YAHOO stands for. I doubt you do so I'll tell you. YAHOO is an acronym for You Always Have Other Options. Keep it up to find out how many do so.
  12. Out of curiosity I looked in on WOT. And guess what I discovered? They still are not hounded and annoyed by Helicopters and attack aircraft. That said I demand to know why WOW gets off on bombarding us with their damned aircraft carriers and now submarines? The vast number of players could give a rats a$$ about either one and neither is the reason the vast majority of players came to WOW. By your own admission less than 10% of players participate in CV play. Subs are even worse and have much less history of contributions to any fleet actions ever. Who the hell am I kidding. Historical fact has little or nothing to do with this game anymore, as if it ever did. You've sidelined the USN into a trifle of its actual effect on the war and at sea and promoted the nobody Soviet/Russian Navy to near religious heights of capability. All factors it has never exhibited anywhere. For these reasons and other current geo-political factors I find it unconscionable to spend any of my deflated dollars in the face of your inflated egos.

    Update 0.10.6. — "Dutch Cruisers: Part 1"

    Have you noticed in the DEVELOPERS BLOG they miss spell the name of the US BB Kearsarge by leaving out the second R? Real attention to detail of a fictious ship.

    Armada: Constellation

    6 ships planned for Lexington class Battle cruisers. OKIES_NAVY. NA server

    Ok the Kearsarge really?

    I wonder how many know just what the original USS Kearsarge accomplished and when and where?