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  1. UGotRektMate

    Doesn't make any sense... Far underpowered...

    All T5 cruisers can outrange her, including the Furutaka, which has 8 inch guns, and even most of the T4 ships can outrange her. As a T6, she needs to be competitive against other ships of her tier, but she isn't. Even the Exeter struggles at times, and I love that ship. London is, as it sits, a failed ship. It seems like they are just pumping out crap to make up for the whole PR bull that still has people mad, and aren't even trying to make the crap they are spitting out worth while.
  2. So... Something that has been bothering me about the London. It's guns. More specifically, it's range. 13.4 KM. First, that is an atrocious range for a T6. The Exeter, London, and Devonshire all share the exact same guns. The 50 BL Mk. VIII's. However, both the Exeter and the Devonshire outrange it. Even the Hawkins, with worse guns, outranges it by half a kilometer. I mean, I get that it has smoke, and you can 'sneak up and smoke and shoot.' But if that's the case, you would go with a ship like the Leander, which does the same thing, has the same range, fires twice as fast, has a better heal and has 2 KM better firing in smoke concealment. A premium ship is supposed to be on par with the tier that it is at, right? London isn't even on par against the tier below it! There has to be something done. Longer range, or less smoke firing penalty, better concealment. Something. Right now, it's a ship I pretty much regret wasting my time to complete the quests for.
  3. UGotRektMate

    Reporting players to clan leaders is stupid

    People report actions to clan leaders because they expect the clan leaders to do their job. If you're not going to actually lead the clan and work to keep your members in check, then your clan needs deleted. You don't deserve it. Second, it's not about being a snowflake with feelings hurt. It's about we want a community that isn't CoD. We don't want toxic little [edited] that think they are the top ranting and raving because they got bested.