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  1. The pink status updates didn't bother me a bit, you're responsible for your actions. What bothered me was a certain segment of players that considered it sporting to go into PVE and "bump" pink players to extend their pinkness. At least one even bragged about it on forums. Between that and real life, I decided to take a break.
  2. I've been on hiatus for some 6 months now, very occasionally playing the odd PVE Game. The introduction of the damage penalty mechanic left me with somewhat disappointed in the "one size fits all" method of discipline, I decided to take a break from the game. But, I have continued to follow WOWs closely, and keep up with events via Youtube and Twitch. This CV rework mayhem is unpleasant to watch. It's understandable that real live data is needed to make the mechanics work properly, but there are better ways they could have gone about getting it without using the entire population as test subjects. But, alas, that die has already been implemented. I'm going to sit back and watch this play out, suspecting this will be an extended period of torture for the average, non-CV player. Good Luck and Have Fun. Remember It's Only a Game.
  3. ikeystonei

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    just had a nice 205k 3 kill match in Fletcher, on the heels of a 179k match in the Hindy. Fletcher captain closing in on 19, 50k to go.
  4. ikeystonei

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    My best game in Coop thusfar has been in Hindenburg, ironically in the same match as the Captain hit 19 points; 245k and 6 sinkings. During the run to 19 (12 or so Coop Matches), I noticed the MM regularly put a bot CV on both teams , so I ditched sonar and slotted defensive AA; and was well rewarded. Highest aircraft kills was 56; with every CV match being over 20. Has anyone else noticed this CV phenomena?
  5. ikeystonei

    Premium Ship Review: Aigle

    agreed, but not at over 10km
  6. ikeystonei

    Premium Ship Review: Aigle

    having been on the receiving end of Aigle's guns, as driven by LWM, they do some significant damage.
  7. ikeystonei

    Hindenburg Tips Please

    I've finally stepped up to the Tier 10 with Hindenburg. All tips/tricks/hints welcome.