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  1. CD__gunner

    MY Russian Battleship Tree

    I would like to see them add the Borodino class pre dreadnought for the tier 2 slot so Mikasa would have to face her historical adversary. It would just be wrong for that not to be the case...lol And for tier 3 i would say that the Andrey Pervozvanny class pre-dreadnought Russia's last. Could be made to work by extending the range of her secondaries to 6km or so that way they can actually be useful and by making her main battery have long range and be pretty accurate since there are only 4 guns.
  2. CD__gunner

    US Battleship Line tech tree split discussion

    Ive been wanting to see more variety when it comes to ship types in the game. i would like to see more pre-dreadnought battleships, armored cruisers and battle-cruisers added to tiers 2-5. people like to put down this concept on the forums but the fact of the matter is many more nations and ships could be added to the game this way. And lets be honest the older pre-dreadnoughts and armored cruisers have more interesting and oddly designed ships for naval enthusiasts. my highest tier ship is the North Carolina and frankly i don't take her out very much because i find the higher tiers not very fun to play. The high tiers seem to be filled with people that are consumed with competition and are mean and abusive to other players which i find extremely distasteful. So for me i will probably never go any higher than tier 8 i just don't enjoy the game play much past tier 6 mainly because of the player base at those tiers. Its very sad that this is the case but i have a feeling there are many long time players that feel the this way. So i believe adding content to tiers 2 through 6 will do a lot to adding some much needed variety and fun back to the game.