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  1. v65saber

    Impossible but true

    You may be right. I totally forgot about that.
  2. v65saber

    Impossible but true

    I was playing in Co-op in the T7 British DD Jervis when I met my red counterpart, the enemy Jervis. In the battle he sank me. But here is the strange part. According to the after action report I shelled him 13 times (HE) and hit him 3 times with torpedoes and DID NOT SINK HIM. Damage reported was 13 hits for 6,647 and 3 torp hits for 7,054. Jervis guns (HE) do a max of 1700 damage and torpedoes do a max of 15,733 EACH. How could I get three TT hits and only 7,054 damage against a DD with a max of 16mm armor? Did I OP three torpedoes? Other than bad luck, can anyone explain how this happened?
  3. v65saber

    USS Nevada, Where is It?

    Did you know: Nevada (BB36) is the only BB with it's hull number the same as the state's number. (Nevada is the 36th state) Nevada actually got underway during the Pearl Harbor bombing, the only BB to do so. Nevada was the first of the Pearl Harbor BBs to leave PH and go to war. Nevada went to Alaska from Puget Sound shipyard, and to war, with NO AA guns except her new 5 inch duals. She would get them later. Nevada would take 22-24 straddles from German shore batteries without a single hit during the bombing of Cherbourg Harbor. Churchill would later call it "the greatest artillery duel in modern history". I got so much more but you get the idea.
  4. v65saber

    Game crash first battle

    First game of the day, or after turning on my computer, blows off at the start of the first battle. I Ctl-Alt-Del out of the game and restart. No problems after that. Judging by all the others with the same problem, WoWS needs to find a solution. No telling how many more have this problem and don't say anything about it.
  5. v65saber

    Codes from Pin Up

    Thanks, got it.
  6. v65saber

    Codes from Pin Up

    Tried that from inside the game. Nothing there.
  7. v65saber

    Codes from Pin Up

    Now that I have them, what do I do with them? Nothing about where to enter them.
  8. Been playing naval combat since the 1970's. In those days we used scale models, tape measure, and a large floor. My favorite was the boathouse in San Francisco. We called it SF-BANG (San Francisco-Bay Area Naval Games)