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    Azur Lane: Third Wave

    What a hot, heaping helping of CRAP! Jesus, can you imagine what necessary and constructive elements could have been added to the game in place of this worthless drivel?

    Take a Guess

    Actually USS Prince Eugen under tow to Bikini atoll. She is still there by the way but to radioactive to dive on. She withstood two A-bomb blasts and did not sink until 6 months after the last test.
  3. I posted something this morning similar to yours but on a little different tack. I received the same poo poo comments you have. CV's are divisive. They have all but eliminated anyone from playing DD's at some Tiers. They are a lose lose situation for the person playing them unless he has awfully thick skin and cares little about what is said about him. I began and continue because it was a ship game. WG is determined to turn it into an airplane game for some unaccountable reason known only to them. Their previous foray into an airplane game has not done well and you have to wonder if they learn from their mistakes.

    Take a Guess

    Can you name this ship?

    Container awards

    Why do people insist on making things complicated? All I'm saying is the second and third container you can win each cost more to acquire then the previous one. Since they are more difficult to get isn't it reasonable they yield a larger reward?

    Wargaming refuses to compensate my bonus

    If your trying to get popular support on this forum for your currency value problems you're barking up the wrong tree. Your probably correct in your complaint and I hope things work out in your favor.

    Italian Battleships Line Proposal

    You have to remember this is the gang who couldn't shoot straight. Russian cruiser split was prioritized to cater to their Russian player base. I am at a loss to find any sense in the German CV line. I've heard no one clamoring for a German CV and if you were around when the first one was sold years ago you would wonder how they had the nerve to introduce more. FLAMBASS with his 15km AP rocket demonstration is making WOW look kinda stupid. The US Battleship line split is a real nonstarter. They catered to the power creep train of thought with big, powerful, SLOW ships. I've been looking for Italian ships for a long, long time. I bought the first one, the Duca D' Acosta and was sadly disappointed. Its the only Premium ship I've ever sold.

    Container awards

    The number of credits to achieve each container increases more and more as you progress from one to the next. How about increasing the rewards in the later containers as you reach the higher levels?

    Container Suggestions

    These guys can't make the MM work or balance CV play and you expect them to know how real dice are arranged? Ha Ha Ha! That's a good one.
  10. Opinions are like Aholes. Some are just bigger than others.
  11. Previously my damage figures with Smolensk always ran at least 80K. Now I'm busting my a$$ to reach 50K. I'm not playing any different. So you must be telling me everyone in the game has achieved enough skill to hit the Smolensk at will or has installed AIM-BOT technology? Don't get me started on AIM-BOTS or other illegal aiming assists. I know they are out there and I'm wondering what WG is doing about them. Yes, I guess I am becoming paranoid.

    Naval Legends: Submarine USS Batfish

    Wasn't there to be a flag or some other recognition device for contributors to the Batfish?

    Twelfth Ranked Sprint

    How about the number of BB's and CV's allowed per team?

    GERMAN CV's?

    I'm confidant this is about the last topic you'd care to hear about or more likely hear more about. I have to believe WOW has lost its way introducing German CV's to a game who hasn't seen an Italian Battleship or Destroyer line. Lines of ships that actually existed in history being pre-empted by a line of exclusively, save one, paper ships simply boggles the mind. Is there an Earth shaking demand for German CV's? Not only are you bringing to life paper ships but you are also endowing them with paper super weapons. Mind you the Germans had a guided missile, of sorts, but it was never launched from a CV. Perhaps that's another little surprise we have to look forward to in the future? To add insult to injury two of the three dominant Navies of WWII are withering on the vine. The USN and IJN are being power creeped into obscurity with only premium ships providing any grace what so ever. The Brits are having issues themselves. I have to assume these are purely business decisions. The NA player numbers is far from huge and I'm sure the number of Italian players is dwarfed by those from Russia. The only reason I'm doing this now is because I failed to include it in the after clan season survey. I felt it didn't really belong there any way.