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  1. Cpt_S_Trent

    German BB Buffs Incoming!

    I think this buff is for a possible t10 18inch version of the GK. If the german bbs where not buffed no one would buy the "H44" due to crap dispersion.
  2. Cpt_S_Trent

    Submarines are Coming

    Could you make it so a sub can not be spotted if its sailing behind the cover of a BB?
  3. nice warship gunner avatar.


  4. Cpt_S_Trent

    Azur Lane changes made

    @KSN I received a final response on my ticket bluntly stating that alot of players complained the the commander spoke to frequently. It is in patch notes for 0.7.6 . Seems to be a quick fix with no effort to make it adjustable.
  5. Cpt_S_Trent

    Azur Lane changes made

  6. Cpt_S_Trent

    Azur Lane changes made

    Delete this post admins
  7. Cpt_S_Trent

    Azur Lane changes made

    I wonder if this can be changed client side.
  8. Cpt_S_Trent

    Azur Lane changes made

    I put in a ticket and also found out the HSF Spee commander also is the same. only saying fire every 4 double clicks.
  9. Cpt_S_Trent

    Azur Lane changes made

    I should just ask for a refund for this commander if they are just going to screw it up.
  10. Cpt_S_Trent

    Azur Lane changes made

    I tested the commander with my emden in a training room, instead of everytime like it was its every 4 double clicks. This pisses me off because it wasn't mentioned in any patch notes, nor was any effort made to give players the option to adjust it. Funny how they changed the guns but not the torpedoes.
  11. Cpt_S_Trent

    Azur Lane changes made

    I will check this but it wasn't like that at first. I used the commander in a few german ships first then i just selected it for all ships and it still worked the same, it wasn't until the last update that it changed. If they were going to make a change like this at least made an option to keep it for the players that liked it.
  12. Cpt_S_Trent

    Azur Lane changes made

    I bought the german Azur Lane commander and loved it. I was an awesome how everytime you double clicked to fire your guns she would say one of two sound bites. Now for some reason i would have to say because of an update she hardly says it at all but still says it everytime you fire single torps. Very nice of WG to patch something without giving an option to players that didn't have a problem with it. I want this fixed.