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  1. Premium Ship Blues

    There should be another historically significant ship in your port, named Graf Spee. Enjoy the ship, Sir. O7 from a rescue dog family to another.
  2. Took the Biz, decked out in full Halloween regalia, in Coop this evening. Haven’t been playing much for several months now, and the rust showed (badly). Tanked 1.7 mil potential damage ( not hard to do when the entire bot team is shooting at you), and survived the match. I was new to the game when I bought Tirp, and not ready for it, or anything beyond T4. Dseehafer was kind enough to offer some help. O7 to his memory.
  3. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    just had a nice 205k 3 kill match in Fletcher, on the heels of a 179k match in the Hindy. Fletcher captain closing in on 19, 50k to go.
  4. Getting To Know Leander

    I've been playing a fair amount of Coop lately, much more enjoyable without teams of potatoes and raging (and more) in chat. It's an even higher challenge to play high tiers in Coop due to the economics, but can be done. It got me the first, and almost second 19 point captain. Haven't been out much in Leander lately, need to rectify this.
  5. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    My best game in Coop thusfar has been in Hindenburg, ironically in the same match as the Captain hit 19 points; 245k and 6 sinkings. During the run to 19 (12 or so Coop Matches), I noticed the MM regularly put a bot CV on both teams , so I ditched sonar and slotted defensive AA; and was well rewarded. Highest aircraft kills was 56; with every CV match being over 20. Has anyone else noticed this CV phenomena?
  6. Pink Players and Poor teams

    This happened to me yesterday, in the PVE match that gave me my first 19 point captain. Shooting a Des Moines, who was close range engaged with a friendly Zao near death. One round landed short, hit the Zao, and sank it. Insta pink, for 7 games. Live and learn, I guess. Worked off my pinkness and built up some elite xp.
  7. My First

    Thanks to you all for the comments. This game is definitely not as easy as some of those we see on Youtube make it look. Especially for an old fart like me. As long as you're having fun, eh???
  8. Co-op AI carriers gripe

    Finished my first 19 point captain grind in Hindy this morning. After the first Midway game (Got detonated by an AP bomb after 134 k damage), I dropped sonar and put in defensive AA module. Finished my grind by shooting down from 22 to 46 planes per match over 20 matches. As others in this thread have said, its a dang good training exercise for when you see CVs in random. My fingers are malformed from the emergency stop and hard turn keystrokes. :)
  9. My First

    Played rather extensively yesterday for the first time in a couple of months. Started with this captain yesterday evening at 20k towards level 19, finished this morning. It's been a long road, for an older guy, not so agile on the keyboard, but quite ok with being a 50% player.
  10. T6 in a T9 Match

    Strictly by accident, a friend and I played Clemsons in a T7 match about 6 months ago. We noticed our third div member chose a T5 ship after we were entering the game. Cant remember if it was a win or loss, but we finished #2 and #4 on the team. We each got an ambush, and started a hella lot of fires. Frustrated the heck out of a Red Gneis.
  11. Premium Ship Review: Aigle

    agreed, but not at over 10km
  12. Premium Ship Review: Aigle

    having been on the receiving end of Aigle's guns, as driven by LWM, they do some significant damage.
  13. Your Top 10 Damage Amount

    It was the one time I’ve done what some would call a hard carry. i didn’t have many games in Clemson at the time, and was proceeding with using it as a gunboat until this one time the stars aligned. 25 torp hits 4 devistating strikes 12 floods only 2 gun hits for the match. Sank 4, missed Kracken when the myogi (44k damage I’d just torped and flooded to less than 1000 hp was sunk by a friendly. 3 Sinkings were near full health battleships, plus their Langley. Have had other good games in Clemson, but that was on special match. No replay, but copied all the result screens. Was high damage across all servers for a long time, but that mark has been pushed (last time I looked) well over 200k by someone else on NA server
  14. Your Top 10 Damage Amount

    Here’s my top 10, all random matches: 1. Clemson. 198k 2. Gneiseneau. 175k 3. Bismarck. 157k 4. Minekaze. 156k 5. Leander. 148k 6. Missouri 138k 7. Fletcher. 125k 8. Scharnhorst. 121k 9. Bayern. 118k 10. Budyonny. 115k
  15. Should I get the Perth?

    Got this ship in a Santa crate, and have taken it out for a match or two in random. 80k damage and 3 sinkings in a loss. The smoke definitely takes getting used to.