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  1. sherlock71

    When do I get my T-24 Carriers?

    It's by Trumpeter, 1:700. The kit is actually 2006, and i made some changes to make it 1991 using my brothers old cruise book. Kit is about $80. And I picked up some extra squadrons and some after-market stuff for about another $70. You can still find the Trumpeter kit around: http://www.trumpeter-china.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=show&id=1750&l=en
  2. CVN-71 USS Theodore Roosevelt from 1991. Built it for my brother (served on her during Gulf War). Figured I'd take a few pics, before I hand it over to him... And because I didn't want to waste it, I also created the hanger deck.
  3. sherlock71

    What is approx height of Belknap Pole?

    This is great reference from both of you! Thank you! Hadn't thought about measuring in ref to the aircraft of water-line. On the model (1/700), it's about 23mm from waterline to flight deck (+/-). That translates into 16.1m / 53'. That comes up in visual line to about the middle tier of windows on the island, and visually the plus-minus considering 16' max height of the F18s (about 3x). Corresponds to the picture and the dozen or so others that I have. Very helpful! Thank you! Handy converter tool that I'm using (to give credit where it's due): http://www.scalemodelersworld.com/online-scale-converter-tool.html
  4. Ok. Anybody who served on a USN carrier ... You might be familiar with what a Belknap Pole is. I'm building a 1/700 of USS Theodore Roosevelt by Trumpeter. It doesn't have a part for the Belknap Pole. I'm going to custom-make one. But I need to know the true height of Belknap Pole in Feet or Meters, so that I can convert it to 1/700 and then fashion a part. Does anybody know the height of Belknap Pole on a Nimitz-class carrier? Or any other carrier for that matter, and I can extrapolate it. If you don't know what a Belknap Pole is, and are curious what I'm talking about: https://bremolympicnlus.wordpress.com/2013/03/19/uss-ronald-reagan-homeward-bound/ https://www.pilotonline.com/military/article_d14df790-a53c-50af-85b1-d90555db9c42.html Thanks for anyone with info!
  5. sherlock71

    HMS Ark Royal - 1:600

    Yeah, Fairey Fulmars. And of course, the iconic Swordfish. It's an Airfix kit. Been buried in "the stash" for a while, the thing is older than am I (and I'm 50!). I like the 1:600 scale. The current standard 1:700 scale, well, I just wish it was a little bigger... Say... 1:600... :^)
  6. sherlock71

    Looking for advice on napkin drawing.

    You did that on a napkin? Good grief. That's awesome. I can't imagine what you'll come up with, if we get you a real sketch pad, graph paper, and templates! Great job! That being said, I can't give you any advice on how to keep in scale. Frankly, I'd say your Mark-1 Eyeball is doing just fine.
  7. sherlock71

    HMS Ark Royal - 1:600

    Ok. Just finished her. Ark Royal is sporting the lovey Fall 1944 designer's collection as originally worn by USS Saratoga (Measure 32/11a). Why? Just because I like all my ships to have some sort of camo pattern. Certainly more interesting the boring gray. Maybe if she had been painted, she wouldn't be at the bottom of the Med, thanks to U-81. Painting a circle is harder than one might think. And I'm really glad to be done with roundels (esp the 4-color ones).
  8. sherlock71

    Moskva 1:700

    Looking sharp!
  9. sherlock71

    Who am I? #2 (name the ship)

    Good grief. Filip_Ostrich has it. I'm going to have to make these harder...
  10. sherlock71

    Who am I? #2 (name the ship)

    Ok. New thread, to distract from the arguments of #1. If there's fighting, I'll pull the car over, and you can both walk home. Who am I #2...?
  11. sherlock71

    Who am I? #1 (name the ship)

    Estimated Prophet has it! It's the HMS Victorious, aka "USS Robin". Fun facts... 1. The Royal Navy was the first to use the F4U in carriers. 2. When the HMS Victorious was transferred to the Pacific, she was named the USS Robin to "inflate" the US carrier strength. : https://www.armouredcarriers.com/uss-robin-hms-victorious
  12. sherlock71

    Who am I? #1 (name the ship)

    Ok. Here we go. I used to do this in the Matrix forums. Some of these will be easy. Some, not so much. Who am I?
  13. sherlock71

    DKM Bismarck - 1:600

    A few for comparison. As shown... DKM Bismarck DKM Scharnhorst HMS Warspite Z-something (Narvik class) HMS Campbelltown (Lend-lease 4-stack destroyer)
  14. sherlock71

    DKM Bismarck - 1:600

    "Did the kits not come with the swastikas decals or did you leave them off for personal preference?" You mean the big ones on the bow/stern on the red back-ground (historically). Kits did not come with swastikas. That would have required painting/masking skills far superior to mine. "Modern" kits, won't have swastika decals, due to the print/display limitations in Europe. These kits are actually quite old however. I remember building the AirFix kits when I was kid, and the good thing about being a adult you can prioritize your discretionary income. So I've been grabbing the old kits off Ebay. Can you snap a shot of both the Biz & Snarn side by side for comparison? Sure. Might take a day or so to get around to it though. The day job that funds nostalgic model building starts in about 15 minutes. "The Fleet" is actually 14 ships (in 1:600) at the moment: Bismark, Hood, Graf Spee, Ajax, Exeter (custom made from Ajax hull), Scharnhorst, Nelson, Warspite, Manxman, Cossack, Narvik, Hotspur, Campbelltown. But yes, the thing that I love about them all being 1:600 is that you really do get a good perspective of size. And a few more in "The Stash" (not yet built): Ark Royal, Repulse, KG-V, Prinz Eugen, Suffolk, Belfast.
  15. sherlock71

    Graf Zeppelin - 1:200

    I've just started seeing these paper models offered in various forums. Looking good! When you buy the "kit" does does it come with it printed? Or is a digit download, and you print it yourself? For the bulk-heads, again is it part of the kit? Or is it a template and you use your own card-stock? Just curious.